Guest Review: Sin and Saint (Executioners #4) by J.M. Dabney

Eric and Ellison Gant better known as Sin and Saint were opposite sides of the same coin. They epitomized the nicknames given to them by their friends in the band Executioners. One thing Sin and Saint did well was fight and being inseparable means they have a lot of disagreements, but one thing they agree on is Sheriff Camden Pelter was theirs. The older, stoic man didn’t agree, yet they were determined to change his mind.

Camden Pelter had the daunting job of turning the Powers Sheriff Department around. The residents of the Georgia town didn’t have much faith or respect in the Deputies serving them. That’s where he came in and he was determined to do his job. That was easier said than done with two annoying brothers Sin and Saint who dogged his every step. No way in hell was he getting mixed up in the chaos that were the Gant Twins. Now if only if he could get them to listen and realize they didn’t have a chance of changing his mind.

Reviewer: NeRdyWYRM

Can You Say ... Jacob's Ladder?

'Nuf said. Read it.

Okay, I'm kidding but I'm really not. LOL. Although that was hot, I generally need a little more than a couple of words to entice me into reading a book these days. There are so many meh titles out there, after all. Thankfully, this isn't one of them. But in case two words is enough for you allow me to repeat these: Jacob's Ladder.

Jacob's ladder smug dean winchester

Some of the series with more and more installments forthcoming tend to kind of blend into amalgamations or turn into Groundhog Day where the personalities are so similar they start running together or you lose or transpose the details in the individual stories. So far, that is not the case for me with these.

The twinky twins finally get their man. Hooah! Freaking Cam has been running like an antelope in the Serengeti for a few books now. Well, he finally stops running ... mostly. Every overprotective, macho man-beast of a certain age is going to backslide into former habits like isolationism or martyrdom from time to time and Cam is no exception.

old dog new tricks

Old dogs, new tricks and all that I guess. But it's not overdone here, thank the book gods. Cam's wishy-washy manliness supplies the angst for this story while the wunder twins fight to lock down their walking fantasy ... finally.

I've liked all the installments in this series, but I have to say that Cam is one of my favorite characters. If you've enjoyed any of the others, you'll like this one, too.

More reviews by NeRdyWYRM can be found on Goodreads here.
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An ARC copy of this title was provided for an honest review.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: The Station by Keira Andrews

Keira Andrews and Signal Boost Promotions celebrate re-release of historical age gap romance, The Station! Check out today's book info and enter in the giveaway. You could win your choice from Keira Andrew's backlist!

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Cover Design: Dar Albert @ Wicked Smart Designs


Ever since Cambridge-bound Colin Lancaster spied on stable master Patrick Callahan mastering another man, he’s longed for Patrick to do the same to him. When Patrick is caught with his pants down and threatened with death for his crime, Colin speaks up in his defense and confesses his own sinful nature. They’re soon banished to the faraway prison colony of Australia.

Patrick never asked for Colin’s help, and now he’s stuck with the pampered fool. While it’s true that being transported to Australia is a far cry from the luxury Colin is accustomed to, he’s determined to make the best of it and prove himself. Although Patrick learned long ago that love is a fairy tale, he’s inexorably drawn to sweet, optimistic Colin.

From the miserable depths of a prison ship to the vast, untamed Australian outback, Colin and Patrick must rely on each other. Danger lurks everywhere, and when they unexpectedly get the chance to escape to a new life as cowboys, they’ll need each other more than ever.

This historical gay romance from Keira Andrews features an age difference, an eager virgin, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.


Waiting only a moment after knocking, Colin’s mother, Elizabeth, entered his room. Colin glanced over from the window seat. He’d been watching Patrick in the meadow exercising the young colt born several days before. “Yes, Mother?”

Elizabeth was forty-two and quite beautiful, with a regal nose and posture and the same thick, chestnut brown hair as Colin. “You haven’t bathed yet? Guests will be arriving within the hour.”

“I was about to, if you’d leave me to my privacy.”

When he wasn’t studying or walking the grounds, Colin whiled away the hours sitting by his window reading novels of thrilling adventures in faraway lands. Sometimes Patrick would appear in the meadow, training the horses. Colin’s book would lie forgotten on his lap as he watched Patrick at work. He seemed as if he belonged in one of the fictional tales Colin devoured. Colin could easily imagine him with sword in hand.

“Of course, dear. I had Charles press your jacket. It’s hanging there.” She pointed across the room, where, sure enough, his formal wear waited. “Katherine was partial to that one, if I do recall.”

Colin couldn’t hold back a sigh. “Yes.”

“Darling, you gave up on Katherine far too easily. Tonight will be another chance for you to win her hand. You’re quite a catch, you know. Off to Cambridge soon. Katherine will want to ensnare you now.”

“Mother, Katherine Crawford has turned her favor elsewhere. She’s moved on.” So had he. Most definitely.

Elizabeth’s pretty face pinched into a frown. “It’s an honor that the Crawfords are attending this evening. You will be on your best behavior. I don’t know what exactly you did to ruin things with Katherine, but tonight you will do your utmost to undo it.”

“Yes, Mother.” He would attempt no such thing, but Colin had learned years before that arguing with his parents got him nowhere. Soon he’d be at Cambridge and he would be able to make his own decisions. Soon he’d have a new life.

Mollified, Elizabeth closed the door behind her. Flopping down on his bed, Colin thought of Katherine and cringed. It wasn’t until a most ill-fated outing with Katherine Crawford several months ago that Colin had admitted to himself that his interest in Patrick was far from intellectual.

Katherine was a beauty, all glossy blonde hair and moist, pink lips. For some reason Colin couldn’t fathom, she had shown an interest in him at a holiday gathering down the road. The courting had begun soon thereafter, with Colin escorting Katherine on various activities. Unlike William, who railed against the inconveniences of chaperones, Colin was grateful for the matrons’ presence.

He liked Katherine well enough. She was intelligent and kind and pleasing to look at. But Colin knew something was missing. Katherine didn’t set his blood on fire, and he rarely thought of her when she was absent.

The absences were as long as Colin could manage while still maintaining the guise of courting. He was a perfect gentleman at all times with Katherine, which he found a simple feat. William and his school chums all needled him in private and made winking suggestions of what was actually going on between him and Katherine, and Colin let them believe what they wanted.

