Guest Review: You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris

Nate wasn’t made to be monogamous, a fact he never fails to disclose to his partners. No matter how much he loves the women he’s with, he sees potential in others. Does that make him a horrible person? His on-again, off-again lover and current co-star, Deb, certainly thinks so.

But his other co-star, Joshua, understands. Joshua, who’s fast becoming the best friend Nate ever had, doesn’t even mind when Nate hooks up with his wife, Sherry. Well, he does mind a little, but only because he has the hots for Nate himself.

Nate’s always known he’s polyamorous, but is he also bi? He loves being with Joshua. He loves being with Sherry. He definitely loves being with Joshua and Sherry together. Can he make the transition from loves-being-with to just-plain-loves? And even if he can, how does he fit into another couple’s relationship?

Meanwhile, the situation with Deb is growing ever more toxic, the future of their show is at stake, and not all of Nate’s friends are on board with the whole poly/bi thing. It’s a minefield Nate can only navigate with the help of one very special man.

Content warning for alcoholism. This book describes an open relationship that remains open after a romantic bond is formed. It’s not suitable for readers who consider open relationships to be cheating. This book includes both M/F and M/M loving.

Reviewer: Annery

Nate is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who just wants to love and be loved in return. To belong without ownership. No monogamy or jealousy in his game. At 26 he’s like a great big puppy, without an ounce of guile or a mean bone in his body. I loved him. The problem is how society at large perceives people who are into open relationships: “unfaithful, disloyal, unloving, sex fiends” who at best can’t make up their minds or at worst are manipulators. In Nate’s case nothing can be further from the truth.

I really enjoyed this honest and somewhat hopeful portrayal of what an open & poly relationship can be like when the parties are coming from a place of honesty, respect, and love. It’s like a glimpse of Utopia for those who like to share and share alike.

Apparently Nate and some of the other characters have appeared in previous books, which I’ll probably check out, but I can’t say it’s necessary to have read them to enjoy this one. So what’s the story?

Nate lives somewhere not-NYC, I want to say Connecticut or NJ?, works construction for his uncle’s company, and is a cast member at CENTRAL PLAYHOUSE, a local community theater. He’s also considered something of a local Lothario, except he’s not. He just has room in his affections for more than one person at a time. Nate believes in and practices free love. He cares deeply for the well being and satisfaction of his partners, who until now have all been female. He has never thought of himself as other than heterosexual but things are about to change.

During the audition and rehearsals for a local production of Othello he meets and befriends Joshua, who pretty much immediately becomes a protector and a source of comfort when Nate is feeling unsure or low. There’s a spark. Even though at first Nate only recognizes it as friendship we, the readers, see the undercurrents pulling him in further. The initial lure is Joshua’s wife Sherry, a singer, a free spirit, and all around fun person. Nate starts coming around mostly to “sleep” with Sherry, with Joshua’ approval, but he stays because he feels at home. Joshua cares for him by cooking breakfast or just listening to him. Joshua makes no secret of wanting Nate but respects his assertions of being heterosexual.

Nate’s journey from being exclusively heterosexual to becoming curious to falling for Sherry AND Joshua is done in such an organic and seamless way that I believed every word. Nate is bisexual. He’d just never thought about it. He’d settled for the standard assumption of heterosexuality. This doesn’t mean that he no longer likes women. He does. [If you don’t like vaginas this may not be a book for you.] I liked that the author shows how each partner in this triad satisfies a different need for the others: Sherry is the bubbly fun, Nate is the endlessly curious, affectionate, and attention loving puppy dog, and Joshua is the caretaker and glue that keeps them all afloat. Did I mention that I love Joshua? I do. Big time. Nothing could be better than being sheltered by his loving care. Also he’s a poet.

The rest of the book is populated by Nate’s family, friends, and colleagues from the theater. At first not all of them are supportive or understand. In fact quite a few of his previous sexual partners acted like he’d cheated on them or deceived them. It’s a bit disingenuous on their part given that Nate practically has a brand on himself saying no-monogamy. One of them is Deb. Nate’s been having an on/off sexual relationship with her for four years! Why? Deb insist on keeping it a secret. She barely acknowledges him in public. It turns out Deb belongs to the monogamy club, which is fine. However she insists that Nate just hasn’t found the “right person”, which of course is her. She refuses to be public with their relationship unless Nate promises exclusivity, which he won’t. She’s pretty horrid to Nate, Joshua, and her friends in general. Her behaviour is somewhat excused & pinned on bad family history and alcoholism, but in vino veritas. To me she was just part of the ubiquitous moral police who will always look with suspicion on those who opt for another road. Ugh!

Thankfully I can say that Nate, Joshua, and Sherry reach a “work-in-progress” HEA that works for them and worked for me as reader.

