Review: The God's Eye (Lancaster's Luck #3) by Anna Butler

Rafe Lancaster is reluctantly settling into his role as the First Heir of House Stravaigor. Trapped by his father’s illness and his new responsibilities, Rafe can’t go with lover Ned Winter to Aegypt for the 1902/03 archaeological digging season. Rafe’s unease at being left behind intensifies when Ned’s fascination with the strange Antikythera mechanism and its intriguing link to the Aegyptian god Thoth has Ned heading south to the remote, unexplored highlands of Abyssinia and the course of the Blue Nile.

Searching for Thoth’s deadly secrets, Ned is out of contact and far from help. When he doesn’t return at Christmas as he promised, everything points to trouble. Rafe is left with a stark choice – abandon his dying father or risk never seeing Ned again.

All I have to say is that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this historical steampunk trilogy!

Rafe is a quasi-antihero, really only wanting to live his life in peace, unencumbered by responsibility except for his own person and his lover Ned. However, life often never complies, and he finds himself the heir apparent to an important political house that supports the Royal family and helps govern Britain. Having never catered to house politics, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of it all, neck deep sooner than he expected as his father falls ill, and Rafe must take on more duties and start navigating the delicate balance between allies and enemies.

Such obligation is a burden, because it also means Rafe can’t join his lover Ned, on his yearly trek to Aegypt. When Ned comes up missing, Rafe has no choice but to go and find him, whether it’s a prudent thing to do or not. Ned takes top priority, and damn anyone who stands in his way.

As with the first 2 books, this has plenty of political intrigue, not only at home but internationally as well. Apparently, Ned is after a valuable artifact that could be turned into a deadly weapon, one that the crafty Germans want for themselves, and it’s a race against time to see who gets there first.

So ensue action of course, twists and turns, familial feels, and quite the setup regarding ancient Aegypt mythology bringing an impressive theorization to life. There's a cold practicality running throughout this book, but Rafe and Ned never let their vaulted status compromise their integrity. They’re a great romantic pair especially when they conspire and work together, and I loved watching Rafe come into his own to be a formidable leader who will always put his family and friends first no matter the consequence.

Maybe Butler will get a second whim to write more about this duo when they rule Britain together. If only! For sure, I’d gladly be ready to reimmerse myself again in this world and their further adventures should she decide to do so!

Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for an honest review!

Blog Tour + Giveaway: Ice Gladiators by Genevive Chamblee

Welcome author Genevive Chamblee and Other Worlds Ink as they start off the Ice Gladiators blog tour! Discover more about the hockey romance and enter in the $10 Amazon gift card giveaway!

Ice Gladiators - Genevive Chamblee

Genevive Chamblee has a new MM sports romance book out: "Ice Gladiator."

Dalek "Taz" Tazandlakova is the epitome of a hockey player—tall, broad, and powerful. As a forward for the Lafayette Ice Water Moccasins, he's also the physical embodiment of domination and intimidation.

He's everything Liam Jolivet isn't.

Liam possesses an inner strength and confidence Taz has never mastered. On the surface, Liam appears to be a perfect match for Taz. The problem is, Liam is dating Taz’s roommate. It’s not the only problem, either. Taz is a “playa” and has commitment issues—along with a pain-in-the-ass coach who's threatening to ruin his career, and a second roommate who wants to dictate his social life for his own personal gain.

Nevertheless, Taz wants Liam, and Liam appears to want to reciprocate. Do they dare cross the line?

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Ice Gladiators

(Contains explicit language)

“Actually, you’re more likely to get jabbed in the ribs or guts than beat over the head. That’s too obvious a penalty.” Taz reclined on the sofa. “The entire point of sticking is to move someone out of your way or send a message without getting caught. Hockey’s physical and intense, but it isn’t vicious. We respect each other, even if we don’t always like each other. We hit hard, but it’s without malice. At the end of the day, it’s our job. Besides, I thought this kind of thing turned you on. At least, that’s what Jackson said.”

“I said what?”

“You said he liked hockey. Obviously, he doesn’t.”

Spencer’s brows furrowed. “I’m right here. You can talk to me.”

“I said no such thing,” Jackson, Taz’s other roommate, rebutted, picking through the mixed nuts.

Victor set the bowl on a table. “And that’s my cue to leave.”

