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Title:  What It Seems
Author: Sydney Blackburn
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: May 21, 2018
Heat Level: 1 - No Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 19,700
Genre: Contemporary, ace, bisexual, romance, self-discovery

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Michael’s straight and infatuated with a woman he worked with one day, over a year ago. But when he finally sees her again, he’s astounded that the woman of his dreams is a man in drag.

Darcy is ace and not interested in dating anyone, so he and Michael just hang out. A lot. When he needs to do an on-screen kissing scene, Michael is the best person to ask for help.

Michael soon discovers he isn’t as straight as he thought he was, and Darcy likes kissing him a little too much for someone certain he never would. Those are a lot of changes to accept, but they just might be worth it.


What It Seems
Sydney Blackburn © 2018
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One
Michael Eden did not believe in love at first sight—it was a completely ridiculous notion. First came attraction, or lust if one was to be blunt about it, then a discovery of shared interests and a passion for discussing opposite interests. And from that, an intimate history of shared experiences. There was a science to it, right down to the feeling. And that was cool; it was still a wonderful, magical thing, but it didn’t just happen instantly.

He believed that right up until the day he found himself on the closed set for a music video, dancing a complex choreography around the love of his life. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen—she was slim to the point of being flat-chested, and her jaw was a little too square. But she had long dark-brown hair that hung in heavy waves around her shoulders, sexy legs, and her eyes, dear god, her eyes. Big and cinnamon brown, surrounded by long dark lashes. One look in those eyes and Michael Eden had lost his heart forever.

When filming ended, though, he couldn’t find her. All he knew was her first name. Darcy.

Over a year later, without ever finding her again, he still dreamed about her regularly. Dreamed of her eyes closing as her lips pressed to his, of her slender body against his. Dreamed her breasts barely apples in his hands, tiny, with perfect, rosy nipples. Sometimes his dreams were explicit enough to wake up covered in spunk, which was worse when he’d spent the night with a woman as much like his beloved Darcy as he’d been able to find.

They never satisfied him, not really, and he’d stopped picking up women for what was basically masturbation. Oh, he tried to make sure they got off, too, not because he wanted to please them so much as he felt guilty for pretending they were someone else. It wasn’t worth it.

His current gig was a production of Bite Me! at the Mermaid Theatre. He was assistant choreographer in addition to leading the chorus dancers, and while it wasn’t headline fame, it was satisfying. In fact, if he could just forget Darcy, his life would be close to perfect.

He shook his head briefly as he pedalled his bike home from the theatre. Maybe he should seek professional help. He grimaced, hating the very idea of a psychiatrist.

His phone chose that moment to chime. He knew it was Dave by the ringtone, and that it was a text by the vibration. Nothing he had to stop and answer.

He was sweating by the time he locked his bike into the sheltered rack behind his building and climbed the back stairs. It was a small three-story walk-up, built in the early fifties. His apartment still had a milk door outside the kitchen, although it had been long since blocked off and screwed shut. He couldn’t imagine someone carting crates of milk bottles up those stairs every morning to deliver to the apartments.

He flipped the air conditioner switch to suck out the July heat, put a pot of water on to boil for his mac and cheese, and took a quick shower before checking Dave’s text—it just read: Call me when u get a chance.

Michael finished his supper, supplementing the boxed meal with a small plastic clamshell of blackberries. His laptop was playing tunes in the background, and he left it on as he called Dave.


“Michael! Hey, listen I need a favour.”

“Anything, buddy.”

“They’re going to be fumigating my place, so we all need to bug out for a couple of days. I was wondering if I could stay with you?”

Michael had a tiny one-bedroom apartment, and he knew he was lucky to be able to afford it. Most guys he knew had roommates or lived in apartments so small their kitchen was their bedroom. Dave could crash on his couch or sleep in his bed. Dave was gay and he was straight, but they’d been friends forever, and sleeping in the same bed was no big deal.

He and Dave had swapped hand jobs on occasion and once, while drunk, blowjobs. Dave had told Michael he was bisexual. Michael didn’t feel bisexual, though—more like an open-minded straight guy. Jerking another guy to relieve some horniness wasn’t the same as thinking guys were hot or wanting to date one.

“It’s not like we have sex,” he’d protested.

“Bro, even if your definition of sex is limited to dicks going into another person’s bodily orifice, blowjobs count.”

Michael had rolled his eyes and shook his head. “One time. It was one time. And alcohol was involved.”

“River in Egypt.”

He and Dave could sleep in the same bed with nothing remotely sexual too. They were friends, and once in a rare while, they shared special benefits and that was it.

Now he said, “How many days?”

“Two, three at the most. I guess ants are almost as hard to kill as roaches. That a problem? You finally got a real girlfriend?”

Michael laughed. “Nah. Still waiting to find the woman of my dreams.” He took a split second to think about it and said, “Of course you can stay.”


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Meet the Author

Sydney Blackburn is a binary star system. Always a voracious reader, she began to write when she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read. She likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach… Oh wait, wrong profile. She’s a snarky introvert and admits to having a past full of casual sex and dubious hookups, which she uses for her stories.

She likes word play and puns and science-y things. And green curry.

Her dislikes include talking on the phone, people trying to talk to her before she’s had coffee, and filling out the “about me” fields in social media.

Besides writing, she also designs book covers for poor people.

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Review: A Little Side of Geek (Geek Life #1) by Marguerite Labbe

When opposite worlds collide, it’s anyone’s game.

Proud geek and comic book artist Morris Proctor wants nothing more than to live in semiseclusion with his devil cat and gamer friends. Despite what his well-meaning family thinks, he’s perfectly content with his status quo. The last thing he needs is to date another nongeek hell-bent on changing him.

Then he meets his adorkable new neighbor, Theo Boarman, who doesn’t know Star Trek from Star Wars, but who tempts him like no other.

Theo has spent the last year recovering from the loss of his parents and trying to play both roles for his teenage brother, while working to keep the family restaurant afloat. Dating is the last thing on the menu, especially with a man who thinks the height of dining is shoving a packaged meal into the microwave.

But if Morris gives him one more shy smile or flaunts that kilt he wears so well, Theo will be forced to convince him that a hot summer fling is just the recipe to let off a little steam.

When that fling gets serious fast, Morris has to decide if he’s willing to give his heart to Theo on the chance that they’re a perfect mix.

