Review: A Fool and His Manny (The Mannies #4) by Amy Lane

Seeing the truth and falling in love.

Dustin Robbins-Grayson was a surly adolescent when Quinlan Gregory started the nanny gig. After a rocky start, he grew into Quinlan's friend and confidant—and a damned sexy man.

At twenty-one, Dusty sees how Quinlan sacrificed his own life and desires to care for Dusty’s family. He’s ready to claim Quinlan—he's never met a kinder, more capable, more lovable man. Or a lonelier one. Quinlan has spent his life as the stranger on the edge of the photograph, but Dusty wants Quinlan to be the center of his world. First he has to convince Quinlan he’s an adult, their love is real, and Quinlan can be more than a friend and caregiver. Can he show Quin that he deserves to be both a man and a lover, and that in Dusty’s eyes, he’s never been “just the manny?”

Back when I read Stand by Your Manny and realized that sweet Quinlan who crushed on Sammy was being paired with the oldest of the Robbins-Grayson children and the bratty, Dustin I was ready. I had the thought of “I can’t wait for the next book…Dustin and Quin??? Really? Bring it on, Amy Lane. Bring it on.” And that thought actually got a response from Amy Lane herself warning me that Dustin and Quin would break me in the sweetest ways and OMG was she every right! This book one hell of a helping of hurt/comfort and I am wiping my chin from my meal. Good lord. This was so good.

Real quick: this is listed 4th in The Mannies series and if you don’t want to be confused on who everyone is, you might wanna catch up if you haven’t already. The Lowell-Robbins-Robbins-Grayson clan is pretty damn big but it’s a fantastic read seeing how this family comes together.

I love the way this is told! We get a bit of an awkward situation as Quinlan comes home to his apartment to a Dustin in his bed living out one of Quin’s dirtiest fantasies. It just sucks that Quin is so sick, having picked up a bug while on his last summer tour and incapable of walking, let alone being productive with Dustin. This gives a chance for us to know something has happened between these two which needs to be settled and with a turn of a page, we are seven years into the past where Quinlan and Dustin meet.

Dustin is the oldest child of Nica and Jacob Robbins-Grayson. He’s always been the kid who was known for getting into trouble. He’s also the kid who gets carrot cake for his birthday though he hates it and we finally learn why in this book. But Dusty, for all his rough edges he presents has a soft side when it comes to his family and those he claims as family. In the beginning, when he first meets Quinlan, he’s coming from a place of grief having Taylor leaving as their manny to move in with Brandon and this family doesn’t like to see the ones they love go. Granted, Taylor and Brandon aren’t going far. But the kids have grown to love Taylor and this is an adjustment. So, of course, 14 year old Dustin is a brat to 20 year old Quin, who just wants to be part of a family, but doesn’t know how to get one.

Quinlan… we met him in Sammy and Cooper’s book and I adored him. I thought I would love his story but I had no idea how much or how much it would break my heart. Quin is a fantastic, but guarded young man, who never ate dinner with the family he cared for because he didn’t think he was wanted. And yet, all it took was an invite from a young Dustin who needed the support of the man who now meant more to him than any of the mannies before.

I absolutely love that Quin and Dusty have a discussion about crushes and that they bond over their shared crush of Sammy. It was just too stinking cute to not tuck away in my memory but that discussion was more than just about crushes; it gave Dustin the courage to come out to his family and it gave Dustin an insight to how Quinlan needed to be loved. It’s a damn good thing Dustin stored that insight away in his Quin files preparing to use them when he thought Quin would be ready.

These two made me smile, made me laugh, they made me ache and they made me so stupidly happy. I love every damn thing they went through because it brought them closer together and really allowed Quinlan to see how much he is loved and not just by Dustin. You see, there is a running theme with this series and it’s one of unconditional love of family. The family that Quinlan walked away from doesn’t and didn’t deserve him and it was fate that he was asked to care for “Sammy’s family” because that is where he belongs. I have to say, I would love the have been in that crowded room to hear Conroy’s speech… Nica and Jacob raised some amazing kids!

Speaking of Sammy’s family, of course they are involved in this, as Quinlan takes care of Jacob and Nica’s kids; seeing them on page more was a pure delight. Nica is fierce and protective of all her kids and my mother’s heart hurt along with hers as she wants nothing more than to take care of Quin and have him feel how much she loved him. Of course, there is comedy with this family and I wouldn’t expect anything less and it’s a full package once you are in these pages; laughs, tears, triumphs, setbacks and family pictures where no one is on the edge.

I just want to hug this book, so I can hug everyone in it. I can’t believe the angst bit with Sammy Lane put me through, but I get how it belonged in Quinlan’s story arc. I can’t believe what shitty parents Quinlan had but I love that he was on the take me or watch me go path when he came out and made himself into the amazing man he is today. I love that Dustin knew at eighteen that Quinlan was everything to him and that he waited so he wouldn’t spook the love of his life with his intense feelings. I love the freaking crazy cats, I love that the boys peed in bushes because they didn’t want to dry off and go into the house when they were young, I love Nica not judging and I love Channing and Tino going balls to the wall business when it comes to protecting Quinlan.

But what I love most of all is Quin accepting that Dustin isn’t a boy he used to take care of, but a man he’s watched grow up and one he has fallen head over heels for. Their romance was super swoony from the first kiss to selfies on the road to Quinlan not getting the question being asked. They are amazing together and this whole series give me hope and joy in a current world where the day to day can be pretty dark.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Fallen For You by Jules Dee

Author Jules Dee and IndiGo Marketing celebrate the release of paranormal romance, Fallen for You! Learn more today and enter in the $10 NineStar Press credit giveaway!

Title: Fallen for You
Author: Jules Dee
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: July 16, 2018
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 70100
Genre: Paranormal, romance, paranormal, BDSM lite

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When you work with someone for years, you think you know them pretty well.

Casey Wicker and Martin Bishop are a British Secret Service team with a reputation for ignoring rules but delivering results. They’ve also built a tight friendship, with more than a spark of unspoken attraction.

