Review: Charmed and Dangerous Anthology: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Magic takes many forms. From malignant hexes to love charms gone amok, you’ll find a vast array of spells and curses, creatures and conjurings in this massive collection—not to mention a steamy dose of man-on-man action. Charmed and Dangerous features all-new stories of gay paranormal romance, supernatural fiction and urban fantasy by ten top m/m paranormal authors.

3.8 stars average, rounded up to 4.

Rhys Ford, Ginn Hale, KJ Charles, Nicole Kimberling, Jordan Castillo Price, Jordan L. Hawk, Charlie Cochet, Lou Harper, Andrea Speed and Astrid Amara.

Wow!! What an author line up! It reads like a who's who of MM paranormal authors. I was privileged to be able to read and review this book. Each story will have the blurb pasted below and I'll add my rating. I'll add reviews for my favourites. I have to say, this book is absolutely worth reading - such a selection of authors and stories.

Rhys Ford - Dim Sum Asylum  
For Detective Roku MacCormick, working Arcane Crimes is his passion. Now cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting his last partner, MacCormick is given back his badge… as well as a new case and partner. Trent Leonard isn’t exactly what he’d expected, but then nothing in San Francisco’s Chinatown ever is.

Ginn Hale - Swift and the Black Dog

When Jack Swift killed a tyrant and won the revolution he became a national hero. But someone in the new government prefers dead heroes to living, swearing, cynical wizards. Caught between bullets, revenge and desire, Jack had better be swift indeed.

KJ Charles - A Queer Trade

Apprentice magician Crispin Tredarloe returns to London to find his master dead, and his papers sold. Papers with secrets that could spell death. Waste paper seller Ned Hall can’t resist Crispin’s pleading—and appealing—looks. But can the wasteman and the magician prevent a disaster and save Crispin’s skin?
This story drew me into the strange world of Crispin's London. Old time London with a magical twist that  owned me and left me dazed when I returned to 21st century Norfolk. such talent to create a world like this in a short story. I understood it, I became part of it and I wanted to know everything about Crispin and Ned. I loved that this was an interracial relationship. I loved that the world of magicians apprentice and waste paper seller were so different - and yet so connected in this story. I'd definitely read more about these two characters. 

Nicole Kimberling - Magically Delicious 

Occult attacks against NIAD agents aren’t remotely Keith Curry’s department. But when his lover, Gunther, is assaulted, Keith refuses to just sit back and fill out paperwork. He’s on the case—even if that means enraging powerful mages, crossing leprechaun picket lines, or braving dinner with Gunther’s goblin parents.

Jordan Castillo Price - Everyone's Afraid of Clowns 

Psychic medium Victor Bayne can spot a ghost any day of the year, but Halloween holds some special surprises. His psych-groupie boyfriend Jacob coaxes him to the location of an old spirit sighting, but they can’t ghosthunt without enduring a cheesy “haunted house” that’s even more disturbing than they realize.
It's Vic and Jake. If I need to say any more than that then you're reading the wrong books. Okay? 

Jordan L. Hawk - The Thirteenth Hex 

Hexman Dominic Kopecky doesn’t understand why dashing crow familiar Rook wants his help investigating murder by patent hex. For one thing, Dominic isn’t a witch. For another, the case is already closed—and someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.
As with KJ Charles, Jordan L. Hawk made me love a world, and characters, in just a few short pages. Dominic - a hexman who is good at what he does but manages to somehow undervalue himself, let himself settle - is drawn into the hunt for criminals by familiar, Rook. I adored both Rook and Dominic. They sold this story to me, and the setting and mystery were the icing on the cake.

Charlie Cochet - The Soldati Prince

Riley Murrough goes from serving lattes to being chased by demons. If that wasn’t bad enough, he bears the mark of a shapeshifter king from a magical realm. Riley’s determined to get answers, but if the demons out for his blood don’t kill him, the urge to strangle the arrogant king might.

Lou Harper - One Hex Too Many

Veteran detective Mike Mulligan is an expert on violent crimes—of the occult variety. He might even be cursed. Detective Hugh Fox is eager to partner up and prove himself, but Mulligan is accustomed to flying solo. Can they trust each other enough to track a killer who’ll stop at nothing, not even summoning a demon?
Lou Harper - an author I've not read before, but I definitely will be again. I loved this story and the world and characters created. Throughout this story there were touches of humour that tickled me, it was well paced and well written.

