Review: Loose Cannon (The Woodbury Boys, #1) by Sidney Bell

Don't miss this brand-new male/male romance series from Sidney Bell, author of Bad Judgment 

Released after five years in the system for assault, streetwise Edgar-Allen Church is ready to leave the past behind and finally look to his future. In need of a place to crash, he's leaning on Miller Quinn. A patient, solidly masculine pillar of strength and support, Miller has always been there for him—except in the one way Church has wanted the most.

With his staunchly conservative upbringing, Miller has been playing it straight his whole life. Now with Church so close again, it's getting harder to keep his denial intact. As they fumble their way back to friendship after so many years apart, Miller struggles to find the courage to accept who he really is. What he has with Church could be more than desire—it could be love. But it could also mean trouble.

Church's criminal connections are closing in on the both of them, and more than their hearts are at risk. This time, their very lives are on the line.


Sidney Bell is a new to me author and-spoiler alert-I'm impressed with her writerly skills. Within the first few pages I began to feel the first tingles of that romancelandia magic spell being woven that I love so much.

Loose Cannon is the first in The Woodbury Boys series and Church's story. I'm not sure how many books are planned but his two friends from Woodbury Residential Center are Tobias and Ghost who I'm hoping each get their own books. I'll come back to Ghost in a minute.

Church ends up at Woodbury for assault. Long story short-shitterific childhood with crappy parents combined with a bad night when he let his anger get the best of him. Church is by no means perfect and that's precisely what I loved about him. Bell did a phenomenal job crafting a gritty character. I loved being inside his head and experiencing his struggle to control his emotions. To say that I admire him sounds condescending but makes it no less true. He's one of the most perceptive, honest and fundamentally generous characters and it was a pleasure watching him evolve. He did a shitty thing as a kid that shouldn't define him for rest of his life and the more time I spent inside his head the more amazing he became.

Church has been in love with Miller since he made him scrambled eggs after catching him with one foot out the window with his TV. They meet prior to Church being sent to Woodbury and there are some flashbacks as both he and Miller fill in their backstory. Their relationship is rife with the kind of sexual tension that back builds and doubles over on itself.

Miller is slightly older and... I hate to say closeted because, quite frankly, I don't think he really knows if he's bi or gay because he thought he was straight. Until Church moves in, that is. Church is no longer a kid. He's all grown up and Miller keeps reacting to him in unexpected ways. Loose Cannon, through Miller's internal dialogue and characterization, examines in an insightful, poignant and thoughtful manner the tangled web that is human sexuality. It really shouldn't matter who he's attracted to, but he's been indoctrinated by a fire and brimstone family so he doesn't know what to think or do or say. He shouldn't have to "come out" over and over again. He shouldn't have to worry that people are judging him or worse for something he has no control over. But he does. It's not easy for him to accept what's happening between he and Church. Being honest with himself is a challenge so voicing what's going on in his head to someone else? Yeah, no. Which I found realistic and made me want to hug him, but if you need your MCs to communicate effectively, tread carefully.

Both of these characters are complex and expertly drawn and their romance is the kind that I find most satisfying. There's nothing I love more than two people who are not only are crazy about each other but who are good for each other. Church and Miller are and we're shown how good they are for each other again and again. Bell even threw in some cosseting. I ❤️ a good cosset. They have an innate connection and their witty banter highlights it and provides levity.

There is angst and they have to work to be together but that difficulty and struggle is what makes this read so worthwhile, IMO. Miller's got so much baggage to unpack and make sense of before they can really get to the sex. There is some and their first time was passionate and funny and did I mention Miller's the bigger of the two? *eyebrows* It's probably the most relatable sex scene I've ever read because what's better than being able to laugh during the sexy times with your lobster? 

Now, Ghost. Ghost is a living, breathing, lethal enigma wrapped in a paradox, cloaked in a femme physique, boy shorts and guyliner. I have a feeling his story is going to break me and I honestly cannot wait to be broken. Bell struck a great balance between the romance and the suspense. The suspense storyline is not complete and Ghost is going to be instrumental in it. There is a Russian crime family that Ghost arranges a job for Church at one of their legit businesses. Naturally, something bad happens then one of the brothers becomes fixated on Church. This is really the only plot point that I struggled with a time or two because Vasya is an untrustworthy and volatile dumbass. I don't know why his brothers would follow him but whatevs, it certainly made for some edge of my seat reading. 

Lena is the matriarch of this family and she's as cold as ice. And she wants Ghost for something. Alls I'm saying is if she fucks with my boy I will Gogo her fictional ass.