I’d recommend this to anyone. Even if you’re not a sharer Tanya Chris beautifully shows how a relationship like this can work for those who do want to go with “more is more”. How it’s not cheating if you’re all in agreement about what you want. How the fact of sleeping or having sex with others doesn’t negate your love, loyalty, and faithfulness to your partner(s). Maybe it’s not for you but you can certainly root and be happy for those choose it.

Blog Tour + Giveaway: Flash Me (Heathens Ink #7) by K.M. Neuhold

Author K.M. Neuhold and Vibrant Promotions make the final stop on the Flash Me (Heathens Ink #7) blog tour today! Learn more about the poly romance and enter in the giveaway to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Flash Me Tour Banner
A Heathens Ink Novel
RELEASE DATE: 09.03.18
Flash Me Final

I was kicked out at sixteen for being transgender, but it turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. At twenty-one, I have a fantastic new family made up of my brother and a handful of wonderful friends, I own my own photography business, and I’m happier than I imagined possible. There’s just one thing missing… Okay, maybe two…
When I took the position volunteering as a therapist at Rainbow House, I knew I’d found my place in the world: helping teens who had been rejected by their families. What I didn’t expect was the friendship I formed with Liam or how it would grow over the years into a crush I just couldn’t shake. I’m happy to see him finally opening himself up to dating with someone he trusts like Owen. But when he comes to me and asks if I can help his boyfriend, I feel like there’s more to the request than just a few therapy sessions. The more I get to know Owen, the more I like him, too.
I’m not sure why I believe so much in fate when she’s dealt me nothing but crappy hands—a stint in prison and enough childhood horrors to fuel all my adult nightmares. But I still hold on to the idea that everything happens for a reason. What I can’t figure out is why fate would plop me naked into Liam’s bed under the pretext of helping him with a photo series for a gallery showing. Or why my stomach goes funny every time he smiles at me. Liam is too sweet to be exposed to my demons, but I don’t know how to protect him…Maybe that’s why fate gave us Wyatt.
***This is the seventh book in the Heathens Ink series. Each book in the series CAN be read as a stand-alone, but characters do re-occur so it’s more fun to read them all!


Holy fuck.

My eyes greedily memorize the way Owen's soaked shirt clings to his muscles. The colorful skin of his arms glisten under the fluorescent lights of the coffee shop, and the scent of his sweat tickles my nose. I can’t say I’ve ever found anything particularly sexy about a sweaty man. Sex sweat is fine, but not something that revved my engine. Consider me a convert, because it’s taking all my willpower to keep myself from flattening my body against Owen’s and drenching myself in his sweat, licking it off his neck, and rubbing against his slick body until sweat isn’t the only thing he’s drenched in.

Fuck, I’m such a bad person. His date with Liam was last night and here I am imagining humping him like an unneutered dog.

“Out for an early run?” I guess, looking down at his running shoes.

“Yeah,” he answers without any further elaboration.

I’ve known all the guys from Heathens Ink for years now but Owen is the only one I’ve hardly talked to, and I’m not sure why. Maybe because he’s always come off as more standoffish than the other guys? That doesn’t usually stop me with people, but I don’t have any other explanation. It feels like an oversight I should rectify. If Liam’s going to be dating him, I should get to know him better.

My stomach clenches, hot with jealousy knowing I was too late. Not that I was even too late, that I never had a shot with Liam to begin with. How can it hurt this much to know I can’t have him, when I only just realized I wanted him?

“How was your date with Liam?” I ask conversationally as the line inches slowly forward. Owen looks surprised by my question. “Liam and I are close,” I explain.

“Oh, yeah, I guess I should’ve realized. I’ve seen you two together a lot. It was great, Liam is…” Owen trails off, seeming to try to think of an adjective to describe Liam. I could help him out with that— Smart, funny, adorably shy at times, flirty and playful others, sexy, perfect.

“Yeah, he is,” I agree with his unfinished sentence, knowing he must be thinking the same things I am based on the smile tilting the corners of his lips.

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I'm an author of m/m and new adult romance. I have a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well.

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Audiobook Review: Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore #1) by K.A. Mitchell

Second Edition

Some things are sweeter than revenge.

“I need a boyfriend.”

Hearing those words from his very straight, very ex-best friend doesn’t put Nate in a helpful mood. Not only did Kellan Brooks’s father destroy Nate’s family in his quest for power, but Kellan broke Nate’s heart back in high school. Nate thought he could trust his best friend with the revelation that he might be gay, only to find out he was horribly wrong and become the laughingstock of the whole school. Kellan must be truly desperate if he’s turning to Nate now.

Kellan’s through letting his father run his life, and he wants to make the man pay for cutting him off. What better way to stick it to the bigot than to come out as gay himself—especially with the son of the very man his father crushed on his quest for money and power. Kellan can’t blame Nate for wanting nothing to do with him, though. Kellan will have to convince him to play along, but it’s even harder to convince himself that the heat between them is only an act....

