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Cover Design: Jay Aheer

Length: 161 pages


One kiss under the mistletoe destroyed a friendship. Will another Christmas kiss remake it into something better?

Eli hasn't been home since he left at eighteen with a heart aching from his best friend's rejection and his father's intolerance. But when his father reaches out, Eli figures it's time to make peace with his family. He doesn't expect to come face-to-face with Turner too -- or to learn that the straight friend he'd foolishly loved is actually bisexual -- but once the shock wears off, he knows exactly what he wants for Christmas.

Turner's life isn't everything he'd once planned, but he's happy to be the shoulder his loved ones lean on. They keep him busy, which is just as well since none of his dates have really clicked. He hasn't been able to connect with anyone the way he did with his former best friend. When Eli shows up for the holidays after years away, Turner doesn't know what hit him. But he knows one thing: This time, he wants to give Eli a reason to stay.

All I Want Is You is a friends to lovers, second-chance romance with an HEA.


Turner kissed him, and Eli’s heart exploded into a frantic pace. Turner’s lips were on his, finally. And all his anger, all his disappointment washed away on a wave of endorphins.

This felt right. It was as if he’d been holding his breath for eight years, and he could finally exhale.

But it was over too soon. Eli hadn’t gotten a taste of Turner’s tongue, the kiss quick and chaste. He hadn’t gotten to run his fingers through his hair. Hadn’t put his hands on him at all.

Nothing but their lips had touched, and it was the single, best kiss of his life.

“I’d like us to be friends again, real friends,” Turner said. “Even after you leave again for California.”

Oh, right. Eli would be leaving. Turner would be staying. Nothing had changed.

His racing heart slowed. Grew heavy. Thudded hollowly.

“Friends,” he repeated.

“I know you’re not staying long,” Turner added. “So, it’s just a kiss. Between friends.”

“A friendly kiss,” Eli said.

Turner chuckled. “Yeah.”

“Okay,” Eli said.

And yet he sensed something more between the lines of Turner’s spoken words. Honesty, yes, but also yearning. Could it be possible that Turner wanted him as much as he’d always wanted Turner?

There was only one way to find out.

Eli wrapped a hand around the back of Turner’s neck, tugged him close, and kissed him hard. If he was only getting one kiss, he was going to make it count. He was going to kiss the daylights out of Turner and decide for himself how much Turner Williams wanted Elijah Harp.

Author Bio

DJ Jamison is the author of more than a dozen m/m romances, including the Ashe Sentinel series and the Hearts and Health series. She writes a variety of queer characters, from gay to bisexual to asexual, with a focus on telling love stories that are more about common ground than lust at first sight. DJ grew up in the Midwest in a working-class family, and those influences can be found in her writing through characters coping with real-life problems: money troubles, workplace drama, family conflicts and, of course, falling in love. DJ spent more than a decade in the newspaper industry before chasing her first dream to write fiction. She spent a lifetime reading before that, and continues to avidly devour her fellow authors' books each night. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, two fish and, regrettably, one snake.

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Review: Embracing Fate (A Series of Fates #2) by C.C. Dado

A Series of Fates: Book Two

Sometimes you just have to embrace your fate.

Seth has a secret: he has a crush on the human next door. His brilliant plan to meet Jack, the man of his dreams who happens to be an animal trainer? Take wolf form and ask his best friend, Max, to take him next door for training. Seth is the only one surprised when things go horribly awry.

Still, can this shy wolf and a human meet their fate as mates?

The blurb to this book is what made me want to read the series. A shifter who asks his best friend to pretend he’s his DOG so that he can get close to the hot dog trainer who lives next door? Come on! If that doesn’t scream at you that you will have good time I don’t think we can be friends. Kidding. I am not friends with people anyway because I’m a socially awkward introvert but you get it, right?

This was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved being in Seth’s head as he longs for a mate and bond like his best friend Max with their Alpha Christian. Seth just needs to find his mate and it doesn’t take long when human Jack applies to move to Easter Valley and it’s accepted. Goodness but this was adorable. Have I mentioned that five times already?