While on assignment to Scotland Yard, Martin rescues Casey and exposes him to a life-changing secret. Martin is not what he seems, and now that Casey is aware of that, the knowledge most likely comes with a death sentence.

When a way to avoid the tragic ending is suggested, it may very well take more cooperation than anyone is willing to expend.


Fallen for You
Jules Dee © 2018
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One
“You’re utter rubbish at this, you know that, right?” Casey shouted as Martin’s long legs ate up the distance ahead of them, arms and shoulders bunching and rolling in graceful synchronicity.

“In what particular way—” Martin ducked around a corner and took off down the next street, shouting back over his shoulder “—am I rubbish?”

“You, Martin Christopher Bishop—” Casey suddenly grabbed his arm roughly and pulled him into a shadowed doorway. “—are rubbish at the whole secret part of secret agent.”

They stood close together, heads almost level, breathing hard and grinning in spite of the danger as the sounds of angry shouting faded in the distance.

“We got the document we were after, didn’t we? I don’t see the problem.” Martin’s eyes sparkled bright blue even in the dimly lit recess as he ran a hand quickly through his short dark hair. Casey smiled at the familiar habit that tended to appear when in risky situations.

“You don’t see—” Casey took a moment to bend, putting his hands on his knees, and gasped great lungfuls of air as his shaggy blonde hair fell over his eyes. “You don’t see the problem? We can never come back to Liberec, you idiot. You might as well have signed into the hotel as James Bond if you intended to grab the papers in broad daylight.”

Martin leant against the rough bricks, chuckling as he tucked the documents in question away inside his jacket. “Don’t make such a fuss. What’re the chances we’ll ever need to come back to this area of Prague anyway?”

Casey straightened and tried for his most withering stare, his brown gaze meeting Martin’s, before giving in and laughing along with his partner. “Hopeless. You’re hopeless. Why do I work with you?”

“My rakish charm, my scintillating conversation? C’mon, admit it, you love me.” He ducked his head out, casting a quick glance both ways. “The coast is clear. Ready for another sprint?”

“Always.” He took one last breath and broke into a run. “And I don’t love you, for the record. You’re a complete tit.”


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author

Jules Dee doesn’t understand what she has done to deserve her magnificent life. She is surrounded and supported by her husband and her friends. Her cats appreciate that her habit of writing creates long hours of lap-time, which they are happy to consume and repay her with purrs.

When she isn’t writing, she spends her days running the Technology Service Desk for a Local Council in Metropolitan Melbourne and fixing things that are broken.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | eMail


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Review: Rhino Ash (Saturday Barbies #2) by Lindsey Black

Ashley Jameson always tries to do the right thing, but that’s hard when your nephew keeps eating crayons, your niece is dressed as a pudding and your obnoxious older brothers crash the church’s Sunday brunch with the guy you’ve been crushing on for five years. Going to work to fight fires is a welcome relief from family obligations, until the Riot Squad arrives to investigate and Ashley once again finds himself dealing with his siblings. Oh ... and Finn Hale.

But Finn’s dark past continues to haunt him. As work gets increasingly busy with a string of arson attacks on illegal immigrants, Finn steps in to be the shoulder Ashley needs to lean on, but Ashley struggles to do the same for the man he loves. Juggling family and work can be difficult, but Ashley soon discovers that the real challenge is when it's not a struggle at all ... because you'll do anything for the ones you love.

I have to say that I was ready for Ashley to get a story after meeting his crazy but lovable family in Fishy Riot. I was not disappointed in witnessing him wrestle with his crush and growing feelings for the man who works with his twin brothers, Finn Hale. I love seeing this crush go from Hale to Finn. And Ashley really own his feelings and own the man he is falling in love with.

Ashley and Finn have been crushing on one another for years and while everyone can see it clear as day on Ash’s face, they had no clue about Finn...including Ash. But these two dance around each other with their respective jobs. The fact that Finn works with Ash’s twin brothers Clay and Taylor meant they were bound to be in contact numerous times. But it’s that one time, the one-time Finn is hurt and Ash finally has a chance to take care of him that they share a kiss, a few declarations and a cock block of epic proportions.
‘Finn … I like you.’
‘Good to know, since I’m naked in bed with you.’
‘I want you to be mine,’
‘Ash, I’ve been yours for years, you were just too stupid to notice.’
When we get the few moments of these two together, it’s brilliant. Ash and Finn have this raw honesty when it comes to their feelings and I loved the communication between them and how they knew when to push and when to back off. I would like to see Finn out running his dog and the plush rabbit to see how truly bizarre it all looks. I would hate to see Ash on the news so much even though it’s his job.

This was a fun book, I laughed a lot with both men because that’s what they do. They laugh a lot. So much in fact I decided to do a search of the word because it started to bug me. Not in a bad way but I don’t know? My favorite emotion is laughter through tears but in this, it seemed that just when we were getting serious, when Finn was telling the story about his back and things got heavy as they should be with a story like that, we were back to laughing and it took me out of the story.

I don’t want it to seem like I didn’t like this book because I really did. I just found the balance between the crimes, fires, romance and laughs not to be as balanced as I would have liked and I feel off balance having finished it and trying to sort out my feelings. The author is amazing with telling a story and bringing out emotions organically but once again, it all felt so fast that I never had time to really settle in and get comfortable.
Your family are completely bonkers, but I like them. They don’t care what people think as long as they’re together. That’s how it’s supposed to be.
This series is a lot of fun but sometimes the fun can be exhausting. I am not sure why this one felt more over the top than Taylor’s book did since that book could basically own the title over the top but Taylor’s book had more quiet and intimate moments with he and Sietta. I think for me, Ash and Finn never really got a quiet moment. I mean, even their sex felt rushed and I really wanted them to take their time with one another but everything felt like it had a insane sense of urgency to it that kept me from falling in love with their story like I wanted to. But then again, looking back on Finn’s life I can see a reason for it but at the same time, I wanted the time between Finn and Ash to be at a slower pace than the world around them.

I don’t know.

Even though the pace was a little too fast for me, I’d still recommend.