I don't wanna. But I will so don't test me, Lena.

Recommend to all romance and suspense fans, but fair warning you'll be hooked on a new series.

A review copy was provided by NetGalley.

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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg

Celebrate Dirty Games release with Barbara Elsborg and Signal Boost Promotions today! And don't miss the Elsborg back list giveaway!

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 108,000 words


The last thing Linton needs when he arrives home after three months in the States, is to find his beautiful flat is a squat, complete with his younger brother Dirk, who’s lying in Linton’s bed with a couple who’ve paid him for sex. Dirk isn’t even supposed to have a key. But after Linton throws Dirk out, life slams in hard and if his brother is to have any hope of a future, Linton has to play dirty. Or at least pretend to. What he hasn’t factored in is having to play the game to the bitter end.

Film star Thorne Morrisey has everything. Good looks, charm, seductive magnetism and a voice that could charm a snake from its basket. He can also be a real shit and yet people still love him - though he’d rather not have the love of his ex. Owen’s a suicidal wreck after Thorne dumped him in a very public and humiliating way and Owen’s wealthy brother has his own reasons for wanting revenge on Thorne. Max’s weapon of choice is his employee, Linton.

Linton and Thorne are on a collision course and in for the game of their lives. But who’s playing who?

Author Bio

Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the South of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.

After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.

Her books feature quirky heroines and bad boys, and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they were to write.

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Tag Team Review: Tall, Dark, and Deported by Bru Baker

Crossing the border into love.

Snap decisions and misguided ideas bring Portuguese national Mateus Fontes and businessman Crawford Hargrave together at the Canadian border crossing.

Mateus is caught in a catch-22. With his almost-expired tourist visa, entrance to Canada is denied, but the US won’t let him back in either. Crawford thinks he’s solved things when he tells the border agent they’re engaged, and it works—except now they have to actually get married before either of them can get back into the United States. But Crawford has been burned by marriage once, and he’s determined not to make that mistake again.

Neither of them expects real feelings to bloom out of their fake marriage, but they do. And the two of them have to learn how to be honest with each other to make things work, which is especially hard when their entire marriage is based on lies.

4.75 Heart avg!

Sara - 5 Hearts

This book right here is what I love about romance and why I am hooked on the Dreamspun series. I adored this story, my first from the author and I am writing this with a perma grin on my face because I can’t stop smiling. Goodness. This was delicious!

Crawford Hargrave is a serious man. He’s serious about his job, his family and about being as far away from his cheating ex-husband, Davis that he possibly can be. But when his boss assigns Crawford to do an audit on a flagship hotel in Canada and to work with Davis, Crawford has to agree or lose his job. He hates the fact that he will be there for at least two weeks working with Davis and also that he will be away from his brother Adam and his nephew Brandon whom he is close with. When Adam drops a bomb on Crawford right before he leaves, Crawford heads into his assignment with basically, nothing to lose.

Mateus Fontes is a family man, a man who though has a degree in Botany and his own vineyard back in Portugal has been working on his brother’s orchard in Washington on a tourist visa and plans to trick the immigration system so he can stay longer. Mateus’ brother and sister in law love him staying and don’t want him to get in trouble with the law but he assures them, a simple trip to Vancouver and back to Seattle in a day will reset his tourist visa and give them time to ready the orchard properly so they can hire Mateus. With nothing for him in Portugal and a life ahead of him in Washington, he heads to the airport for his round trip with nothing holding him back.

Told from the dual POV of our MC’s the men meet as their shared flight to Vancouver is delayed and then canceled. Over coffee and pretzels, the men begin to get to know one another and on a whim, Crawford suggests they rent a car and drive up to Vancouver so that they can get Mateus to his flight on time and kill a few birds on the trip while showing Mateus a few touristy spots he’s never seen.

Oh. Em. Gee. But this was freaking adorable. I am such a sucker for the fake marriage trope and when the men reach the border to Canada and the whole “Actually, we are engaged” deal happened I was giddy. When they men find out that they have to get married right away, I was stupidly happy and then, when they learn Mateus cannot return to the United States without Crawford meaning they would have to spend Crawford’s work trip together, at the hotel, pretending to be married, I was falling off my chair because my knees were weak with all that was gonna happen.

To say this romance is a slow burn is putting it lightly but it burns with such an undertone of sensuality and UST that I would allow myself to be burned by it repeatedly.