This series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Each story is short but gives you just enough information that you fall into the story and don’t want to stop reading. Would I have liked a bit more of it? Sure but that’s just me being greedy wanting to share every minute with Jack and Seth from their first meeting, to picnics, movie nights and everything that comes with them being mates. But I liked what I got and can’t complain.

Seth could feel the pull between them. It was like having a secret that you only knew part of. He wondered what it felt like for Jack. If he could even feel the pull at all.

Seth. You shy boy with two colored eyes and bangs that fall in your face. Your plan to have your BFF present you to your mate as a dog/wolf who needs training is right up there with the hijinks of Lucy and Ethel. You and Max crack me up but I loved seeing your wolf with Jack. It’s a favorite thing of mine when a shifter is with a human, that bond between man and animal and you and Jack are perfect together. The leash fits you in both forms and I am so glad that the elders explained your destiny and Jack bonded with both you and your wolf – regardless of the ridiculous names Max gave you – because you and your mate made my day.

Jack! I loved you with you long wavy hair and your love for animals. You didn’t know why you felt the urge to apply to live in a town, jump through all the hoops entailed and why it felt like you finally belonged once you got there. You didn’t know shifters existed or that you would become part of a pact, you just knew that the boy next door was beautiful, shy and unforgettable. You also fell hard for him as a wolf so that made me fall hard for you.

The story has many moments of comedy throughout it but that’s expected when Max is around. You can’t fault the boy for his natural talent to make everyone laugh while they simultaneously want to pull their hair out. Max is something special and when Seth tells a lie to get to see Christian one day, the shenanigans begin because Christian’s Beta starts to treat Max like something to be coveted. I won’t tell you what that is because it’s pretty funny and sweet as honey but I will say it will totally prepare you to fall for Zeus and crave to read his book.

Yup. This was a good one. Just the right amount of everything to make this ginger happy.

A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Kim Fielding

She opened the shenanigans and she's closing the 2018 shenanigans. Brace yourselves for this one. Kim Fielding just plowed over the stops for this finale.

By Kim Fielding

Bakar sat motionless in the corner of his dark hut, trying to quiet his breathing. Close by—frighteningly close—men shouted and screamed; metal crashed against metal. Even within the confines of his hut, he imagined he smelled blood and dust despite the sour odor of his own sweat.

The war had been coming nearer for weeks, although nobody in the village knew what the fighting was about. One lord angry with another, Bakar supposed, or perhaps a lord eager to seize land. Whatever the cause, the battles washed over the local settlements like toxic waves, killing everyone in their path. Bakar’s neighbors had fled days ago, but he wouldn’t have gotten far with his withered left leg, so he’d remained. Alone.

He wrapped his arms around himself, a poor echo of the embraces his husband used to share with him. Oroitz had been a loving man, kind and strong. But not strong enough to conquer the fever that had overtaken him three years earlier. In the heavy blackness of the hut, Bakar wondered what Oroitz would be doing now, were he still alive. Would he have listened to Bakar’s pleas to flee with the rest of the village? Would he have devised some way to take Bakar with him? Or would he have remained here, grasping the axe he used for cutting firewood, as if he could somehow hold off an army by himself?

Bakar must have dozed off, despite his fear. When he became aware again, the sounds of the battle had ceased, although their absence seemed as loud as the battle itself. Bakar waited a long time but heard nothing. Finally, using the walls for support, he laboriously made his way upright. Clutching his cane, he limped to the door and inched it open.

Moonlight, but no movement except for tree leaves dancing in the breeze. No ferocious shouting or dying screams. And no quiet buzz of his neighbors settling in with their families for the evening. He wondered whether the villagers would return someday.

Bakar shut the door and hobbled across the hut to light his lantern. He would have liked to start a fire, but perhaps the soldiers were still close enough to smell the smoke. So instead he ate stale bread dipped in wine and nibbled on dried sausages.

He’d just stood to douse the lantern—sleep seemed the rational choice, since he could do little else—when someone pounded on the door.

Bakar froze. Even his breathing stopped.

More thuds. He would have ignored them and cowered in his corner… if it weren’t for the voice that called out.

“Help me. Please.”