Blog Tour + Giveaway: The Wulf Chronicles by Wulf Francu Godgluck

The Wulf Chronicles blog tour visits Boy Meets Boy Reviews! Celebrate with author Wulf Francu Godgluck and Vibrant Promotions! The author shares the inner workings of his brain about his series! Learn more today and enter in The Wulf Chronicles eBook giveaway! (2 winners--good luck!)

The Wulf Chronicles Tour Banner

The Wulf Chronicles
Wulf Chron Book 1
Wulf Francu Godgluck
Gay Fantasy
Release Date: 06.11.18
The Wulf Chronicles Cover

1 THE WULF CHRONICLES 3D Image of Book Cover
What if werewolves were real?
What if one of them was different?
What if you were a defective werewolf?
This is not the story of how one night I got bitten and my life changed. Nor is it the story of how I went on a savage killing spree that left me tormented with guilt and dread the next morning.
This is the story of a boy, a boy who’s spent his life running from the shadows of monsters. A boy who never understood why the world hated him with so much odium. Why his mother would throw away her only life to protect his. Why he was never allowed to have friends. Why he never had the childhood every child should. Why he was never allowed to cherish happiness.
This is the story of a boy becoming himself, embracing his vulnerability and learning to accept and love.
This is a story about a werewolf, trying to find the answers to why he was born defective.
And maybe that’s the very reason I become the main course on the menu.
The Wulf Chronicles Teaser 1

A lycan’s sexual orientation was a completely nonproblematic topic. Most lycans, before meeting and knowing the gender of their mates, tended to be bisexual, however, there were the few cases, as with Leo, where a lycan knew beforehand what gender they were drawn to. And, luckily, the mating call was never cruel in that regard.

Contrary to how prejudice and discriminatory the Council and lycan community’s views on females were, homosexuality had never fazed the lycan race. It was part of their ancestry, as natural and accepting as bleeding.

“Go,”she growled at him, “before you shatter my stoic façade and have me in tears. I’m honored to know this beautiful thing is happening in my presence.”

Leo smiled, turned, and ascended the stairs, his grin fading as he neared the bathroom the Beta occupied.

He clutched the doorknob, squeezing his eyelids and drawing in a shaky breath, willing himself to calm down.

The knob ripped from under Leo’s grasp as the door swung open, the momentum of Cooler’s movements and of Leo’s stumble at the abrupt occurrence, sent them colliding into each other.

Cooler grabbed Leo by the throat and shoved him against the bathroom wall, his one eye glowing a furious blue fire as he glared up at him.

“If the pretty puppy wanted a kiss, all he had to do was whimper.”

Leo swallowed against the clutched grip squeezing his windpipe, any response stuck in his throat. Cooler leaned in close, released Leo’s neck, and cupped the back of his head, pulling him down before sealing their lips together.

Fire screamed through him, heat gnawed to the tips of Leo’s fingertips and toes as Cooler wrenched open Leo’s lips with nip of his teeth, shoving his fat tongue into Leo’s mouth…

No one said a lycan claiming his mate was a pretty event.

The kiss that followed was a soft and gentle devastation of sweet hunger.

Cooler’s lips were pure lightning against Leo’s, every hair on his body pulsated to attention. His growl simmered through their mouths, giving Leo ample knowledge of how much power resided within his mate, the vibration, a thunder, rattled him to his soul.

He didn’t dare touch Cooler. Just because they were sucking lips, didn’t mean the Beta had accepted Leo as his.

Cooler pulled back, his eye a bone-chilling dark as he glared up into Leo’s gaze.

Fat fingers slid from behind Leo’s neck, mapping their way along his cheek to brush over his lips, only to catch him by the chin.

Leo closed his eyes, both needing and dreading the words about to spill from his mate.

But time stretched, and it stretched, and it stretched as he waited.

His lips moved involuntarily, quivering, ready to speak, but only a whimper undulated through him. Cooler grunted, halting Leo’s tongue and washing hot air up into Leo’s face, reminding him of how close the Beta’s lips were to his own.

His insides squirmed, anticipating, hoping and wanting Cooler to bless him with another taste.

No kiss came, no words either. Only the scent of his mate. A spicy, intoxicating, rugged musk. Prime Bloods tended to have a heavier, far more domineering scent than half-breeds. That and, of course, the raw power they emanated were the only physical truths that set them apart.


I want to thank everyone from Boy Meets Boy Reviews for this opportunity for a guest post on their blog.

I’m so happy to be here! Seriously, thank you guys.

I wanted to touch today on something a little different, a view into my chaotic mind and why at times my writing tend to be a little (or very confusing) to some readers.

Most readers who has stuck with me since my first book and every other book thereafter, knows my writing style by now. It's different than most native English speaking authors’, and that’s not only due to me having a foreign language as my primary language, but also how I’ve been taught to write and read. (See what I did there at the end, I’ll come back to this in a bit.)

Now some might ask how, what does having a foreign first language (mother tongue) have to do with English. English is English you say? Sure there is differences in American English vs British English. But all grammar rules should still apply!

And this is still true.

Let touch on the bit I had there in brackets up above. I suffer from dyslexia; it was never addressed during my upbringing because of the way things were seen almost 20 years ago in South African households. In South Africa it was brushed off and hoped upon that by working hard and doing well in school, dyslexia would just weed itself out, in and through school. It didn’t, not for me at least, thus, sometimes, I switch my words around. Normally one would say “read and write,” it’s easier on the mind’s tongue and flows better. It was worse in the past, I use to confuse my left and right, my b with d’s and vice versa. I tended to learn easier via visual examples, demonstrations, experimentation, and observation. You couldn't just throw a book at me and tell me to learn what was written there, I’d be bored in the first five min.

This changed how I perceived the world, and eventually how my thought process worked.

This surely influenced how I write.

Now let's bring in the language, being a native Afrikaans boere boy, I tend to think in Afrikaans first then translate it into English and that can caused a bit of a train smash. See, sometimes in the Afrikaans language things tend to be backwards, especially in more complex sentences, we have different verb order and make use of double negatives.

Here’s a quick e.g.
Afrikaans: Môre werk ek in die skool.

English: I will be working at the school tomorrow.