“What did I miss?” Liam Jolivet questioned, carrying three beers and two soft drinks.

“Nothing,” Victor answered. “Hand them their drinks. You and I are watching the rest of the game in my bedroom.”

Pfft.” Jackson snorted. “You’re leaving to fuck.”

At least someone’s getting lucky tonight, Taz thought. And with a hottie like Liam, why not?

Victor frowned. “And what’s it to you?”

Taz shook his head. “Wow, Jack, that was tacky, even for you.”

“Calling them like I see them.”

“You must have cataracts in both eyes, then,” Taz huffed.

“What did you mean by sticking sending a message?” Liam asked, distributing the drinks.

“Not that kind of sticking,” Jackson interjected before Taz replied. “But if you have to ask, Vic must not be handling business.”

“Fuck you, Jack,” Victor barked.

Jackson smirked. “That’s what I meant.”

“Shut up and drag your mind out of the sewer. Come on, Liam.”

“Okay, just a minute. I want to hear Taz’s answer.”

“Suit yourself,” Victor snapped, storming down the hallway and slamming a bedroom door.

Twisting the cap off his beer, Taz stared after Victor for a moment before turning his attention to Liam. “You’d better go.”

“I will, but I’m interested in what you were saying.” Liam plopped on the couch, his soulful brown eyes genuinely intrigued. He bore a meet-your-parents smile with a hint of danger that stirred Taz’s curiosity. “I know you probably get sick of all my questions every time I come over, but search engines only tell so much—computer-compiled facts. You give not only the human aspect but spill an inside scoop. It’s not like Victor ever tells me this stuff.”

“It’s an intimidation tactic,” Taz answered. “If guys know you hit, they don’t hit you or your teammates.”

Spencer clicked his tongue. “As I said: barbaric.”

Taz waved his hand. “It’s part of the game—not a nice part, but there it is. And it’s a lot tamer these days with league regulations than several years ago. Back in the day—”

“Liam!” Victor yelled from the bedroom.

“You’re being summoned, fuck boy.” Jackson laughed.

A flush swarmed up Liam’s throat to his face as he rose and trekked to the bedroom.

“He’s too easy.” Jackson chuckled.

Taz rolled his head across the back of the couch to face his roommate. “Why do you do that?”

Jackson shrugged and took a swig of beer.

Author Bio

Genevive Chamblee - Ice Gladiators

Genevive Chamblee is a southern darling and resides in the bayou country where sweet tea and SEC football reign supreme. She is known for being witty (or so she thinks), getting lost anywhere beyond her front yard (the back is pushing it as she’s very geographically challenged), falling in love with shelter animals (and she adopts them), asking off-the-beaten-path questions that makes one go “hmm,” and preparing homecooked Creole meals that are as spicy as her writing.

Genevive specializes in spinning steamy, romantic tales with humorous flair, diverse characters, and quirky views of love and human behavior. She also is not afraid to delve into darker romances as well.

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Giveaway + Blog Tour: Sticky Fingers by Davidson King

Age gap fans will want to take notice of Sticky Fingers by Davidson King. Find out more about the romantic suspense, read an excerpt & enter in the giveaway for your own e-copy AND a $5 Amazon gift card too!


Sticky Fingers
Davidson King
Contemporary romance, suspense, age-gap,
bisexual romance, M/M, LGBT
Release Date: 01.27.20
When the desperate needs of his family must come before his dream of finishing his degree, Kyle, feeling both guilt ridden and heartbroken, knows what he needs to do. But when his help isn’t enough, a shady idea offered by his even shadier friend proves the only saving grace.
Mergers, acquisitions, and philanthropy consume Maddox’s days and nights prompting an overdue visit to his best friend’s luxury resort. Finally enjoying some R&R, he meets an adorable botanist working there for the summer. But a surprise visit from his ex and a shocking theft from his suite turn Maddox’s trip into chaos.
Trusting his gut, Maddox strikes a deal to help Kyle make up for his sticky fingers. But when his heart gets involved and his ex refuses to let go, Maddox’s plan starts to unravel. A summer of romance, deceit, and greed have both men navigating emotional waters, leaving them to wonder if true love and their happy ever after will come to pass.
SF teaser 1SF teaser 2


“Summer storms, gotta love them.” Maddox had a look of childlike wonder. “I loved storms as a kid. One summer my family and I were staying at this cabin on the lake, and a storm like this hit and all the power went out. My dad had flashlights because he wouldn’t let us use candles for fear we’d burn the place down.” The whole time Maddox was telling me the story he didn’t take his eyes away from the flashes of light, nor did he jump like I did at the booming thunder.