Most likely a trick of some kind. Yet Bakar thought of the many times Oroitz had aided him when Bakar needed it—a steady hand, a sympathetic ear, a loving kiss. Bakar couldn’t ignore the stranger’s plea.

The small expanse of floorboards took forever to cross. He opened the door.

There stood a man, bearded, bare-chested, tattooed. Blood splattered his face and torso, wounds gaped on his arms and chest and sides, and he carried a heavy sword on his back. He stared at Bakar with strangely pale eyes.

“Please,” rasped the man. He started to crumple but grabbed the doorframe. His breathing sounded ragged, as if every lungful was a great effort, and even with the hut for support, his body swayed. His gaze never left Bakar’s face. “Please.”

Bakar inhaled deeply and gestured the man inside.

And now we all get to hang off the cliff of what happens next together. Forever. Kidding.

This year's shenanigans have been a lot of fun and we unicorns thank all the authors and publishers who contributed to making our fifth anniversary a rousing success. Special thanks go to Kim Fielding who took time out of her jam packed schedule to write not one but two fics for us!

About the Author:

Kim Fielding is the bestselling author of numerous m/m romance novels, novellas, and short stories. Like Kim herself, her work is eclectic, spanning genres such as contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and historical. Her stories are set in alternate worlds, in 15th century Bosnia, in modern-day Oregon. Her heroes are hipster architect werewolves, housekeepers, maimed giants, and conflicted graduate students. They’re usually flawed, they often encounter terrible obstacles, but they always find love.

After having migrated back and forth across the western two-thirds of the United States, Kim calls the boring part of California home. She lives there with her husband, her two daughters, and her day job as a university professor, but escapes as often as possible via car, train, plane, or boat. This may explain why her characters often seem to be in transit as well. She dreams of traveling and writing full-time.


Twitter: @KFieldingWrites

Don't miss out on her Christmas story, Summerfield's Angel, which comes out December 2nd!

After the hard winter of 1888 ended Alby Boyle’s work as a Nebraska ranch hand, he returned to New York City in search of his long-lost family. His mother and brothers are nowhere to be found, however, and after Alby’s years of absence, Five Corners no longer feels like home. His prospects seem as dim as the nighttime alleys.

When Alby pauses to admire an angel ornament in a department store window’s Christmas display, he meets Xeno Varnham-Summerfield. Wealthy, handsome, and enthusiastic, Xeno brings Alby some temporary cheer. But for Alby to achieve his dreams of love and a real home, well, that may take a bit of holiday magic.

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Review: Phin's Christmas by Bonnie Dee

Doubt invades a fairy-tale holiday.

Excited to celebrate his first Christmas with his true love, Phin Abernathy searches for the perfect gift for Teddy, the artist who saved him from solitude (The Artist). But his happy holiday dreams are soon threatened.

After a year of living on his own, then with his beloved partner, Phin has mostly banished his negative view of himself. He and Teddy are happily saving toward a house they can share, when a chance encounter with a stranger raises Phin’s old ghosts of doubt, anxiety, and self-disgust.

Struggling to quell such negative spirits, Phin focuses on volunteering at a children’s shelter. But when he sees his Teddy and handsome Justin Crump (The Medium) in a suspicious situation, it is difficult to control his racing thoughts. Belief in Teddy’s love for him wars with Phin’s fear his lover wants something more.

Phin must decide how far he is willing to go to keep Teddy in his life, and truly embrace his own worth before he can ever celebrate the season.

Phin’s Christmas is a bonus Christmas treat that is a follow up to the author’s tale, The Artist. I can’t recommend that book enough, especially if you are a fan of historicals, The Artist is a must read. There are plenty of good explanations as the story moves along, so the origin story doesn’t have to be fresh or even read to appreciate Phin’s Christmas, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not reading it.

The story picks up after Phin and Teddy have been living in London for a time. Phin has established himself as an English tutor and Teddy’s art is gathering a strong following among the right society people. The two are blissfully happy and are saving for a house that they can share under the pretense they are confirmed bachelor friends who have found a way to live in a home rather than renting rooms and remain respectable among society.