I think I’ve found my next series love with this book. Interesting and engaging characters. Clean and tidy writing style. Focused emotional damage that is pinpointed at the start and not added to later for drama points. Low angst, and adult reactions. Loved it.

Theo is all in with this fling he’s having with his neighbour, and is trying to finagle his way under Morris’ defences to get a forever man out of the deal. He’s using his charm and culinary expertise to win over Morris, even though Morris is heavily resistant.

Morris is happy with his life the way it is, and he will not allow another non-geek to try and change his profession or love for pop culture. He is enjoying his time with Theo but knows the other shoe will drop and their summer fling will fizzle out. Commitment is not in the cards for him, but being in the present and spending time with Theo when their schedules allow is giving him what he needs.

Theo really is true to Morris’ description. Adorable, sweet, and charming. He also knew how to subtly be mischievous without malice or hurting the object of his desire. I can tell you, I hate pranks, I hide when April 1 rolls around and feel sick when I see prank videos. I am deeply traumatised by being made fun of in school, and watching it happen to others, so I am extremely sensitive to jokes at other people’s expense. There was none of that in this story, but there was a sweet ribbing that allowed Morris and Theo to get to know each other on a deeper level through good natured joking and subtle mischief. I really appreciated the author’s talent for sliding it in there. It kept me reading and enjoying their warm natured personalities and support of each other. Whether they continued their relationship or ended it at some point, they were always warm and would remain friends. This is apparent in their every action with each other and the people around them.

The other characters in this book were equally enjoyable. There are a couple of POV shifts which I can only assume will set the plot for their stories. I can’t wait. I want them now! All of the supporting characters are developed enough to feel real. I am actually anxious to get my grabby hands on the next books.

While there are two points in the story where the POV shifts to supporting characters, this is not jarring, and works in well with the story. Otherwise this is from dual POV between Morris and Theo. Their encounters are beautiful and each chapter provides growth and an opportunity to learn more about them. They were a pleasure to read, and I can see myself re-reading this often while I wait for Book #2.

If you love pop culture and food, this is the story for you. An opposites attract, interracial couple with a HFN surrounded by supportive family and friends. Highly recommended.

Review: The Devil's Cum in His Eye (A Cox Club Story #1) by James Cox

Cop by day, erotic writer by night, stripper on the weekends and Tomkin Coburn just found a dead body in his bedroom. But which occupation lead to murder?

Coburn has his teenage son in tow and a detective that seems to be interested in his butt as well as his innocence. He’ll do anything to protect his kid and the intense feelings he has for Detective Luke Early. The evidence quickly mounts up against Coburn, murder weapon, body fluids and oh yeah, no one in the world seems to know who the dead guy is.

Together, Coburn and Luke find themselves in the path of a killer but can they unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve read a story by James Cox and I’ve missed his words terribly. The Devil’s Cum in His Eye was a great story to get me back into bed with the Cox and I had a great time. His stories never fail to entertain and they’re a great weekend read, a treat you deserve at the end of a week full of reality’s BS.

The Devil’s Cum in His Eye is the story of two cops who are thrown together in a slightly less than meet-cute manner. Coburn has woken up next to a dead very casual acquaintance-with-benefits and Luke is the detective who shows up on the scene. It’s Luke’s case and the two of them shouldn’t spend time together, but there is no fun in that and the two of them are ridiculously attracted to one another sooo, they break all the rules while working to prove Coburn’s innocence in the slaying of the BJ buddy.

Coburn also has a teenage son who is his whole life. Their backstory gives the necessary depth to their relationship and I liked the family aspect the author put in this story. It fit for all the MC’s and I would love to read more about them and actually would have loved for this story to be twice as long. They would be my only niggle. The story had a lot to work with and while nothing is left out and all the questions were answered, I would have just loved more of all of it. The interactions between all the characters, not just the MC’s, were great. I loved Jake’s partner, and would have liked to meet Tom’s girlfriend, not to mention just more of the MC’s together in general. There were great dynamics here and I want more.

One of the things I really appreciate in Cox stories is the relative lack of angst between the two MC’s once the attraction gets acknowledged. Not that they may not have outside influences that affect the “getting together” timeframe, but they are always honest about their feelings and ask for what they want. It’s really refreshing and one of the reasons I’m such a fan. Sure, the MC’s are generally horny as hell, I’ve got no problem with that, but they have no problem admitting they want more and go for it. I love it. I get more time with the MC’s together and they always seem more fully fleshed out to me.

The mystery is solved, but not without loss and this is an example where I wanted more of all the characters involved. It was heartbreaking and I loved how they were all so supportive of one another. I just wasn’t ready to let it all go.

I’m hoping for more in the series soon. I’m heading to Evernight now to get a copy of Lawless so I can read Mickey’s story (you meet him briefly in this one) and I’m ready to get back to the Cox Club world. Kudos to the author for naming the strip club after himself, I mean, why wouldn’t you? And also for the working so many keys to the investigation into the title. Loved it!

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

Release Blitz + Giveaway: A Cook's Tale (Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles #2) by J. Alan Veerkamp

J. Alan Veerkamp and IndiGo Marketing promote A Cook's Tale (Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles #2) release today! Learn more about the latest in the sci-fi series and enter in the $10 NineStar Press giveaway!

Title:  A Cook's Tale
Series: Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles, Book Two
Author: J. Alan Veerkamp
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: May 21, 2018
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male, Male/Male Menage
Length: 56,900
Genre: Science Fiction, gay, space, cooks, illness, hurt/comfort, age gap

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After a breakup, Erron Murfin finds himself broken, homeless, and destitute. The chance to become the Santa Claus's new cook is a beacon he can’t ignore.

The new position allows him to work under Gamin Rockwell, the man who helped raise him until he disappeared when Erron turned nineteen—well over a decade ago. While the two make up for lost time, Erron catches the eyes of many crewmen as well as James and Barrus, a married pair with real intentions who are determined to draw the cautious new arrival into their relationship.

Even as he stitches together his ability to see a future for himself, Gamin's history and personal issues begin to surface. Secrets bubble out in ways Erron can't ignore and he finds himself with a mystery he needs to solve.

Because there’s something about Gamin that goes far deeper than the fatherly role he once held in Erron’s life so long ago.