Crawford and Mateus have an instant connection and amazing chemistry that their relationship from marriage to crush to friendship and more, came off the page with such emotions that I spend at least the last 50% of the book with my hand to my chest, sighing with tears in my eyes. These two want so much but with a relationship, a marriage based on a lie they tread the waters of want so carefully as to not take advantage of one another. But I kept telling them it was okay, go on and do it because we all want it to happen. Yes, I was that involved in the story that my opinion mattered regardless if the newlyweds were aware of it on the page. *shrugs*

Goodness but this was so good. It was gooey in the right places with the perfect amount of jealousy sprinkled in to allow the men to get possessive. Mateus and how he deals with Davis were a pure joy to read and Crawford’s natural and spontaneous instinct when it comes to Mateus is swoon worthy. Even though there are road bumps these men face along the way, they come to a wonderful conclusion and connection that had me in happy tears at my desk.

That end? Perfect and swoon worthy and just cinematic and so damn romantic.

Yup, this one was so good and I am so happy I read it.

Let me go attempt to wipe this grin off my face now.

SheReadsALot - 4.5 Hearts

And now I have another book to add to my top favorites Dreamspun Desires list!

I've been fluffed. Pour it all over my face, baby. Just watch me melt.

Mateus is a Portuguese botanist who is staying with his brother and pregnant sister-in-law on their orchard in Washington state. Mateus is helping with his family's failing orchard and wants to stay in America. Unfortunately, he has an expiring tourist visa and searched online for a scheme to stay in the country: go to Canada, get his visa stamped and reset and return to America for another 3 months. Sounds too good to be true?

It's because it is.

Luckily, older stoic boutique hotel auditor/ businessman Crawford is being forced to Canada for work. His boss is sending him to the chain's failing Vancouver hotel for the next two weeks... along with Crawford's ex-husband. The bitter divorce happened three years ago and he's still jaded from his cheating ex. He doesn't believe love exists.

Thanks to a plane delay in Seattle, love weary Crawford meets Mateus and the connection is imminent. They strike up a conversation and are just vibing off each other over Auntie Anne's pretzel nuggets out of all things. The delay becomes a cancelled flight and the new acquaintances are thrown together through a series of events. And events get crazier as an impromptu drive to the Canadian border becomes Mateus not being able to cross either side of the border.

Ring a ling ling, did someone call a knight in shining armor?

Crawford obviously heard the call and he rescues Mateus.

Older, jaded hero meets younger loyal family man who just wants to stay and help the orchard...

And then a fake marriage trope is added to help save the day.

Those tropes were a cracky fluff jackpot and I... ate... it... up!

Bru Baker wrote fleshed out main characters in Crawford and Mateus. She built a solid foundation by showcasing a glimpse of their daily lives. Crawford is a point where he's not exactly happy, his only family connection a brother and nephew he helped raise are going to move away. So there is nothing really holding him in Los Angeles. And Mateus wants to leave Portugal to help out with his only sibling's growing family. All the characters read like real people.

The cracky fluff button was engaged once the fake marriage to get a visa to stay in the USA came up. But reading how Crawford is, it worked. The two get married and thankfully the author showed the real side of marrying an's not as easy as they originally thought. The couple stays in Canada for two weeks due to Crawford's job. And we even get to experience his ex-husband, a good antagonist that didn't overtake the plot with obscene dramatics.

The bread and butter of the story is the undeniable, easy connection Crawford and Mateus have. The attraction is there and it's a slow burn. Crawford being a knight in shining armor tries to be noble and a gentleman. His heart is iced in the middle... good thing Mateus knows to make him melt.

There is only one sexy moment throughout the entire story. But the sexual tension was written strongly and was well paced. I lived for each kiss. Were there times that I wanted to knock Crawford in the back of the head? Yep... he's a stubborn one. And has bad Tim Hortons judgement. (I'm still trying not to hold it against him) Other than that, he's a dream guy, as is Mateus.

The story is split between Vancouver and Washington. And even when apart, they're still connected. And when the sexual tension finally comes to a melting point. Let's just say it was a swoon worthy moment.

And the last 5% of the story?

So damn romantic, I want to get drunk off the cracky fluff. *swoons* *gulps*

Recommended for fans of the Dreamspun Desires line, this is definitely not one to skip. Crawford and Mateus as a couple left a lasting impression from the Dreamspun Desires leading men I've read so far.

Not my first time reading this author, but I enjoy the way she writes her characters a lot. And if you're a fan of any of the tropes I mentioned, get ready for quality cracky fluff.