There are appearances from characters from The Medium and I loved reading about Justin again. Justin did unwittingly bring the angst to the story though, but it made sense and it was not overdone. In fact, I would have been waaaaaay more of a mess than Phin and I have to give his character all the credit for becoming such a strong person given the abuse in his background. Teddy may have given him the push, but Phin built his own future and I very much appreciated how the author made that such an important piece of Phin’s evolution.

Phin’s Christmas is told from Phin’s POV which is the only way Teddy’s mysterious shenanigans could stay mysterious and one of my favorite parts of The Artist was being in Phin’s head, so it worked for this extended epilogue to their life story.

Of course there were no bad shenanigans, just Teddy being his impulsive self (all in the name of making Phin happy of course) and the resolutions came about pretty quickly and wrapped in a beautiful bow. And while everything may have been a bit too perfect, it’s a Christmas story with characters who deserve a perfect future, so I was completely fine with it.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

Audiobook Review: A Dom and His Writer (Club Whisper #1) by Xenia Melzer

Life is perfect for Richard and Dean. Richard is a wealthy and successful businessman who also owns a BDSM club, and Dean is a best-selling author and sub to Richard. They’re young, happy, and in love. The future is bright….

Until tragedy strikes and an accident claims Dean’s beloved sister. Dean finds himself the guardian of a three-month-old infant, and soon he’s trading in his leather fetish gear for diapers and drool bibs. But little Emily is all that remains of his family, so how can he abandon her?

It’s not what Richard signed up for. As much as he tries to be supportive, he never wanted kids and misses having his partner to himself. Suddenly the life he imagined for them is gone, and he’s not sure their relationship can survive the upheaval. But fate isn’t through with Dean, and when misfortune strikes again, will he be able to turn to the man he loves? A final crisis will determine if they can pull together as a family or must face facts and part ways.

Listening Length: 6 hours and 44 minutes
Narrator: Richard L. Walton

Reviewer: Shee Reader

I was pretty excited to listen to this book, as the premise of a surprise baby is one I enjoy. Richard L. Walton is a new-to-me narrator so I was intrigued! At times there was a sense that the author was providing a novices’ guide to BDSM which I didn’t really like, but that hardly matters!

Walton’s voice is so very deep and growly, it was perfect for the book. I really enjoyed his characterisation and have cheerfully added him to my list of narrators I look out for.

The story opens with our couple living their best life and then everything changes. Honestly I didn’t really like Richard for much of the book, and his ‘apologies’ to Dean felt superficial to me. It was a relief to find that supporting characters were happy to call Richard out on his dickishness! Dean, however, I loved from the start! Since he’s a writer, and writers are my heroes, he was always going to be awesome, but it was really lovely to see the inner strength of the man when things got tough, and his willingness to stand up for his niece was just exactly what she needed.

There were a few twists and turns in the story, but it was relatively low-angst (for all that I wanted to give Richard a right slap a few times) and the ending is adorably sweet and charming.


I was given a copy of the audio book in exchange for an honest review.

Anniversary Shenanigans: Cate Ashwood Giveaway!

Cate Ashwood is here today with a heartwarming story and a stellar giveaway too! Read on to find out more!

Thank you so much to BMBR for having me and Happy 5th Anniversary! I am so excited to be here today to be a part of the celebration.

This month also happens to be an anniversary of sorts for me, too. November is when I met my best friend, four years ago. We actually met through NaNoWriMo, on the regional message boards. She messaged me to say hello and it turned out we were basically soulmates just waiting to meet.

I’d always been jealous of those people who’d had the same bestie since they were kids—my husband and his best friend met way back in middle school—but after I graduated, I lost touch with most of the people I’d grown up with. I moved away for school and the city I moved to wasn’t really one of the friendliest. It was tough to meet people who had the same interests as me, and so for a long time I hid between the pages of books.

But those books are what led me to meeting some of the best people I’ve ever known. Most of my friends are writers or readers, and I met many of them through events and conferences in the m/m world.

I am so grateful to have found this community and the people in it. We really are like a family!

I count myself lucky every single day that this is what I get to do for a living. I write the stories I love, stories I’m passionate about, the stories I want to read. This month I have a brand new one coming out, too! It’s called Bishop Ridge, and if you’ve read Alaska, it’s the second book in the series.