The Lancasters and Crawfords had both been guests at a country estate for an Easter celebration. Colin’s sister, Rebecca, was delighted. On the ride over, she had chattered constantly about the beautiful Katherine and how she might one day be her sister-in-law. Colin loved his sister dearly but wished she’d find a new interest.

Colin had been fast asleep the first night at the country estate when Katherine crept into his room. Despite his protests about the impropriety, she’d insisted he dress and accompany her for a moonlight stroll. He hadn’t really a choice.

It went badly.

Despite Katherine’s obvious beauty and heaving bosom, Colin had remained utterly uninterested. He’d tried. Truly, he did. Under a large willow tree, Colin had kissed Katherine and caressed her soft skin under her skirt, her hand firm on his wrist, guiding him. He had been unable to get excited, and when she’d reached for him to find him flaccid, Katherine Crawford had had quite enough.

She’d stomped back to her room and avoided Colin for the remainder of the weekend. Colin could hardly meet anyone’s eyes. His family had obviously required an explanation, and he’d had none.

When they returned home after a torturous journey, Colin had jumped from the carriage, eager to be away from his inquiring parents and sister, who’d demanded to know how Colin had made such a mess of things. Colin had almost barreled straight into Patrick, who had come to take the horses. At the sight of him, his lean muscles, his maleness, Colin had been struck with the vivid memories of what he’d witnessed in the stable that day long ago. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from begging Patrick to take him into some dark corner and have his way with him.

That was what he wanted. He would never want the Katherine Crawfords of the world. No matter how beautiful, how rich, how ideal for a wife. Colin wanted a man. Oh, God, did he want a man.

Can I be of assistance?” Patrick had affected a guileless expression, and Colin had realized he’d been staring dumbly.

Awkward and ready to crawl out of his own skin, Colin had mumbled something and hurried off. All the denials he’d repeated to himself had finally been silenced. He’d locked himself in his room, took himself in hand, and, muffling his face in a pillow as he thought of Patrick, attained the most satisfying release he’d experienced since that day at sixteen years old, hiding in the stable.

Remembering now, Colin stroked himself quickly, careful not to muss himself too much before the party. He thought of Patrick, of his Gaelic lullaby and of his grunts as he’d penetrated the man in the stable years before. As he rubbed himself with one hand, legs spread, Colin caressed his lips with his fingertips, imagining what it would be like to be kissed—really kissed. He didn’t even know if men kissed each other, but he would like to try it.

Sometime later, Colin straightened his navy tie and vest under his dark jacket and peered into the full-length mirror in the corner of his bedroom. His large eyes were a deep brown that matched his hair, and his jaw was narrow. His nose was straight and unremarkable. Katherine had once told him that his smile turned her knees to jelly and his eyes were bottomless pools she could stare into for eternity.

Colin doubted it, somehow.

He decided he looked as presentable as he was able to and went to join the party. Naturally, the first person he saw was Katherine. Dressed to the nines in an ornate, yellow, bell-shaped gown and looking lovely, she was laughing gaily at something William had said. Her hand was placed just so on his arm, and Colin saw the flash of her eyes as she spotted him. She laughed again, even louder.

Colin felt like laughing himself. If she only knew. Before he could do anything, Rebecca towed him into the drawing room, her voice low and urgent, grip firm. “Honestly, I don’t know what William is thinking. You mustn’t pay them any mind, Colin. Are you very upset?” Her pretty face, very much like their mother’s, creased with worry.

Shaking his head, Colin kissed his dear sister’s cheek. “I won’t give it another thought. William is welcome to her. Perhaps Father will take some solace if the family is connected to the Crawfords in the end.”

Rebecca, fourteen and very dramatic, hugged him tightly. “Oh, Colin. You’re ever so brave.”

Biting back his mirth, Colin thanked her and pointed her toward her newly arriving friends from down the road. He made his rounds of the soiree, shaking hands and making polite conversation. Dinner was served, and Colin listened to a neighbor tell him about what a wonderful time he’d have at Cambridge. Colin hoped it would be true. The one thing dampening his excitement about finally getting away from home was that he’d also be leaving Patrick behind.

As he spooned his custard, Colin brooded. He knew it was deeply foolish, since the strange affection and desire he had for Patrick was certainly one-sided. He’d only been a child when they were friends. Even if by some miracle Patrick desired him now that he was grown, would Colin really have the nerve to lie with another man? His trousers tightened at the notion, and he was glad for the napkin across his lap.

After dinner, Colin endured the ladies’ singing and gentlemen’s card games. Unable to shake Patrick from his mind as the night wore on, he found himself walking to the stable, unable to stay away. He was almost there when a cry came up. A man burst out from the large wooden doors and fled across the meadow, barely visible in the darkness. In the lantern light from the stable, Patrick tumbled outside, followed by two men Colin recognized as shopkeepers in the next county. Brothers named Harris, he thought.

Colin realized he was running and skidded to a halt just as one of the brothers landed a vicious kick to Patrick’s ribs. “Stop!” Colin shoved the man aside. Blood already streamed from Patrick’s nose and mouth.

The man ignored Colin as if he were naught but a fly, and kicked Patrick again. “Unnatural piece of filth!”

Several other guests who heard the melee drew near. The other Harris brother called out to them. “We need the inspector. A crime’s been committed here.”

“What crime?” Colin demanded.

The man spit at the ground where Patrick lay beaten. “Buggery.”

The world tilted on its axis, and Colin’s stomach churned. He realized Patrick’s breeches were loose, and that the man he’d seen fleeing must have been…

Suddenly Colin’s father was there. In the lantern light, Colin could see the rage on his father’s face, and it chilled him. Edward was short and stout, yet an imposing presence. He issued a terse command to the Harris brothers to follow him and bring Patrick.

Patrick was dragged around the back of the manor house, a growing number of curious guests following. Several women were told to go back to the party, and the servants watched with wide eyes as the brothers hauled Patrick through the kitchen. Inside Edward’s study, a group of men gathered. Patrick was deposited on his knees in the middle of the room as Colin crowded inside with the others. They were soon joined by Colin’s mother.

“What’s going on?” she hissed to her husband. “There are whispers everywhere.”

Edward barely spared her a glance. “This is no place for a woman. An ungodly crime has been committed. Go see to the other guests and tell them everything is fine. We don’t want this getting out.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Tell me what’s happened!” Elizabeth’s cheeks flamed.