What a sweet treat!

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Review: King of the Sea by Nathan Bay

Plunge into the icy dark waters of the San Francisco bay with this gay erotic tale of murder, mutiny, and mermen.

Carlos Santiago is a man on the edge of sanity. After battling cancer, he's developed an obsession with death, fearful that it's lurking behind every shadow, waiting to steal his last breath. Then a sexy encounter with an alluring merman turns his world upside down and gives him new hope for the future.

But escaping his former boyfriend, Dr. Tyson Thorne, won't be so easy. When Carlos discovers shocking medical experiments were taking place behind his back, he embarks on a race against time to unlock the mystery of the doctor's secrets before he gets caught.

With danger threatening him at every turn, can Carlos escape the hands of death a second time? And can he trust his new merman love interest when everyone around him seems to be hiding a dark secret? Find out in King of the Sea, a tantalizing gay science fiction fantasy by Nathan Bay.

New author Nathan Bay's novella, King of the Sea, is a story with a lot of elements. Set in San Francisco, 28 year-old Carlos Santiago has survived. His testicular cancer is in remission. But his body wears the scars from the battle. He has a single testicle. The scars from the surgery is wreaking havoc on his body including his pleasure for sex. His older lover, obstetrician Tyson, has been distant and not helpful during his recovery. And he finally has had enough. On their one year anniversary, Carlos made a decision to leave his lover. Saying final goodbye to the lavish lifestyle Dr. Tyson afforded him, Carlos goes to a rocky ridge by the sea that night. High on Oxycodone, he plans what he'll do in his future and what he will tell Tyson but he sees a hand in the water to greet him.

Was he hallucinating? He leans further to inspect and falls in.

He's saved by Ross, the iPad watching merman with healing capabilities. After the first chapter the story suffers from first-book-itis: too many ideas, not executed to the best ability aka SQUIRREL!

So much SQUIRREL! that I don't know why half of the things happened in this story. But it did.

The merman with no actual name calls himself Ross from his favorite Friends TV character. How he came to be able to watch an iPad and keep it charged is answered. But the story goes to wonky really quick as it progresses. Carlos and Ross share an intimate encounter. Carlos is energized to end things but then he goes to his home and sneaks into his lover's locked guest house on their estate. There he meets an even weirder secret.

It went to a weird experiment suspense yet very hokey twist.

Carlos meets a prisoner who doesn't want to be saved. Then proceeds to go to Folsom Street to have a little public sex in a seedy leather bar to declare he's back on the market.

Why did the spot of BDSM get added in when it was unnecessary? *shrugs*

There was a sexy dick contest and a sex sling but the moment is aborted because of telepathy. Then we have a suicide attempt that becomes accidental. Royalty that should have been introduced from the first introduction. A mystery that wasn't as interesting because of drugging and any interesting action happening off page. It was a lot.

This book needed a better edit, especially content wise. There were too many ideas to get a grasp. I think it if was simpler, let the hint of romance develop a little more solidly with just interactions primarily between Ross and Carlos, since it ends with a romantic-ish finish, the story would have made a better impact for me.

It was SQUIRRELLY to the point where you could read each point the author had a new idea to throw in. Some really cool ideas (genetically enhanced mermen, global warming and its effects) that in swirled in with throwaway ideas (suspense, self sacrificing MC, BDSM scenes, drug abuse). It wasn't added in smooth enough, which made for a lackluster, disjointed read.

The blurb states it was dark, I don't think it was. It was more corny than anything. The jokes were flat. The mystery could have been more interesting but SQUIRREL! The unanswered questions kind of bothered me such as if Ross is super important yadda yadda...why let him roam free in the sea unchecked? *shrugs* Diagnosis: first-book-itis

Having a cancer survivor who seemed to be on the search on finding himself in life was a good concept. He finally was starting to realize what he wanted in life. The SQUIRREL just got in the way. I kinda wished the vibe from the first chapter continued, it was more serious, more focused.

So in closing...


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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Bitten By Design (Regent's Park Pack #2) by Annabelle Jacobs

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Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 80,000 words

Regent's Park Pack Series

Bitten By Mistake (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK


When the last thing you want, is everything you need….

Seb Calloway isn’t interested in shifters. After his best friend bonded with one, he avoids getting involved with them—no matter how hot they are—to prevent the same thing from happening to him. Why take the risk for a few hours of fun?