Erron looked down at the synthesized protein masquerading as eggs on his plate. How this diner justified serving this travesty was beyond him. Even the smell was wrong. It was nothing like the meal he had eaten during his interview yesterday. He picked at the unyielding rubber surface with his utensil and promptly set it down on the table. There was no way he was eating this. The triangle of toast was passable. At least they had real bread. It wasn’t helping to settle his stomach, though, because his nerves were so on edge.

This diner in the spaceport was close to the Santa Claus’s landing bay. It was really the only reason he had chosen it. It certainly wasn’t for the four-star cuisine. At least from his seat, the anti-grav pallet was visible, holding the crates with all his worldly possessions. Erron had packed as soon as he’d returned to his room the day before. When he’d realized he couldn’t sleep worth a damn, he had given up trying. Now he had time to burn before his appointment. He wasn’t sure if showing up too early was good or not. He didn’t want to seem too eager.

Captain Danverse had told him he’d meet with his security chief for his indoctrination. There was a ship tour, procedures to go over, and a work contract to sign. Two years off planet wasn’t really so long. From what he’d researched, most crew members extended their contracts multiple times, so the Santa Claus couldn’t be that bad. On the plus side, he’d be allowed to cook for others again. That might make up for most shortcomings. Erron was fairly confident he was doing the right thing. Fairly.

It wasn’t as if he had much choice. He needed the job. When the server brought the bill for his breakfast—rather than call it a travesty—he cringed when he pressed his finger to the DNA ID scanner. If there hadn’t been enough credits in his account, he would have been in trouble.

He didn’t know why he continued to sip at the bitter, burned coffee. It certainly wasn’t doing his stomach any favors. The diner was stocked with a fair number of customers. Apparently, being cheap overrode the food quality in this establishment. Erron mentally kicked himself. Being a food snob was one thing, but being an elitist ass was something else. These people probably hadn’t spent three months living in shitty hotels.

The patrons seemed mostly working class, enjoying their breakfasts. No doubt some were station regulars, who chatted with the servers and cook with a family-like familiarity. A warm camaraderie filled the place and that made Erron smaller somehow. What he wouldn’t give to belong somewhere. He’d lost that when Toby hadn’t even fought for him as he was fired and evicted.

It wasn’t fair. Erron thought he’d had everything: a loving partner, a job he excelled at, and a promising future. All of it scrubbed away without so much as an acknowledgement of regret on Toby’s part. A young man and woman walked into the diner and sat at the counter, holding hands the entire time. The ache in his chest twisted deeper. Fucking heteros.

The coffee had long since gone cold, but somehow it tasted better that way, so he waved off the server when she tried to refill the mug. Erron looked at the time glowing in amber numbers on the wall. An hour more, then he’d start his new life.

The door hissed open as an older woman in filthy, tattered clothes shuffled into the diner. The staff ignored her from the moment she stepped across the threshold. Perhaps they knew better than to engage her. Erron was about to follow their example when her gray stare suddenly bore down on him.

With a stern purpose, she strode over to his table. Erron startled when she clamped her dirty hand on his wrist. He pulled back slightly, but her grip was firmer than he expected.

“You’ve lost someone very close to you.” Her voice was raspy, and Erron couldn’t help but look into her glassy eyes.

“That’s a little vague.”

“You’re about to travel a great distance.” She continued to speak as if she was barely aware of his response.

Erron’s brow furrowed. “I am in a spaceport.”

“Someone will be on board that you thought you’d lost long ago.”

Surprise froze Erron in his seat. Gamin was on board. It had been years since they’d laid eyes on one another. Part of the gnawing at his gut was whether Gamin would be happy to see him or not. Erron had given up a long time ago asking his mother about what happened between them. She took the story to her grave. He loved his mother and missed her, but he’d never completely forgiven her for it either.

“You think you’ve lost the ability to love another, but you’ll find it on board once again.”

Words refused to form when Erron opened his mouth. A psi on this side of the galaxy? He’d never met one before. Para-humans were few and far between. What were the chances she was telling him his future? She stood silent as he pondered. It wasn’t so much that he believed her. Deep down, he just really wanted to.

“Do you see anything else?” Erron’s response was timid and quiet.

Her rough voice managed to coo. “Of course, child. It’ll cost you ten credits.”


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author

While spending years more focused on visual arts, J. Alan Veerkamp never let go of his innate passion for storytelling, wanting to write and draw comic books when he grew up. Once he discovered M/M fiction, a whole new world opened filled with possibilities. Why couldn’t you have fantastic and dynamic sexy tales with an M/M cast? He started reading the online tales of authors like, Night Tempest, Rob Colton, and Alicia Nordwell, which only fueled his need to create. Eventually he found, and with a little coercive nudge, started sharing his tales with an unexpected level of positive response. The experience and support gave him the courage to cross his fingers and aim for the world of M/M publishing.

Born and raised in Michigan, J. Alan continues to type away, wishing it was practical to use an noisy, old fashioned keyboard that clacks with each strike, if just to annoy his loving partner and spoiled miniature dachshund.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Review: God of Monsters (Bound Gods #8) by Adrienne Wilder

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Doxie, and at the same time, there is nothing more fragile. 

And when it breaks?

The shards cut deep, and the wound never heals. Just when you thought the betrayal couldn’t go any deeper, it reaches all the way to Purgatory.

Warning: The ending of this installment is HFN but abrupt. And this timeline will not pick up until Bound Gods 10 which is where all the storylines merge for the final apocalyptic battle for the survival of the Doxies.

Frankly I'm gobsmacked that a series I initially categorized as purely spank bank fodder has now progressed to the point where I'm mostly skimming the sex to get to the story. Well played, Adrienne Wilder. Well played. There's still a whole lot of sex, though-orgies, impact play, monster cocks, chastity/orgasm denial and spanking-for those playing along at home.

Things are still up in the air but this installment does at least end happilyish, though there is definitely a war coming and the horizon does look a wee bit bleak. Strap in, kids. Things will probably get worse before they get better. The details are murky at this point but I'm guessing someone has an ax to grind with Alton. Truth be told, I kind of want to donkey punch Alton myself. Periodically.

Granted, it's substantially less than I want to mummify Sonny in duct tape. Sonny is the reason I generally don't read YA. He's impulsive and reckless, selfish and immature and short sighted to the detriment of others, particularly Kaleb. I feel badly that he was hazed by his training godlings but that wasn't enough to redeem him. I struggled with his storyline throughout and am hoping he plays a lesser role in the future.