Andrea Speed - Josh of the Damned vs. the Bathroom of Doom

It's a boring night at the Quik-Mart for Josh and his friend Doug. Until a vampire with a grudge—and the most adorable backup ever—crashes the store. Can Josh survive the Bathroom of Doom?

Astrid Amara - The Trouble With Hexes 

P.I. Tim Keller has a problem. And the only person who can solve it is his ex-boyfriend, Vincent, whose job as a hexbreaker was the reason they broke up. It’s hard admitting he was wrong, especially when coughing up organs. But there’s a missing person to find, a hexmaker to hunt down, and a romance to repair before Tim breathes his last.
Trust and romance is what this story was about. I loved the relationship between Tim and Vincent - again I could read more about them quite happily. The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing. The love between these two was tangible, and like so many relationship,s it wasn't that the love waned but more that the problems suddenly seemed too big. The lack of communication, the attempt to save oneself from pain - it all added up to a failed relationship, until Tim needed Vincent more than fear of hurt. A twisting turning tale of love I adored from beginning to end.

A copy of this anthology was given in exchange for an honest review.
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Review: Linhart's Beautiful Beast by Mel Bossa

The Great North, Quebec, 1934. Joe Vega, the Beast, has been locked up in Linhart Prison for three years. The brutish guards harass him because of his size, but Joe remains cool.

Until Christophe Dubois, the disowned son of an affluent politician, is led into Joe's cell. From the moment Joe sees him, he suspects the ginger-head is trouble. Christophe is bold, curious, and feisty, and Joe can't resist the temptation of climbing into the man's bunk for long. However, the beautiful spoiled Christophe is a furnace to which both guards and convicts want to warm their hands, and Joe must fight to keep Christophe safe.

Linhart Prison may be a cruel place, but when the two men are released from its walls, they find an even tougher world out there.

Is the flame burning between Joe and Chris enough to keep them together?

Passionate. Idealistic. Ugly. Crazy. Beautiful.
"Every morning, he woke up hoping this was Dubois's last day in here, but then, when the night came, he'd lie there, praying Dubois stayed another day.He wanted him. Wanted him until he thought he'd lose his mind. "
Prison romances. I love them something fierce. Why? Having to be caged and mentally (sometimes physically) broken down to a bare bones level can make a great read. You thought I was going to say the sex? It can be great too, but I'm looking for the emotion from the inmates. If there is going to be romance, I want broken souls coming together. I want to read and experience their journey.

Mel Bossa accomplishes this with the protagonists in "Linhart's Beautiful Beast".

Set in 1930's Quebec, 21 year old Joe Vega is over 6'6", considered nothing more than an ignorant, immigrant criminal beast. He was sent to Linhart prison aka the "Icebox" where the inmates are really being used for free manual labor. The social injustices outside the prison continues inside the prison: English vs. French in his homeland, civil unrest overseas and this mustachioed man who seems to be garnering attention.

But in Linhart prison, their world is contained by a lot of ice and trees. Joe is not stupid. In fact, he's very well read and full of ideals. He's read all but three books in the entire building, writes love letters for other inmates and though feared for his size and intimidating look, he is respected because he is a gentleman. Already three years in his seven year sentence for a trumped up charge, he gets a new cellmate. The rich, effeminate, ginger haired, twink French teen Christophe Dubois whose father is hated for his political machinations. Dubois happens to have ties to the mafia and all eyes are on him for his alluring presence.
"And do you know why I feel immune to the ugliness in here?" "'Cause you're leaving, and that gives you one thing we don't have...hope." "No, it's because I feel your presence with me at all times. You're that ship, Joseph. I've forsaken my spirit to you. It doesn't matter where you go, or I go. I'm bound to you now."
Captivated yet fighting his attraction, Joe tries to ignore the obviously gay younger man. No one can be trusted, the only person who seems to be honorable is Joe. The author tells the story through the gentle giant. It's sort of a beauty and the beast type of feel. The main characters have a lot of things going against them. It seems there are a lot of factions against them, more in the beginning once everyone notices Dubois is gay. He doesn't hide who he is. And I loved it.
"You could cut...all that out.""You mean the men. Perhaps I could. I'm quite sure I could. But you see, Joe, I don't want to. What you call unnatural is the very essence of my nature."
Trigger warnings: violence, a near non-con scene. The story was like a roller coaster once it started to get air under its sails, around 10-15%. Once it started getting into its pace, the story got more interesting. There were a lot of ideas thrown into this story, most of them worked.

