Review: Not Every Time by Alexa Milne

What would you give up for love?

Raziel Slade and Jack Hastings have been best friends since Raz saved Jack’s life twelve years ago. Jack has spent years searching for the perfect woman with the help of his wingman, Raz, the man he thinks of as his guardian angel. At a company Christmas party, the world Jack thought he knew turns on its axis, and feelings he didn’t know he had punch him right between the eyes. Can Jack learn to see his friend in an entirely different way?

Openly gay, Raz loves his best friend and has given up more than Jack will ever know to be with him, but he’s never dared to tell Jack how he truly feels, or to reveal his true identity. For twelve years, he has waited in the wings.

Now, with Jack’s sudden epiphany, can these two best friends work out if they have a future together?

This was a very sweet friends to lovers Christmas story. The setup was a great theme that I love. Two guys, one gay, one straight, they’ve been friends forever and the straight one has THE epiphany that he actually loves his BFF like he always expected he would love a woman, but the beautiful connection with his bestie is so strong he gives up all his straight and goes for the gay. I know you know what I mean.

Raz and Jack have been friends for 12 years and are roomies. Raz has been in love with Jack forever and Jack never seems to be able to find himself a gal to settle down with. At some point Raz saved Jack’s life. It’s alluded to in the blurb pretty strongly and it was mentioned, but the whole idea wasn’t fully fleshed out. Raz felt that it was his duty to take care of Jack from then on out. I didn’t really get why. I mean, I understand the legend of it all, but it didn’t connect in a relevant way with the story making it feel a little superfluous.

Jack really had no angst at all when it came to the change in his life or any struggles with the physical side of his relationship with Raz. He did have a minor freak out at first which was understandable and I liked how his first thoughts were for Raz’s feelings not his own mind set. I thought that was really refreshing and spoke to the respect and the feelings Raz had for Jack.

To say Jack jumped in cannonball style at that point would be an understatement. Jack had no problem stating all his feelings and it went from showing me how they felt for each other to some serious telling. The words were sweet but it read a bit like instructions then. I liked the HEA even though it came flying through like Santa’s Sleigh traveling at light speed. I didn’t really buy it, but I liked it all the same. It was like the guys were told, “you’ve got 5 minutes, wrap this baby up”. And they did.

For a quick and sweet angst free read that you don’t want to think too hard about, this is a goodie. It’s not going to have the staying power of a Christmas classic, but you will be happy for Jack and Raz.

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Group Review: The Winter Spirit by Indra Vaughn

Nathaniel O’Donnelly likes his life quiet, his guests happy, and his ghosts well-behaved.

Although a boyfriend wouldn’t go amiss. Someone to share his beautiful B&B with, even if it is in the middle of nowhere and he’s long past the wrong side of thirty. Problem is, Nathaniel's living with a ghost who thinks he’s cupid, and whose arrows fly a little too straight.

Gabriel Wickfield had the unfortunate luck of dying before his time, and now he’s stuck trying to make romance happen to earn his right to move along. Not that he’s bored in the meantime--Nathaniel is just too easy to tease. And also a little bit scrumptious…

With the curse reaching its expiration date, Gabriel needs to make this final match this Christmas. Without it, nothing but darkness awaits.

Love can conquer all, but can it beat death?

What a great start to the Merry Christmas Jizzfest for 2015. I hated that I started this late on Sunday night, because this is one I would normally devour in one sitting. No fault of the story, it was all me and my stupid need to be coherent at work on Monday morning. Stupid work is stupid.

The story begins with a mellow and rather quiet pace and I liked having the chance to get to know all the characters, Nathaniel especially. He really struck me and I appreciated his mellow, albeit somewhat lonely existence. He didn’t have an easy childhood, but he wasn’t one to dwell on what was missing in his life. He was quite the pragmatist and I respected him for his lack of dramatics. I think I’ve been reading too many stories with melodramatic characters and discovering a character like Nathaniel with his quiet strength and realism made me appreciate the skills this author has to make a memorable character.