Tim Walters is the pack doctor. Considered to be mild-mannered and non-threatening by pack standards, he prides himself on being able to stay calm and maintain his control at all times. Desperate for a bond of his own, he knows his interest in Seb is an exercise in futility, but he can’t seem to help himself.

When news emerges that threatens Seb’s safety, he and Tim need to fake a relationship to keep Seb safe. Despite Seb’s refusal to be anything other than friends with benefits, what starts out as pretend, quickly becomes more—for Tim at least. If Tim doesn't want to end up heartbroken, he needs to prove to Seb that loving a shifter doesn’t mean losing himself.


He looked anywhere but at Tim, embarrassment clear in his expression. Before the moment could get awkward—and giving Seb no chance to object—Tim scooped him up, bridal style, and started down the stairs.

Letting out a startled laugh, Seb clung tight to his crutch so it didn’t slip out of his hands. “Twice in one weekend. You’re going to give me a complex.”

Tim bit the inside of his cheek. If Seb knew how much he liked being able to take care of him, how much his wolf liked it, he wouldn’t find it half as amusing or embarrassing. Clearing his throat, he hitched him a little higher, then started down the stairs. “It’s just quicker this way, and I don’t want to make you late for your appointment. We’re running a little behind.”

“Fair enough.”

Not daring to meet Seb’s eyes—their faces were so close together, he didn’t like his chances of not doing something stupid like kissing him—Tim quickly made his way down the steps.

Author Bio

Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They're usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

Twitter –
Website –
Email –
Facebook -

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Release Day Review & GIVEAWAY!: My Dragon, My Knight by John Inman

Danny Sims is in over his head, torn between his abusive lover, Joshua, and Jay Holtsclaw, the bartender up the street, who offers Danny the one thing he never gets at home: understanding.

When Joshua threatens to get rid of Danny’s terrier, Danny knows he has to act fast. Afraid of what Joshua will do to the dog, and afraid of what Joshua will do to him if he tries to leave, Danny does the only thing he can do.

He runs.

But Danny isn’t a complete fool. He has enough sense to run into the arms of the man who actually cares for him—the man he’s beginning to trust.

Just as their lives together are starting to fall into place, Danny and Jay learn how vengeful Joshua can be.

And how dangerous.

Hey all! So, Mr. John Inman is one seriously good guy, as anyone who has ever had the privilege to converse with him knows, but did you also know, he's very generous?? And he's very generous to YOU! We'll pick a commenter at random to win an ebook from John's backlist on April 7th, courtesy of John himself, so drop a comment with your email address below and good luck!

On to the reviewing  . . . . 

You know what would be super cool and make me super happy? If there was a channel that actually made movies I wanted to watch. It would have to be cable because there would definitely be tingly bits on screen and I’m hoping the language would be of a questionable nature. Every once in a while I’m reminded why I really want this to be a thing and it usually happens after reading a book like My Dragon, My Knight. This book would make a perfect addition to the scheduling on my fantasy network. I’d curl up on my couch in my onesie with an adult beverage in one hand and a bowl of something I shouldn’t be shoveling in my face in the other and I’d binge watch the hell out of this flick.

My Dragon, My Knight has all manner of elements that I love in a story. There were really likable characters, one that I could loathe unconditionally, second chance love and pets. I love when an author can work pets into the family organically and John Inman is a master of it. Danny is in an abusive relationship with the loathsome Josh and all the scenes with Danny and Josh together were pretty stressful. I could feel how torn Danny was, it wasn’t like Josh changed from the loving, care taking boyfriend at the beginning of their relationship to the tyrannical control freak he became overnight. I felt Danny’s hopelessness and fear grow as the story progressed. Danny’s one safe space is the bar down the street from the condo he and Josh live in. The bar in owned and tended by Jay Holtsclaw, he’s a bit older than Danny but something about Danny brings out the protective side of Jay.

Jay has heartbreak in his background and my heart hurt as his history was revealed. The two didn’t open up to one another right away, but they did build a tentative friendship and looked forward to the bit of time they did get to spend together.

As one would expect, shit got seriously real for Danny with Joshua and he had to make a break for it to save himself and his beloved pooch when Joshua went on a rampage of a proportion that even Danny hadn’t seen to that point. Danny goes to the only person he believes he can count on, Jay. Initially Danny only wants Jay to dog-sit, Danny has no way to support himself on his own suddenly and has only the clothes on his back. Jay is having none of that nonsense and the two become roomies at Jay’s secluded mountain cabin in the hills outside of San Diego.