The man who’d kicked Patrick spoke. “My wife is feeling ill, so my brother and I went to the stable to ask for our carriage to be brought round.”

“Ill? Not from the food?” Elizabeth appeared horrified.

“For God’s sake, woman, forget the food!” A vein in Edward’s temple throbbed, and Colin feared his father might explode with rage.

“Where’s the other one?” Colin glanced behind him, surprised to hear William’s voice. Apparently the whispers were indeed spreading.

One of the Harris brothers answered. “Gone. I think it was the Nelsons’ carriage driver. Quick bastard, we couldn’t catch him. This one was still tangled up in his breeches. Caught him dead to rights.”

“No need to get the courts involved. Take him out back and hang him from his bollocks,” said one of the other guests.

There was a murmur of agreement, and Edward seemed to seriously be considering it. Colin’s panic increased exponentially as the tension simmered. Many of those present had long been into their cups, and a reckless air swirled through the room. He looked to Patrick, who knelt silently, blood dripping down his face, his hands now bound behind his back. Colin hadn’t seen who restrained him.

“Kill him,” agreed one of the Harrises. To Patrick, he said, “Wouldn’t you rather be put out of your misery now than rot in a jail cell knowing you’re going to the gallows? We’d be doing you a favor.”

The murmur of assent grew frighteningly loud. “Should have expected it from an Irishman,” someone shouted.

“Hang ’im! Save the courts some time and money.” The bookkeeper from the local village reached for Patrick, attempting to haul him to his feet as other men cried their agreement.

“No!” When all eyes turned to him, Colin realized he’d spoken aloud. “No. You can’t kill him.” He thought of that day six years before, when Patrick had raced after him and plucked him from the fleeing stallion. His heart hammered as it had that day.

Edward’s eyes narrowed. “Colin, the punishment for buggery is death. It’s what he deserves. This man—if you can call an animal a man—is a degenerate criminal.”

“Then so am I!”

Silence gripped the room in an instant, as if everyone held their breath collectively. Elizabeth went pale. “Colin, you have no idea what you’re saying.” She pulled his arm, urging him toward the door. “I’m sorry, everyone; he’s had far too much brandy this evening. He isn’t himself.”

Colin yanked his arm away. “No, Mother. I know what I’m saying.” He swallowed, his throat dry and thick. “I am myself.” Perhaps for the first time.

A shocked William spoke up, his eyes wide. “Colin, this is madness!”

Edward simply stared, stunned into silence for the first time in Colin’s memory. Elizabeth pulled at him again, but Colin shook free. “If you will kill this man for his crime, then you’ll have to kill me too. Shall you take me outside and string me up?”

“What in God’s name are you doing?” Patrick spoke for the first time, and all eyes turned to where he knelt. He stared at Colin with dazed astonishment.

The sound of Patrick’s voice seemed to spur Edward out of his daze. Edward turned a murderous gaze on Patrick. “If you’ve laid a finger on my son, I swear—”

“I’d sooner bed a horse,” Patrick sneered.

“And probably has!” a voice called out.

Colin felt a ridiculous stab of pain at Patrick’s words.

Patrick went on. “Sir, your son is clearly not in his right mind.”

William’s father, John, a lawyer, spoke next. He was tall and distinguished, the opposite of his brother, Edward. He seemed to be the only calm person left in the room. “Colin, are you saying you’ve committed acts of buggery?”

“Yes.” Even if it wasn’t true, Colin couldn’t let them kill Patrick. At least not tonight, not if he could help it.

Elizabeth shrieked and collapsed into a chair. “Oh, my son. What have you done? It can’t be true!”

“I’m sorry, Mother. They’ll have to kill us both.”

“Don’t listen to him! For God’s sake!” Patrick tried to stand but was shoved back down by Edward, whose face flamed with rage.

John spoke up. “No one’s killing anyone.” He turned to the Harris brothers. “Did you witness the act?”

One of them laughed tersely. “Didn’t have to. They heard us coming, and the other one was off and running. But we saw and heard enough to know what was going on.”

John pondered this, and everyone waited. He seemed to have quietly taken control of the proceedings, for which Colin was grateful. He hoped Patrick wouldn’t be harmed any further for the moment.

“No concrete evidence. None in regards to Colin either,” John said after a lengthy pause.

“Because it’s not true!” Elizabeth cried.

John ignored her and turned to Edward. “I have some friends in the magistrate’s office who should be able to help. I’ll go speak to George Crawford and get him on our side. But too many people have heard Colin’s confession. Something must be done.”

Edward nodded grimly, not looking at Colin. He pointed to Patrick. “We’ll keep this one locked in the pantry for the night. Colin will be in his room with a guard placed outside. William, take him upstairs.”

The shock of his actions slowly settling in, Colin didn’t resist as William led him away. They opened the door to the study to find the hallway crowded with party guests. Katherine was among them, her delicate face transformed into a hard mask. “Fiend!” She dashed down the hall, weeping.

Accusing eyes glared from all sides, and William led Colin to the servants’ back stairway, sparing him the spectacle of being marched up the grand staircase. In his room, Colin tried to speak. “Will, I…”

William raised a hand. “Don’t.” He shook his head sadly, his expression deeply wounded. “I don’t understand. I’ve always thought of you as a dear friend. A brother. Now I feel I’ve never known you at all.” He turned his back, closing the door behind him. A moment later, Colin heard the key turn in the lock, and his life as he knew it was over.

Author Bio

After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, fantasy, and paranormal fiction and — although she loves delicious angst along the way — Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said:

“The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”


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Audiobook Review: Beguiled (Enlightenment #2) by Joanna Chambers

This is a second edition of a book previously published by Samhain Publishing.

Two years after his last encounter with cynical nobleman Lord Murdo Balfour, David Lauriston accidentally meets him again in the heart of Edinburgh.

King George IV is about to make his first visit to Edinburgh and Murdo has been sent North by his politician father to represent his aristocratic family at the celebrations.

David and Murdo’s last parting was painful—and on Murdo’s part, bitter—but Murdo’s feelings seem to have mellowed in the intervening years. So much so, that he suggests to David that they enjoy each other’s company during Murdo’s stay in the capital.
Despite his initial reservations, David cannot put Murdo’s proposal from his mind, and soon find himself at Murdo’s door—and in his arms.