The thing I love so much about this series is that I’m really getting to explore relationships beyond just the romantic pairing of the main characters. There are so many interconnected friendships and relationship dynamics, and being that it’s a series, I get to delve into them a little deeper than I would in a standalone.

Logan appeared in book one, and he’s back in this book as one of the main characters. Jackson is his love interest and I had a lot of fun with him. He’s kind of a loner… he doesn’t make friends easily, and in the beginning, he’s good with that. He also seems to have picked up some friends along the way, without even realizing it was happening, and one of the characters who popped up suddenly started trying to steal the show for me, and in all likelihood, will end up with his own book.

Bishop Ridge released November 16th and will be available free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Here’s what it’s about:

They found exactly what they weren’t looking for.


I had almost everything I’d ever wanted—career, friends, my own easy life in Sawyer’s Ferry, Alaska. I’d given up on filling in the missing pieces long ago. Now, I was more than satisfied with the perfectly practiced, perfectly predictable routine I’d created for myself. At least until Jackson Daly walked into my clinic.

Working the rigs is temporary. Everything in my life is. Jobs, cities, and the guys I take home—nothing sticks, and that’s exactly the way I like it. After four years in Alaska, I’m itching to pick up and leave. I’m ready to move on and start over someplace new, until a one-night stand I can’t seem to shake has me breaking all my own rules.

Now as I get closer to walking away, my reasons for leaving seem blurrier than ever, and for the first time in my life, there could be something worth staying for.

We unicorns would like to thank Cate for her generosity in helping us celebrate 5 years of unicorning! She is giving away 3 copies of Bishop Ridge to 3 lucky winners (or another book of your choice if you’d rather).

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Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Kris T. Bethke

Kris T. Bethke is joining in the shenanigans today with fic that packs a punch. To the feels.

The way the early morning light hit Jake was just too perfect. My breath caught just looking at him. With his back fully on display, the sheet pooled artfully at his waist, I knew I had to capture it. I set the bunny on the edge of the mattress and turned to get my camera.
“Avi?” Jake’s early morning voice was hardly more than a rumble. “Is Trix on my back?”
I turned back quickly. Trix had indeed settled himself in the small of Jake’s back, his head resting comfortably. I couldn’t restrain the smile.
“Yes. He is.”
Jake sighed, turned a page in his book, and asked, “And why is the rabbit on the bed?”
“Because I couldn’t hold him and the camera at the same time.”
Jake froze with one hand on his coffee mug. I was so busy finding the perfect shot, it took me a moment to realize. I set the camera down, crossed the room in three strides, and dropped to my knees beside him.
“You’re beautiful,” I said softly but firmly. It was a familiar refrain, but one I was happy to repeat a thousand times. A million. If that’s what it took to get him to believe it.
Jake wouldn’t meet my gaze. He kept his fixed firmly on the book in front of him. Slowly, I reached out and touched his cheek. He flinched, but I wasn’t offended, and after a long moment, he sighed and leaned into my hand. I still waited, quiet, until he finally looked at me. His eyes were filled with pain. And a bit of shame I knew had no business being there.
“You’re beautiful,” I repeated. Then I gave him a soft smile. “I know the scars on your skin. I know what those tattoos cover. I saw you take your pain and cover it and make yourself whole. I watched you reclaim yourself. You are amazing and beautiful. Never doubt it.”
Jake sucked in a breath and I held his deep brown gaze until he let it out slowly. He gave me a tremulous smile.
“The tattoos helped but I’m only whole because you love me.”
I kissed him, slow and sweet. I thought he gave me far too much credit. But he had my heart, and I had his. He could think anything he wanted. As long as he kept loving me back.

Anyone else having FEELINGS right now? Be sure to let Kris know what you thought of her fic in the comments below.