Lit. translation: Tomorrow work I in the school.

Wulfy’s translation: Tomorrow, I’ll be working at the school.

Afrikaans: Hy het gesê, dat hy dit gedoen het.

English: He said that he did it.

Lit. translation: He has said, that he it did has.

Wulfy’s translation: He had said, that he had done it.

But it’s not only the grammatical and sentence structure differences that plays a part in my writing, it’s the language itself and how it shaped my perspective of thinking. For primarily English speakers, readers and writers, this can be a difficult concept to grasp. But this is prevalent to all languages. The tongue we speak shape our perspective of thinking. Our very langue defines so much about our thought process, how we solve problems, and how we view and perceive the world around us.

To learn more about this topic, which is extremely fascinating and interesting as Lera Boroditsky explains it, take a look at his video:

So what does this have to do with my first chapters being confusing, I use a lot of figurative writing and undertone. (please, this is by no means a “how to read my (wulfy’s) books,” this is merely a view into how my mind and writing works.)

I’ll take two examples here from two of my works. (Please note; prologues don’t apply here.)

The first thing to note is how much thought goes into my opening line. I believe personally, and I feel that my opening line should be able to sum up my entire story within that line.

E.g. 1) Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu.

“A pitch-black pit lay in front of him, reaching through the darkness to pull him down into its depths.”

Let’s interpret this.

We know this is Hades.

Pitch-black; a darkness, this could be PTSD, depression, some unwanted predicament or struggle he needs to face that’s lying ahead of him. It might have happened already, or may still come to pass.

Pit; aka a hole, empty and vast, the unknown, uncertainty yet inevitable in its existence.

Reaching through the darkness: what is reaching? We don’t know yet, but it has darkness at its core, death maybe? A dark state of mind, uncertainty of the future? Past sins reaching, catching up with him? Darkness; bad, dismay, wickedness, evil.

To pull him down: inevitable, something is definitely coming or will come, falling to one's own darkness, down aka depressed.

Depths: note here how the word is plural, we don’t know how deep it is, how many levels of darkness there are, again the unknown and darkness comes into play.

By this short sentence we can gather that some of the prominent themes throughout the story will be darkness, the unknown, sinking in, pulled down, becoming one’s own darkness.

For those who have read Komainu now knows how the story goes, knows how these themes play into each other and what the ultimate outcome is.

E.g. 2) The Wulf Chronicles.

“I was going to die.”

We know this is the protagonist speaking by it being in first person point of view. He’s going to die? Well, we can’t really tell because this is past tense with the word ‘was’. Is he being over dramatic? Maybe he’s a teenage, cause they tend to be way over dramatic at times. But die, death? Why is he going to, or believe that he is going to die. Death also insinuates fear. Now for those who have read The Wulf Chronicles know Fear and Death are two major recurring themes with in this story.

Why do I do this then? Because it's what I grew up on, Afrikaans literature is riddled with undertones, we are taught to dissect an entire prescribed book and fish out its deeper meanings. Afrikaners tend to write and tell stories very metaphorically and colorfully, making use of figurative symbols, double negatives, litotes, oxymoron, personification, hyperbole and poetry, to name a few.

However creative this can be, it can also hinder clarity sometimes. Another reason I do this is for readers to slow down and pay attention to what they are reader. More often than not, we tend to complete a sentence we read in our minds, before our eyes had even reach the last word.

So there you have it a small insight into how my brain word words.


Wulf Logo
They come to me in the night, creeping into my head. Their voices are all different, their stories all dissimilar, but they keep saying the same thing...
“Show us, tell us to the world. Bring us into yours, and make us known.”

Then I sit and they take over. They tell their tales of love, loss and sinister misfortune, not all of them get a happy ending, but they are pleased when their part is written.
I sometimes find myself lost in my own mind; a world very similar to our own yet so different. Things don't go bump in the night—they squeal, and crawl under your skin, making you grind your teeth, and your stomach turn over and put your nerves on edge. Then there's the drama. Oh, the drama!
I write because I must! There is so much inside of me that needs to get out. So many stories to tell, characters that want to be heard, and hearts lost and won. Words and art are my way of bringing my world to others. I enjoy telling tales of the human condition but working in elements of the supernatural. Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Witches and the unexplainable all set against the human world or worlds of their own.
Wulf Francú Godgluck hails from South Africa. His work is not for the faint-hearted! In his books, you'll find... all the beasties with their nasty claws and teeth, and some you didn't even know existed. But the monsters aren't all real. Some live inside us. Who knows what he will make you discover about yourself, lurking in your heart, behind the closed walls of the deep, black recesses where no light penetrates? Wulf will steal your heart and never give it back. More than likely, he'll pin it to the wall with a bobby pin and sit there sipping his tea while you writhe and squeal on the floor... STILL sure you want to read a Wulf Godgluck book?


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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Thief of Hearts by Ruby Moone

Thief of Hearts by Ruby Moone is out from JMS Books! Celebrate with the author and Signal Boost Promotions! Enter in $15 Amazon gift card giveaway!

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS Books

Length: 72,000 words approx.


It’s 1806 and aristocratic, bastard born jewel thief, David Lambert has few rules in his life. Never bed the staff, never bed a man more than once, and never kiss. In the space of one weekend, all his rules are shattered by a stunning, violet eyed footman with a secret.

Jeremy Naylor thought he had found the man of his dreams. Thought he had found the one person that might, just might, understand him. But in one shocking moment his dreams are destroyed, and he is forced to run for his life.

When Jeremy is flung into Newgate for a crime David committed, it’s a race against time to get him free and David is forced to face up to his past, his family, and accept that he might have a future if he has the courage to fight for it.


David hammered on the door of Charnley’s Grosvenor Street mansion and, finding the door unlocked, let himself in. He strode through the hallway, boot heels ringing on the marble floor, and was met by a flurry of agitated staff.

“Get me Charnley. Now.”

The butler emerged and addressed him in condescending tones, but David brushed him aside. “Where is he? Study?” he stalked across the hallway and headed for the study door with the staff flapping behind him. He threw open the door, but there was no-one inside.