I’m glad I didn’t read any other reviews before I started the book, because I really wasn’t sure which direction this was going to go and for the first half, any direction would have been believable. As the story progresses, the different relationships start to have some more clarity and my stress level increased big time! This is where stories with charming ghosts get me all worked up. Can the author pull this off and make me buy it? Is our MC going to end up with the mortal man who’s “available” (and I use that term loosely)? Is there going to be the HEA I WANT?? *sigh*

I loved the ending and the author gave me what I wanted. She stressed me the ever –loving—the-fuck-out first but let’s face it, that’s part of the fun of a great ghost story. Winter Spirit has everything I want in story with Christmas magic; romance, tragedy, heartbreak, hope, humor and completely charming characters that I rooted for in every chapter.



Nathaniel's B&B was haunted and he really couldn't have had a cuter ghost.

What I loved most about this paranormal ghost story is that we come into at after the haunting has been established. Nathaniel knew of Gabriel and his antics all too well.

Gabriel couldn't have been any more likable. Right from the start, he was my guy. Nathaniel can have some of him, but he's mostly mine. His ghostly shenanigans were due to his curse. He was given a time frame and he was to be 'match-maker' and make two people fall in love. If he missed the deadline, he was gone for good.

While Nathaniel knew of and was comfortable around Gabriel, he didn't really know him at all. His curiosity got the best of him and wanted to get to know Gabriel. They talked, hung out together, and were just all around full of cute. I really enjoyed their sweet romance.

I do think there was a little bit too much time spent on Nathaniel and Owen *gag* and there were some unanswered questions surrounding the paranormal aspects of the story. But for me, it was more about the LURVE. I don't really care how it happened, just that they're together with a big, fat HEA bow.


***This too is spoilerish***

It is spoilerish because when I started reading I had no clue who was going to steal Nathaniel's heart, but it's pretty obvious from my review who does!

So I started my devouration (I know, I know but making up new words is cool) of Christmas stories in November this year. I usually try and wait until December but... have you seen the selection available? Christmas Spirit by Indra Vaughn was one of the first I read and I loved it.

It had everything that I love about Christmas stories... which is basically a cuter than cute, sweet as sweet romance. Plus snow. Nathaniel was a great character... but it was Gabriel who stole my heart. I loved his ghostly self. I loved his mischievous interfering even more!

Owen was an arse, but Gabriel soon sorted that out! I loved Gabriel's back story and that Nathaniel wanted to find out out about his ghost's life. It really is just the kind of gooey yummy warm the cockles of your heart read that I love at this time of year. Perfect.

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Review: Ironbound Kisses by Jessica Walsh

Don’t talk to him. For all intents and purposes, he doesn’t exist.

Thomas knows the rules when he takes a job with the circus, but he can’t stop thinking about the strange young man hidden away in the manager’s trailer. After a chance meeting with Isle, Thomas is even more intrigued, despite Isle’s warnings. As his obsession with Isle grows, Thomas vows to solve the mystery surrounding him and rescue him from his prison. But nothing is what it seems—especially not Isle—and Thomas is left unable to trust his own mind. Amidst the sparkles and illusions of the big top, Thomas can’t tell whether the spell he’s falling under is love… or something very different. He just knows he has to have Isle, and he’ll do things he never imagined himself capable of to get him.

I love, love, love fairy tales. Not the “pointless princess being rescued by pointless Prince Charming ending with a traditional pointless HEA” kind. No, I like the ones that are darker, deeper, where the lines between good and evil are blurred and the HEA is hard won and a little compromised. That’s how Ironbound Kisses read for me.

Ironbound Kisses is in a modern setting but the story’s feel could have easily been set in a fantasy world making it read timeless without ever being out of place. That could easily be attributed to the MC Thomas. I really don’t have the words to describe how much I liked and respected his character. He’s got a quiet and unassuming strength that was so natural for him the author didn’t ever have to tell me what he was like. I was shown his personality in his thoughts and action, it was very well done.

Thomas is a bit of a gypsy completely by choice. He’s got a decent relationship with his family, can go home anytime, but has no interest in a 9-5 life. He’s good with living like a nomad and it fit his personality well. I liked that he didn’t have a ridiculous amount of trauma and angst in his past that forced him to live how he did, he just plain liked it. He makes his way to a traveling circus and gets hired on as part of the ring crew. The Manager (he’s only referred to in this way through most of the book, names play a HUGE part in the power plays throughout) sees something unique in Thomas but it’s not something defined as of yet, but Thomas does have a way with the animals in the show that piques the manager’s interest but is completely natural with Thomas’s personality.