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing Inc. June 2011.

Narrated by: Chet Daniel
Listening Length: 5 hours and 50 minutes

Where have I been that I have not read this before? I don’t know why I never grabbed it when it was first published but I just didn’t. When the audio came out, I decided to take a listen and knew I had to know what Nate would decide when his prodigal BFF comes back begging for a boyfriend, when Kellan isn’t gay.


Gah! This is exactly a SARA kind of book. I love unrequited love and I love the journey of sexual exploration. This book has been out for a good number of years so I won’t rehash what everyone already knows and just tell you what I loved about it.

Kellan is desperate and in need of revenge against his asshat of a father. What better way to flip the old man the bird than shove it in his homophobic face that his only living son is now living a HEA with is best friend from childhood, a man. I get why Kellan is doing what he is doing and I totally get why he chose Nate. Though it’s told to us over and over again that Kellan isn’t gay, I tend to think you don’t really know what turns your crank if you’ve never gripped the handle. Am I right? You know I am.

So. Kellan proposes this scheme to his BFF Nate and begs Nate to be his boyfriend. Nate’s first reaction is hell to the fuck no, but Nate has always had a soft spot for Kellan so he drags his feet all the way to his apartment to make a decision. He can’t stand seeing Kellan as desperate as he is even though he wants to like it. Nate is too good of a guy to let Kellan suffer but he’s not too good of a guy to make Kellan prove that he can pull of being gay.

“You pretend to be my boyfriend. Wait—you help me pretend that we’re madly in love.”

“How long are we talking?”

“I don’t think it should be longer than a month or two—hell, maybe Geoffrey will be kissing my ass in a week.”

“What if he doesn’t give a shit? Then what are you going to do?”

“Well, that’ll be my problem again, won’t it?”

“Two months.”


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fake boyfriend trope. It’s one of my favorites because you know that being that close to someone, having to fake feelings usually turns into more. It’s a special kind of slow burn that gives the good kind of angst wondering if and when they will admit to it all being more than fake. It’s so good and this book, it delivers on the UST and angst deliciously.

Now. Some may say Kellan is selfish and some may say Nate is selfish when the truth is; both men are pretty fucked up. They come with baggage but they also come with a history that goes back to them being friends since the 2nd grade. Sure, this fake relationship set-up is a bit out there on the believable scale but Nate and Kellan have been friends for a long time, it's not unthinkable that boys who learned how to masturbate together would have feelings for each other.

Both of these men are broken but so very real that I couldn’t stop listening to this.

Getting both POV's was so damn needed in this book. With this trope you need to know what each party is thinking and when they realize they crossed the line from fake to real. We know Kellan is pretty selfish but when people's jobs are threatened because of his father, he does the right thing by them. Kellan is lost. He's a rich boy who only knows one way of life, the easy one but when his father throws down the gauntlet on his lifestyle, Kellan fights back. He may be selfish but he's not a doormat.

Nate is amazing but Nate is also lost. These two are such grounding forces for the other and have been since they were boys. It makes sense that when they parted, when they weren't in one another's lives they would lose part of their way until the road led them back together. Nate is happy Kellan is back in his life, even if under the lie they are presenting and he is scared to screw things up and lose his best friend again.

I only want him to be happy. It was still the truth. No matter what, Nate was glad of the chance to have fixed up their friendship.

Chet Daniel did an awesome job narrating this romance. It was his narration that made me sit up and take notice of the book and finally get Nate and Kellan’s story. I loved how he brought the men to life and the side characters as well. Giving each character their own voice to blend into the story seamlessly with precision was so much fun to listen to. He made me blush during a few scenes, laugh and even tear up when the emotions got heavy. Daniel is a new to me narrator but will now be a go to for more audio books to come.

I really loved this story, if you couldn’t tell. I am happy with it from the first page to the last and all the others in between. Kellan broke my heart with his camp story and Nate had me emotional with what happened to him in high school. These two haven’t had it easy but I am so happy they found one another and were able to move from friends to lovers.

Last but certainly not least, I ADORED Eli. OMG. I can’t wait for him to get a man for himself and get his own HEA.

A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Concierge Service by P.D. Singer

Celebrate the release of Concierge Service with author P.D. Singer and IndiGo Marketing! Learn more about the contemporary romance and enter in the Concierge Service eBook/paperback giveaway!

Title: Concierge Service
Author: P.D. Singer
Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books
Release Date: September 20, 2018
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 55K
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, billionaire

Add to Goodreads


Joshua Hannes, the concierge of the Vivaldi Central Park Hotel prides himself on fulfilling every impossible request. Tickets to a sold-out show? A purple dye job for a purse dog? A last-minute table at a premier hotspot? No problem.

But the devastatingly handsome penthouse guest wants what?