Overall, this plot continues to hold my interest. I want to know what the bad guy's endgame is and if the baddies in Purgatory are already joined or will join forces with The Tide people. Purgatory and how it's constructed holds a lot of interest for me too. Who or what's in the other levels and why does no one ever see them? Those could prove to be powerful allies to Taurus and Co. in this war.

My main criticism continues to be the scattershot focus of these books. I wish the Kaleb/Aaron/Leo/Chimera storyline was tighter so that I didn't have to wade through books primarily focused on characters I have little to no interest in to find out what happens to them. I also think this book could've used another edit because of the overabundance of interior decorating, most of which felt like filler, and sloppy proofing.

Recommend to fans of the series.

Trigger warning for suicidal ideations.

A review copy was provided.

Giveaway + Blog Tour: Nudging Fate (Enchanted Occasions #1) by E.J. Russell

Welcome E.J. Russell who is here today to talk about her new Dreamspun Beyond release, Nudging Fate! She's brought an exclusive excerpt as well as a giveaway so be sure to leave a comment to be entered. Good luck!

A big thank you to Boy Meets Boy for inviting me to stop by today as part of the Nudging Fate blog tour! Nudging Fate is my first full-length novel with Dreamspinner, and it’s another of my “paranormal romantic comedies.” To celebrate the release, at the end of the tour I’ll be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card and an ebook copy of Cutie and the Beast (another paranormal romantic comedy) to one lucky commenter.

In this exclusive excerpt, we meet Conall of Odstone, one of the co-heroes of Nudging Fate, who is not having a very good day.

Conall of Odstone wasn’t himself. As he paced the plush carpeting of the royal suite, every turn past one of the excessive number of mirrors showed him Rey’s body, Rey’s face, the velvet tunic in Rey’s favorite color. Yes, once again, Con wasn’t himself—as far as anyone other than the Faerie Queen herself could detect, he was his half brother.
Music wafted through the suite from some invisible source—Con recognized the tune as one that his and Rey’s father, Thomas the Rhymer, had brought into Faerie centuries ago. The melody was haunting, insidious, seductive. No wonder Con’s mother, Emonie, had fallen in love and made the ill-fated decision to cast a foolproof fertility spell on Thomas so she could have his child—despite him being the Faerie Queen’s consort.
Love. Goddess preserve him, love and its inevitable aftermath caused more trouble than any maddened dragon. Just as well Rey’s mating wouldn’t be left to that kind of chance. With an intelligently chosen spouse, Rey could at last counteract some of his mother’s more medieval notions of government. He owed that much to Faerie, to their people.
Where the bloody hells was Rey anyway? With each passing minute, Con’s belly sank farther toward his boots. Rey always shaved his timing close—he said arriving early was a waste of time better spent elsewhere—but he couldn’t be late to his own… whatever this was.
I never should have agreed to activate the spell. Not this time.
When they were boys, Rey had liked to say they were twins from different mothers—conceived on the same day, born the same hour, named in the same ceremony—although Rey’s Naming Day gifts of charm, wit, and beauty were a far cry from Con’s inconvenient gift of responsibility. He wouldn’t even have gotten that if it weren’t for a wand misfire. After all, the son of the court herbalist by the Queen’s consort wasn’t due Naming Day gifts—or any consideration at all. The gods knew Con had gotten precious little his entire life, except from three people.
His mother. Talus. Rey.
That was the reason Con had agreed to the idiotic, gods-be-damned spell that would make Con identical to Rey whenever the two of them chose—and Rey chose far too often for Con’s peace of mind.
Like now, for instance. Rey had begged Con to show up for the festivities and Con had agreed. Of course he’d agreed. This was to be his brother’s coronation and wedding. No matter how flighty Rey was, Con loved his brother and believed that Rey, in all his wild and reckless glory, returned the sentiment.
But Con should have realized, when Rey requested that Con arrive as Rey, that his brother had another scheme in mind—one that Con wouldn’t approve of at all. And I’m not sure I want to find out what it is.
A knock at the door stopped Con his patrol next to another dratted mirror. He moved so he wouldn’t have to see the face-that-was-not-his-own. “Enter.”
The door swung open and Talus entered, the clank of his metal boots muffled by the thick carpet. The creak when the door closed—was that the hinges or Talus’s joints? The legendary Iron Knight was showing his age, and it nearly broke Con’s heart.
“He has not arrived?” Talus advanced across the room. “No word?”
“No. Where the devils can he be, Talus? It’s not as if he doesn’t know how important this is to the realm, to our people.”
“Lack of knowledge has never been His Highness’s problem. It is the use to which he puts that knowledge that can be… questionable.”
Con sighed. “I know. But I thought this time would be different.”
“What do you imagine would cause him to change so fundamentally?” Talus’s voice reverberated in his metal chest with an edge that meant he was slipping back into his old implacable mindset. “Men do not alter their natures so easily.”
“Careful, my friend. It’s not your job to dispense justice anymore.”
The sound Talus made would have been a snort if it had come from a flesh-and-blood person. “I cannot change my nature completely either.”
 “Noted. However, you really need to restrain yourself. Not everyone here is subject to Gloriana’s rule.”
“You forget, Highness, that I am not subject to her rule either.”
“Please don’t call me Highness. I’m not the prince.”
“You wear his guise, and I would be remiss in my duty if I did not so address you.”
“Yes, but—” A harsh shrieking interrupted Con. “What’s that?”
Talus tilted his head in listening mode. “A firedrake in distress? The death throes of a cockatrice?”
Con glanced around. On the table, a flat rectangle about the size of his palm glowed and vibrated—cell phone, that’s what the event official said. “Nothing so normal. I believe we have a—what did she say?—an incoming call.”
Con strode over to the table, Talus clanking behind him, and peered down at the tiny screen. “What do you suppose we do? I’ve heard of these, but I’ve never used one.”
“Perhaps you acknowledge it, as you would someone at the door.” Talus brought his fist to his chest with a hollow boom. “Greetings.”
The phone continued to beep and vibrate its way across the polished surface of the table. “That doesn’t seem to have worked.” Con peered at the screen, which displayed two large dots, one red and one green. He pointed to the green dot. “Perhaps if we—” The beeping stopped as soon as his finger touched the screen.
“Con? Are you there?” Rey’s voice sounded far away.
“Yes, I’m here,” Con shouted. “Where in blazes are you?”
Rey’s laugh sounded tinnier than Talus’s. “Pick up the phone, you nimrod, and hold it to your ear.”
Con winced. He hadn’t bothered to study the information Enchanted Occasions provided on the Earthside paraphernalia because he didn’t expect to have to use it. He was just a bystander, after all, not a participant.
He picked up the phone and held it gingerly against the side of his head. “Rey. Where are you? You’re due to be presented to your first prospective mate in less than twenty minutes.”
“About that…”

Nudging Fate

An Enchanted Occasions Story

Not exactly a match made in Valhalla.