Life in the circus works for Thomas well. And, before I go on I have to say, I HATE circuses. I hate clowns, animals for entertainment, and clowns. Yes, I said clowns twice. So, in my head they always have a dark cloud of foreboding over them and I absolutely love them as a setting for anything scary. Think American Horror Story Freak Show. Love it. Now, this story is nothing like that, but it does have that sense of grittiness and mystery to it. Not everything is as it seems, but it’s a subtle feel that makes it all the better.

Anywho, there is a mysterious and beautiful young man that lives in the Manager’s trailer and Thomas is warned never to speak to him or of him. Anyone who has in the past has disappeared. No one knows what happened to them, some laugh it off, while others are dead serious. Well, you can’t tell a person as wise and altruistic as Thomas not to question why the young man is kept captive and not question the “why”. Thomas pushes his way in subtly and chance circumstances throw him together with the young man.

This is where things could turn hardcore spoiler-y and I don’t want to do that. You need to work your way through the story like I did. So, I’m going to try and describe how I felt reading the story while being vague on the specifics. Questions did get answered and Thomas’s curiosity was quelled, but the story was far from over and the overall sense of foreboding carried on beneath the surface of the temporary happy. And it wasn’t just the sense that someone or something was coming for Thomas and the young man, but that their relationship wasn’t quite right yet. As much as I wanted it to be, the supernatural element of things would have made an HEA at this point a bit of a lie. Was it true love the two men felt or were supernatural shenanigans at play?

This is the point where “the shit went down” and I loved what the author did in Thomas’s head. This is where he went from being a good guy to a wise man. As said shit went down I really didn’t know where he was going to go with his actions. Was he going to give in to his heart or his head? Or was there going to be something else altogether? Once you get to the “shit goes down” part of the book, don’t plan on putting it down. Up to that point the story was more quiet and full of subtle discovery.

The steam level is relatively low but the steam that is there works perfectly for the characters and pace of the story. Anything more would have read false and detracted from the overall story. This is an instance where the subtle works and being shown instead of told worked out perfectly. Jessica Walsh writes my kind of paranormal and I look forward to reading more of her words.

For more info on Ironbound Kisses, check it out on Goodreads.
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Review: Negotiating Love (Sin City Uniforms #5) by Morticia Knight

Can the kinky billionaire owner of Dark Fantasy Resort Casino capture the heart of a muscled SWAT officer with a secret fetish?

SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, Steve, wonders why he can’t stay away from the spoiled rich Allistair, owner of Dark Fantasy Resort Casino. They have mutual kinks - ones Steve can’t find with other lovers—but there’s something else about the emotionally detached, beautiful man that calls to him.

Billionaire Allistair stays alone in his luxury penthouse apartment at the top of Dark Fantasy, terrified of the real world and of opening himself up to genuine emotions. He takes lover after lover, all of them allowing him to do whatever he wants to their bodies, in the hopes that they can scam something from him.

One night is all he ever shares with a plaything—he knows they only want the money and luxury he can offer them and nothing more. But the down to earth Steve is different. They share the same kinks and are explosive when together. But could the muscled law officer ever want more than the lust-filled encounters that have become such an addiction?

As they grow closer, they discover they also have to find a balance between Steve’s everyday world and Allistair’s entitled world before they can truly find an ever after. They also have to make sure Allistair stays safe. Filthy rich playboys are too tempting to those who seek the ultimate payday—and who aren’t afraid of hurting someone to get it.


When the story starts Steve and Allister had been enjoying each other's company for some time. They shared some kinks and were sexually compatible. But Allister was your typical commitment-phobe and kept his guys at an arms length. Allister decided that he'd had enough of that and wanted Steve for keeps.  

Being the fifth book in the series, we'd met Steve previously. I'd liked him then and I continued to enjoy his character in his book. He's a relatable kinda guy, with a couple of delicious kinks he only shares with some. Allister is one of the few that had the pleasure of enjoying the sexy lace he likes to wear under his sexy uniform. 