But other figures from David’s past are converging on the city, and as the pomp and ceremony of the King’s visit unfolds around them, David is drawn into a chain of events that will threaten everything: his career, his wellbeing, and the fragile bond that, despite David’s best intentions, is growing between him and Murdo.

Narrated by: Hamish McKinlay
Listening Length: 6 hours and 33 minutes

***5 STARS and more***

Guest Reviewer - Annery

This is the second book in the Enlightenment Series and I’m thrilled to say that Joanna Chambers is a true talent, sticking unflinchingly to a vision. On the audio front Hamish McKinlay, once again, delivers a masterful performance bringing the principals, David & Murdo, to vivid, distinct, and electrifying life. If I didn’t know better I could be persuaded that there are two narrators. As a bonus he fleshes out another handful of characters, including women, without hitting a false note.

The story picks up and takes place in August of 1822, two years after the events in Provoked, and once again the ‘action’ is firmly rooted in historical fact. George IV, commonly known as Prinny, the ne’er-do-well heir of George III, had been Regent for 10 years during his father’s bout of mental incapacity. A year after his ascension to the throne he embarked on a historical trip to Scotland, the first by a British monarch in almost two hundred years. The trip was stage managed by Sir Walter Scott and was full of pageantry on an epic scale. Here's a brief article on the visit.

This is the setting for David and Murdo’s reunion. In the two years since we last saw him David has made something of a name for himself as an advocate, under the tutelage of his patron and now friend, Patrick Chalmers. He continues to be the same David, dedicated to his profession almost to the exclusion of everything else but a good hearted and loyal friend. On the personal front, while he’s resigned to a solitary life with the occasional stolen moment for passion, he’s not as apt to see his desires as reprehensible.

“It used to be, when he heard people sneering about sods and buggers, his chief reaction was shame. Self-loathing. But more recently -- like when the scandal of the bishop came out -- he’d found himself growing angry when he heard such comments. Angry that people seemed to think they had a right to know what others did behind closed doors. Angry that they wanted to rip people apart for it, even blamed the state of the nation upon it.”
Meanwhile Murdo has ostensibly come to Edinburgh representing his father, the Marquess, as part of the King’s entourage. The two meet by accident or fate at the tailor’s shop and the kindling is set.

There is so much wonderful going on in this book and Joanna Chambers conveys all of this without ever ‘telling’ or crowding, but rather by conversations, thoughts, and actions. She not only steps up the story between our two protagonists but also sets them firmly in their time and place, which is a Scotland that was shedding its feudal past in favor of the business and educated classes. We also get a precis on the rights of women (none) via Elizabeth, Patrick Chalmers daughter, now prisoner of an unhappy marriage. However the author never loses sight of the story at hand, which is that of David and Murdo. This time around they’re not so much dancing around each other but falling head first into something they can’t or know to call love, because the world sucks, and that’s not something available to men. Or is it? This is the book in which these men really get to know each other. In every sense.

The real dark horse is Murdo, who’s come back to Edinburgh, among other reasons, to get back into David’s life in any way and for however long it may last. He’s the character who has changed the most. He’s searched his heart, realized, and admitted that he wants more of David. What that more is he has not named. Not yet. He’s that person we all want at the end of our HEA and there’s a scene, which replays in David’s head (and mine too), where Murdo invites David to his house by saying: “You know where my house is. Come anytime.” The memory of that invitation is like an ear worm in David’s head, insistent and persuasive.

Hamish McKinley’s rendering had me on my way to Murdo’s house. *heart palpitations*

I don’t know how much or little to tell because you should really just immerse yourself in this whole series, and yes I mean the audio too. Your heart and brain will thank you. I found myself highlighting and rereading whole passages but quoting them all here would be obnoxious. As an alternative I suggest you go to Chapter 9 of the book. This is the core of the book and of David & Murdo’s story; the themes it explores, and the predominant dynamic. I’ll wait.

David and Murdo have left a tavern and Murdo, gentleman that he is, walks David to his rooms. It starts: “Murdo followed David …” and that’s what’s happening, to one degree or other this August of 1822. The rooms are dark and Murdo is ‘lost’ but David is there to guide him: “Sorry. Here, give me your hand.” David starts to light the fire and, while still in darkness, they begin to talk. It’s one of those conversations you have in the refuge of darkness. Like a confessional. But slowly the light gets stronger, the room warmer. Once the room is lit and warm they’ve exchanged painful remembrances and shared a moment of honest intimacy that surpasses ‘just sex’. I’ll just come right out and say that Murdo is a prince. It ends like this, with David sitting on Murdo’s lap, after offering to suck him:

“Murdo’s eyes glittered. ‘Yes, but stay like this awhile longer. I like you here.’
“So David did, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the feel of Murdo beneath him, around him. Enjoying the tentative intimacy that was growing between them and that felt almost tangible, here, in this warm, secret corner of the world.”
The rest of the book carries through with this theme. David and Murdo deciding that being together is right or at the very least no one else’s business, but trying to find a way of making that possible and figuring out for how long? Murdo shines brightly, being there for David and his ‘causes’ even when he doesn’t know he’s doing it and with deeply romantic moments like this:

“Another good-natured chuckle, then lips at his temple in a brief kiss. A sigh. “David.” Just his name. Not a question but a statement. Or maybe an answer.”
David. Was ever a man more aptly named? Always willing to fight for what’s right even when he’s scared or in the face of daunting odds. But he has Murdo:

“He kissed Murdo, and it was like water. Like something necessary and life-giving.”
Even if I hadn’t read (totally did) the third book I would’ve been happy with this ending. Our men are on a believable path to a HEA that doesn’t rehash the same tired roles of other historicals, jump into anachronisms or require leaps of wishful thinking.

***I’d recommend this to everyone. Period. If you can definitely get the audio. Worth every penny. ***

Giveaway + Blog Tour: The Hockey Player's Heart by Jeff Adams & Will Knauss

Jeff Adams and Will Knauss are here today to talk about their new Dreamspun Desires novel, The Hockey Player's Heart. Be sure to check out our review of it here & don't miss out on the giveaway below!