Half-norn event planner Anders Skuldsson is under strict orders from Asgard not to meddle with Fate. But with Enchanted Occasions’ latest booking—a competition for the hand of Faerie’s one true prince—crashing around his ears, it’s really difficult to toe that particular line. But if Andy pretends to be a contender for the prince…. It’s only temporary, so Odin can’t blame him. Right?

Conall of Odstone’s half-brother, Prince Reyner, was supposed to choose a mate before being crowned and wed. But the idiot left Con to impersonate him. Again.

When Con meets Andy, his anger turns to desire… and despair. Even if Andy forgives him for his imposture, how could someone eligible for a prince’s hand settle for the court outcast? And the double-deception isn’t their only obstacle. Unless Andy makes the right choice, their fates could be sealed by…well… Fate.

Buy links:

Author bio:

E.J. Russell–grace, mother of three, recovering actor–writes romance in a rainbow of flavors. Count on high snark, low angst and happy endings. 

Reality? Eh, not so much.

She’s married to Curmudgeonly Husband, a man who cares even less about sports than she does. Luckily, C.H. also loves to cook, or all three of their children (Lovely Daughter and Darling Sons A and B) would have survived on nothing but Cheerios, beef jerky, and Satsuma mandarins (the extent of E.J.’s culinary skill set).

E.J. lives in rural Oregon, enjoys visits from her wonderful adult children, and indulges in good books, red wine, and the occasional hyperbole.

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Review: The Book of Beginnings: It's Just Us Here (Unfinished Self-Portrait) by Christopher X. Sullivan

An asexual man meets a male model... and slowly falls in love.
Chris is a nerdy bookworm with a very direct personality. He tends to take jokes literally. He doesn't like small talk.

Chris has never been sexually attracted to anyone in real life, though he can look at photos and think up exciting scenarios in his head... as long as the people are all wearing clothes. Porn is definitely a no go.

Mark is a charismatic, beautiful man with a pretty person job and pretty person problems. He's very pushy.

Mark is also struggling with a summer college course for business writing. Luckily, Chris makes a living from his writing and always falls for a sob story... so he ends up helping the model with his assignment.

After a chance encounter in Chris' favorite park, the two men's lives slowly entangle until the pair become inseparable.

First Chris and Mark become friends, then companions, then partners, then lovers... and then they get engaged, married and... finally... adopt a very amazing kid.
This is their story... or, well, I guess it's my story. I'm Chris and I wrote this. It's very weird to refer to myself in the third person, so I'm going back to first person now.

Mark didn't tell me he was into guys until I was very much in love with him. Anytime he got close to telling me the truth, I would instinctively pull back. But I never ran away completely, and he kept coming after me.

I guess you'll have to read the book to understand why.

[ADVISORY: I'd just like to make sure you know that this book is not the complete love story between me and my husband. I've broken my story up into ten 100,000 word installments. Each installment follows its own 'arc'. There are four 'super arcs' typical of romance novels spread over the ten installments.

"The Book of Beginnings" contains the beginning of each of those ten installments. So we're going to jump through time quite a bit. These 'beginnings' total over 140,000 words and the final project will be over 1,000,000 words.
Don't worry, I will finish this story. It's terribly important to me. But it is huge. So I will also be posting an Abridged Version, which will consist of the chapters in "The Book of Endings" and "The Book of Beginnings".

This is an unfinished project, but my health is prompting me to search for an audience before I'm finished. If you want to be an early reader and look for typosz, please get in touch. You will make the completion of this story possible and free up more of my energy for non-typo stuff. Thank you so much.]

I tried to type a review for this a few times and finally realized that it’s impossible. So, I’ve decided to provide a warning: incoherent ramblings ahead on this memoir-romanceish book. Before we commence to the ramblings, I think it’s important to know that this isn’t a conventional romance, it’s a true “story.” Please see the author’s special note in the blurb. More books are in the works that break down important stages of the MCs relationship with a full arc. This book is strictly the beginnings of each of those stages coming together to form the Book of Beginnings. Make sense? Fabulous.


Chris: Asexual man, writer, friend, worrier, planner

Mark: Model, highly sexual, laid back, incredibly social

These two men come together randomly in a park after Chris’ typical Monday run. Chris is on a bench writing and Mark is a lonely man looking for a friend. From their first meeting, it’s a whirlwind where they create their own boundaries on what it means to be friends, lovers, partners, and eventually parents. Chris and Mark come from diverse backgrounds, have diverse sexual appetites, opposite personalities, and experience real life growing pains as they move through each stage of their relationship.

Book of Beginnings is written in the format of a romance novel but the situations these men face aren’t romanticized. The writing style is easy to breeze through but the angsty content isn’t easy to read. There was so much more feeling involved while reading this book because I couldn’t forget that these are real people with issues that aren’t sugar coated. Having to *see* the struggle Chris and Mark go through in their intimacy was gut wrenching, especially from Chris’ POV as he tries to be all his partner needs sexually while still being very much an asexual man at his core. Early on my heart was breaking for Mark as I could see the love he had for Chris but couldn’t fully release his feelings. Another difficult aspect of this story is the dynamic between Mark and Chris. Mark’s personality is larger than life and he has such a pull over Chris. It may seem like Mark steamrolls (and rightfully so, sometimes) Chris into capitulating often- but Mark knows Chris and is able to nudge him out of the comfort zone he likes to exist in. Mark usually has Chris’ best interests at heart and even though he may be resisting something, a part of him seems to crave it as well.

It’s a captivating read that allows us to focus on the emotional aspect of them falling in love way before physical intimacy is introduced. I adore the connection they have, the foundation they build, and the growth each man makes toward their HEA.


Y’all, I was hooked from the beginning. It’s a beast of a book in length but I couldn’t put it down. I pretended to be productive and do adult things but I was really just reading this and when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about reading it.

