Guest Review: Mr. September (Calendar Men #9) by Bailey Bradford

Summer fades into fall, but the heat isn’t letting up for this calendar man.

Enzo Mueller was glad to help out with the calendar shoot. His little sister, Nat, has been in remission for years and he’d do anything to help find a cure for childhood cancer—even if all he can do is pose for a charity event. That, and work three jobs so he can take care of her since their parents split a long time ago.

But raising a teenager and having a personal life are two things he doesn’t think can coexist. He’s resigned himself to being alone, aside from Nat, until he gets her through college. After all, no man in his right mind would want to deal with Enzo’s crazy work schedule.

Tony met Enzo when he waited on their table. Ever since then, Tony’s had Enzo on his mind, and when he runs into him again, something clicks between them. Tony’s daughter, Ina, finished her last cancer treatments weeks ago and she’s in remission. He’s been focused on her since before she was born, but now, one man is making him wonder if it isn’t possible to have more in life than he’d expected.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Tony is a busy working dad. He always knew he wanted to be a father so he got a surrogate lined up once he turned thirty. Ina is his sunshine, and since she survived cancer, her daddy knows all about the Calendar Men.

Enzo is Mr September, goaded into posing by his friend Hector who we met earlier in the series. Enzo is an archetypal Mr. good-guy. He’s been raising his little step sister since he was fifteen. He’s put his whole life on hold for Nat and works three jobs to send her to a good school. He likes Tony when they met (as Enzo is waiting his table) and each time they come across each other the spark lights up. Tony finally gets up the courage to ask Enzo for a ‘date’ (i.e. hookup) and the sparks fly!

Overcoming their pride, busy lives and ghosts from their pasts is quite a challenge, but this charming book is much like the others in the series: short, sweet, sexy, hot shifters included, and a super perfect HEA.


I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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