Allister was a casino owner that comes off as a bit cold at first, but he's a big softie under that businessman exterior. He was used to people using him for his money so he had a hard time opening up and trusting people.

Since Steve was a big guy and -what was assumed- an "alpha" kind of guy, there were a lot of misunderstandings about Steve from his previous boyfriends and hookups. All the bottoms out there were barking up the wrong tree. Big SWAT guy is a big bottom and Allister pushed all the right buttons for him. He needed someone to make him let go of the stress of the job and that's exactly what Allister helped him to do.

They were hot together and had chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Allister swept him away for quality time together. Even though they already had somewhat of a relationship before the book started, they didn't really know each other. They took that time and it was sweet.

The suspense portion was not as prevalent in this book compared to others in the series, which is fine with me. The story focused more on the romance and that how I usually prefer romantic suspense.

You won't see me rushing out for the next book in the series, but Negotiating Love is a good choice for something light and easy, with a bit of kink. 

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: King John (The Lost and Founds, #4) by Edmond Manning

English attorney Alistair Robertson can’t quite believe an astonishing tale of kingship and transformation he hears at Burning Man, the annual counter-culture art festival in the Black Rock desert. Who are the Found Kings? Is “being kinged” as magical as it sounds?

Determined to find the mysterious garage mechanic named Vin who helps men “remember who they were always meant to be,” Alistair catches his quarry amid the extravagant sculptures, fire worshipers, mutant cars, and lavish costumes. After searching for three years, he’ll finally get to ask the question burning inside him: “Will you king me?”

Wandering together through the desert, Vin Vanbly and Alistair explore Burning Man’s gifting culture and exotic traditions, where they meet the best and worst of their fellow burners. Alistair’s overconfidence in Vin’s manipulative power collides with Vin’s obsessive need to save a sixteen-year-old runaway from a nightmarish fate, and the two men spiral into uncontrollable, explosive directions.

In this fourth adventure of The Lost and Founds, beneath the sweltering summer sun and the six billion midnight stars, one truth emerges, searing itself on their hearts: in the desert, everything burns.

I've only read book one and four in this series and I absolutely need to remedy that. This book is brilliant. BRILLIANT. Edmond Manning writes prose to make my heart sing. The escapism of his stories is so complete that I find myself wandering lost beside his characters.

Vin Vanbly is back. Back with his unique take on humanity and people and living. This time though it is not him who has chosen the person to be Kinged, rather the person has sought him out. Alistair wants to be Kinged. He's spoken with other Kings and knows a little of the gift Vin gives them; the ability to recognise their true self; the ability to face fear - and he wants in. Vin's utter gift for reading people means he is unsure if Alistair has what it takes to be Kinged. He's hiding too much; from himself and from Vin.

Set against the background of the Burning Man event, Vin and Alistair start this journey. I loved the setting of the tale. This mass meeting in the desert where people can be the them they feel inside. The person they long to be when society isn't forcing them inside the boxes it loves so much. The traditions of the event, plus the beautiful descriptions of people and their interactions is stunning.

I think of this story as colour. It is bright and vivid and orange and red and yellow. Not in an autumn way but in a lively vibrant summer way. Deep blues and sharp light. Noise and smell and festival. When I think of this story, this is the impression I am left with. It's as clear to me as if a painter had painted the scene of the Burning Man in front of me. Something that vivid is as much a character in the story as the characters are.

And I love the characters. Especially Vin. Edmond Manning teases and tempts with what seem to real insights into the main character of the stories, yet really Vin is an enigma. An enigma I want to solve. I want to know him, everything about him.

We were talking at work the other day about magicians. Not the kind in fantasy novels, but the kind that do shows or tabletop magic. The kind you know is done by sleight of hand and trickery. Well I hate watching them, unless the tricks are explained to me. (Vin and I would NOT get on!!) I want to know how things are done as much as why things are done, and this is how I feel about Vin. It's like Manning has written around him, he seems solid but when it comes to it he's just a puff of smoke; a magic trick. AND I NEED TO KNOW ALL THE THINGS. All the things about Vin.