Was it perfect? No, but it’s a work in progress and the author makes that point clear multiple times. As mentioned above, The Book of Beginnings: It’s Just Us Here is written in an unconventional format, needs more editing, has incomplete “story” arcs, has multiple big-moment time lapses, and missing very important bits of their lives. All of those are noted in the blurb warning. Did I care? Not one teeny tiny bit. I went all Dr. Seuss on this book and would read it in a boat, with a goat, in the rain, on a train… (I’m a dork, sorry *shrug*)

There were times I wanted to scream at my kindle because I just had to know what happened only for it to have a time jump. This actually reminds me of a CliffsNotes version for their life story with the main parts coming out as their own books over the next year.

At the heart of this book is a “story” of two people meeting, loving each other, and then falling in love. Life can be a major bitch sometimes and still, Chris and Mark find a way to love on their own terms as the relationship evolves into something deeper. Something real. Something beautiful and imperfectly perfect.

I’m SO frakin’ glad I chose to take a chance on this love story and I'm looking forward to reading the first full installment. This author now has a new stalker stage-10 clinger big fan. Highly recommended.

Blog Tour + Giveaway: The Curse by Kethirc Wilcox

Kethric Wilcox and Other Worlds Ink visit on The Curse (Origin of the Vampires) blog tour! Kethric also shares an exclusive post about the Order of St. Hubert! Learn more about the paranormal fiction today and enter in the $10 Amazon gift card giveaway!

The Curse - Kethric Wilcox

Kethric Wilcox has a new MM paranormal vampire book out:

Cain Slays Abel!

In this day and age, that's not an earth-shattering headline. We want headlines that scream of life-altering events.

Terrorists Nuke Peace Conference!

Wow! What a gripping headline. This is something to change the world. Oh, wait! The world did transform. This ran as the lead story a few hours before the beginning of The Upheaval. The current world birthed in nuclear fire and electromagnetic disruption. Gone are the nations I grew up with. My life altered again.

Cain Slays Abel!

The truth behind such a classic story is far more complicated than anyone could imagine.

The brothers’ tale is a life-altering event, at least for me. Twice a report of murder transformed my life in an unpredictable way. I am Richard St. Martin, Master of Darkness. Before my story can be told, you need to learn the story of the first dark monster, Cain. My stepchildren call him Father Cain because he was the first. To find the actuality behind the myth, I recruited two talented mortals - Dr. Jeremiah Banks, Archaeologist, and Professor Juan Di Vargas, Theologian and Religious Scholar.

Together they found the secret origin of the vampires:

The Curse!

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One lucky winner will get a $10 Amazon gift card. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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The Curse banner

JEREMIAH SURVEYED his clothing choices for the conference and grimaced. He hated suits, but Dr. Sinclair, the dean of his department, and Mrs. Pike, the dean's secretary and sort of a second mother, both insisted he dress in professional academic attire.

"You're representing the University of Arizona and the Republic of Texas, Dr. Banks. Think of the university's reputation. Don’t appear like you are fresh off the boat following months in the field," Jeremiah recalled Dr. Sinclair saying as he handed him his clearance to travel. During a visit to her house, Mrs. Pike said similar things before she called her late husband's tailor and made an appointment to fit Jeremiah for new suits. Suits made Jeremiah uncomfortable, he preferred sturdy field clothing, but Dr. Sinclair held firm, no wild field archaeologist attire. Resigned to his fate, Jeremiah gave into almost all the dean's requirements, but refused when the request came to cutting his long copper locks. Jeremiah brushed through his hair, twisted, and slid the length into a sapphire-encrusted leather tube to hold everything in check.

The Emir, who oversaw his dig on behalf of the caliph's government, gave him the hair binder as a gift. The man developed a fascination with Jeremiah's copper hair and its silky texture. With his hair under control, Jeremiah dressed to impress in a navy-blue suit with a subtle white pinstripe. Sapphire cufflinks and tie tack finished the ensemble. The cufflinks came as a second present from the emir after a night of admiring Jeremiah's body in all its naked glory. The combination of Jeremiah's pale skin and fiery chest hair and pubic region, plus the impressive prick and balls in their natural state, fascinated the noble. The emir never touched him or asked for contact; the man wanted to check if the red hair remained the same color all the way down.

All three pieces of jewelry helped to highlight his bright blue eyes. Jeremiah checked himself in the mirror before picking up his notes and slides for his lecture and heading down to breakfast. During the evening, the staff worked their magic, transforming the ballroom from reception hall into a dining room. A waiter led Jeremiah to his assigned table and seat right next to Prof. O'Grady. The rest of the table filled with other scholars from universities in the Republic of Texas. He found Dr. Lanister's vacant seat next to his and opposite Prof. O'Grady. "Prof. O'Grady, I want to apologize for the rude comments last night at the reception."

"No, Dr. Banks, if anyone got out of line last night, I did, and should be doing the apologizing. Thank you for correcting my attitude towards Dr. Lanister. I spoke way out of line. I wanted to apologize to him in person, but the hotel informed me Dr. Lanister checked out late last night claiming illness and returned home."

"I'm sorry he departed. He stopped by my room last night reeking of alcohol, so I encouraged him to retire for the evening. I'm sorry to learn he caught something," came Jeremiah's reply as a waiter stopped and filled his coffee cup. "I wonder, are you familiar with Prof. Juan Di Vargas from the University of Madrid?"

"Only by reputation, Dr. Banks. I understand he's presenting today on how the story of the Flood developed in several early cultures," O'Grady remarked, signaling the waiter to take her plate. "Don't you present today as well, Dr. Banks?"

"Yes, about an hour after Prof. Di Vargas. I hope to catch a moment of his time between lectures. His latest paper mentioned the possibility of the biblical city of Enoch being in the Tigris-Euphrates Delta. I think Enoch might be part of the culture, which produced the tablets I found. I wish to compare research with him."

"Good luck in your endeavor. Di Vargas doesn't often deal with those who pursue the more physical aspects of their researches, at least according to his reputation. I can arrange for you to speak with a scholar of the period more open to using archaeology. Let me introduce you to Prof. Chevalier from the University of Paris."

She missed Jeremiah's grimace of distaste, which he hid behind a sip of coffee. Chevalier's research clashed with every line of the investigation he pursued while Di Vargas's headed in a similar direction from a different angle. Jeremiah wiped his hands with his napkin, picked up his notes and slides, and rose from the table.