“Charnley!” he bellowed. “Get out here now.”

The flurry of footmen was swiftly replaced by burly, determined looking grooms, so David pulled out a brace of pistols from the back of his breeches and aimed them.

“Hold it right there,” he said, and the men stopped. “I have no quarrel with you, but I will see Charnley. Anyone who tries to stop me will be shot. Those of you who know me know I will do it.” He raised the pistols and waited. No-one moved.

“So, where is he?”

“What in God’s name is going on?” Charnley appeared, leaning over the gallery balcony, then running lightly down the stairs wearing only his shirt sleeves and waistcoat. “Lambert, why are you causing ructions in my home? For God’s sake, man, put the pistols down.”

“First, call off your lap dogs.”

With a flick of a hand, the staff were dismissed, but David held onto the pistols. “Shall we?” he asked, nodding towards the study. He slammed the door shut behind them with his boot.

“Get him out. Whatever you want from me is yours, just get him out.”

Charnley frowned. “What the hell are you talking about?”

David stalked across the room, gun in hand and put the muzzle against Charnley’s chest. “You have until the count of three to tell me you will get him out. If you do not, I will shoot you and get him out myself.”

Charnley staggered back and held up both hands. “What … who are you talking about? Get who out of where?”


“Lambert, I do not know what…”


“God… man will you … Oh Christ. Not Naylor?” A look of genuine shock on Charnley’s face surprised David.

“Three. Yes.” He pushed against Charnley’s chest.

“Yes, yes… of course I will help. Just put the fucking gun down.”

David lowered the pistol slowly, and Charnley backed away, one hand going to his throat. Sweat stood out on his brow.

“Get your coat, get down to Newgate, and undo whatever lies you told to put him in there. Now.”

Charnley lifted both hands. He was a little taller than David, and heavier having a few years on him, but he was treating him with a healthy respect. “Now, listen to me.”

“I’m listening. Get your coat.”

“David, I will do everything in my power to get Naylor out, but we have a serious problem here.”

“Which is?”

“He is not there because of anything that I did. I did not order his arrest.”

My name is Ruby Moone and I love books. All kinds of books. My weakness is for romance, and that can be any kind, but I am particularly fond of historical and paranormal. I decided to write gay romance after reading some fantastic books and falling in love with the genre, so am really thrilled to have my work published here. The day job takes up a lot of my time, but every other spare moment finds me writing or reading. I live in the north west of England with my husband who thinks that I live in two worlds. The real world and in the world in my head...he probably has a point!

Facebook Page -

Twitter - @RubyMooneWriter


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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Nectar and Ambrosia (Amaranthine Inheritance #1) by E.M. Hamill

E.M. Hamill and IndiGo Marketing visit on the Nectar and Ambrosia (Amaranthine Inheritance #1) blog tour! Read the exclusive except from the new urban fantasy and enter in the Nectar and Ambrosia eBook giveaway! Up to five lucky winners!

Title:  Nectar and Ambrosia
Series: Amaranthine Inheritance #1
Author: E.M. Hamill
Publisher:  Star Bard Books
Release Date: June 30, 2018
Heat Level: 1 - No Sex
Pairing: Male/Female, Male/Male
Length: 81576
Genre: Fantasy, urban/mythical

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Callie, a Classics major, flees home to protect her family from a monster straight out of mythology.  Visions lead her to Nectar and Ambrosia: the weirdest pub on Earth, where inter-dimensional travelers with attention seeking issues get drunk in between the A-list celebrity lives they create. They can't pretend to be gods anymore—not since a treaty with the current Supreme Deity promising they won't intervene in human affairs.

The Doorkeeper of this threshold, Florian, rides herd on the rowdy Amaranthine and offers her shelter and a job. Callie likes the lonely, mysterious bartender more than she should. For Florian, her presence is a ray of light in the gray monotony of his sentence behind the bar, but he keeps a cautious distance—the truth of how he became Doorkeeper could change Callie's perception of him forever.

When angels show up for a war council over Zeus's irrational mutters about a comeback, Callie has uncontrolled visions of an apocalypse.  Ex-gods realize she’s the first Oracle Priestess in generations. All Callie wanted was keep her parents safe, and now it seems she must sacrifice her future to keep the rest of humanity safe, too. Ambrosia could be the key to harnessing her visions— or it could cost her life.

War is coming. The threshold between worlds has never been more fragile. Callie must discover who is pulling Zeus's strings and avert the final battle—before the immortal vying to become the next Supreme Deity kills her first.​