Hi! Thanks to Boy Meets Boy for hosting us on the blog tour for The Hockey Player’s Heart. We’re excited to be here to talk about our book, which is our first collaboration on a novel. Part of Dreamspinner Press’s Dreamspun Desires line, it’s a feel-good, second chance romance between pro hockey player Caleb Carter and grade school teacher Aaron Price. When these two were in high school, and Aaron was tutoring Caleb, they had crushes on each other that they never admitted. It's only when Caleb comes home years later that they rediscover each other and go after their HEA.
In this book, Caleb is the out and proud captain of the New York Rangers. And he's not the only openly gay member of the team, as his best friend Dimitri Stanislov is out of the closet as well.
There are no openly gay athletes in the big four sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey) in the US, so we wrote this book to represent the world as we want it to be. Athletes have always been a source of inspiration, especially for young people. Part of the books’ world is that there are out athletes at the top of their profession who can serve as role models.
The You Can Play Project was formed in 2012 to support inclusivity in all aspects of sports. Its motto is simple “If you can play... you can play." It's a powerful message for athletes who might be hesitant to be their authentic selves. Over the years they've recorded athletes across all levels of sport saying those words and spreading the word for inclusiveness.
These themes provide some of the backdrop for The Hockey Player’s Heart. Caleb is fully aware that his talent and success in professional hockey make him a role model and provide him with a platform to share his message of inclusivity.
We look to the day where all athletes--and really all people--are allowed to be open and honest about their identity without fear of repercussions. Until then, we’re grateful for the role models that are out there, as well as the opportunity to create them in our books.
Below is a brief excerpt, set at the school fundraiser, where Caleb and Aaron talk about an interaction he just had with some students.
Make sure you also check out the Rafflecopter because we’re giving away an e-book copy at each tour stop plus there's a grand prize of an autographed paperback for a US winner or a $10 Amazon e-gift card for an international winner. Make sure to check out all the stops to maximize your chance to win.
We hope you enjoy The Hockey Player's Heart and would love to hear what you think. If you read it, please consider leaving a review on your favorite site or dropping us a comment on one of our websites.


“Is it strange seeing your face on merchandise, like that toy of Terry’s?”

“It’s strange at first, but you get used to it, I guess.”

As one of the few out-and-proud players in the NHL, Aaron knew how significant it was that Caleb was so beloved by his fans and sought after by companies for merchandising and sponsorship deals.

“I’ve never known anyone who’s had a doll made in their likeness.”

“That’s not a doll,” Caleb emphasized. “That was a one-sixth scale, collector’s edition, premium action figure. The league did a series of them last year.”

Caleb certainly wasn’t a preening, macho sports star, but Aaron found his insistence on the precise masculine terminology for an NHL doll amusing. He couldn’t resist giving his old friend a hard time.

“It sure looked like a doll to me,” Aaron teased. “In fact, if we went back to your parent’s house right now and dug around in Pam’s old bedroom closet, we’d find a box full of Barbies who’d just love to go on a dream date with that miniature version of you.”

“Well, as long as Malibu Ken came along, I’d be okay with that.”

Aaron couldn’t help himself—he laughed out loud. Caleb chuckled as well.

“In all seriousness,” Aaron continued, “Thank you for taking the time to talk to those kids. I know it meant a lot to them.”

Caleb waved it off as if it were no big deal. “When I was their age, I met Gideon Roark after a game. His team and coach were trying to hurry him along to get on the bus, but he stopped, signed a puck, and talked to me for a few minutes. Dad was with me, and even he said we needed to let him go, but Roark continued to talk and even offered some face-off tips. I still have the puck, and because of him, I always take time for kids. Sort of a ‘pay it forward.’”

Hometown hero. Hockey superstar. Perfect boyfriend?

When hockey star Caleb Carter returns to his hometown to recover from an injury, the only thing he’s interested in is a little R & R. He never expects to run into his onetime crush at a grade school fund-raiser . Seeing Aaron Price hits him hard, like being checked into the boards. The attraction is still there, even after all these years, and Caleb decides to make a play for the schoolteacher. You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take, right?

Aaron has been burned by love before and can’t imagine what a celebrity like Caleb could possibly see in a guy like him. Their differences are just too great. But as Aaron spends more time with Caleb, he begins to wonder if he might have what it takes to win the hockey player’s heart.

Buy Links:

Jeff Adams and Will Knauss are husbands, authors, and podcasters based in Northern California. They write gay romances, sometimes together and other times separately. Jeff also writes young adult LGBT fiction. Together they host Jeff & Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast, a weekly show devoted to gay romance literature and the pop culture they love.


Enter for your chance to win an autographed copy of The Hockey Player's Heart OR a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Giveaway ends January 28th. Good luck!

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Review: A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat by Roe Horvat

Simon had always expected love to feel different than this. Whether it was his Catholic upbringing or the poetry he'd read - Simon had thought that true love would be uplifting, fulfilling, that it would give a meaning to his loitering, and add joy to his leisure. But not this kind of love. This love was a flesh-eating monster, sharp-clawed and evil-eyed, ravishing his mind with medieval cruelty.

Dr Simon Mráz is a respected specialist and lecturer at the Charles University in Prague. He is a serious man, responsible. His students call him The Cruel Doctor Frost not because he's unkind, but because of his unwavering, ice-cold composure. As a psychiatrist, he values sanity. And sanity can be found in work, restraint, and self-control.

Not many know of that one time in the past when The Cruel Doctor Frost lost his cool. His ill-advised, secret affair with a student left Simon deeply wounded. Since that day, every minute of Simon's life has been a struggle to remain sane, functioning. He's managed so far - as long as he is needed, as long as his work makes a difference, Simon can scrape together enough strength to get up in the morning and run off the nightmares. But when his friends begin drifting away, his beloved protégé becomes independent, and the man who bereaved Simon of his precious sanity might return... Simon's mind and body stop responding to his impressive willpower.



It took DAYS for me to suck it up and read this. I was in this weird place of come on, it’s Roe Horvat and oh my, this is gonna hurt. I was weak and finally grabbed my blankey and prepared for the big dose of angst I knew was coming. I survived. Barely.


In all seriousness, I have a thing for angst. I may get all whiney before and need fluff after but I just love when it hurts so good. Just like this one. A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat was like having the wind knocked out of you and not catching your breath for a while. Whatevs, I’m all bring on the pain, angst, and the melancholy it was riddled with. Luckily, mingled in with all the heaviness is fire, passion, connection, and love.

Just a quick note before we dig in… we won’t be digging in too deeply. I liked the discovery in this book and having to really feel for Simon and Matěj as they navigate their pain so I won’t be giving too much away.