Self-made billionaire Craig Ridley’s in New York on business, but at the end of the day, he wants to relax with someone interesting. The concierge should be able to supply a friendly face. Just for a little conversation. Dinner and a card game. Not sex with a man he doesn’t know or respect.

Craig didn’t expect the concierge to personally volunteer. Nor to be the man Craig hadn’t known he needed.

A billion reasons why they shouldn’t be together. A billion and one reasons why they should.

A smoldering standalone romance with an HEA.


Fed, but caught in the weird limbo of exhausted and wired, Craig paced around his lush temporary domain. Another exploration of the secondary bedroom brought out a detail he’d missed before.

He picked up the towel elephant, trying to figure out how it was put together without unrolling it. Nice. Craig had only asked for one, out of the sheer whimsy of being able to make such a nonsensical request and having it fulfilled. The guy who’d rolled and tucked this little critter into existence had not only left one on the master bed, but had gone the extra mile to leave one in here, too. Thorough.

Craig admired that in a man.

The man himself was easy on the eye, tall and lean, with a shock of brunet hair that would look wonderful tousled, even better than neatly combed.

Which was a thought for the spank bank, and not going to do him a lick of good now.

The spank bank hardly ever had deposits.

Did jet lag do bad things to the brain? Here he was, indulging in a fantasy of a stranger about whom he knew nothing more than the man was thorough. Maybe he couldn’t make conversation past the latest celebrity gossip. Or he could have a partner. Maybe the long drought since the last truly interesting man had crossed Craig’s path was making his imagination work overtime.

Whatever, it wasn’t like he’d have the opportunity to find out, which at least attached to the privilege of skipping the argument over attraction. He’d been called “unbefuckinglievably picky” a few too many times by men he’d found unbefuckinglievably ready to drop trou without knowing one damn thing about him, let alone liking or respecting anything beyond his face and his bank account. Skip that whole mess and the concierge could remain a pleasant thought.

He flicked through four movies, hating each one within a scene or two. He could go out, but that involved shoes. He could play the Steinway, but three rousing renditions of Chopsticks exhausted his repertory.

Anyone he wanted to talk to was two time zones away, probably putting the kids to bed or catching up on the cuddles they’d missed while they were scrambling to get this IPO put together.

Craig hadn’t missed any cuddles, or he’d missed all the cuddles from a someone who wasn’t part of his life. He needed to meet somebody, like that was possible.

This particular bit of craziness would be over in a week, but the nuttiness that came from running the company and doing the social things that went with running the company weren’t going away. Try finding someone who understood that. A fuck buddy didn’t get to question it, but Craig doubted he could even get it up for any man he had so little regard for. He could scratch his own damn itches, but if he started talking to himself…

Maybe that was the answer—unwind with one of the toys he’d dragged along from Denver this morning. He unpacked his suitcase, eyeing the bottle of lube. Did hotel guests ever ask the concierge to fetch another bottle, or more toys? Not a request Craig could see himself making.

No, he didn’t want to give himself a solitary hand job—he wanted to talk to someone. See a friendly face. Someone who wouldn’t accidentally turn the conversation back to equity and shares and total float and lockout time, and how much more would they be worth when… Someone not associated with work. Or his usual life.

He eyed the sleek black house phone on the bedside table.

Naw. Too ridiculous. Too late.

<em>Twenty-four/seven concierge service,</em> whispered the memory of the redheaded twink at Reception. And the concierge on the phone: <em>If you want it, I can get it for you.</em>

Oh, hell. The worst they could say was no.


Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

Meet the Author

P.D. Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, one tall young man, half a case of empty nest syndrome, and thirteen pounds of cats. She’s a big believer in research, first-hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain Pam has skied down a mountain face-first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and will never, ever, write a novel that includes sky-diving.

When not writing, playing her fiddle, or skiing, she can be found with a book in hand. Follow the adventures at Pam's website, her Facebook page, Twitter, or drop her an e-mail.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | eMail


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Giveaway + Blog Tour: The Heights by Amy Aislin

Help Amy Aislin celebrate the release of her latest with A Novel Take PR. Learn more about this contemporary romance and be sure to enter in the giveaway for a The Heights prize pack! Good luck!

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the release of my newest m/m contemporary romance, The Heights, and thank you to Boy Meets Boys Reviews for having me!

Today, let’s play Two Truths and A Lie with the main characters from The Heights.

Quinn Carroll
1.            When Quinn was in high school, he was caught kissing a boy and was outed to the entire school. He and the other boy were suspended for three days, and when Quinn came back to class, the other boy pretended not to know him.
2.           Quinn went to a performing arts high school that was extremely competitive, and he won a competition his senior year that granted him a spot in a prestigious dance company. He didn’t stay with the company very long because it was taking away from his studies when he went to college, but he credits it for teaching him teamwork and persistence.
3.           Quinn met his best friend, Ian, on the playground at school on the first day of first grade. An older kid was holding Ian’s backpack over his head. Quinn offered the kid his homemade brownies if only he’d give Ian his backpack back.