I devoured the story (and book one) gleaning information about this MC like my life depended on it. And it wasn't - isn't - enough. Except, truly, the author has done his job. He has me well and truly hooked. The story is a complete. We find out about Alistair and King John and the story arc is solid and true, there's no cliff hanger ending... but I still need more.

So I'll wait for the next book. I'm lucky, I have books two and three to keep me from being starved of Vin. I'm still waiting for another story because as well as wanting to know the ins and outs of Vin's arse (figuratively) I also want him to get an HEA. I want him to receive what he so generously bestows on others.

I want. I want. I want. I know... but I do!

If you've not read this series... well you need to. It's fabulous.

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Wish Come True Anthology

Proceeds will be donated to Lost-N-Found Youth , an Atlanta-based nonprofit corporation whose mission is to take homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths to age 26 off the street and transition them into more permanent housing.

It's a five hearts read all in all, I'll give my individual story ratings below and a general review of the anthology - let's face it, with this author line-up it was inevitably going to be a fab read! Including *squee* three of my absolute favourite authors, Suki Fleet, Kaje Harper and Anyta Sunday,

A Very English Christmas by Keira Andrews - five hearts
For anyone who read and love Isaac and David from Keira's Amish series, this is a must read. Their first English Christmas and the author nails it on the sweet romance stakes. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. A fabulous start to the anthology that gets you right in the feels!

Mr Perfect's Christmas by Joanna Chambers - four and a half hearts
Sam is trying to fit into Nick's shoes, and from where he's standing they're pretty big shoes to fill. Sometimes though, if you just look at things from a different angle they can be quite different. I really enjoyed this story of love being found where you last expect to find it.

The Christmas Ship by Amy Jo Cousins - three and three quarter hearts
Beware of the internet! A cute little story of twink meet jock. Best buddies online but when they meet in real life one of them is in for a big surprise. Or is he? Does he know more than he's letting on? I enjoyed this story, it had all the right ingredients for a cute Christmas tale.

That Thing by Megan Erickson - four and a half hearts
When your twin sister is a wedding planner who needs an assistant it's really hard to say no. So Devin doesn't, and when he meets the best man he's really pleased he didn't. The flirtation between Devin and Adrian is ho,t and although we pretty much can guess how the will they/won't they will go it plays out really nicely and left me grinning.

Just Like Heaven by Suki Fleet - five hearts
If I was forced to choose one favourite story from this anthology, it would be this one. By a whisper. Something about Suki Fleet's writing gets me every time. I love her characters and David and Jess are no exception. The gritty reality that is Jess's life collides with David and there starts a story of hope and love that is perfect for Christmas. I adored it.

Not Your Grandfather's Magic by Kaje Harper - five hearts
This is another strong contender for favourite story. Like Suki, Kaje writes wonderful characters; characters I can't help but fall in love with. And it's not just the main characters of Zeb and Matt, but the wonderfully quirky secondary characters that I want more of. I wasn't sure how this story was going to go if I'm honest - but I love the direction it took. Matt stole my heart, every accident prone inch of him, and it was a great story.

Bottle Boys by Anyta Sunday - five stars
I knew this anthology was for Christmas, and really it made my Christmas. My three favourite authors with stories in a row. Anyta Sunday is a wonderful and unique writer. I adore her characters (again!!) and the way she seamlessly pens a storyline. EAsy to read and without fail full of UST, this story was the perfect way to end this anthology.

I cannot recommend this anthology enough, a line up of excellent authors, Christmas stories and the proceeds go to Lost N Found. It's win, win, win.

Question – What's your favorite holiday-themed movie?

Keira Andrews - So hard to choose just one! There are certain movies I watch every Christmas, including While You Were Sleeping, Bridget Jones's Diary, Elf, and Die Hard.

Joanna Chambers - No contest: It's a Wonderful Life. A huge treat last year was watching it all the way through with my older son for the first time. He loved it and got it 100%. My younger one was a bit bored and kept wandering off, but he was really upset when the old pharmacist gets mocked in the bar in the alternate future.