The book starts off in 2012 and goes back and forth to various times throughout a five year period that ends in 2017. Matěj is in his last semester of medical school in Prague. Right away, we get his snarky yet brilliant personality as he tries to get a reaction out of the unflappable Dr. Simon Mráz AKA The Cruel Doctor Frost. Matěj is a predator with sights locked on his prey and ready to pounce. Simon is a structured yet mercurial doctor that’s an expert at controlling the emotion he conveys to others. His self control and willpower is on point until he loses himself, his sanity and succumbs to the relentless hauntings of memories.

We get windows into Simon and Matěj’s dysfunctional lives and see the sweet relief for each man when they come together as secret lovers and friends. Matěj soothed Simon’s need for control, order and the habit of being locked in his head while Simon became Matěj’s safe haven. There was just so much want and need between them. They were on fire together and all the noise in their lives went away.

This books drags you through a myriad of emotions as a reader while *seeing* the utter passion, desolation, and then hope the characters go though. There's so much pain and melancholy that it becomes a tangible thing. I loved the secondary characters and the energy they brought to the story. My one niggle with this angsty AF read was the ending. Yeah, they figured shit out and get their HFN. Maybe it’s the tiny cynic in me but I needed a lengthier resolution where explanations were provided. I believed their connection, love, passion, etc., but was the heartbreak necessary? I think so but I’m not sure. *shrug*

I love professor/student romances. I was enthralled with the story, the feels, the desperation and helplessness. I’m glad I sucked it up even through I’m diving into fluff land for a bit. Definitely recommended.

Trigger warning- Suicide and abuse take place off page with minor character but the details of the suicide are described.

Review: Trick Roller (Seven of Spades #2) by Cordelia Kingsbridge

It’s the height of summer in Las Vegas. Everyone believes the serial killer Seven of Spades is dead—except Levi Abrams and Dominic Russo—and it’s back to business as usual. For Levi, that means investigating a suspicious overdose at the Mirage that looks like the work of a high-class call girl, while Dominic pursues a tough internship with a local private investigator. The one bright spot for both of them is their blossoming relationship.

But things aren’t so simple. Soon Levi is sucked into a dangerous web of secrets and lies, even as his obsession with the Seven of Spades intensifies. Dominic knows that Levi isn’t crazy. He knows the Seven of Spades is still out there, and he’ll do anything to prove it. But Dominic has his own demons to battle, and he may be fighting a losing war.

One thing is certain: the Seven of Spades holds all the cards. It won’t be long before they show their hand.

Vague and slightly squirrely review coming right up!

I'm an unabashed Star Wars fan. Every time they rereleased the original trilogy I bought it. I wouldn't even venture to guess how many times I've seen them. I love them all but I love The Empire Strikes Back just a liiiiiitttttlllleee bit more, though it took me YEARS to figure this out. With its great space adventures and Yoda, revelations and the relationship development between Han and Leia, how could it not be? Plus, it has the most epicest of epic movie lines of all time:

Bet you thought I was going to say:

Close but no, I am a sap and apparently have been for a long time. I've built my bridge and made peace with this.

Trick Roller has those same qualities. Like many romance readers I like to see relationships develop. I'm voyeuristic that way. Trick Roller gave those little bird's-eye view bubbles where we get a front row seat to the intimacy building between Dom and Levi. So many moments where I felt like I was on the journey with them and as a reader, that's where the magic is. Those tiny details that so often get overlooked in other narratives were showcased here.

Almost immediately there is a beautiful, perfect, quiet moment after Levi and Dom have spent the night together for the first time where Levi is getting ready to leave for work. He's admiring Dom who's still asleep-his square jaw, his broken nose, his size- and he can't help touching him. Dom kisses his fingertips before drifting back off. In that moment I knew right along with Levi that they're becoming something more. Another one happened after Dom's had a rough night and is on the razor's edge of backsliding and the only person he even considers reaching out to is Levi. Levi sticks with him through the next day and intuitively knows how to shake him out of his funk. That sparring scene was gold. Pure gold.

Couples who yin-yang well, who bring out the best in each other is one of my favorite things. Dom and Levi are opposites in many ways and the way that those differences compliment one another was a joy to read. There is an honesty in the way this relationship is developing that's very relatable in that they're both letting their dating guards down, letting the other truly see them which is the mark not only of growing trust but a healthy relationship.

Of course there's some finding religion inducing, crazy hot sex-dirty talk, biting, making excellent usage of their size difference in creative ways. Of course there is a level of desire between them that's unspeakable. This is CK we're talking about here and she deserves a medal or something for the second sex scene 🙌 but the intimacy that's building between them through those moments when they get lost in the other... yeah. That's what I live for when reading romance. By the end of Trick Roller they have become a 'we'. They are a unit, reliant upon the other, though they've not uttered the big L word yet and I'm certain there will be more obstacles for them to overcome, I feel that they are meant to be.

The thriller aspects were more subdued and less heart attack inducing since the Seven of Spades is supposedly dead, but there are subtle clues that will likely have greater meaning as the series progresses, so it's by no means a throwaway book. Even though it's early in the series I'm going to go out on a limb and say I believe this one has the potential to be my Empire Strikes Back complete with the OMG-no way can I live through the wait cliffhanger, but I'll get back to you.

Trick Roller is not a standalone; it is book 2 in a 5 part series and I wouldn't recommend trying to read them out of order.

An ARC was provided by NetGalley.

Giveaway + Blog Tour: Tribute Act (A Porthkennack Story) by Joanna Chambers

Joanna Chambers & Riptide Publishing are here today celebrating the release of Tribute Act, the latest Porthkennack story, with a great giveaway. Be sure to enter for your chance to win below!

Hello, book lovers! I’m Joanna Chambers and this is the blog tour for Tribute Act, my new romance which is book #8 in the Riptide's Cornwall-set Porthkennack series. I’ll be sharing thoughts on writing my first full length contemporary, writing Christmas songs as an extreme form of authorly procrastination and my love of men with sad eyes. Please join me for a chance to win a copy of the book and a $25 Riptide gift card! 

About Tribute Act
Nathan Bridges hadn’t intended to settle down in his hometown of Porthkennack—he just ended up staying after saving the family business from ruin. The truth is, Nathan can’t stop himself from stepping in when problems arise. He’s a fixer, the man everyone turns to. But even fixers can’t solve everything.