Nat Walker
  1.  In sixth grade, for a creative writing assignment, Nat wrote a play about a hard-boiled egg that somehow lost its yolk, only to find it in the belly of a hamster.
  2. Nat lives in a cabin that belongs to his family, which was built by his grandparents before he was born. When Nat first moved in, he renovated everything, built extra rooms, and stored family photos in the attic.
  3. Nat was on his high school’s baseball team. In his senior year, the team travelled to a neighbouring town for a game and the bus got a flat tire. They were stuck on the side of the ride for three hours, and some of the guys on the team, including Nat, played round after round of poker. Nat won every round.
I hope you enjoyed this look into my characters! The Heights is out now and is available for purchase at Amazon, iBooks, B&N, and Kobo.

*answers at the bottom of the post*

The Heights by Amy Aislin

Series: Lakeshore #1

Publisher: self-published

Release Date (Print & Ebook): September 20, 2018

Length (Print & Ebook): approx. 75,000 words, or 320 pages

Subgenre: m/m contemporary romance

Reader warnings: one of the main characters suffers from panic attacks

Cover artist: Stacey Blake @ Champagne Book Design

Order here:
Amazon (this is the universal Amazon link):
iBooks (universal iTunes link):

Book blurb:

Twenty-one years ago, a four-year old child was kidnapped from his front yard. He was never found. Until now.

All Nat Walker wants is to make his late father’s dream of running a father/son woodworking shop come true. And he had the perfect building in mind—until the new guy in town came in and bought the place right out from under him. The fact that the new guy is adorable means nothing. For all Nat cares, he can take his new dance studio and waltz back to New York City.

Professional dancer Quinn Carroll couldn’t be happier that he made the move to the small town of Lakeshore, Oregon. Sure, it’s not New York, but now he’ll be living closer to his adoptive brother. And since his studio will be the only one in the area, he should get enough business to keep him busy. Besides, there’s something about this place that seems familiar...

He doesn’t expect to fall hard for the local, grumpy woodworker who won’t even smile at him.

Or find out that his entire life is a lie.

“One dance,” Nat said, dropping his bag to the floor. Placing his palm in Quinn’s, he pulled Quinn into his arms. Quinn’s breath escaped him in a whoosh.
One dance was more than Quinn thought he’d ever get with Nat. He’d take it.
For a second, Quinn forgot who he was dancing with as his body found the rhythm of the music, hips rolling to the beat. The music flowed over him, transporting him somewhere else, the lyrics causing heat to flow through his veins until he forgot about everything else as the world fell away.
Nat bumped up against him, knees bent, bringing their groins together. It shocked Quinn into opening eyes he hadn’t realized he’d closed. Nat’s hand was at Quinn’s lower back, keeping him close. The grind of their hips made it impossible for Quinn to breathe and impossible for him to hide how hard he was. His skin was heating up, and he was already breathing hard.
Nat held nothing back. His hand strayed to Quinn’s ass. His breath was hot against the skin of Quinn’s neck. His other hand trailed down Quinn’s back, down his ass to squeeze Quinn’s thigh and bring Quinn’s leg up and around his hips.
Fuck yes.
Their hard cocks bumped. Quinn’s head fell back and he whimpered, the sound swallowed by the music. Nat’s eyes were hot on Quinn’s lips. Electricity shot through him everywhere their bodies connected.
Damn, Nat could move. It was sexy as sin. Dancing with him was like dancing with sex itself.
Quinn tightened his leg around Nat’s hips. Nat swallowed hard. Burying one hand in Nat’s thick hair, Quinn stood on his tippy toes and pressed them together, groin to chest. His other hand snaked up Nat’s T-shirt, and he pressed his palm against the sweaty skin of Nat’s back.
They danced like no one was watching. Like the rest of the world didn’t exist. Quinn needed to come so bad he briefly considered rubbing himself against Nat until he came all over himself. He was so hot, so turned on, he was in danger of exploding out of his skin.

Amy started writing on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class was forced to stay inside for recess. Tales of adventures with her classmates quickly morphed into tales of adventures with the characters in her head. Based in the suburbs of Toronto, Amy is a marketer/fundraiser at a large environmental non-profit in Toronto by day, and a writer by night. Book enthusiast, animal lover and (very) amateur photographer, her interests are many and varied, including travelling, astronomy, ecology, and baking. She binge watches too much anime, and loves musical theater, Julie Andrews, the Backstreet Boys, and her hometown of Oakville, Ontario.

Connect with Amy Aislin:

Win a fantastic The Heights prize pack: signed paperback, one of a kind art print, and a set of wooden star ornaments.