Exclusive Excerpt

While Florian tended to Big Z, Callie interrogated Hermes in search of validation for her burgeoning acceptance. They sat together in one of the booths out front and the former messenger, who claimed to now be a lawyer for the gods, indulgently fielded her rapid-fire questions as he ate the remainder of the olives from Florian's garnish tray. His funnel-shaped glass overflowed with green spheres and a token amount of alcohol.
"You might try a drink with your olives, sometime. That's a pretty serious habit you have there," Callie noted.
"Silence, mortal scholar. I'm allowed my vices. I don't have many others." He popped more into his mouth. "So what other burning questions do you have?"
"So, why would gods bother taking on a human form at all, or an animal one? I always wondered about that."
He shrugged. "In our native form you'd be unable to perceive us as anything but bright lights or energy. We take on whatever appearance will get us where we need to go, or in Zeus's case, incognito to avoid pissing off Hera."
The last part of the sentence emerged sotto voce, and Hermes looked over his shoulder as if expecting Hera to appear. She giggled, glancing with cautious guilt at Zeus's back.
"Interacting with humans is more practical in a corporeal body. We can be male or female—or both, depending on the situation. It makes it easier for you to relate to us, and there are distinct advantages in the field of biology." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and Callie snorted, amused.
"Yes. Rather prolific advantages, as I remember."
"Not so much, anymore." He shifted, and became serious. When he spoke again, his voice held gravity. "There are rules in place now that make it less practical to procreate with humans. We can't intervene in our children's lives in any way that would alter their destiny so the decision should be given more consideration than it gets. Conception happens without fail unless we take some pretty drastic precautions. In most cases, it's a temporary decision and a temporary body, but we become governed by emotions that aren't the norm for our kind when we take on a permanent human form. We're not big on humility or love or being good parents unless we're constrained by the human condition."
Hermes went silent for a moment, an odd, wistful expression on his face as he regarded her. "Every now and then, we decide to live out a human lifespan just for kicks. But biology can't be cheated. When we truly become human in this world, eventually that persona is going to die of old age or as a result of abuse to which the body is subjected. Like that one did." He jerked his chin at the drunken Zeus, still disguised as a now-dead rock star. "Losing this identity has been exceptionally hard. Nobody's ever seen him like this. He didn't even mourn losing Henry the Eighth this badly."
"So, the cult of celebrity has become the new worship?"
Hermes looked impressed. "Score one for the lady. You worked it out in no time at all."
"Not that hard to see. Some of those celebrities are too perfect, or too weird to be human. Tom Cruise?"
"Trust me, not one of ours. The celebrity or rock star status works for some of us. Me? I prefer to be the normal everyday Joe with power, money, and good taste that everyone else wants to be." He saluted her with his martini. "Envy and imitation work almost as well as fame, without the paparazzi. They suck."
"So how many are professional athletes?"
"Not as many as you might think. There are a lot more porn stars."
"Eww." Callie wrinkled her nose.
"We take attention where we can get it."
"Don't take this the wrong way then, but Hermes was always one of my favorites." Her face heated up and she covered her eyes, confused at her own reaction. "Oh my God, I sound like I’m fangirling."
Hermes laughed. "Thanks, but I have a boyfriend. I'm flattered. Don’t worry, your admiration is appreciated for what it is."
"When I was little I loved the story about stealing Apollo's cows. Dad read it every time I asked, even though he must have been sick of it. I know it's probably allegorical."
"Oh, no, that one's relatively accurate. It didn't take much to impress people back then, but making cows walk backward isn't as easy as it sounds."


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Meet the Author

Elisabeth "E.M." Hamill is a nurse by day, unabashed geek, chocoholic, sci fi and fantasy novelist by nights, weekends, and wherever she can steal quality time with her laptop. She lives with her family, a dog, and a cat in the wilds of eastern suburban Kansas, where they fend off flying monkey attacks and prep for the zombie apocalypse.​

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Review: A Trust to Follow (Wild Magics #1) by Diana Waters

Daymon is the second prince of a kingdom in which Evokers—those who possess intuitive magical abilities—have long since been treated with fear and mistrust. Marked as an Evoker himself, Daymon is captured by those who wish to take advantage of these powers. Now, the prince must put his faith in Rhyder, the captain of his guards—and the man Daymon has claimed as his own—to free him.

Some short stories work and some don’t. This one delivered!

Prince Daymon is the rare magic user and because of his potentially volatile abilities, he’s kidnapped by those who fear him and hate what he is. As he lays imprisoned awaiting a terrible fate, the only thing that’s keeping him alive is the hope that his lover and captain of his guard Rhyder, will find and rescue him.

Jumping to and fro from past to present, glimpses of how Daymon and Rhyder meet and fall in love are shown. This was a lovely look at an established couple, about a man with great power but still unsure of such and an equally strong partner who believes that he can and will do amazing things not only because of his magic but also due to his royal station.

Like with all short stories, it’s often a gamble and when it’s a win, I torture myself wishing and wanting at least another 100 pages of all the goodness. This was sexy and swoony and Rhyder is a fucking dream. Luckily, what I thought was initially a one-off, is now apparently the beginning of a series! Score!

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Smoke in the Mirror by Aimee Nicole Walker

Celebrate the release of Smoke in the Mirror with author Aimee Nicole Walker and Vibrant Promotions! Learn more about the contemporary romance! Enter in the $5 Amazon gift card giveaway!

Smoke in the Mirror RDB Banner
RELEASE DATE: 07.12.18
Smoke in the Mirror Cover

Smoke in the Mirror Graphic

Memphis Sullivan thought he was coming to Blissville to help his cousin out, but instead, he gained three meddlesome females, a tribe, and a permanent home. More than a year later, he owns a popular comic book and vinyl record store and doesn’t think his life could get any better. That all changes when the star of his favorite television show and bad-boy fantasies rides into town and spices up his vanilla world.
Lyric Willows’ decision to visit an old friend in Blissville will change his life in ways he never dreamed possible. The paranormal investigator is immediately drawn to the mysterious disappearance of the town’s founder in 1850 and rumors that his former home is haunted. More alluring to Lyric than the history of Bliss House is the immediate connection he feels to the adorably geeky owner of Vinyl and Villains, who also happens to be his friend’s cousin.

Lyric becomes Memphis’s houseguest when he decides to stay in town to conduct a paranormal investigation. Tight spaces lead to sexy encounters, and before long, ghosts aren’t the only things that go bump in the night. The more they unravel about Anthony Bliss’s disappearance, the more tangled in one another they become. How is it possible for two virtual strangers to feel like they’ve known each other for their entire lives? Was their love written in the stars, or is it nothing more than an illusion?

Smoke in the Mirror is the fifth book in the Road to Blissville series. Each book can be read as a standalone book or part of the series. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and older.

Smoke in the Mirror Teaser 1

Smoke in the Mirror Teaser 2
Three weeks passed with no word from Lyric. I would’ve taken it personally if he was communicating with Maegan during that timeframe, but she hadn’t heard from him either. I’d shamefully looked online for answers, but he had pulled another disappearing act. I accepted he’d changed his mind and moved on to a different town and haunted house. I’d kept my house spotless during the first month of waiting because I wanted to make a good impression on the man when he arrived, but I gave up on tidiness at the same time I gave up on him showing up on my doorstep.

That’s why I was masturbating at eleven o’clock on a Saturday night instead of scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen when his truck rumbled into my driveway. I didn’t realize he arrived right away of course because I was fingering my ass with two fingers from my left hand while stroking my dick with my right. What else would I be doing on a Saturday night? I was about to shoot my load when I heard Gigi growling low in her throat in the hallway. At first, I thought she was pissed because I locked her out of the bedroom since I couldn’t jerk off with her judgmental eyes watching me. Then the growl became a full-out squeaking bark about the same time I heard voices downstairs. My stroking hand stilled as panic flooded my body.