I’m a native San Diegan, so I knew exactly where Jay’s cabin was and there couldn’t have been a better haven for these two to get to know one another, blend their furry families and heal. The environment became another character in the story for me. Jay and Danny’s time on the mountain is a story in itself and I ate up their moments together. This is way more than just one man making an escape and starting a new life. All the characters introduced had depth to them that made them integral to the plot and development of the story. Jay wasn’t just a savior to Danny at the right time, I had no doubt he truly cared for Danny and vice versa. The respect Danny showed for Jay’s past was very touching and spoke volumes about Danny’s character.

Of course, Josh couldn’t just take a big fucking hint and leave things be, crazy people don’t do that and just as things were getting cozy and happy, shit got real yet again. The pace all worked out for the best though, I mean, the second coming of Josh was inevitable but before then there was plenty of the author’s brand of romance and “bonding” that I absolutely love. The characters actually talk about their feelings and fears and it always makes me believe in the HEA between the MC’s.

When Josh does show up, it’s in a truly epic way that makes for great drama in the book and in my fantasy movie. It’s at about this time I really need to make sure my beverage is topped off. The ending is dramatic, emotional and over the top. For an ending that is going to make or break some lives, I’m not gonna lie, it was entertaining as hell to read and again, brings me back to the cable movie feeling that I love to indulge in. Josh’s destiny in My Dragon, My Knight is . . . not pretty and not realistic, but at this point I’m over reality, I want Inman’s brand of comeuppance, that’s what will satisfy my comfy couch self who at this point is sporting a good buzz and needs revenge! And, that’s what I got.

My Dragon, My Knight runs the gamut of emotions, but it’s balanced throughout and I really liked how Danny was more than just his relationships. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the whole story nearly as much if he was just that one note. While the impact Josh had on him was undeniable, it didn’t define him and I think that’s what made me able to believe in a relationship between he and Jay, I never got the impression that Jay was a convenient hero for Danny. Jay had his own history and it was given the right amount of page time so that Danny could be there for Jay too. So, get comfy, pour a cocktail and settle in, because My Dragon, My Knight is quite an emotional ride that is worth every comfort calorie you’re going to ingest along the way.

Head over to Dreamspinner Press for more information and to pick up a copy of My Dragon, My Knight.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

Review: Spell Fall (The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #4) by Jacob Z. Flores

Love and trust made them soul mates, but destiny might have other plans.

Ever since Drake Carpenter fell in love with warlock Mason Blackmoor, his life has been one supernatural battle after another, but Drake doesn’t mind… much. To be with Mason and experience the magical connection they share, Drake would face entire hordes of vampyren, shifters, or fae—and he has. Luckily Drake is immune to magic, though no one can explain his natural ability to negate almost any enchantment. With Drake’s own family gone, Mason is all he has. So why is Drake experiencing disturbing dreams about Mason that terrify him?

A new threat looms on the horizon, and a revelation about Drake’s identity and the true origin of his bond with Mason shatters everything Drake believes. If Drake, Mason, and all of magic are to survive the coming Spell Fall, the most destructive curse in sorcery, Drake must deal with the truth and fight his way back to Mason—because their enemies are gaining strength, and they intend to reach the boy Drake loves first.

From the moment we met Drake Carpenter as the new boy in school in Spell Bound, he has been an enigma. When he becomes the object of Mason Blackmoor’s affection and spellbound to his warlock, he became exceptional. When we discover is immunity to magic and how it aids the protector covens of The Gate, he became essential. Now, we learn the true identity of Drake Carpenter and it’s… well, sort of… erroneous.

If you’ve read this series you know that no one, not even the almighty Conclave can figure Drake out and it bugs the crap out of them. The Blackmoors take him in after the death of his only relative Aunt Millie was killed by Vampyre and though the witches and Wizards don’t like him because he is human, they don’t exactly shun him either.

I was so damn ready for this book. Not only do we get Drake’s POV (thank you for that) but we get to find out just what makes him special.

When the book begins, Drake is in the process of selling the home he shared with his Aunt Millie. On one last visit to the house, an unexpected visitor shows up and asks Drake to do the unthinkable. And it broke my heart. I know it was necessary and it really showed just how strong our young Drake Carpenter truly is. But from that day, Drake begins to have strange dreams about being a strange man in a strange house who is fighting with a stranger who just happens to look exactly like someone close to Drake and it’s the key to everything. HA! I was totally vague with all that right? Trust me, I had to be because when each dream gets deeper and deeper, you are dragged into the story just as deep.