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Quinn: #1 is a lie. Quinn was never outed, although how he came to terms with his sexuality is revealed in The Heights.
Nat: #2 is a lie. Nat is much too sentimental (although he tries to hide it) to ever get rid of family photos or completely renovate something that was built by his grandparents.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Professor Adorkable (Domesticated Inc #1) by Edie Danford

Help author Edie Danford and IndiGo Marketing celebrate the release of Professor Adorkable (Domesticated Inc #1)! Learn more about the romance today and enter in the $25 Amazon gift card giveaway!

Title: Professor Adorkable
Series: Domesticated Inc, Book One
Author: Edie Danford
Publisher: Edie Danford
Release Date: September 18, 2018
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 90,000 words
Genre: Romance, Boss, Housekeeper, Best Friends, Nerd

Add to Goodreads


What happens when a star-gazing professor falls for his hot young housekeeper? One heck of an earthy explosion…

Professor Marek Janos's genius at analyzing stellar explosions doesn't apply to his own disordered world. Forgetting to eat, sleep, and leave his lab has triggered some epic personal disasters. When his family insists he hire live-in help, he discovers home life has awesome benefits. His new housekeeper's smile sparks more energy than a supernova. And the way he moves? It rocks Marek's galaxy.

Pete Schulz took a tough fall from his high-flying life in Hollywood. But how does a guy whose best skill is getting dirty clean up his act? His new gig with Domesticated Inc seems like a great first step. Keeping house for a nerdy young astrophysics professor is exactly the low-key, no-chance-for-trouble job he needs, right?

Living together is surprisingly easy for both men. And fun. And more than a little hot. It's when they're faced with the idea of living apart that the truly messy work begins…


“I made the mess,” I tell my housekeeper. “So I will clean it up.”

“Yeah, I know you can clean it up if given several hours,” Pete responds, his smile crooked. There are no signs of exasperation on his face or in his tone. No signs that he’s upset I’ve woken him up with the sound of breaking glass, and that his once-pristine kitchen floor is now covered with a mess I could have easily avoided if I’d been paying attention. “But it’s my job. Tomorrow morning your job is to go teach a class. You’ll sleep until eight, eat a good breakfast, and then be off.”

I raise my eyebrows. “That is exactly how it will happen?”

“I’ll make sure of it.”

“What if I want to negotiate?”


“Yes. Things can be negotiated in a democratic household, yes?”


I smile. “We have no dictators here. Or kings or queens.”

“Well.” He snorts. “There is that matter of your uncle signing my paycheck. But I get what you’re saying, I guess. What were you interested in negotiating?”

“Tonight I feel…antsy? Unable to relax.” I move my shoulders up and down to show him all this tension I’m experiencing. “I’ll go upstairs and sleep, but first I would like company. To hang out with you. For a while.”

His mouth droops as he folds his arms across his bare chest and stares at me. “So you’re saying you’ll let me do my job. But only if I give up my free time for you?”

“Um.” It’s cool in the kitchen, but my face suddenly becomes steam-burn hot.

Damn. I’m incredibly bad at talking to him—or any guy—I find attractive. Doesn’t matter where I am—Prague, Pasadena, Chicago. My language barrier isn’t about Czech versus English. It’s about my head versus my tongue.

What I want with Pete is complicated, not simple. But, as usual, I’ve said words that could be construed as—

God, I don’t even know what.

“You suck at negotiating, Marek.” He says it with a kind note in his voice.

“Yes.” I clear my throat. “I do.”

He sighs and runs his hand over his short hair—hair I want so fucking badly to touch. Is it bristly, soft? Would it sift through my fingers easily, or would it be like my hair and cling to my skin?

“I suppose we could listen to one Harry Potter chapter,” he says, lacking his usual enthusiasm for the idea. “But just one. And if you fall asleep or if I fall asleep or if we both fall asleep, it will be your job to wake up and go back to bed. No sleepovers. That’s a rule that’s not allowed to change.”

I swallow. Ordinarily I would give him shit about the unreasonableness of his request—if we’re asleep, how will we know we’re asleep and thus breaking his rules?

But I keep quiet tonight. I know I’m pushing him. I know he’s beginning to figure out I want more than just his company. So much more.

If this were a work-related matter, I would get my way with a few basic words. Logic applies in my lab. When it comes to my personal life, however, logic rarely applies. Basic words never seem to work.

If I tell Pete what I really want—to take him into his room, to put him on his comfortable bed, to kiss his clever mouth over and over and over, to blow him until his sweet hotness spills down my throat, to hold him tightly and use friction to excellent effect (inside or outside our bodies, I don’t care) until we both come—then he would say “no” quickly and firmly, and quietly shut that detestable door in my face. And I’ll be lucky if he’s still around in the morning.