“What the fuck are they doing here?” I whispered out loud. The Matrons were nosy as fuck, but they’d never unlocked the door and let themselves in. Then I heard a fourth voice join them, one so deep and raspy with the perfect amount of southern drawl, and it sent electric thrills coursing through my body. The slightest jerk with my right hand made me come hard enough for my toes to curl and my eyes roll back in my head.

“Memphis is probably sleeping,” Gertie said loudly from the bottom of the steps. She was the oldest, and mother of Sandra and Clara. Sandra was the one who owned the house I rented, and it was mostly furnished with her belongings. The only things I moved in were my clothes and my bed. Sandra moved in with Gertie after her husband’s sudden death a few years prior. Up until that moment, I felt exceedingly lucky to find such a nurturing landlord and two additional ladies to fuss over me.

“Fuck!” I whisper-yelled, jackknifing off the bed and grabbing the closest pair of sweats off the floor. I grabbed a T-shirt too, but instead of pulling it over my head, I wiped the cum off my chest and tossed it in the direction of the dirty clothes basket.

“Surely not,” Sandra said. “It’s a Saturday night. He’s most likely busy doing something else.” Fuck me! “We were all young and single once.”

“Who needs to be young or single to masturbate?” Gertie asked her oldest daughter.

“Mom!” Clara admonished. She was the softest spoken and most demure of the three, but that wasn’t saying much.

“We love your show,” Gertie said, changing the subject. “Memphis is a big fan too.”

“Is he now?”

Aimee Logo
I am a wife and mother to three kids, three dogs, and a cat. When I’m not dreaming up stories, I like to lose myself in a good book, cook or bake. I’m a girly tomboy who paints her fingernails while watching sports and yelling at the referees. I will always choose the book over the movie. I believe in happily-ever- after. Love inspires everything that I do. Music keeps me sane.


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Review: Love Me Louder by Christina Lee

Noah Dixon is damaged goods. After an accident leaves him physically scarred and emotionally vulnerable, dating isn’t in the cards, so he throws himself head-first into his retail job. When he’s obligated to attend his best friend’s engagement party on Fire Island, it dawns on him he’s about to spend yet another weekend feeling totally invisible and alone among a swarm of gorgeous men.

That’s when the idea of an escort comes in.

After Will Crossen was forced to put his theater major on hold in favor of two jobs to tackle his ailing mother’s hospital bills, he tells himself becoming an escort isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just another form of acting, right? He doesn’t expect his newest customer to be the cheery, overconfident sales associate he avoids like the plague at his day job. Talk about awkward.

But what happens on Fire Island stays on Fire Island…especially when a smoldering attraction sparks into flames. Will doesn’t feel so alone anymore, and for the first time, Noah realizes someone is seeing him behind all the scars. But between their jobs, Will’s massive familial responsibilities, and Noah’s vulnerabilities, they don’t stand a chance unless they find a way to let love speak louder than their demons.

Holy fishnets Batman!!


I’m in the minority with my rating but the fishnets, the way Will rocked them, and how much Noah got off on them brought out my happy face.

Noah works at a home furnishings store with the quiet and stand-offish Will. Noah is happiest at work where he is able to transform spaces for customers. In his private life he’s lonely, insecure about his scars, and distancing himself from the friends and family that love him. This distance from his helicopter parents and physically “beautiful” friends works until he has to go back to Fire Island for a birthday party and secret engagement for his friends. Unable to stomach a trip back alone with everyone hooking up except him, he spots a bat signal in the form of a card his co-worker Will accidentally drops.

Gotham City Escorts.

Will works multiple jobs to help support his mother and her medical bills. He meets up with his next client to prepare for a weekend away at a coffee shop and is taken aback to find Noah waiting. After a rocky start, Will agrees to escort Noah for the Fire Island trip.

Will and Noah’s agreement begins a tentative friendship where they spend time getting to know each other. They definitely can’t show up for the weekend acting like they’ve never spent a minute together. Outside of work, they realize they have things in common and that their assumptions about the other were way off base. A connection is made and then at Fire Island their chemistry comes alive. Except, they don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. Noah doesn’t understand how anyone can be attracted to him beyond a hook-up and believes that Will is just doing what he is paid to do; which is to act like he’s a devoted boyfriend. Will can’t see past his need for money and what that means in caring for his mom. There are some mild curve balls thrown in to make decisions more complicated but low to medium angst overall with a HEA.

The first 50-60% of the book dragged for me. I wasn’t even sure I would hit 3 stars for a rating because I wasn’t having a very enjoyable time. The insecurities and self-doubt were understandable but Noah grated on my patience. Assumptions in high quantities were being spewed on both sides. The back and forth does he/doesn’t he or he’s only interested because I’m paying him drove me cray-cray after a while. I was extremely relieved that everything picked up and my sanity/enjoyment was restored as I finished out the story. Clearly this is a case of “it’s not you, it’s me.”

A warning for readers that like their MCs to only have *ahem* interactions between themselves: There are other... escorty type situations while Noah and Will find their place together. They're minor but bills gotta be paid and all. *shrugs*


”Show me, fuck me, hire me again just so we can pretend to pretend.”

Author Visit + Giveaway: Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert

Welcome Annabeth Albert and A Novel Take PR's visit to the blog in celebration of the latest Out of Uniform release, Tight Quarters! Learn more about the author's favorite M/M SEALs and enter in the giveaway for a chance to win Reader’s Choice of any Out of Uniform book in paper + surprise swag pack!

“Sexy, sweet and heartfelt, Annabeth Albert's Out of Uniform series is a fresh take on Navy SEALs that will delight and entertain romance readers.”
--Layla Reyne, author of the Agents Irish and Whisky series.