"Thank you for the offer, Dr. O'Grady. Perhaps another time. Please excuse me. I need to make sure the media team receives enough time to arrange the presentation before lecturing. I'm confident we'll cross paths at dinner."

"I think they plan to mix things up tonight, but there will be other meetings during the conference. Such a pleasure to meet you again, Jeremiah, or I should say Dr. Banks. You stood out, one of my more promising students, and I'm proud of how well you blossomed under Adamson's direction." O'Grady offered Jeremiah her hand. "I'm eager for your lecture this afternoon."

Jeremiah shook her hand and left to track down the media team. He still needed to set up his slides before attending the lectures he wanted to listen to this morning.


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Pope Honorius III founded the Order of St. Hubert of Liege in 1225 in order to gain the support of the powerful House of Beauty in his battle against a powerful shifter clan near Rome. The Order's foundational commandery is located in Liège near the cathedral. Pope Gregory IX expanded the Order of St. Hubert into a full martial/religious order in 1229 after the discovery of vampires during examinations under the Inquisition. The training given by the House of Beauty was expanded to take in dealing with vampires as well as shifters. The members of the Order of St. Hubert developed methods for detecting vampires and in rare cases adopted the use of mages they rescued from their more zealous Dominican brothers. Distinct divisions developed within the Order to cope with the various supernatural and natural threats. When the Order was established its Grand Master was an abbot. Over the centuries, the clerical rank of the Grand Master has risen with the Order's fortunes. Today the current Grand Master is Cardinal Valentine Ketcherside. The Vicar-General oversees the running of the military and hunter arms of the Order. The current Vicar-General of the Order is Bishop Fabrizio Fabbri. A Master and Commander, most often an archbishop, but sometimes a bishop oversee the regional commanderies. The local commanderies are lead by a Master and Commander, who is either a bishop or a monsignor, sometimes an abbot if the location is mostly religious members.

The divisions of the Order of St. Hubert are:

Religious Division: Some members of the Order are strictly religious members; monks, priests, and a small order of nuns. They very rarely leave the confines of the Commanderies unless a powerful vampire or shifter is encountered and someone of powerful faith is required to drive the monster out of its lair or protect the base of operations being used by a team of hunters.

Military Division: Knights, squires, and militant brothers make up the majority of the armed forces of the Order of St. Hubert. The Hunters of the Order are also part of this division.

Law Enforcement Division: By order of the Holy Father in Rome, the Order of St. Hubert took over the duties of Interpol. The Knights and priests of the law enforcement division may cross provincial boundaries as needed and command the assistance of any level of regional law enforcement with in the Holy Roman Empire.

Saint Hubert (c. 656-727 CE) became Bishop of Liège in 708 CE. Saint Hubertus was born in Toulouse around the year 656. He was the eldest son of Bertrand, Duke of Aquitaine, and spent his youth at the court of Theodoric III, King of the Franks, at Paris. Like many nobles of the time, Hubert was addicted to the chase. Around 682, Hubert joined many other Frankish nobles in departing the palace in Paris for the royal household at Heristal in the Austrasia region of the Frankish kingdom. Here he married Floribanne, daughter of Dagobert, Count of Leuven. His wife died giving birth to their son, and Hubert retreated from the court, withdrew into the forested Ardennes, and gave himself up entirely to hunting. However, a great spiritual revolution was imminent. On Good Friday evening while the faithful were crowding the churches, Hubert sallied forth to the chase. As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, the animal was smashed to the ground by a giant black wolf. As the stag was torn to shreds, Hubert heard a voice saying: "Hubert, unless thou turnest to the Lord, and leadest an holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into hell." Sensing a great evil about the wolf, Hubert dismounted, drew his sword, and drove the silver chased blade deep into the wolf's side and through the beast's heart. He was startled when the monster transformed back into a man. Hubert prostrated himself, and said, "Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?" He received the answer, "Go and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you."

He set out immediately for Maastricht, of which place St. Lambert was then bishop. The latter received Hubert kindly, and became his spiritual director. Hubert, losing his wife shortly after this, renounced all his honors and his military rank, and gave up his birthright the Duchy of Aquitaine to his younger brother Eudon, whom he made guardian of his infant son, Floribert. Having distributed all his personal wealth among the poor, he entered upon his studies for the priesthood, was soon ordained, and shortly afterwards became one of St. Lambert's chief associates in the administration of his diocese. By the advice of St. Lambert, Hubert made a pilgrimage to Rome and during his absence, the saint was assassinated a pack of shifters. At the same hour, this was revealed to the pope in a vision, together with an injunction to appoint Hubert bishop, as being a worthy successor to the see. Hubert was so much possessed with the idea of himself winning the martyr's crown that he sought it on many occasions, often hunting shifters alone, but his quest to die a martyr was unsuccessful. He distributed his episcopal revenues among the poor, was diligent in fasting and prayer, and became famous for his eloquence in the pulpit. In 720, in obedience to a vision, Hubert translated St. Lambert's remains from Maastricht to Liège with great pomp and ceremonial, several neighboring bishops assisting. A church for the relics was built upon the site of the martyrdom, and was made a cathedral the following year, the see being removed from Maastricht to Liège, then only a small village. This laid the foundation of the future greatness of Liège, of which Lambert is honored as patron, and St. Hubert as founder and first bishop. Liège offered a better base of operations because of its size. The Hunter-Bishop trained several young men in the ways of detecting shifters, before his death by natural causes.

Author Bio

Kethric Wilcox

Kethric Wilcox began writing and publishing as a personal challenge to be creative in a new medium. He was attracted to the LGBT Romance genre after reading several paranormal romances where it seemed like the shape-shifters never faced dangers outside the relationship issues thrown at them by their authors. Thus was born the shifter hunting House of Beauty on the premise of a twisted fairy tale. What if Beauty and the Beast didn't end with happily ever after? Wilcox's Legend of the Silver Hunter trilogy looks at this question and then asks what happens if a member of this family falls in love with a descendant of the Beast, can they find happily ever after or are they doomed to repeat the tale. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Wilcox now lives and works in Little Rock, Arkansas in a house that he and his partner renovated. By day Wilcox is a graphic artist and exhibit designer, and at night an author of paranormal romances.