Along with what’s going on with Drake, we still have the issue of the Conclave and the mysterious Ica that has been behind all the shenanigans with Ben and his minions. When the Blackmoors go to the Proctors to attend Imbolc they have ruffled the robes of the Conclave for the last time and shit starts to get real. I hated what the Conclave did but I adore how the Blackmoor coven, led by the kick ass high priest and admirable father Oliver Blackmoor as well as their vampyre, fae, and shifter band together and decide they will do what they always do and handle it. Goodness. It’s just that Mason and Drake are sent to the kids table on this one, so they decide to ask Charlotte and Miranda Proctor for help.

The addition of Will, the newest kid at school had me thinking something was up with him when he tried so hard to become friends with Drake. I am not one to try to figure out mysteries in stories, I like the author to lead me through it all, but I had a theory once Will showed up and it wasn’t bunnies. My theory turned out to be right after that last dream/vision Drake had and then HOLYMOTHERFUCKINGSHITBALLS… yup, it got really good.

Drake and Mason had a strong bond in Spell Bound and that bond only intensified with this book. With the foreshadowing remark to Drake that he had what it would take to save them all, I think that it’s truly his love and connection to Mason and not what we're led to believe. Sure, they are young but that doesn’t deter how important, how true and how utterly wonderful witnessing their love is… over and over again.

I am so giddy with this series and I adore the author’s writing. There was so much about differences in here, about being born that way that hit a chord with an echo of what is currently going on in our society. I will never understand the need to persecute those who are different from you, nor judging someone before you know them. Whether intentional or not, I took away with me a sense of warmth with the author’s words regarding how the magical are viewed by the non-magical and a glimmer of hope that if not peace, and understanding can be found.

But after all that, after we know now about Drake, we know now the prophecy of the Blackmoor brothers and just everything this book gave us, that end left a few things unfinished and I sincerely hope there is more to this series.

Spell Fall led us through days of angst with Drake and Mason and the protector covens down to a pretty dark time, when we learn who Drake is. The darkness in many ways, showed us that there is always hope and light even in the darkest of places. It’s a story about finding your family when the one you were born in doesn’t fit and it’s a story about loving well… your enemy.

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Audiobook Review: Romancing the Wrong Twin (Dreamspun Desires #21) by Clare London

How tangled can a romantic web get?

When gruff mountaineer Dominic Hartington-George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition, his London PA insists on a more media-friendly profile—like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z.

Zeb can’t make the date, so he asks his identical twin, Aidan, to stand in for just one evening. Aidan, a struggling playwright, shuns the limelight to the extent people don’t even know Zeb has a sibling, but he reluctantly agrees.

When the deception has to continue beyond the first date, Aidan fights to keep up the pretense. Dominic likes his sassy, intelligent companion, and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer. But how long can Aidan’s conscience cope as confusion abounds? Will coming clean as “the other twin” destroy the trust they’ve built?

Listening Length: 6 hours and 21 minutes
Narrator: Rusty Topsfield

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Ok. Before I start the review, I have to say I sort of loved this story and also hated the audio. The story was terrific. The narrator was super. He has a lovely voice, great characterisations and beautiful emotive expression. My problem was, this is a story set in London, England. The characters are English, the expressions they use are English (and being a Brit myself, that was a rare treat). However, the narrator is American. It grated on me throughout. So much that if I hadn’t have been listening to review the book, I would have stopped listening.

That mini rant out of the way, I’ll tell you about the story.

Dominic is a mountaineer determined to climb the Eiger, as his father had done years before, but being short of funds, his agent comes up with a plan. Dominic should go on a couple of very visible dates with Zeb Z a high profile fashion model, and secure sponsorship for his quest. Zeb is a busy man, and having a diary conflict, he engages his twin to help him. Since Aiden resolutely stays out of the limelight, most people don't even know the effervescent Zeb had a sibling, let alone an identical twin running around. Aiden is a struggling playwright in need of funds himself, and against his better judgement, he agrees to help Zeb and himself with a date with the mountaineer.

Little did Aiden and Dominic know they would spark something magical, and soon fall into several dates and bed! Once Dominic’s funding for his trip is secure, Dom’s agent discusses their ‘exit strategy’ and Aiden is hurt by the idea that Dominic doesn't want him anymore. This wouldn’t be romance-landia without the odd misunderstanding, and this culminates in Dominic seeing ‘his’ Zeb kissing another man. The relationships are engaging, the setting entertaining and the sibling stuff between Zeb and Aiden was perfect! In the end, the declarations were sweet, the ending happy, and the supporting characters are well crafted and interesting.