But...there were times the story dragged or ended in an odd spot. Some of the characters acted a little erratic. And the beginning of the main character's relationship...something was too soon but after awhile, I got caught up in their grand declarations.

Things I loved:

The main characters - Joe the uneducated immigrant who thinks like a poet laureate, the "beautiful beast" covered in burn scars. I came to care for. Sometimes he could be a little too goody goody but overall I enjoyed him. I loved reading his internal struggle for loving another man, it read very believable. And Dubois, the passionate young rent boy who loves so crazily, so easily (I questioned the speed of his love in the beginning) he cut his finger off to prove a point to a past lover kind of passion. Dubois knew what he was, didn't hide who he was and that letter he wrote to the warden was everything. Though the boys are fairly young and could be technically be classified as new adult, the life experience they've had and the time period reads more adult. But their actions and trust me some of their choices especially when they are free of Linhart can be frustrating, but it could be blamed on their age. Still, they made quite a pair.

Historical Quebec - The Depression era and WWII aren't my favorite historical time periods to read in romance. There is something about the 1920's-40's that usually takes longer to get my attention. But the Canadian perspective was different and I really enjoyed this. The historical events were intertwined fluidly. You could feel the prison guards' frustration from having to work in the Icebox. The inmates we do meet through Joe are mostly his two friends, Levin and Novak, so their anger about their state of life was written very nicely. And the setting was rich. I really felt like I was in the cold, icy snow, chopping trees with inmates.

Things that were okay/ gave me pause:

Joe's mother - I tried to understand her. Her reactions read weird especially within the last 10%. Now I got to understand she tried to say things without overtly saying them to her son like, 'don't be a homosexual', 'what about your life', etc. But her reactions ping ponged from anger, happiness, lust(?), shame...I lost her character. She didn't like Christophe but she did, there was a birder in her house aka she didn't want the gay business in her house, I think. I don't know. I wish she came across more clearer or at least pick one side of the emotion spectrum when it came to her son so I could understand her more.

Transitioning - It could be a little rough. I think the point was for the reader to read between the lines during some of the pivotal scenes. But sometimes it was difficult to decipher.

Plot points - A lot of ideas, maybe just a little too many? I think some of the plot points could have been pushed further such as the reasoning behind Joe being arrested. It's a plot twist, explanations are given but I think it could have been explored. Maybe seeing the big bad guys in the flesh instead of being talked about secondhand? Maybe a flashback of Joe before being arrested to get a clearer picture on the set up? Some points were underdeveloped.

Though there were some issues, the romance was strong. If your reading for mostly for hot erotica, this had sex but it's secondary to the romance. Some of the scenes are implied/fade to black. There is a HEA. There are some heartbreaking and touching moments.

A passionate tale between two characters who I'd like to think would survive to love for a lifetime no matter what odds.

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Book Blast & Giveaway: Stalked by H.C. Brown

Who's more dangerous – a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer?
The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police force.

In desperation, the police refer the serial killer's case to the Slayers, a team of enhanced, undercover super soldiers. The commander of the Slayers puts his team on the streets to watch over the Ripper's favorite targets.

One of these targets is Micah, a twink stripper and a desirable sub. Micah's baby sitter is one of the newest members of the Slayers, Sorren, as cold-blooded an assassin as they come, and the last person you'd expect to harbor feelings for his charge.

True to form, Sorren is as surprised as anyone at his new infatuation, but Micah is hiding something. Will Micah learn to trust his protector, or is he destined to be the next victim on the Stripper Ripper's list?

Release Date: September 24, 2015

Pages or Words: 68,000 words

Categories: BDSM, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller

Excerpt: Stalked by H.C. Brown

Chapter 1

Club Surrender, New York

As the commander of the Slayers, Delano Briggs had his hands full controlling a unit of nano-enhanced super soldiers in a constant state of pissed. He leaned back in his office chair, glaring at the brooding form of Sorren, and cleared his throat. The six-seven hunk of muscle-bound “don’t fuck with me nasty” stared right back, unblinking.

