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Today we have a high fantasy fic from Barbara Elsborg WITH A UNICORN! #winning 
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The Choice

When Jago walked into the warehouse, every face turned his way and no one looked happy to see him. He’d been handed the intriguing party invitation in the street along with an electric smile from a tall, dark haired stranger.

Fantastical Costume Party.
Dress to surprise.

He had. With his long, white blond hair Jago looked different whatever he wore but he’d donned an almost translucent robe over tight silver pants, put on star earrings, a metal choker and his horn. God, I love my horn. It was a pain to get it to sit properly on his head but it looked so cool.

Everyone in the place wore amazing costumes but they still looked pissed off with him and he hadn’t even done anything. He curled his toes in his boots to stop himself running.

Fuck this. I am running.

Before he could, silver chains encircled his body and he was spun round to see the guy who’d invited him. The city suit had been replaced by an elaborate long jacket, huge golden wings and scaly clawed hands with sharp red nails. But at least he was smiling. Jago had wanted something different to happen in his life and here it was. Correction, here he was.

“I came,” Jago said.

The guy laughed. “Already?”

Jago’s face burned.
“I’m Dev.”


“I know.”

The guy hadn’t taken his eyes off him. His smile widened as he took in Jago’s horn. “A rare creature.”

Jago’s cock hardened. He felt as if he was being consumed. He wanted to be consumed.

“Your costume’s great,” Jago mumbled.

Dev turned him and wrapped his arms around him. The hard of press of Dev’s cock against his arse made Jago’s heart pound.

“It’s not a costume,” Dev said.


Dev hissed and those who’d been approaching backed off. Jago exhaled.

“Frightened?” Dev asked.

“They seem angry with me.”

“Because you’re different and because I want you. Though we can only have one night.”

Fuck. Jago was tired of being used, but when he tried to move away, claws dug into his chest and thigh. Dev’s scaly hands were warm. So were his wings. Oh God. Lust not pain rushed through Jago’s body along with dawning realisation.

Dev breathed into Jago’s ear. “One night unless…”

Jago’s pulse raced. “Unless what?”

“You choose to be with me forever.” Dev pulled him round, stared into his eyes and gave Jago the deepest, sweetest, most breath-stealingly intense kiss he’d ever had. Hands caressed his backside now, not claws.

“I choose forever.”

Dev’s smile lit up Jago’s world. “Welcome to Faeryland.”

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About the Author

The joy of music

Or not if you’re listening to me play the violin or the piano. My mother longed for me to show some talent on the piano. I had lessons for years and I honestly don’t think I improved at all. I refused to do exams because I already had to do those in speech and drama – yes, she was one of those sorts of mothers. Eventually I pleaded too much school work and she let me stop.

What did I do once I got married? Bought a piano. My mother thought she was vindicated and used to sit and listen to me play every time she came to stay until she remembered a pressing engagement with the TV in the other room. But my kids loved the piano – ah – until I made them have lessons. Like mother like daughter. This time the music teacher begged me to let her stop teaching my son. Son was talented but he did everything off by heart. He hated the piano and he hated the teacher. Daughter plodded on. She took up the violin and being that sort of mother, I took it up too. Daughter ended up playing in the county orchestra. I retired horrorstruck once I realized there was more than one position. Those who play will know what I mean.

I am in awe of those who can write while they listen. How do they do it? I get distracted by the hum of the air con and if I’m not in a perfect writing mood, ANY sound will grow to annoying proportions very fast. Though I am grateful to music for some of my ideas for stories and titles. I listen while I run to Robbie Williams, James Morrison, Adele, Take That among others AND manage to plot stories at the same time. If I could do the ironing as well, life would be perfect.

With or Without You by U2 – inspired by title With Or Without Him.

Every breath you take by Sting - inspired the title Every Move He Makes

Cowboys Down – well that was all mine!

Be on the lookout for a new paranormal romance coming soon! Like 12/1 kinda soon. Here's the cover & blurb to whet your appetite!

He wants to forget

West is an archangel’s assassin delivering justice to supernatural creatures who break the law. Not a straightforward job because he also has to absorb the memories of those he kills. Even worse, West is breaking the law himself in an attempt to free his brother from hell. If he doesn’t succeed before his archangel boss finds out, West will be joining his sibling.

He wants to remember

A young guy wakes in a London park with his memories gone. He has no idea who he is, or where he comes from. A bracelet engraved with the single word Tao is the only clue to his identity. With no sign of his memory returning, he drifts into a life on the streets. Begging is his only way to survive.

Two worlds collide

When Tao returns West’s stolen wallet, West offers to buy him a coffee. Tao delights in the chance to sit down with a good-looking guy until his instincts tell him to run away. Fast. West is surprised when Tao flees, considering how much he’d been mentally urging him to stay. Is he losing his touch or is Tao more than a scruffy young man down on his luck?

Only one way to find out.

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