Review: Special Delivery (A Little Bit Cupid #2) by Ellen Mint

Jack never saw this special delivery coming.

Jack Dawson has been madly in love with Tan Nguyen since high school. So when his oldest crush walks into his flower shop to place an order, Jack…runs into the closet to hide.

Valentine’s Day is the worst day for florists, especially lonely ones who just want a boyfriend at least a quarter as hot as Tan. Add in Jack having to hand-deliver a special romance basket for Tan’s secret date while wearing a bright red suit and he’s tempted to flee to Canada.

But, to his shock, this is going to be a February Fourteenth that Jack will never forget.

This quick and sweet little Valentine nugget was heartwarmingly charming and funny. I loved Jack’s inner monolgue right from the beginning while he told his back story and pined away for the allegedly unattainlable Tan.

The humor was great without trying too hard, it flowed from Jack easily and organically. Jack is an every man who has been unlucky in love and as a struggling artist he’s been working at a florist for entirely too long, at the expense of his creativity. All that being said, Valentine’s Day is hardly his favorite holiday and he just wants to survive it at this point.

He’s had a crush on the oh-so-dreamy Tan since high school and when Tan makes an unexpected appearance at the florist where Jack works, Jack is all kinds of a funny mess as he reminisces and gets through Valentines delivery hell.

Jack’s final delivery is the meat of the story and I say that unironically, as meat was had all around. Keeping in mind this is a short story, the heat is turned up to 11 pretty quickly. Believable? Not so much, but that wasn’t what I came for and I just let the believability slide because it was a happy and horny ending for both guys and I was there for it.

This is one of those shorts that left me wanting more, not necessarily because anything was lacking, but just because I could really see this as, at minimum, a novella. There were a lot of untouched plot points and Tan’s POV would be awesome to read. Still, I enjoyed this fun and sweet read for what it was meant to be and will definitely looking for more from this author.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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