“My brother Evan screamed ‘Flashlight hide-and-seek,’ and we ran.” He laughed. “He would close his eyes and count and we all had to hide. When we were in our spot, we shut the light off. It was scary and exciting. We had to hope a flash of lightning wouldn’t give away our locations. Luna always won, but it was the best time.”

Rain pelted the windows and Maddox shook off his memory as he looked down at me. “Sorry, I don’t know why I overshared like that.” His eyes flitted around the room, everywhere but meeting my gaze. “How about that tour of the house now that you can’t go into the garden?”

He wasn’t looking at me, and I didn’t know if it was because he was embarrassed he’d told me such a sweet story about his family.

“Tour sounds great.”
Davidson-King-Logo-Main PNG

Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

When she's not writing you can find her blogging away on Diverse Reader, her review and promotional site. She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she'd tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you're afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.


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Giveaway + Blog Tour: The Empires of Luxor City by Sasha Hope

💘 Happy Valentine's Day! 💝

Celebrate by checking out the deets on this ABO LGBTQ urban fantasy, The Empires of Luxor City, brought to you by author Sasha Hope and IndiGo Marketing. Find out more about this NineStar Press release, read an excerpt, check out the author's playlist inspired by the debut novel and enter in the giveaway for a signed paperback copy of your very own!

Title: The Empires of Luxor City
Author: Sasha Hope
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: February 3, 2020
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 77400
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, LGBT, futuristic, crime/thriller, family-drama, urban fantasy, alpha/omega, gangsters, criminal underworld, reunited, crossdressing, hurt/comfort

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In the aftermath of his father’s funeral, Dom Wesa, the new Alpha of Luxor City’s Central Empire, stumbles upon an Omega in desperate need of help. The Omega, Lin Vasiliev, wakes to find he’s been taken into Dom’s home to be rehabilitated. Dom thinks the young addict may have information about the illicit drug trade going on in his Empire. He gets Lin sober to question him only to discover that Lin is new in town and ignorant of Luxor’s laws.

Dom and Lin are both suspicious of each other at first for their own reasons, but as that wariness wears away a deep attraction develops between them. Dom dotes on Lin, leaving the once stone-broke Omega bathed in finery he never could have imagined. They start planning for Lin’s upcoming heat, when they will be driven together by their kindling bond and strong compatibility as an Alpha and Omega pair. However, in the midst of their swelling romance, Luxor’s most notorious Alpha reappears sparking a gang war that threatens to turn the entire city into a battleground.


The Empires of Luxor City
Sasha Hope © 2020
All Rights Reserved

There had never been fewer tears shed at
a funeral.

It was strange. Crowds had wailed at
funerals for worse men, but not a single soul in Luxor City wept for Malik
Wesa, a business magnate who’d left behind a wife and two sons. They just stood
there, all of them staring straight ahead with cold black eyes as the funeral
director rolled the old man’s coffin into the crematory. Visible through a tiny
char-stained window, the man who’d once been their leader burned down to ash
and bone until there was nothing left of him but dust.

Shaking the image from his mind, Dom
Wesa walked out through a wrought-iron fence and left the inner-city funeral
home. He buried his hands deep in the pockets of his overcoat and made his way
back across the busy city streets toward his office on the east side of town.

A chill rolled off the water near the
docks as the year moved into fall. Dom originally drove to the funeral home
with the rest of the family, but he couldn’t bear to spend another second with
them even if it meant enduring the icy wind.

When a family member dies, all too often
they are given a whole new life story. This was a universal truth Dom struggled
to wrap his head around. There weren’t any tears at his father’s funeral, but
there were enough artificial words of kindness to make him grit his teeth and
bite his tongue until his eyes watered.

They all loved to mention how hard
things would be for Dom with his father gone; how much weight would now fall on
his shoulders.

Dom wanted to laugh. He’d been running
this town without his old man’s help for ages. The death of the man he had
stopped calling father a long time ago wouldn’t change a thing in his
day-to-day life; it just made his position more official. Dom was now the
eldest Alpha of the Wesa family, one of the great crime families in Luxor City,
the capital of New America.