Hi everyone! I’m Kris T. Bethke, and I’m so thrilled to be here to help the crew at Boy Meets Boys Reviews celebrate their anniversary!
I think it goes without saying that I’m a creative person. But I do more than just craft stories on the page. I’m also an avid knitter and yarn dyer. And truthfully, the yarn arts help me when it comes to my writing as well.
It’s kind of a two-fold process, really. I get to zone out while I knit, letting my mind wander as I create stitch after stitch. And as my mind mind wanders, I think about my boys, and what the details need to be to write a complete story readers will love as much as I do. Same goes for when the yarn is in the pot, soaking up color. I’m at the table, waiting for it to do it’s thing, and making notes and drafting story ideas. It’s as if one creative outlet fuels the other.
And then of course, there’s the times when I’m stuck. Every writer bumps into that immovable wall, the one that keeps the characters and story from going forward. I’m fortunate that I have another way to get my brain moving again. Walking away from the computer and picking up my knitting let’s me focus on something else. And that, invariably, leads to my brain working again.
And yes, you’ll see knitting pop up in my stories occasionally. I’ve yet to have a main character who knits—though I’m sure that will happen eventually—but secondary characters have definitely had the gift. And that allows me to showcase one of my passions within the other.
I’m lucky to have all this in my life to keep me from going stark raving mad. And because of it, I get to bring great stories to the world for readers to enjoy.
As part of the celebration, I’m giving you a chance to win your choice of books from my backlist!

Kris also has a holiday story coming out December 15th, 'Twas the Play Before Christmas! Look for it from JMS books!


After the death of his wife, Nick Valenti is raising his twins on his own. It’s no surprise when his son, Quinn, gets a part in the holiday show, but Nick is amazed when he shows up at the parent meeting and finds his old high school friend is now his son’s music teacher.

Emmett James is full of passion and energy, and Nick is captivated by him. Volunteering to help with sets gives Nick the opportunity to get to know the man Emmett has become. Sparks fly, flirting ensues, and Nick wants nothing more than to see where the attraction between them goes.

With Christmas in the air, and holiday music helping them along, will Nick and Emmett find a romance that can last?

Author Bio:

Kris T. Bethke has been a voracious reader for pretty much her entire life and has been writing stories for nearly as long. An avid and prolific daydreamer, she always has a story in her head. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, or knitting/crocheting her latest project. Her biggest desire is to find a way to accomplish all three tasks at one time. A classic muscle car will always turn her head, and naps on the weekend are one of her greatest guilty pleasures. She lives in a converted attic with a way too fluffy cat and the voices in her head. She’ll tell you she thinks that’s a pretty good deal. Kris believes that love is love, no matter the gender of people involved, and that all love deserves to be celebrated.

Find her on her site

Enter to win any backlist ebook from the author. Contest ends 12/6/18 at Midnight EST. A winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Please respond within 48 hrs or we will choose another winner. Good luck!

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Release Blitz + Giveaway: Santa Daddy by Keira Andrews

Santa is delivering daddy kink this year! Celebrate the release of Santa Daddy with author Keira Andrews and Signal Boost Promotions! Enter in the back list eBook giveaway!

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK - Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow with Kindle Unlimited

Length: 30,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Dar Albert @ Wicked Smart Design


Mall Santas aren’t supposed to be hot.

Hunter Adams is hopelessly adrift after college. He’s still a virgin, can’t find a real job, and has no clue what to do with his life. In desperation, he returns to his humiliating old job as an elf at the Santa's Village in his hometown's dying mall. The Santa on the job is an unexpectedly sexy lumberjack, twice Hunter's size and age. He makes Hunter feel very naughty—too bad he's grumpy and intimidating.

Years after the tragic death of his partner, Nick Spini has his beagle and long, hard days on his Christmas tree farm. That’s plenty. But he can’t refuse a loyal friend’s plea for help and finds himself filling in as Santa at the local mall. Despite Nick's attempt to stay aloof, the beautiful, anxious young man playing elf brings out his long-dormant daddy instincts.

When a surprise blizzard traps them alone in Nick’s isolated forest home, their attraction burns even brighter. Will they surrender to the sizzling connection between them and find the release and comfort they crave?

Santa Daddy is a holiday gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring an age gap, steamy m/m first times, daddy role-playing and light spanking, Christmas romance feels, and of course a happy ending.

