About Us

Boy Meets Boy Reviews was born when porn met unicorns, and they fell in love and had a uniporn blog-baby. We are a group of like- and not-so-like-minded individuals who share a mild obsession with Jake Bass, unicorns, and stories of boy meets boy. We floated around on the World Wide Web until we found each other in a tiny corner of the Goodreads universe.  After much squealing and Kermit-flailing - and with the help of one Unicorn Name Generator - The Unicorn Mafia was formed. Our tastes range from alien PWP to college-aged fluff to GFY cops, and we embrace our differences wholeheartedly.

We are a review blog created by a group of readers as diverse as the books we love to read. Why? Because m/m romance comes in more than just one flavor.

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