Amy Jo Cousins - Ahhh! I have a dozen! We watch It's a Wonderful Life and The Muppets Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve at my mom's place. Then I go home and wrap presents until the wee hours of the morning because I am a terrible procrastinator. Midnight present-wrapping requires both wine and Love, Actually on the DVD player (yes, I know, it's a terrible movie with terrible plots and characters, but I can't help it! I love it). In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I also make sure to fit in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Boris Karloff narrating the animated version, not Jim Carrey, please), Miracle on 34th Street, and Christmas in Connecticut. That last one, with Barbara Stanwyck, is one of my favorite movies ever. She's so glamorous and everything about the movie is so funny. *sighs* I love it.

Megan Erickson - Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

Suki Fleet - Die Hard or Gremlins.

Kaje Harper - I'm not a movie person although It's a Wonderful Life is a classic. I love books, though. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Gift of the Magi and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and many more.

Anyta Sunday - Romantic, touching, and funny, my favorite holiday-themed movie is Love Actually. I love the cue card To Me You Are Perfect scene. Melts my heart every time.

Kanaxa (cover artist) – Love, Actually. I rage at Alan Rickman for the gift scene with Emma Thompson. Every. Single. Time.

Lenore DiTrani (editor) - I might not care for Christmas music but I love Christmas-themed films! Let's see, some of my favourites. Bad Santa by Terry Zwigoff (I love Billy Bob Thornton!), Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, Millions by Danny Boyle, Eastern Promises by David Cronenberg, Love, Actually by Richard Curtis, Trading Places by John Landis….But I think my all-time favourite is Monty Python's Life of Brian. What do you mean it's not a holiday-themed film. Of course it is!


First love. Young love. Holiday love...

Wish Come True is a collection of contemporary, new adult, holiday short stories by some of our favorite authors!

A Very English Christmas by Keira Andrews
Isaac and David have created a new life together outside the Amish world. Living “English,” they’ve left behind the rigid, isolated community where they discovered their forbidden love. Staying with Isaac’s older brother in San Francisco, they yearn for a home—and bed—of their very own. As they experience the bright lights and merry carols of modern Christmas for the first time, can they make their holiday wishes come true?

Mr Perfect's Christmas by Joanna Chambers
Sam Warren’s new job hasn’t been going so well so the last thing he’s in the mood for is the obligatory office Christmas party, particularly since Nick Foster’s going to be there. Nick–the guy whose shoes Sam has been trying to fill–seems to take very opportunity to point out where Sam’s going wrong. But when Sam receives an unexpected Secret Santa gift at the party, he’s forced to question his assumptions about his rival. Could it be that he’s been misinterpreting Nick’s actions all along? And is it possible that his reluctant attraction to Nick is reciprocated?

The Christmas Ship by Amy Jo Cousins
When a twink who's finally ready to grow up accidentally catfishes a college football player headed to the NFL, it's going to take a lot of honesty and all the faith they can muster in their own One True Pairing to set this Christmas ship sailing.

That Thing by Megan Erickson
Helping his wedding planner sister work an event is not Devin Master’s idea of what he wants to do on his winter break from college. But saying no to his sister isn’t in his wheelhouse, which is why he finds himself embedded in a drama-filled wedding. His first task? Babysit the “troublesome” best man.

Adrian Alvarez wants to do just about anything on New Year’s Eve except attending his best friend’s wedding. Ever since Adrian came out, he’s been shunned in his hometown. By everyone but his best friend, Tony. Which is why he finds himself trudging through the airport to fulfill his best man duties. He doesn’t expect to find out his ride to the hotel is a hot blond with a cocky grin.

Devin can’t get involved with a member of the wedding party, or his sister will kill him, and Adrian just wants to lay low and not draw attention to himself. But neither can resist the chemistry between them and they have to decide if they are willing to ignite or let their attraction fizzle out.

Just Like Heaven by Suki Fleet
One rainy night in December, David helps a busker with pretty eyes get his stolen money back. He doesn’t imagine the strong attraction he feels is mutual. But after overcoming his shyness, David discovers Jess is definitely interested.

Jess just isn’t interested in anything but a one night stand. Or maybe two. Falling for David is definitely not part of his plan. But when David gets trapped in a snowstorm the night before Christmas Eve, Jess realises a night or two is never going to be enough.