Author Bio

After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, fantasy, and paranormal fiction and — although she loves delicious angst along the way — Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said:

“The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”

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Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Sidney Bell

Sidney Bell took time out from promoting Rough Trade to write a fic that's sure to tickle your banter bone! Also be sure to enter in the giveaway for a paperback copy of Hard Line. 3 winners will be selected and the giveaway is open internationally!

And It Comes With a Pool by Sidney Bell

Ben parked several houses down from the address Matty had texted him, squinting through the cool, blue nighttime to make sure he was in the right place. They weren’t that far from his own house, and the familiar expansive yards and mature oaks hinted that this street probably had the same stringent neighborhood watch too. The thought made him wince.

Eventually, they’d get busted. It might be old hat for Matty, but Ben would be facing serious career consequences in addition to the legal ramifications. He imagined Dr. Yates’s crusty voice asking, “Why would you break into someone’s back yard to have illicit sex with a man you barely know in a pool?”

His heart thundered in his chest, driven forward by two competing thoughts: I can’t stay, we’ll get caught. And: I can’t leave, not before I’ve had him again.

If only there were a third option. One that meant getting to fuck Matty and not going to jail.

He got out of the car, shut the door as quietly as possible, and tried to amble down the sidewalk like he had no criminal impulses whatsoever. Matty was waiting for him in the shadows between two houses, and he broke into a grin at the sight of Ben. That grin did terrible things to Ben’s body, made him stupid, made him hard.

“You came.” Matty stole a quick kiss, his stubble scratchy. He smelled like he usually did, like whiskey and sweat, like he’d been out clubbing for hours, dancing with strangers in the dark amid pounding music, maybe even asking them the same question he’d asked Ben once: wanna take a risk with me?

Ben had said yes, of course. He’d been burning off a hellish week of meeting new patients while putting the final touches on a response to his first peer review request for the fucking New England Journal of Medicine and still trying to find his footing in the prestigious—if extremely uptight—cardiology practice he’d recently joined. Hearing wanna take a risk with me from that sweet mouth had been terrifying and attractive in equal measure.

If you asked Ben’s body, the answer was still yes, might always be yes. Just having Matty here in his arms, that body so limber, arching shamelessly so their hips made contact, his smile sly and teasing, was all it ever seemed to take.

“I love this,” Matty was saying in that rough, low voice. He nipped at Ben’s jaw, sending heat down his spine. “You’re always so fucking ready. Let’s go.”

By the time Ben could put thoughts together again, Matty had vaulted himself up and over the privacy fence into the back yard with surprising grace for someone who was no doubt half-lit. A moment later a scratching sound came and the gate opened up.

“Ta da,” Matty whispered, then led the way toward the pool, which was dark.

Dark and—empty?

“There’s no water,” Ben whispered back.

Matty seemed momentarily confounded. “Huh.” Then he shrugged and dropped neatly into the pool anyway. “Marco,” he called, far too loudly considering what they were doing.

Ben couldn’t remember if his malpractice insurance had a professional conduct clause. It didn’t stop him from following.

He landed with a crunch of dead leaves beneath his feet, and the concrete all around them radiated cold and the reek of mold, but they were completely out of sight, at least.

“It smells,” Ben pointed out.

“Yeah, it’s pretty gross down here.” Matty reached out, sliding his fingers under Ben’s henley to trace lightly along his belly. “Mmm. Come here.”

“Wait. You think this is gross too?”

“Yeah.” Matty licked his way up Ben’s throat, his fingers dropping to tug on the button of his jeans. “Come on.”

Ben tried to keep his blood in his head instead of his dick. “Then what the hell are we doing down here?”

“Because it’s fun.” Matty blinked at him. “Isn’t it?”

“I mean, if you think the idea of cops and guard dogs is fun, sure.”

“Oh.” Matty seemed momentarily nonplussed. “You really don’t like this?”

“We’re in a stranger’s grody empty pool,” Ben said gently. “It’s not exactly my dream spot, no.”

“But it’s a pool. Pools are cool.”

“I know that. I have a pool. Mine even has water in it. I’m not here for the pool.”

“Then why—”

“I like you, asshole.”


“You can’t be that surprised that someone you’re sleeping with likes you.” Ben considered nearly a dozen quick, fumbling trysts in semi-public places and revised that assumption. If this was how Matty always had sex, no wonder he didn’t anticipate actual feelings forming.