Wilcox currently has two new trilogies in progress: Origin of the Vampires (The Curse, Lord Hunter, and Lord Slayer) set in a dystopian future of the Silver Hunter world; and Legacy of the Silver Hunter (The Goldilocks Pledge, Ruby Wine, and Black Snow) which continues the story told in the Legend trilogy from the view points of other couples in Kieran and Cory’s lives.

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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Psychopaths & Sinners (Don't... #5) by Jack L. Pyke

Jack L. Pyke kicks off The Psychopaths & Sinners’ Blog Tour today at Boy Meets Boy Reviews! The author chats about...psychopaths. Or should we say one of the most famous psychopaths. And more about the latest in the popular Don't... series. Check it out and don't miss the rest of the tour stops this week. Enter in the giveaway for your chance to win an eBook copy of Psychopaths & Sinners!

Author: Jack L. Pyke

Novel: Psychopaths & Sinners, Don’t… book 5

Release Date: 22nd May, 2018

Blurb: “Because us? Psychopaths and sinners… we don’t need fixing, Gray.”
Three bodies, three mutilations, each one with something… unusual inserted into the wounds. The deaths are enough to leave Ash Thomas scrambling around to find someone to trust as the murders hit so close to home and heart.
For Gray Raoul, MI5 director of G-Branch, the deaths offer something else, a fall back into a familiar life where culling serial killers cater to his own darker mindset. But the farther Gray moves away from home, the more he realises serial killer games in the field are nothing compared to who he has locked up back at home. Sometimes walking the fine line between psychopaths and live-in lovers is a far darker game.
For Ash, that might just mean he’s on his own now, facing a killer who has a deadly fascination for pretty young men and dancing Holly Blue butterflies over their skin.

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The Psychopaths & Sinners’ Blog Tour
Sleeping with Psychopaths: the cullers.

It isn’t hard to find a special post to help kickstart the Psychopaths & Sinners’ Blog Tour. Profiling the worst of psychopaths as they sometimes turn serial killer has been a fascination since the original psychopath “supposedly” emerged back in the Victorian era: Jack the Ripper. And as for those who sleep with them…? That will forever remain one of the darkest questions known to man.
History is pretty clear on Jack: officially he murdered five prostitutes, with motives still unknown to this day. The conspiracy theories behind those motives have had ripperologists debating through the years over why: was he a butcher, doctor, vet, midwife -- male, female? Did Jack harbour a deep hate for prostitutes, or was he a collector of body parts, out to cure infertility and make a name for himself in the backdrop of the emerging medical field? Perhaps the most notable conspiracy theory of all tests out whether Jack was tied to the Crown, clearing up the “mistakes” of the Royals. 
But was there something else going on back then, something that went under the radar? Especially with how there were two serial killers loose on London streets. Why were two serial killers loose on London streets?
Before Jack the Ripper and the first murder of a prostitute in 1888, the 5th of September 1873 saw one side of a woman’s body found in Battersea Waterworks. Almost playing tag with Jack after that, more torsos were also found along the Thames, right up until 1889. 
They were known as the Thames Torso Murders. All supposedly with the same surgical skill as Jack, all creating a climate of fear on London streets.
Social conditions of London slums were undergoing minor change by the government during that period. But then as the newspapers broke the news of Jack the Ripper, and journalists cries went up for serious social reform, the UK government accelerated that change, along with bringing in trade unions and focusing on worker rights. A decade after the first Jack the Ripper murder, London had undergone drastic change for the better.
And yet both the identity of the Thames Torso Murderer and Jack the Ripper remained unknown; they disappeared back into obscurity.
Or, perhaps, with calm and social order being restored on the back of chaos, they were simply called back into obscurity.
The power of the government, any government, has always brought up the question: just how far will they go to regain social stability? Would they kill their own? Set one dog free to slaughter another? Perhaps in this case, set two dogs free to feed and fuck about with chaos that forced social change? And the payment for the dogs? That couldn’t be simpler: remain the top of their food chain and be allowed a clear playing field to… cull. To do what they were born to do as natural born killers.
2018, present day. Meet Gray Raoul, MI5 Director of Counterterrorism. One of only three psychopaths who are called to heel by the Monarchy. One of only three of the Crown’s cullers, but top of the psychopath feeding chain. When MI5 rules and regulations fail, Gray’s called in for culls as high up as corrupt politicians, right down to regional instability and arms dealers.
But give him a serial killer… one of his own kind, he prolongs it. He loves it. 
Give him a serial killer who loves inserting come-covered holly blue butterflies into his victim’s bodies, like the one making a home in Psychopaths & Sinners, and he’ll dance with the worst of society when it comes to dominance over another killer.
Gray’s life is never more black and white: you’re either cattle, or the bastards who hunt them. Stands to reason no lover would register in Gray’s world, and yet, Gray has two. Most would need sectioning for getting involved with Gray, and one has been: Jack Harrison. He’s a certified psychopath in his own right, or a part of him is, at least, and he digs deep into Gray’s culler world, calling the sadist out at every twist and turn in Gray’s already dark mindset. The ultimate sinner as a lover.
The surprise comes with Jan Richards, the third part to their triad.
Soft soul, soft heart, Jan’s… just an accountant, where his love of disaster movies sees him naturally fall into the same disaster when it comes to life and what happens between the sheets.
Both Jack and Jan offer such a yin and yang effect on Gray. Yet if asked to reason why they sleep with him, they couldn’t, not fully. Perhaps sleeping with a psychopath is superfluous compared to getting to know the man. How with any psychopath, it all starts so subtly on a psychological level, so that by the time body and fist catch up, they’re already in balls deep without even realising. 
But there’s one glitch to all of that system. 
Get two psychopaths together, they know how and when to play each other: they have been playing like that for years, but throw Jan’s… normalness in with them? Normal becomes the threat that destabilises. Normal changes all the rules, showing the murky water between black and white that neither psychopath has walked before. 
With the cullers themselves, they’ve been around through some of the UK’s darkest moments, with Gray making his own mark right along with them. But there’s change now, and it’s forcing a new shift in Gray, one that’s never looking… darker when it comes to sleeping with psychopaths.
For a chance to win a copy of Psychopaths & Sinners, please also enter the Rafflecopter!

Author Bio: Jack L. Pyke blames her dark writing influences on living close to one of England’s finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits her neck of the woods is renowned for, Jack takes that into her writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is Jack’s drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tension between two or more guys, Jack’s the first to let nature take its course.

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