The story was lovely, really lovely, and I would have adored it with an English narrator. On the whole, it was thoroughly disappointing and frustrating. Maybe, for non-British listeners, this would be a wonderful listen. But for me, this is the wrong narrator for this story.

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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Goodnight My Angel (Book #2) by Sue Brown

Celebrate with Sue Brown and Signal Boost Promotions for the release of Goodnight My Angel (Angel Enterprises, #2)! Check out today's info and enter in the Sue Brown eBook back list giveaway!

Goodnight My Angel (Book #2)

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Morning My Angel (Book #1)

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Cover: Meredith Russell

Angel Enterprises Series

Goodnight My Angel (Book #2) 


Callum Ross has a tough decision to make. After years of working for the covert ops agency in the UK and owning his own security firm in the US, he’s forced to choose between the business he loves, and the new fragile relationship with his partner, Josh Cooper.

A bottle of whiskey and almost being killed by a motorbike helps Cal make the decision, and he moves to the UK with plans to set up his own security consultancy. Then the head of the covert ops agency where Josh now works asks Cal for help. Agency operatives and their families are being injured or killed, including Cal’s friends.

Cal is asked to investigate with Josh’s assistance. As the number of victims increase, they’re aware either of them could be the next target for the killer. Josh wants Cal to back away from the investigation in case he gets hurt, but Cal refuses, putting a strain on their relationship.

Then they discover the motorbike incident wasn’t an accident. Who tried to kill him, and why?

Author Bio

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn't following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot, and has become an expert at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. She had an Aha moment and put pen to paper that same day. Sue may be late to the party, but she's made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

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Review: Rainbow Sprinkles (States of Love) by Anna Martin

Cooper Reed has a fairly relaxed life for someone who lives in LA. He’s no celebrity—just the guy who makes sundaes at the Dreamy Creamery, and that’s the way he likes it. The highlight of every week is the beautiful guy who turns up and orders a sundae with rainbow sprinkles. Cooper still isn’t sure if that’s a code, because he has a huge crush and the hot guy is terrible at flirting.

Drew Tanner, it turns out, is an original California dreamer. He’s as wholesome as apple pie and twice as sweet, a real-life Disney Prince at Disneyland. But while Drew’s head is in the clouds, Cooper’s feet are firmly on the ground, and their different outlooks might be more than their new relationship can take.

In the mood for something cute, light, easy and breezy? Anna Martin's Rainbow Sprinkles fits that description to a T.

Set in California, Cooper Reed is perfectly content working two jobs, one as a bartender, the other as worker/ ice cream creator at the Dreamery Creamery. He makes enough to get by and he also gets to fawn over his weekly customer with questionable ice cream tastes, Drew. Drew will combine some crazy flavors but never, ever forgets the rainbow sprinkles.

Is it a little pathetic that Mr. Rainbow Sprinkles has been delegated to wank fodder? Maybe, but Cooper's happy to keep his man of his dreams as just that in his dreams. Until one day, Drew shows a little interest.

Then dream man becomes real man. *smile*

Drew is a real live Disney prince! Okay, okay, he acts as one in nearby Disneyland. And he shows behind the Disney scenes in this book. I enjoyed the glimpses. Drew's sweetness and romantic side draws the more sarcastic Cooper in.

Both men are in mid twenties and they read their age. They fall for one another kind of quickly, kind of not, since they shared the employee/customer relationship for sometime prior to the start of the book. And like some twenty-somethings, they don't have it all figured out as of yet. The story has zero angst. We get meet cute into budding relationship into first fights and learning that when it matters, you have to communicate.

The boys drag their feet into resolving the internal conflict. That part kinda pissed me off a little. We go from one of them sending texts over and over on a daily basis (loved that) to just dropping off the face of the Earth when the going got a little tough.

I hope they work on it. I think they could.

The side characters are great and compliment Cooper and Drew. Their BFF's are cute and I was super happy with their development as well at the end.

It's my first foray into Dreamspinner Press' States of Love collection. I'd definitely return. The setting read authentic - down to the temperature, the traffic, the laid-backness. I never been to Cali but I imagine it to be something like this from what I've seen through media. There were tiny spots when the dialogue read British here and there if I had to nitpick.

I think this would work best for Anna Martin fans who like the quieter romance, fans of light, no angst reads and of course, Disney-stans.

Overall, pretty sweet.

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