Although Sorren had accepted his new duties without question and his professionalism was faultless, he couldn’t put a finger on the underlying uneasiness he had for him. The stripper named Snake from the leather club, Pinkies, had been under Sorren’s surveillance for ten days and nothing had occurred. The man standing before him folded thick arms across his broad chest and glared at him with intimidating menace. He would have to come down heavy to keep this alpha with cybernetic enhancements in line. “Report.”

Sorren placed both large hands on the table and pushed a long straight nose one inch from Delano’s face.

“How long do you expect me to remain sane on butterfly duty?”

“I said report, soldier.” Delano pushed to his feet then noticed Rhys, his second in command, move into the room and take a defensive stance.

Sure, Sorren was a loose cannon, but then nobody walked away from capture by Middle Eastern extremists without repercussions. His captors had not been able to brainwash him or retrieve any information by torture. His nanos had kept his secrets safe and his body in peak condition, but Sorren was suffering from three years of pent-up crazy. The nano enhancements did that to a man left alone with only his palm for company. Delano lifted his chin and repeated the order. To his relief, Sorren straightened and narrowed his unusual blue gaze.

“Nothing to report. The butterfly does his act then goes home. Guys hang around him looking for a little action but as far as I can tell, he isn’t interested. Although, he is a nervous little shit. On stage, the club bills him as Snake but his friends call him Micah, which fits him but it’s not the name you gave me. I think he is hiding his past.” He jerked a thumb over one shoulder toward Rhys. “Tell your boy to stand down unless he wants me to drag his ass downstairs to my dungeon.” He smirked. “I need a heavy scene, sending me to watch strippers every night makes me overheat – ah, sir.”

“I don’t do switch play and if I did you’re certainly not my type.” Rhys grabbed Sorren’s arm and spun him around to face him. “Why don’t you go and fuck your butterfly, then you won’t be loitering outside his apartment with a hard-on all night.”

Sorren’s wide mouth twitched at one corner then curled into a sadistic smile.

“Have you seen my five-feet-two eyes of blue?” He grasped his package. “I’d break him in half. Nah, you’ll do just fine, but just so you don’t get your panties in a twist later, you should know, I don’t do cool-down cuddles.”

“I’m bonded to Dylan and you fucking know it, but if you wanna fight, I’d be happy to grind your face into the floor anytime. Here we fight by Slayer rules, which, as you are the new kid in town, means no rules, asshole.”

Before Delano blinked, Sorren had locked one hand around Rhys’s throat.

“I like no rules just fine. Do I get to fuck you when I win?”

In a flash, Rhys cupped Sorren’s balls in his bionic hand and the color drained from the new recruit’s face.

“Wanna play?” Rhys grinned in a flash of perfect white teeth.

Delano rounded the table. Both these men could take him apart before taking their next breath and Rhys could crush an Mk.16 in one hand without taking a breath. “Stand down.” He moved closer and, standing shoulders braced and feet apart, dropped his voice to a menacing whisper, a method he employed to get his men’s full attention. “Rhys have you lost your fucking mind?”

“Nah, just teaching pretty boy here how we play in my yard.” Rhys dropped his hand and wiped it on his jeans in a repulsed gesture. “I can’t believe you trust him to guard the strippers, he’s not safe on the outside without a leash.”

“Sit down, both of you.” Delano leaned one hip on his desk and glared at them. “We run a club and the strippers who work here are good for business. These murders are bringing all strip joints under scrutiny and I’m sure you both understand why we don’t want eyes on Club Surrender. It would put the entire unit in danger. The cops have zip on the Stripper Ripper, no DNA, no witnesses, so we’ll have to find him and deal out justice, Slayer style.” He glared at Sorren. “This means surveillance and I’ve assigned a man to every local stripper that fits the victims’ profile.” He glanced at Rhys. 

“Small, young looking, with dark hair. From the images we were able to intercept from the local PD database it would seem the Stripper Ripper has a taste for twinks.”

Rhys grimaced. “Fuck, that covers fifty percent of the guys who work here and Jay but somehow I don’t think the fucking Stripper Ripper will be a problem for him.” He chuckled. “I guess we could throw him out as bait?”