Not Your Grandfather's Magic by Kaje Harper
A month away from Zeb Crowe’s twenty-first birthday — just a month before the ceremony that will awaken his psychic heritage — Zeb’s grandfather predicts cryptically, “Hold your mind and heart ready, and something good will come to you.” Shortly afterward, Zeb meets Matt, a smart, gawky, unexpectedly appealing guy who might warm the lonely corners of his heart. But is Matt really the “something good” his grandfather predicted? And is it fair to get close to him, when very soon Zeb’s whole life will change? If Zeb’s dad wasn’t missing, or his grandfather wasn’t such an enigmatic old bastard, his path to love, or power, would be so much clearer.

Bottle Boys by Anyta Sunday
Benjamin Otto is a bottle of liquid luck. Good looks. Good brain. Whatever the challenge: good odds. Except, what happens when those odds change?

Dad’s had enough bankrolling Ben and requests him to get a job. The challenge: make enough money to finance Christmas or face telling his little brother the holidays are dead.

Then there’s Sebastian. The guy from his politics class who is always coming in second after him. The guy who steals Ben’s idea to collect bottles for quick cash. The guy who makes Ben wonder if any amount of luck will be enough to win him what he really wants…

Edited by Lenore DiTrani
Cover by KaNaXa

Proceeds will be donated to Lost-N-Found Youth , an Atlanta-based nonprofit corporation whose mission is to take homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths to age 26 off the street and transition them into more permanent housing.

Title: Wish Come True
Authors: Keira Andrews, Joanna Chambers, Amy Jo Cousins, Megan Erickson, Suki Fleet, Kaje Harper, Anyta Sunday
Genre: Holiday, New Adult, Contemporary
Length: approx. 100k words
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Buy Links: Here are the buy links:
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Ebook copies from each of the participating authors’ backslists (7 in total) AND a $50 All Romance Ebooks gift certificate!

Review: All Man by Jay Northcote

"You’re the sleek little sports car to my Land Rover.”

From the moment Gareth walks through the door of the salon to fit some new sinks, Jules can’t take his eyes off him. Jules has always been attracted to men who are his polar opposite, so burly Gareth is Jules’s fantasy man.

At the weekend, Jules gets into a tough situation with another bloke in a gay club and Gareth comes to his aid. Gareth rejects Jules’s subsequent advances but leaves him with the hope that his attraction isn’t completely one-sided. Fantasy could become reality.

With Gareth’s work at the salon nearly done, he’ll soon disappear from Jules’s life for good. Time is running out. Jules needs to prove to Gareth that he’s tougher than he looks and that his feelings run deeper than gratitude.

This story is a spin off to Top Me Maybe? where Jules appears as a minor character. Both stories are standalones and don’t need to be read in order.

So, there’s a bear in this here story huh?

Well, since that’s basically my siren’s song I was all over this one. My favorite thing about this one is how much Jules gets it. Why are the bear types so damn sexy? His musings about Gareth were perfect and I really appreciated how much the opposites-attract thing worked. Neither one of them understood their own appeal but completely saw it in one another. It made them so charming together, reading their smitten exchanges was swoony and summed up their attraction with the perfect balance of showing and just enough telling.

My only real niggle with this one was using assault as a plot point. To me the story was a little too short to take on a heavy topic like this. Jules wasn’t flippant about what happened but his casual attitude about drugs and hookups didn’t seem like a match for Gareth. But, then Gareth didn’t seem too bothered but I kind of wanted him to be. I think it was just me wanting the best for both of them and being a little Pollyanna about it all. I think if this were a novel where the whole thing could have been explored fully it would have worked better for me.

I hadn’t read Top Me Maybe? first, but I can tell you I bought it right after I finished this one and devoured that little gem in one squirmy sitting. Overall these are charming characters and I love Jay Northcote’s writing. The flow was a bit of a miss for me as I said, but Gareth made up for it in spades.

For more info on All Man, check it out over on Goodreads.

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Review: Forbidden Waters (Mermen & Magic, #1) by L.M. Brown

For the dying race of mer people homosexual relationships are forbidden. When Kyle falls for Prince Finn he knows he is navigating forbidden waters.