Title: Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert

Series: Out of Uniform #6

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: ebook: July 9, 2018 | print: July 31, 2018

Subgenre: M/M Contemporary Military Romance

Links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

Book Synopsis: Petty Officer Bacon, a navy SEAL and ace sharpshooter, has been on the front lines of more than his fair share of dangerous ops. Yet when a minor injury relegates him to the beta team, he’s tasked with what may be his riskiest assignment yet: the silver fox journalist he’s babysitting is the hottest, most charismatic man he’s ever encountered.

Award-winning journalist Spencer Bryant may have been named one of Pride magazine’s most eligible bachelors of the year, but he’s not looking to change his relationship status. He’s a consummate professional who won’t risk his ethics or impeccable reputation by getting involved with a source. Even a sexy-as-hell military man. But while Spencer can resist his physical attraction to Bacon, he has less control over his emotions—especially when the mission goes sideways and the two men are trapped alone.

Getting out of the jungle alive turns out to be easy compared to facing the truth about their feelings for one another back in the real world. And whether or not they can build a future is a different story altogether.

This book is approximately 82,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!


“Is something up with you and the reporter?” Curly demanded as they walked to the building where the LT and the rest of the leadership had a situation room for planning their strategy.
“Nope. We were just talking.” Bacon wasn’t lying—they had been talking. And Curly sure as hell didn’t need to know how close to rage-kissing Spencer he’d been. He’d been more pissed off than he’d been in years, and Spencer was a threat on so many levels, and yet somehow, he’d been turned on. It was fucked up, and the impulse to lean in and kiss the living daylights out of Spencer had been stupid and impulsive, things he tried hard not be anymore, and he needed to make sure it didn’t happen again.
“Good. We don’t need any of us getting all buddy-buddy with the reporter, right?”
“Yeah.” Bacon hoped his reluctance didn’t show in his tone. He wasn’t overly friendly now, but there on the bluff, telling him about Jamie, he’d felt something more than animosity. And in a way, that had him madder now. He’d let his guard down, and he wasn’t sure whether Spencer would take advantage or not.
“I talked to Donaldson. He’s going to try to can it with the wisecracks.” Curly was slightly out of breath—he was probably even more bushed than Bacon felt. It had been a long ass forty-eight hours, and the night was muggy and smelled dank, like a basement full of plants.
“Try isn’t as good as will.” Bacon frowned. “But thanks. And it’s not just him, you know? On the plane, no one was stopping him.”
“It wasn’t really offensive,” Curly protested. “Just him running his mouth.”
“It was to me,” Bacon said with a sigh. He hated that they needed to have this conversation. “I’m probably going to come out as pan to the team soon, and I need to know you’ve got my six, man. You staying silent when people are homophobic—even if it’s just a joke—fucking hurts.”
“I’m sorry,” Curly said quietly as they reached the building. “I’ll try—will—do better. And you coming out, that’s probably a good thing, yeah? That alone might silence some of it. And who knows whether someone else is also wondering whether or not to come out. Good role model and all that.”
“Yeah.” Bacon really didn’t want to be a diversity poster-child, but he also wasn’t sure how much longer he could quietly seethe.

Author Visit

Favorite M/M SEALs

Hi! Thank you so much for having me today as I celebrate the release of TIGHT QUARTERS, sixth in my SEAL series, Out of Uniform. This one pairs Bacon, a SEAL sniper, with Spencer, a silver fox journalist embedded with his team. It’s no secret that I adore SEALs—this is book six of the series, and my seventh SEAL hero book (I have to count CONNECTION ERROR too!). But why? What’s so awesome about SEALs, particularly as it pertains to the m/m genre?

I love how elite the SEALs are—only a few are chosen to go to training, most of those will drop out during “Hell Week” and only a few make it through to earn their tridents. These are special, determined people. Each has very specialized skills too that allow them to operate as a team. Also, until very, very recently, it’s been an all-male environment, which creates unique interpersonal experiences. From my extensive research, I’ve learned that culture really varies from team to team as they operate as small, tightly knit units. Some teams get along like family. Others may have issues with differences or personality conflicts. In my books, I’ve tried to portray the wide range of SEALs and experiences on the teams. I’ve also tried to explore the wide range of reasons and motivations for becoming a SEAL as well as why they choose to remain (or not) with the teams.

But given such a testosterone charged environment with such life-and-death situations, the experience of SEALs in same-sex relationships really intrigues me. And I’m not alone. There are other awesome m/m books starring SEALs and former SEALs.

Any lover of military romance must start with LA Witt, who writes some of the best m/m military romance around. She’s covered just about every job in the navy from grunts to officers to fighter pilots and SEALs. Among her best is WASH OUT, which features a hero who desperately wanted to be a SEAL but didn’t quite make it due to injury. I love the exploration of what happens when Special Forces is the dream and reality disappoints.

Another master of the military/romantic suspense genre, Charlie Cochet, has several books that fit the bill. I particularly loved LOVE IN SPADES which stars an ex-special forces solider (very similar to a SEAL). SE Jakes is another who has several military romances and has a wide range of series to choose from. My personal favorite is LONG TIME GONE, which features an ex-SEAL. And if you like your military with a touch of sci-fi, Hailey Turner’s Metahuman series features special forces men. IN THE WRECKAGE starts the series. Out this month, Layla Reyne has a former SEAL turned federal prosecutor in her romantic suspense IMPERIAL STOUT ,and I adore her voice!

I’m sure I’m missing some other great SEAL and former SEAL and special forces heroes, so feel free to chime in in the comments! Thank you so much for having me today, and I hope you enjoy TIGHT QUARTERS!

About Annabeth Albert:

Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer. The #OutOfUniform series joins her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite LGBTQ romance #Gaymers, #PortlandHeat and #PerfectHarmony series.
To find out what she’s working on next and other fun extras, check out her website: or connect with Annabeth on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify! Also, be sure to sign up for her newsletter for free ficlets, bonus reads, and contests. The fan group, Annabeth’s Angels, on Facebook is also a great place for bonus content and exclusive contests.
Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two active children.

Connect with Annabeth: Twitter | Facebook | Facebook Group | Newsletter | Instagram | Website

Win Reader’s Choice of any Out of Uniform book in paper + surprise swag pack!

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