Decades back, when the government’s
power over New America first started to crumble, the gangs of Luxor City went
to war, fighting for control over the expansive city’s lucrative ports. As Dom
walked through the streets, he passed the remnants of that conflict in the form
of bullet holes etched into brick walls that lined the sidewalks and
boulevards. Luxor hadn’t always been a haven of prosperity. These wounds were
stark reminders that they should not let war tear their city apart again.
They’d been preserved during reconstruction.

After years of brutality and gangland
warfare, the dust finally settled over the metropolitan battleground. Only three
factions were left in a city divided by chaos. They brokered a peace treaty, a
deal that divided Luxor into three Empires, each ruled firmly by the Alpha
heads of the surviving crime families: Wesa in the Center, Faraji in the North,
and Sun in the South.

Dom Wesa was the sole Alpha heir to the
Central Empire, a great strip of land stretching from the high-rises along the
city’s eastern ports all the way to the cliffs on the western coast. Their
portion of city was the smallest, but the Center also included the West Island,
the final stretch of green pasture and woodland in Luxor, a place where only
the wealthiest families could afford acreage.

Sila Wesa, the family’s Omega matriarch,
still maintained an estate there. She would probably return home once the
ladder-climbing mourners all left her in peace. As an Omega, she was expected
to stay home and mourn her Alpha’s death for at least a year. Dom hated
thinking of her returning to that vast hollow estate, but she wouldn’t be
alone. She had his younger brother, Atsadi, with her.

Maybe they could be happy there now, but
Dom couldn’t stand the place.

He made his way to his portside office,
the private sanctuary where he conducted the family business, far removed from
his father’s offices across from the luxury hotels and nightclubs downtown. It
was an old-fashioned Deco-style building, relatively small compared to Luxor’s
expansive high-rises, but taller than the nearby brownstone residences lining
the old dock’s edge.

Dom entered through the public hall and
took the stairs to his office instead of his private elevator. He couldn’t
stand still, not even for a minute, not until he got a drink in him.

His office took up most of the fifth
floor. A large window lined the street-facing wall, giving him a view of his
docks and businesses as well as the swaying blue horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

Ships pulled in and out, always coming
and going. The ports were the center of all business in Luxor. They had been
around since the city’s foundation and wrapped around the entire coastline,
enclosing Luxor in a circle of docks extending out into the water like a sea
urchin’s spikes. It was a well-known fact that he who controlled the ports,
controlled the trade, and he who controlled the trade, controlled the city.

Dom was fond of the old portside
architecture. He had always been keen on the brutalist, Deco styles of ancient
cities. He even decorated his office to match with polished wood and geometric
patterns of gold emblazoned on black surfaces.

Inside the familiar space he’d made his
own, he poured himself a glass of whisky from a decanter on his side table. He
took a good long swig before taking a seat in the plush leather chair behind
his mahogany desk.

Sighing heavily, he closed his eyes
until a quiet thud on his desk drew them open again.

A thin newssheet folded down the middle
sat in the center of his desk. Images flashed across its holographic surface.
Dom recognized himself, his brother, and his mother in more than one. Fucking

The Luxor City Times headline read:
Death of Malik Wesa leaves Central Empire in hands of son, Dominik.

Dom stared at the paper with a deadpan
expression. Unblinking, he took another sip of his drink.

“Somehow I figured you’d be back in the
office today.”

Dom’s gaze shifted in the direction of
the voice.

His right-hand woman, Isa Saqui, stood
over his desk smirking down at him.

Isa had been Dom’s eyes and ears ever
since terminal illness took his old man out of power and put Dom in charge. She
was an Alpha, a member of the dominant sex, like everyone in his inner circle.
Isa stood tall, a muscular and imposing woman with angular bone structure
casting dramatic shadows over her olive skin. Her long hair was tied in an
intricate brunette braid that fell over one shoulder.

Dom turned away from her and picked up
the newssheet. Without giving it another glance, he tossed it back across the
desk toward her.

“The headline is hilarious,” he muttered
before taking another drink.

Isa chuckled as she snatched the thin
device back up.

“Isn’t it?” she said as she examined the
article. “I mean, it’s not even news. Your old man hadn’t been running shit for

Dom huffed.