When Nathan’s sister needs an organ transplant, it’s his stepbrother, Mack, who the family turns to as Rosie’s only potential living donor. Nathan’s curiosity about the stepbrother he’s never met turns to shock when he realises that Mack is his latest—and hottest ever—one-night stand.

Nathan and Mack agree to forget their single night together, but that’s easier said than done. When Mack moves in to Nathan’s place to recuperate after surgery, it’s not just the sexual tension between them that keeps growing. Against all the odds, and despite Mack’s wariness of intimacy, the two men grow close enough that Nathan begins to wonder what it would take to mend the rift that’s kept Mack and his father estranged for over a decade . . . and whether Mack might consider staying with Nathan in Porthkennack for good.

Available now from Riptide Publishing!

About Porthkennack

Welcome to Porthkennack, a charming Cornish seaside town with a long and sometimes sinister history. Legend says King Arthur's Black Knight built the fort on the headland here, and it’s a certainty that the town was founded on the proceeds of smuggling, piracy on the high seas, and the deliberate wrecking of cargo ships on the rocky shore. Nowadays it draws in the tourists with sunshine and surfing, but locals know that the ghosts of its Gothic past are never far below the surface.

This collaborative story world is brought to you by five award-winning, best-selling British LGBTQ romance authors: Alex Beecroft, Joanna Chambers, Charlie Cochrane, Garrett Leigh, and JL Merrow. Follow Porthkennack and its inhabitants through the centuries and through the full rainbow spectrum with historical and contemporary stand-alone titles.

Check out Porthkennack!

About Joanna Chambers

Joanna Chambers always wanted to write. In between studying, finding a proper grown up job, getting married and having kids, she spent many hours staring at blank sheets of paper and chewing pens. That changed when she rediscovered her love of romance and found her muse. Joanna's muse likes red wine, coffee and won't let Joanna clean the house or watch television.

Connect with Joanna:
  • Website:
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  • Twitter: @ChambersJoanna
  • Goodreads

To celebrate the release of Tribute Act, one lucky winner will receive an ecopy of the book and a $25 Amazon gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on January 20, 2018. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

Review: Second Level by Drew Marvin Frayne

The path to true love is never easy, especially when you are on opposite sides of the world’s greatest theological debate.

It’s Halloween, and the Demon of Masturbation—Dom, for short—has come to Earth to collect sins and souls for his boss. But a representative from the Interfering Angel Network—Ian—has been sent to put a crimp in his plans. Frankly, though, the two seem less interested in sins and souls than in the three bottles of tequila they down during the night. Alcohol can lower the inhibitions, but it also impacts judgment, and Dom and Ian soon find themselves in the world’s most awkward threesome with a young mortal virgin. Forget battling for his soul—their real passion seems to be for each other.

But Halloween night is waning fast, and the veil between the worlds is only lifted for one night. How can two beings from opposite sides come together when they know they are destined to forever be apart?

The blurb for this one caught my eye right away, it sounded like a total kick and the author delivered and then some and then some more. The beginning was a perfect setup with the conference room full of the dark side paranormal beings covering their quotas for Halloween night. Right away I realized the author is a master of showing over telling, the dialog was great and I got a feel for Dom and his questioning nature immediately. He’s not wrong in his observations about sin and the modern world and anyone who has worked in a corporate environment could appreciate his frustration at middle management. The fact that Office Space type humor could translate to the underworld so well was gold.

Dom, as the Demon of Masturbation, knows that the vice he represents is nothing but a bunch of “meh” in contemporary times so his annoyance at having to meet his quota is totally legit. I loved being inside his head as he worked the bar to find “victims” that could fall prey to his charms. Every time he (or his subject) gets cockblocked by something random and it isn’t long before he realizes Ian is in the bar as well. Ian of the Interfering Angel Network is there to work counter to all of Dom’s machinations. The two began a theological debate over a plethora of tequila and discover they agree way more than they disagree about the antiquated philosophies of the otherworld.

If one didn’t know better one would think the two were on a date, they aren’t, but the flirty conversation fueled by alcohol and UST was a delight to read. The conversation the two MC’s had was the stuff that make a story go from good to great. I saw their connection grow as they felt it and the aforementioned UST was all over the place for all of us. The night grew late, and there was one patron left at the bar. He was not the most desirable of specimens on paper, in pictures, in anything really, but Ian being Ian, he recognizes a lonely soul and feels the need to help. Dom isn’t really on board, but their new friend wasn’t super keen on social cues and before they all knew it, they had agreed to what would become the most awkward threesome ever.

I couldn’t help but feel for Dom as they made it back to their virginal nerd-friends place and he set the scene for the most ungainly loving that was about to take place. The scene turned though and Dom and Ian were essentially alone and damn if they didn’t make the best of their time. This was obviously more than just a hook-up brought on by tequila and otherworldly testosterone. The obvious was never stated out loud, but it was pretty plain to everyone in the room and to me the reader.

The veil separating Ian and Dom from the human world will close by morning and the two will go their separate ways until next year, it’s just the way it works. Both of them know it, both are resigned to it, but they also can’t help but feel the bittersweetness in the moment. The next bit is where the story elevated for me from a fun Halloween diversion to a story that smacked me right in the face with feels and made me neeeeeeed more Dom and Ian. This can’t be over Drew Marvin Frayne. It. Can. Not. Ian had his conversation with Peter at the Pearly Gates that is pretty open and hopeful and Dom had his moment, his subtly heartbreaking moment that slayed my cold, cold heart.

Dammit Drew Marvin Frayne, you can not leave this story now. I mean, you could, and it would be still be great but it would also still really hurt. But why would you leave it when you could write more?? Just for me! Well, and everyone else too, blah blah blah, but mostly for meeeee. That would be great, because I would really like this story to continue in any form.

Sound good? Greatthanksbye!

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

Review: The Bones of Our Fathers by Elin Gregory

Malcolm Bright, brand new museum curator in a small Welsh Border town, is a little lonely until – acting as emergency archaeological consultant on a new housing development – he crosses the path of Rob Escley, aka Dirty Rob, who makes Mal’s earth move in more ways than one.

Then Rob discovers something wonderful, and together they must combat greedy developers and a treasure hunter determined to get his hands on the find. Are desperate measures justified to save the bones of our fathers? Will Dirty Rob live up to his reputation? Do museum curators really do it meticulously?