The situation between us is confusing. I hope this is more than just his workplace. We are friends. He’s my best friend, actually. And he’s the one who makes this place a home.

Occasionally, I have a hard time understanding…what had my language tutor called it? Nuance. Nuanced meanings. Pete and I have a lot of nuances happening between us.

“One chapter would be good,” I tell him. “Chapter Twelve. ‘The Tri-wizard Tournament.’ I need to know all about it.”

He nods and tips his head toward the open door to his suite. “I’ll meet you in there.”

My heart bounces around in my chest—more zaps from that ionizer—but my head doesn’t like the take-care-of-business look on Pete’s face. No smile, no teasing, no dancing notes to the way his boots clap against the tile floor. He checks the locks and the deadbolts on the back door and walks toward his room.

He glances at his doorway and then me, his eyebrows rising. He looks as though he’s holding his breath, maybe holding back a sigh.

Maybe it would be better to give him space tonight. Better for me to be apart from what I want so much, but can’t have. I should walk away, go back to my room without bothering Pete.

My damp toes stick to the cold floor. I want to be more than a job for him. I want to be more than some guy he feels sorry for, some guy who can’t even say what he wants.

I walk over to the sink and retrieve a glass from the nearby cabinet. I fill the glass half full at the tap and then drink. I set it down carefully. The water is cold, but my skin feels hot. I can feel Pete watching me, waiting.

My eyes shift to the hallway. But my feet carry me toward Pete.

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Meet the Author

Edie lives in Vermont with her husband, two sons, and random creatures that might or might not be pets. She loves libraries (where she's found play, work, and love since she was a kid), long walks (unless ice is involved), lewd language (in the right context), luscious romance (of any variety), and alliteration.

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Review: The Nerd and the Prince (Small-Town Dreams #1) by B.G. Thomas

Prince Charming is the man next door.

Small-town business owner Jason Brewster has big dreams: world travel, adventure, and most of all, a passionate romance worthy of a fairy tale. But he doesn’t believe fantasies can come true….

Until Adam moves in next door.

He’s handsome, cultured, European, and best of all, interested in Jason. It’s like something out of the stories Jason loves.

But Adam—whose real name is Amadeo Montefalcone—has a secret. He's royalty, prince of the small country of Monterosia. Only he doesn't want to rule, and especially doesn't want the loveless marriage waiting for him at home. So he ran away in search of true love. With a man. And with Jason, he finds it.

But Adam can't run forever. The truth will come out. If Jason can forgive Adam’s deception, they might find their happily ever after.

I am normally a sucker for the international royal in hiding in a small American town who falls for a local who has no idea who they are or even heard of the country where they are royalty. I eat these stories up getting lost in how romantic it is to fall for someone this way; to simply be seen for who you are and not your title yet at the same time, shaking my head at the over the top shenanigans that happen once the royal takes the commoner home… yeah. I love this trope but sadly, this story did not work for me.

I had a hard time with this book. I tried three times to really get into it, even starting over completely with a new mindset hoping I could connect with Jason and Adam on some level but never could. From the beginning, Jason read so…so… off. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but it was too much. Too much sugar, too much of wanting everything perfect and too much mythology. I love mythology but this seemed to be placed in the story as filler because it made no sense to include it. This wasn’t a fantasy romance and the referencing of gods doing xyz because of fate added nothing to the romance.

Adam read like either an old man or someone who is from the past. I get he’s from another country and all that comes with being royal but this is 2018 and the vast amount of information he could have at his fingertips makes him read far more vintage than his hat and glasses would make one believe.

I won’t go on with a list of what didn’t work for me, just know this didn’t. I couldn’t connect with either man and never felt them as a couple. The flow of the story felt very stop and start and just… ugh. I don’t know. I’ll stop here and hope the next book works out for me.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Giveaway + Blog Tour: The Academy by Quinn Anderson

Help Quinn Anderson and Riptide Publishing celebrate the release of The Academy! Find out more about this college romance and be sure to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway of a $10 Riptide gift card! Good luck!

Hi, everyone. I’m Quinn Anderson, and I’m here to share some behind-the-scenes facts about my latest release, THE ACADEMY. Stay tuned and comment on stops along the way for a chance to win a $10 Riptide gift card.

About The Academy
True love stabs you in the front.
Nick Steele just wants a normal life, cliché or not. He had one once, back in Chicago. Before his father died and he took a year off from college to grieve. Now, he’s starting fresh at a prestigious—but tiny—Catholic university. Adjusting to small-town life will be a challenge, along with making friends and keeping his scholarship. All he wants to do is blend in, get his diploma, and go back home.
But Sebastian Prinsen—campus heartthrob and a notorious player—has other plans. He notices Nick right away and makes a bet with his two best friends: Who can kiss the new kid first? Nick seems immune to Sebastian’s charms, and yet genuine chemistry sparks between them. Even worse, real feelings do too. Sebastian falls more and more every time Nick blows him off, but if he comes clean about the bet, Nick will hate him forever.
The last thing Nick wants is to fall in love while he’s still grieving, but Sebastian feels like home to him. Nick wants that so badly he may ignore the warning signs and risk his fragile heart once more.

