Review: When Love Takes Over by Jacob Z. Flores

Zach Kelly’s life is a shambles. His boyfriend of three years dumped him, and his writing career is going nowhere. On a whim, he heads to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to nurse his broken heart and figure out his next step. He’s expecting to find rest and relaxation on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. Instead, Zach meets a hunky porn star during a chance encounter at a leather shop he mistakes as a place to buy a belt that is definitely not for whipping.

Van Pierce is smitten when shy and inexperienced Zach crashes through a shelf of fetish gear. Though Van’s got an insatiable appetite for men on and off the set, his porn persona, Hart Throb, hides a broken heart. He’s struggling to find the reality the porno set doesn’t offer, and Zach is fighting to find the fantasy that will set his writing on fire. The odd goofball and the suave beefcake may either find love amid Provincetown’s colorful pageantry where summer never seems to end—or more heartbreak than either can imagine.

A summer romance.  We’ve all experienced this in one fashion or another at some point in our lives.  That instant connection that you just don’t seem to find at any other time of the year.  Summer romances are filled with fun times, sharing, laughter and sometimes even love.  And when the summer is over they also always lead to heartbreak as you part ways. 

But what if…  what if there’s more?  What if you have the chance to keep going?  What if your love is so deep, so profound that it transcends the common summer romance?

Zach Kelly is lost.  He has just been dumped by his boyfriend of three years and is set adrift in the world.  He has nowhere to go.  From the pain and sorrow of his breakup he makes the snap decision to take a vacation to Provincetown, hoping it might cheer him up.

And his life is changed forever.

Once there he meets a gaggle of high-spirited and eccentric people who immediately welcome him into their inner circle.  So introverted, Zach at first balks at all the changes they seemingly force upon him but after a bit he learns to let go and ends up going hog wild.  Then, in a clumsy and hilarious encounter, he meets Van.

Van.  Oh yeah, Van.  What can I say about Van?  Van of the Golden Body.  Van of the Porn Star notoriety.  Van is beautiful, inside and out.  He brings out the best in Zach.  Zach can’t help but immediately fall in lust.  They spend 48 amazingly intimate hours together and both feel on top of the world.  But it can’t last.  It’s just a summer romance.  Right?

Zach has a decision to make.  Maybe the most important decision of his life.  But considering his past relationships with both his father and his ex and how they treated him, he is at a loss as how to make his choice and if it is the right one to make.

“He’d been living for others for so long that he simply stopped living for himself.”

I adored this book.  It made me laugh out loud and I think that scene with Dylan was one of the funniest I have read in a long time.  At first I thought this was just going to be a light and fun read but after about 75% the book turned into something more heartfelt and emotional and I got sucked right into all the feels.  The story was well paced and the words flowed beautifully.  I cannot wait to read the next in the series!

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Review: Bad Idea by Damon Suede

Some mistakes are worth making.

Reclusive comic book artist Trip Spector spends his life doodling super-square, straitlaced superheroes, hiding from his fans, and crushing on his unattainable boss until he meets the dork of his dreams. Silas Goolsby is a rowdy FX makeup creator with a loveless love life and a secret streak of geek who yearns for unlikely rescues and a truly creative partnership.

Against their better judgment, they fall victim to chemistry, and what starts as infatuation quickly grows tender and terrifying. With Silas’s help, Trip gambles his heart and his art on a rotten plan: sketching out Scratch, a “very graphic novel” that will either make his name or wreck his career. But even a smash can't save their world if Trip retreats into his mild-mannered rut, leaving Silas to grapple with betrayal and emotions he can't escape.

What will it take for this dynamic duo to discover that heroes never play it safe?

I went into this story with some idea of what to expect and boy did it deliver!

This story was in turns silly, sweet, heartfelt and laugh out loud hilarious. It was dork-tastic! Geek-alicious!  Nerd-tabulous!
“Powers of Sodomy, activate.”
Trip is a mild mannered comic book artist and writer. A Peter Parker if you will; and he found his He-Man in Silas. Silas, the sweetest, most adorable meathead I have ever read about. I am naming Silas my newest book-boyfriend.

Damon Suede is a man of many words. He writes in excruciating detail but never falls into the trap of purple prose. His words are those of the every day man or woman. The average Joe (or Jane). His characters are relatable and inviting. I never feel as though I need a dictionary to understand what he is trying to say. It’s as though he gets me. He speaks to me through his storytelling in words and phrases that I might use in my day to day life.

He conducted a symphony of words that sucked me right into the story. I felt as though I was right there in the living room with Trip and Rina when they first got the idea for the character of Scratch. I was included in that brainstorming session. I felt the love that Trip had for Silas, really and truly felt it as though I were the one who fell in love and maybe I did.. I was right there, inside his head as he came to the realization that this man was his life. They say that love is blind but Trip never saw anything as clearly as he did when saw Silas. And Silas’ imperfections only enhanced his beauty.

This was a wonderfully touching story about two real men who had real issues and real feelings. And the sex was scorching hot! I felt like a voyeur when reading the scenes. I was already sitting in the corner with my opera glasses. All I needed was a bucket of popcorn and a large drink and it would have been perfect. I saw in someone else’s review that they thought this should be made into a movie and I agree. This is perfect book-to-film material.

So why only four hearts? Well, that’s easy. I didn’t really care for the MC Trip. I felt he was selfish and immature and scared of his own shadow. He treated Silas so poorly that while I hoped for an HEA I would have been just as fine with Silas telling Trip to fuck off and leaving him for good. Some things cannot be unsaid and there are some things that I don’t think should be forgiven.

This book is certainly not going to be for everyone. There are a lot of comic book references. Hell, what am I saying? The entire story is one big comic book reference, even down to the written sound effects. But I grew up on graphic novels and comics so I was perfectly OK with all of that and found it kinda cute and endearing. And the POV switch gets confusing sometimes. But all in all I was completely invested in this story and I would say to give it a chance because there really is a beautiful story behind that intriguing cover.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review

Happy Hour Chat: Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox

We're kicking off the blog with a group review! As a regular feature each month, Boy Meets Boy Reviews (BMBR) will host a Happy Hour Chat where we discuss a different m/m book. The author of our Happy Hour Chat book will be BMBR's featured author of the month, so keep an eye out for more reviews of his work and a Q&A with James Cox next week!

November's Happy Hour Chat book is Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox.

Natasha: we're all here! 
Lorix: :)
Jenni Lea: stupid grin here too! :D
sunny: lol 
Natasha: *flails with audrey* 
Breann: yay! 
Ann: *crickets* 
Justin: penis 
A quick copy/paste of the blurb so that people know what we actually read:
Five men.
One harem.
Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males are growing on him and the king is having a hard time picking just one.
Who will be the king’s handsome hero?
Be Warned: menage sex (MMMMMM), BDSM, rimming, m/m sex, orgies
sunny: Favorite part/line/character 
Jo: There were a lot of penis measurement descriptions and color and consistency. I mean I love the hot details but felt after a while it was here a dick there a dick every where a dick, dick.
Ann: you say that like it's a problem 

Want to read more of this zany chat, including discussions of mpreg, which character Jake Bass would play, and the practicalities of multi-penis beings? Check it out after the jump!

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