Answers must be found for the sake of Mal’s future, his happiness and his heart.


This little story will probably only appeal to some. It's very British which creates a great sense of place but I also found some of the lingo challenging.

However, it hit my opposites attract sweet spot with Rob being a burly construction worker to Mal's geeky museum curator. Rob's also cheeky and saucy which cracked me up; some of his innuendos were so cheesy they left me chortling. From the moment he sets eyes on Mal there is never any doubt that he'd like to show Mal his power tools. Mal is quite likable in his own rite. He's not as gregarious as Rob but he's passionate and genuinely a good person who's loyal to his friends and committed to his field.

The plot is straightforward and the story sort of meanders to a conclusion with some shenanigans along the way to add to the overall genial quality of the story. The Bones of Our Fathers is a slice of life with a cast of characters that lend to the coziness that is Pemberland. This story and these characters have charisma!

Pemberland is a quaint little town where everyone knows everyone and all their business because they've all lived there forever. Even though Mal is a newb he's welcomed into the fold and is soon knocking around the same haunts like a local, though his blossoming relationship with Rob probably greased those wheels a bit.

Rob and Mal have chemistry and while there are some sexy times they're not explicit with most being alluded to or fade to black. Their relationship evolves naturally with minimal but realistic conflicts that both men use their words to work through. Generally speaking, they fall easily into a committed relationship, have fun together and seem to be on their way to an HEA.

This is my first experience with this author and even though there weren't a lot of bells and whistles that I typically enjoy in my reads what I realized somewhere along the way was a growing familiarity with these characters that snuck up on me. It's a quiet story that packs a punch, a sneaky, ninja punch, but still.

Recommend to romance readers who enjoy low angst, cozy reads with humorous secondary characters.

A review copy was provided.

Giveaway + Blog Tour: The Preacher's Son by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock

J.A. Rock's here today to talk about her and writing partner's newest novel & they're offering a giveaway to sweeten the deal. Take it away, J.A.! 

J.A. here! Writing The Preacher’s Son required Lisa Henry and me to think quite a bit about faith. Lisa wrote a lovely post for Sinfully about her experience with religion growing up, and about how she used those past experiences to connect with our protestant MC Nate even though she’s an atheist now. 

My experience has some parallels to Lisa’s. My dad was raised Swedenborgian (yep, the dude who traveled to space and made friends with aliens), and my mom Presbyterian. But they were both skeptics, and by the time I came along, they were pretty distanced from their respective religions. I went to church a couple of times with friends, but always found it boring and could never imagine actually taking the Bible as truth. As a queer woman, I was particularly wary of what most religions thought about my friends and me, and pretty hostile toward the concept of organized religion as a result. But I definitely went through a phase when I was little where I was scared Hell might be real. And another phase where my beloved gerbil died, and so my mom bought me a cassette of the Mariah Carey/Boys II Men single “One Sweet Day,” and I played it on a loop and imagined Cocoa shining down on me from heaven.

Most of us have a system of beliefs that guides us. Most of us have doubts, questions, moments where we need to acknowledge forces larger than ourselves. The Preacher’s Son is, on the surface, the story of two belief systems clashing. But really, it's about how all people have fundamentally similar needs and desires. It’s about the way we use our beliefs as self-protection, as weapons, and as a source of comfort. 

Self-righteousness, fear of the unknown, the belief that you know the answers and have a right to tell others how to think and behave…these are human qualities, not religious qualities. So it helped to approach the story not just from the point of view of “how does it feel to be religious?” but by looking at what beliefs guide each character. It’s not just Nate and his reverend father who organize their lives around absolutes. Jason does too. And each character is fighting a battle not to let their version of “right” lead them to do harm.

While religion plays an important role in the book, we don’t see it as a story about religion, but rather about the fears and doubts we all deal with, and the choices we make based on what we believe. 

Jason Banning is a wreck. His leg’s been blown to hell in Afghanistan, his boyfriend just left him and took the dog, and now he’s back in his hometown of Pinehurst, Washington, a place that holds nothing but wretched memories…and Nathan Tull. Nathan Tull, whose life Jason ruined. Nathan Tull, who will never believe Jason did what he did for a greater good. Nathan Tull, whose reverend father runs a gay conversion therapy camp that Jason once sought to bring down—at any cost.

Nathan Tull is trying to live a quiet life. Four years ago, when Nate was a prospective student visiting UW Tacoma, his world collapsed when senior Jason Banning slept with him, filmed it, and put the footage online. A painful public outing and a crisis of faith later, Nate has finally begun to heal. Cured of the “phantoms” that plagued him for years, he now has a girlfriend, a counselor job at his dad’s camp, and the constant, loving support of his father.

But when he learns Jason is back in town, his carefully constructed identity begins to crumble. As desperate to reconcile his love for God with his attraction to men as Jason is to make sense of the damage he’s done, Nate finds himself walking a dangerous line. On one side lies the righteous life he committed himself to in the wake of his public humiliation. On the other is the sin he committed with Jason Banning, and the phantoms that won’t let him be. But is there a path that can bridge those two worlds—where his faith and his identity as a gay man aren’t mutually exclusive?

And can he walk that path with the man who betrayed him?

The Preacher’s Son by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry is available from Amazon. 


Lisa Henry likes to tell stories, mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters.
Lisa lives in tropical North Queensland, Australia. She doesn’t know why, because she hates the heat, but she suspects she’s too lazy to move. She spends half her time slaving away as a government minion, and the other half plotting her escape.
She attended university at sixteen, not because she was a child prodigy or anything, but because of a mix-up between international school systems early in life. She studied history and English, neither of them very thoroughly.
She shares her house with too many cats, a dog, a green tree frog that swims in the toilet, and as many possums as can break in every night. This is not how she imagined life as a grown-up.

J.A. Rock is the author of over twenty LGBTQ romance and suspense novels, as well as an occasional contributor to HuffPo Queer Voices. J.A.’s books have received Lambda Literary, INDIE, and EPIC Award nominations, and 24/7 was named one of the best books of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews. J.A. lives in Chicago with an extremely judgmental dog, Professor Anne Studebaker.

Enter your contact info in the comments for a chance to win your choice of any of our backlist titles! Drawing takes place at 11:59 pm on 1/20.