Delano shook his head. “Not a chance in hell. Jay might be sixty percent cyborg but I’m not risking anyone until I know who we’re dealing with.” He jerked his chin toward Sorren. “The murderer is smart, very smart. It’s possible he could be a kinetic Black Ops rogue, one of Sorren’s old unit or similar. We don’t have numbers on the soldiers the government nano enhanced but we are aware of at least twenty enhanced Marines on the government’s ‘kill on sight’ hit list.”

“If they are from my unit then they’re some nasty SOBs. I can’t imagine anyone capable of catching them. I just hope they linked up and are doing much the same as you are here.” Sorren grinned. “My men are very different from your guys, although Rhys here comes close. Taking into account your unit’s compassion and adherence to the Special Ops code even though they screwed you makes me believe they added something special in the way of crazy to the nanos they shot into my guys.”

“Maybe, your blood work came back pretty fucked up. Kurt is still running tests. We all have anger management and sex-drive problems but they enhanced yours tenfold.” Delano shrugged. “It’s just as well we have Kurt as our doctor. He was on the first nano experimental team. Although, he has no idea why you carry different levels of enhancement. To date you are the only man we know of, apart from Jay, who can use mindspeak over a long distance.”

“Why didn’t Kurt ask me about mindspeak during the debriefing? Fuck! He wanted to know how many times I shit a day.” Sorren’s lips quirked into a smile. “The mindspeak distancing is a technique much the same as the one used to shield personal thoughts and easily taught. I do hope you’ve kept our mindspeak ability ‘need to know’ and the enhanced soldiers’ little weapon against Uncle Sam is still safe?” Sorren gave an exasperated sigh. “FYI, sex is used as a cooling system. Haven’t you worked that out yet?” He rolled his broad shoulders. “They didn’t enhance my anger but they did modify my brain chemistry.” His attention drifted to Rhys then back to him. “You see, I don’t have a conscience. They turned me into a psychopath – in other words when I kill I don’t give a fuck. No flashbacks, no regrets.” He rubbed his chin. “They tossed the Slayers on the trash pile because you fucking care and having feelings puts everyone in the unit in danger. The doc who treated me said it was a weakness in your nanos the government couldn’t afford.” He pointed at his face and grimaced. “The bionic eyes, well they needed soldiers who could switch from daylight to infrared without night vision goggles and with the ability to record missions.” He snorted. “I was beaming a vid straight to Black Ops the entire two fucking years I spent in prison. I had no rights because Uncle Sam didn’t classify me as human. I was one of many information-collecting drones.” He gave a cynical bark of laughter. “I’m surprised you found me, let alone got me out.”

Delano met Rhys’s incredulous stare and connected in secure mindspeak. “Fuck, just how many units are out there?”
“Sorren has been to hell and back.” Rhys grimaced. “I’m not surprised he’s crazy, but I don’t believe for one minute he has no feelings. The way he cares for the wellbeing of the stripper he’s watching tells me there is a man inside, not a machine. But I don’t like him, he is an arrogant SOB.”

Delano cleared his throat and made a conscious effort to pull back on the interrogation. “Bret, the electronics expert, picked up your transmission and we put boots on the ground. Once we got you out of that hellhole, he took over your video link and faked your execution.” He dropped back into his chair. “Don’t look so surprised. Everything in the Slayers is ‘need to know’ until you gain full clearance.” He met Sorren’s disturbing electric blue gaze. The man’s pupils moved like the lens of a camera, constantly adjusting in a circular motion.

“Need to know?” Sorren snorted. “I’m just like you, man. I’ve been here almost a year. It’s about time you started to trust me.”

“Right now, I don’t know if you’re working undercover and although we’ve destroyed all your military tracking devices, we can’t stop you communicating by mindspeak.” Delano glared at him. “And you will refer to me as ‘sir,’ do you understand, soldier?”

“What you ‘need to know’ is I’m not doing this yes, sir, no sir, three fucking bags full shit any longer. I’m not a Marine or part of some pseudo military service under your command.”
“Yeah, well actually you agreed to join the Slayers and I didn’t force you to wear our mark.” Delano indicated to the tattoo of a dollar sign on Sorren’s wrist. “We gave you a new identity, a job, and a place to stay. Not to mention all the ass you need to keep cool.” He lifted his chin and glared at him. “Right now it looks like I made a big mistake taking you into our confidence. I admire a man’s grit but I sure as hell want to keep control of my unit. Most of us are Black Ops, Green Berets or mercenaries and prefer a degree of leadership from me. I’m not running a fucking Sunday school.” He scowled at the arrogant man. “You do know Bret has devised a program to decommission you? He can take away your special vision, slow your implants, wipe your memory, and make you almost human again. That’s the only way you leave here alive, soldier.”