To save his clan from the ever-increasing shark attacks, merman Kyle seeks sanctuary for his people in the sunken city of Atlantis, even though he knows that as a homosexual merman he will be sacrificing his own chance for love. Love finds him anyway in the form of Prince Finn, the rebellious young heir to the Atlantean throne.

When their relationship is discovered Kyle is the one to pay the price. Banished from the oceans he seeks shelter in England and finds a new love with human, Jake Seabrook.

For Jake, Kyle is the chance to move on from the crush he has on his straight best friend. The strange man he found naked on the beach seems to fit into his life with ease. If only Kyle weren’t keeping secrets from him, Jake could see them having a future together.

Things are not what they seem for either of the men and when Kyle discovers the truth about Finn he knows he must return to Atlantis.

Three men, a tangled relationship, and one chance for happiness, if they can trust enough to take it.

Well hello L.M. Brown! What a fabulous world and series you've created with Mermen & Magic!

This isn't my first time reading this author, most certainly will not be my last! Forbidden Waters had so much to hold my attention - mythology suspense, Atlantis(!), a love triangle, twists and turns, humor, magic and of course mermen! It was great!

You know what it reminded me of? Early Sherrilyn Kenyon back when her series wasn't super stretched out. (I'm sorry Kenyon fans - I've been there but until Savitar's book comes out, I'm not going back there.) Kenyon had hot characters, great back story and plot mixed in with world building and light snark.  L.M. Brown does this but she went to the ocean with her series and travels to England know gay mermen. Plus, subplots that actually make sense. I recently got burned by a urban fantasy book that was dragged out for no reason. Not the case, in Forbidden Waters.

Kyle is the sudden leader apparent of his nomadic merfolk clan. He is openly gay but can only seek sanctuary in the homophobic Atlantis. He has to hide who he is but that proves to be hard for the happy bottom when he catches Prince Finn's eye. The two can't deny their passion and don't try to hide or fight it. But the author makes merman anatomy cool with heats and only being able to have sex in human form. This factors into some other twists and turns. Kyle and Finn fall for one another but this is a menage book, so things are put on ice on the mermen/merman love front.

As the blurb states, Kyle is banished from Atlantis and ends up in England where he meets human, Jake Seabrook. They both have wounds to heal and they comfort each other. And while this story does have sex and hot moments, the world building, is key to moving the plot along.

How the three men come together is pretty cool. And I expected it to be a sweet little HEA once they all agreed together but nope. There are gods and goddesses and so much more! You know my mythology geek self was all over this! Plus, I really enjoyed the way the author broke down each section of the book.

And get this...the triad, Jake, Finn and Kyle, they do this newfangled invention where they open their mouths and not just put penises inside. They SPOKE to one another. They actually talked before making decisions. And if they made a mistake, well by golly, they discussed that too and learned from it. WTF?! A relationship is hard work with just two people, three or more can be chaos but when all hands are on deck (horrible water pun I know), it can be work. And this throuple definitely are putting in the work.

Now this story does have a few minor hiccups (spoilerish):

- The virgin is penetratively deflowered off page. WTF?! That's the money shot!! No, no, no! Don't tease me in such a way. I wanted to read that scene and savor.
- Kyle/Finn - their side of the triangle - I think there should been another scene with just the two of them after all three men met each other. Something to maybe to not make it seem like it was Jake/Kyle more.
- The trident power thing? What's up with that? It kind of fell off after Atlantis use. There seemed to be something there. Is it tied to the throuple?
- Two out of the three visits Medina. Why not a scene with each man? The last 15-20% got a little rushed comparing to the rest of the novel.

Despite my minor issues, I can only really knock off 1/2 a heart from my entire rating. It was that good for me. The story really kicks ass. Major ass. So much so, I'm all over the next in the series. I have so many things I want for the next book. The biggest being: CASPIAN. Please, please, tell me he's getting a book. I don't even know anything about him. I have a theory about the sort of crass, sort of tight lipped, snarky...magical man but...I'm not telling.

Loved this book. Wished I read this earlier but so happy I came upon this now. Because I'm all over this mermen/mythology tale!

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