About Quinn Anderson
Quinn Anderson is an alumna of the University of Dublin in Ireland and has a master’s degree in psychology. She wrote her dissertation on sexuality in popular literature and continues to explore evolving themes in erotica in her professional life.
A nerd extraordinaire, she was raised on an unhealthy diet of video games, anime, pop culture, and comics from infancy. Her girlfriend swears her sense of humor is just one big Buffy reference. She stays true to her nerd roots in writing and in life, and frequently draws inspiration from her many fandoms, which include Yuri on Ice, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Buffy, and more. Growing up, while most of her friends were fighting evil by moonlight, Anderson was kamehameha-ing her way through all the shounen anime she could get her hands on. You will often find her interacting with fellow fans online and offline via conventions and Tumblr, and she is happy to talk about anything from nerd life to writing tips. She has attended conventions on three separate continents and now considers herself a career geek. She advises anyone who attends pop culture events in the UK to watch out for Weeping Angels, as they are everywhere. If you’re at an event, and you see a 6’2” redhead wandering around with a vague look on her face, that’s probably her.
Her favorite authors include J.K. Rowling, Gail Carson Levine, Libba Bray, and Tamora Pierce. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling, cooking, spending too much time on the internet, playing fetch with her cat, screwing the rules, watching Markiplier play games she’s too scared to play herself, and catching ’em all.
Connect with Quinn:
      Tumblr: quinnandersonwrites
      Twitter: QuinnAndersonXO

To celebrate the release of The Academy, Quinn is giving away a $10 Riptide gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on September 22, 2018. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following along, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

Guest Review: Savior (415 Ink #2) by Rhys Ford

A savior lies in the heart of every good man, but sometimes only love can awaken the man inside the savior.

The world’s had it out for San Francisco firefighter Mace Crawford from the moment he was born. Rescued from a horrific home life and dragged through an uncaring foster system, he’s dedicated his life to saving people, including the men he calls his brothers. As second-in-command of their knitted-together clan, Mace guides his younger siblings, helps out at 415 Ink, the family tattoo shop, and most of all, makes sure the brothers don’t discover his darkest secrets.

It’s a lonely life with one big problem—he’s sworn off love, and Rob Claussen, one of 415 Ink’s tattoo artists, has gotten under his skin in the worst way possible.

Mace’s world is too tight, too controlled to let Rob into his life, much less his heart, but the brash Filipino inker is there every time Mace turns around. He can’t let Rob in without shaking the foundations of the life he’s built, but when an evil from his past resurfaces, Mace is forced to choose between protecting his lies and saving the man he’s too scared to love.

Reviewer: Annika

The opening of this book was brutal, horrible and truly heartbreaking. But it also made us connect instantly with Mace. It made us want for his happily ever after. It made the reader invested in the book.

Mace is a martyr of sorts. He never asks for anything for himself. Always giving it to everyone else, no matter how much it hurts him. He is part of the family, but constantly afraid of being rejected. He exists more than live. He truly believes he was not worthy of love of any kind, having had it taken away several times before.
Quote… Trust me, Ivo, the only love I'm ever going to get in my lifetime is from you and the rest of my family. That's just going to have to be enough
He lives a lonely life, never having anything more serious than hook-ups he barely knows the name of. So when the attraction to one of the tattoo artists at 415 Ink refuses do die down, he's not quite sure what to do about it. Add in his worst nightmare from his childhood coming back to haunt him in the worst ways and his life as he knows it starts to crumble at the edges.

There was something that kept me from loving this book, and I can't really put my fingers on why. I really like the characters. My heart broke for Mace so many times. For the boy he was, for the man he thought he'd become, how little he thought he was worth. It got to me it truly did.

I also think that it ended there. After reading this book, I can't really say that I know Rob all that much. We never really got to know him beyond a very superficial level. He was always in the periphery looking in. Oh sure, he was always there for Mace and so on, but the focus was never on him. I still don't really know his wants, fears, flaws, hopes and so on.

Then there was the writing. There was something about it that kept me from fully submerge into the book. After that powerful opening scene it all just kind of faded for me, I wasn't all that invested anymore, there was a distance that I can't fully explain. I've read and loved so many of Ford's novels before, but this series, this book don't have their feel to it. If their name hadn't been in the cover, I'd been hard-pressed to guess the writer. It feels a bit clunky and messy at times to the point where I had a hard time really following what was going on.

These are all my feelings and are highly subjective, so please, If you've read and loved Ford’s books in the past, do pick up this book and form your own opinion and don't take mine for gospel.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.