Delano didn’t miss Sorren’s shudder of disgust. He stared at him, waiting for a reply, and it was like watching the cogs of an old clock grind into gear. Sure, Sorren had been alone for a long time and no doubt his art of conversation had become a little rusty but he’d had long enough to adjust. He would give him time to consider the situation because he wanted to keep this man in his unit. He’d yet to see a better specimen of nano enhancement and the doctors in the complex would learn a great deal from his advanced technology.

Sorren was magnificent and he could see why he carried the handle “The Reaper” during his call of duty. He’d selected the moody Adonis for stripper duty in an effort to calm him down. Sorren was a loner. He’d taken his edge-play domination to extremes with the house subs and sure wasn’t looking for a cozy relationship. Rhys had nicknamed him “Shadow Man” because they rarely saw him in daylight. Sorren stalked the gloom like a phantom of menace. In fact, the man might just as well hang a sign around his neck with the message, “I hate everybody” printed in bright red letters. The only time he’d seen him crack any semblance of a smile was after winning an arm wrestle with Adryck.
He rolled his shoulders. “Well?”

A crack of thunder rolled in the distance as if it had come straight from the flash of disgust on Sorren’s face.

“Your decommission threats won’t work on me. I have a failsafe reboot on my system. You’ll have to decapitate me to take me down.” Sorren straightened and his menacing look flicked over him dismissively. “I understand you integrated the Fury boys into the unit without making them jump through hoops and yet, I am one of you, military – not the fucking enemy. I agreed to do butterfly duty because I want to catch a murderer not because I plan to inform on the Slayers. If I’d wanted to betray our kind I would have contacted my commander the fucking day I arrived and neither you nor your cybernetic boy would have been able to stop me.” Sorren pushed to his feet. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late. The stripper you assigned me to protect is due to walk home alone in twenty minutes and it is twenty-two minutes to his gig.”

Delano stood and waved him toward the door. “Sure, we’ll talk again in the morning. Do you have a med kit in the car – just in case?”

Sorren gave him a curt nod and slipped out the door. He moved like a ghost, not one sound from his boots echoed on the tiled floor.

“What new intel do we have on the murders to date?” Rhys drummed his fingers on the arm of the chair. “I know they’re bloody but there must be something the cops haven’t disclosed. What has Bret dug up?”

“Nothing, the murderer is a phantom, he drops out of nowhere, strikes and vanishes. You mentioned bloody, yeah, but how does a man rip someone apart and not leave one footprint or one drop of blood?” Delano moved around his desk and sat down.

“Maybe he’s a vampire.” Rhys gave him a speculative look. “Hey, crazy scientists made us didn’t they? How do we know they didn’t experiment on cross-species DNA as well and now some guys can change into bats and fly away?”

“Scent.” Delano placed the heel of one shit kicker on his desk and tipped back his chair. “I’ve visited all the crime scenes. I would have smelled a giant bat and picked up the pheromones of anyone remotely like us. No, I’m pretty sure the Stripper Ripper is one sick human.”

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About the author:
H.C. Brown is a multi-published, bestselling, award-winning author of Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, BDSM, Time Travel, Action Adventure, Suspense, and Contemporary Romance.
In 2015, she was delighted to be named Luminosity Publishing’s Bestselling Author of 2014.
In 2015, Highlander in the Mist was placed 3rd in Historical and Rock ‘n’ Leather was placed 3rd GLBT in the Easychair Bookshop Competition.
In 2011, she was delighted to receive nominations in three categories in the 2011 CAPA Awards: Favorite Author, Best GLBT Romance, and Best Science Fiction Romance.
She was nominated for Best Historical M/M in the 2013, Goodreads Book of Year Awards.
H.C writes about strong alpha male heroes and girl next door heroines in complex settings, and all her stories have happy endings.
H.C. welcomes feedback from her readers.

Where to find the author:

Twitter: @HCBrownauthor

Publisher: Momentum, Pan Macmillan
Cover Artist:

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