It was true. Even before his father’s
illness, Dom had been in charge, but Malik’s stint in the hospital had truly
put him in power. In under a year, he’d earned the city’s respect and made vast
alterations throughout the Central Empire to counter his father’s ineffective
rule. Dom had always been in control; nothing would change now Malik Wesa was

“We shouldn’t speak ill of the dead,”
Dom said, smiling around the rim of his glass.

“Then let’s talk business.” Isa grinned
like a shark. “Because I haven’t got anything good to say about the old
bastard. How was his funeral, by the way?”

Dom simply shrugged in response. “Let’s
talk business.”

With another snort of a laugh, Isa
pulled out her phone and started going over a list of the day’s imports. The
ships had come in on time, and their guys on the docks were already warehousing
their “product,” storing it until it could be shipped throughout Luxor.

“So, we finally received those luxury
cars we’ve been waiting for, two weeks late, but that’s the Southern trade
route for you. Same shipment had a few crates of unprocessed opium—”

Dom cut in with gritted teeth, “Make
sure that goes straight to the labs. Apart from heat suppressants, I don’t want
to see that shit on my streets.”

“Already done.” Isa hardly even glanced
up from her phone. “The independent Omegas of Luxor are already thanking you.
You truly are a hero, Dom, providing them with suppressants and saving them
from their dreaded heats. Less mating means more working. Off your backs and on
your feet. That can be your campaign slogan.”

Dom eyed Isa, trying to gauge her level
of sarcasm before gesturing for her to carry on with a short huff of amusement.

“What else?”

“Firearms from the mainland,” Isa said
before listing off the models and manufacturers. “About half of this shipment
is being sold to the Sun family in the south. They’ve got an underground trade
problem on their hands.”

In the south of Luxor City, the Sun
family controlled the majority of the city’s ports, but only imported from the
Second Continent, across the western seas. This made them an excellent trading
partner for Dom whose eastern ports shipped to and from New America. Whenever
the Southern Empire wanted products from the New American mainland, Dom was
their man, and when he needed Second Continent shipments, he knew just who to

“All right.” Dom stood from his chair,
rubbing his hands together. “The agent from the Sun family will want to see the
guns before we truck them over. I’ll call—” Dom stopped abruptly when a terse
shout erupted from the streets below, loud enough to resonate through the glass
window and into his fifth-floor office.

“What the hell was that?” Isa asked with
a furrowed brow.

Dom walked over to glare out of the
window. They were right above the lobby, so a glance down offered a clear view
of the ground below.

Across the street, a young man stumbled
along the sidewalk. Even from the distance, Dom could tell there was something
off about him. He swayed with each step, unable to keep to a straight line and
using one hand to balance himself against the wall of the opposite building to
keep from falling over.

He disappeared into an alleyway, followed
closely by another man. This much larger man was the one shouting furiously as
he marched into the narrow passage after the boy.

Dom turned from the window and grabbed
his coat. Without a backward glance, he stormed out of his office.

“Dom? Hey! What the hell was that?” Isa
repeated as he passed. She tried calling after him again, but he was already
out of the door.


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Images from Unsplash

I always make a playlist when I’m writing. This isn’t music I listen to while I’m writing, it’s music that inspired certain aspects of the novel. Those pieces could be anything from characters to locations. There are quite a few songs from the album ‘Chief Don’t Run’ by Jidenna that almost entirely inspired the character Jimena. There’s Kpop because this is a speculative future and I have no doubt that genre is going to keep growing worldwide. And then there’s ‘Gangsta’ by Kehlani, a song that probably first sparked up the initial concept for ‘The Empires of Luxor City’, an Alpha gangster who saves a young Omega off the streets. Music is a huge inspiration for me! I can’t wait to start working on the next playlist… and my next novel!

P.S. Can you tell which songs inspired the erotica? ;P

Meet the Author

Sasha Hope is a lover of story, art and design based in Canada. As a writer and an artist, she enjoys having the opportunity to create new characters and build new worlds for readers to explore. Having studied linguistics and a myriad of languages from a young age, she is passionate about including characters of different backgrounds in her work. Whether the setting is fantasy or reality, she believes that a diverse cast with diverse languages and cultures is a wonderful thing.

Crafting stories that embrace MM romance and erotica is her modus operandi. When she is not creating new worlds she is travelling this one looking for inspiration or enjoying her career in the videogame industry.

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