“I’m sorry,” Matty murmured, his mouth soft and unhappy. “I thought we were having fun.”

“We were. Sort of. It’s just…” Ben took a deep breath and braced himself. “Is that all I am? Fun? Because I’d like to be more than that.”

Matty spun away with a groan, interlacing his fingers and resting them on top of his head. The move outlined the strength of his shoulders in his T-shirt, the fine muscles along his arms and back, and Ben swallowed hard. Part of him wished he’d never mentioned it. He’d be inside Matty by now, maybe, if he’d just kept his stupid mouth shut. Or he’d have Matty on his knees. Or he’d have Matty’s dick in his hand, hot and hard. He’d be listening to Matty’s sex noises, which were objectively a little stupid and whiny sounding, but they got Ben hot anyway. He liked the way Matty’s voice got high and thin when he was close, the way all of Matty’s scattered thoughts and energies cohered into a raw, rare focus.

“I need a beer,” Matty muttered, and lowered his arms. “Here’s the thing. The stuff I know about you, I like. But that doesn’t matter much, because I’m not the one who’s gonna have issues with us.”

“How do you figure?”

“You’re a doctor who does, like, Bowflex at six in the morning before you go save lives and shit. I’m a bartender who likes fucking in parks and partying and sleeping until two. I’m not cut out to be a doctor’s wife. I’m cool with that. I like being me, but I’m not sure you’re gonna agree in the long run. And it’s one thing to fuck a guy who thinks he’s slumming and another thing to try for something more with him.”

“I’m not slumming,” Ben said, stung.

“Sure you are,” Matty said easily. “I’m wearing a fucking slap bracelet with skulls on it.”

Ben made a face. “They’re not coming back, man.”

“You’ll see.” Matty’s smile was brief. “The point is I don’t know how to go to fundraisers.”

“You’re lucky you’re so damn pretty.” Ben touched Matty’s lower lip, and Matty kissed his thumb, soft and sweet. “Because you’re a pain in the ass. I just want to have sex with you in a bed sometimes and watch Game of Thrones together.”

“Really?” Matty’s brow furrowed.

“Exclusively,” Ben added, dropping his hand. “Exclusive is part of it.”

Matty didn’t say anything for a long moment. “Sex in a bed and Game of Thrones. That’s what you want?”

“Yeah. That’s what a relationship is, Matty. Frequent sex plus doing fun stuff together.”

“A relationship,” Matty said, the words careful, as if the shape of them was new in his mouth. “I could be in a relationship. I like Game of Thrones. I could be a relationship guy.”

“Jesus,” Ben muttered, even as his heart flopped over in his chest.

“No, I could,” Matty insisted. “I can watch television with you. I can pick you up when your car breaks down, and, and,, pay…bills? Is that…do we get a joint checking thing now?”

Ben shook his head, unable to stop a sappy smile from forming. “That stuff comes later, man.”

“Cool. You might have to give me, like, tips and shit. I’m kind of a relationship virgin.”

“Who’s Rocco then?” Ben’s hand landed on the spot where a tattoo of that name graced Matty’s shoulder. He’d always assumed Rocco was an ex, but if Matty had never done anything like this before, that couldn’t be right.

Matty’s face lit up. “Rocco’s my cat. He’s fucking awesome, Ben. He caught a woodpecker once, but he didn’t kill it because he has a heart made of butter. Best fucking cat that ever lived.”

Ben pressed his forehead against Matty’s collarbone and tried not to laugh too loudly. It would suck to get busted at this point.

“A relationship,” Matty repeated, sort of wonderingly. He leaned up and kissed Ben, the kind of chaste kiss that the idiot probably thought was relationship-appropriate. But somehow Matty’s tongue ended up in Ben’s mouth, the kiss going hot and biting and dirty enough that Ben was thinking maybe they should fuck right now after all since they were already here. He put his hands on Matty’s hips and tugged, bringing their bodies together, only to protest when Matty wiggled away.

“Nope, not here.” Matty laced their fingers together and squeezed. “I have it on good authority that there’s a pool with actual water in it somewhere in this neighborhood.”

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