Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - T.J. Nichols

We're pleased as punch to welcome back, T.J. Nichols for our unicorniversary! T.J. dropped by with gifts for the fantasy enthusiasts! From the DSP Publications trilogy, Nichols is giving away the first ebook, Warlock in Training (which we reviewed HERE) AND shares a cool character interview!

Learn more about the latest release (which drops today) Blood for the Spilling!

About Blood for the Spilling (Studies in Demonology #3)

Sheets of ice are spreading across the human world, ushering in an ice age as the magic drained from Demonside turns that world into a desert. Angus and reluctant warlock Terrance have defected from Vinland to the Mayan Empire—a land of dark and potent magic. But the Mayans aren’t offering sanctuary for free.

Nor is the world willing to stand back as Vinland attacks, and the backlash will affect all magic users.

Mage Saka has no tribe. He is now just another refugee fleeing the dying Demonside. He knows the conflict brewing now will be worse than the first demon war. Countries are banding together—not just against Vinland, but against all magic. Where will the powerful Mayan Empire stand?

Angus might have the power to fight Vinland and the Warlock College, but the cost will be terrible. Saka is torn between helping Angus and stopping him. And Terrance would do anything for Angus, but he’s terrified of the man Angus is becoming, even as Saka is warming to the idea of a relationship between the three of them.

No matter what choice they make, victory will be bittersweet, and when the ash settles and the snow melts, nothing will be the same.

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Character Interview

Interview with Mage Saka of the Lifeblood tribes

Excerpt from interview transcript. Interview conducted by [redacted] of the Intelligence Temple.

Interviewer: Explain why you left your tribe.

Saka: I told you. They decided to kill all warlocks and Angus had done nothing wrong.

Interviewer: Is it not unusual for mages to leave their tribes?

Saka: It’s not unheard of. I had made contact with mage Iktan before leaving. We were assured safe refuge. Can I see Angus?

Interviewer: Not yet. He is a Vinnish warlock.

Saka: Yes, but he’s not really a warlock. I was training him as a mage. He is safe?

Interviewer: Is he? Or is he reporting everything back to the Warlock College. You know who his father was?

Saka: His father is dead, at the hands the Lifeblood mages. He isn’t like that. He understands rebalancing.

Interviewer: No, he doesn’t. What do you want?

Saka: For him to be safe.

Interviewer: Nothing more? You don’t care that Demonside is dying?

Saka: Of course I care. That’s we came here, so that we could help fight the Vinnish and rebalance the magic.

Interviewer: We’re at war with the Vinnish. What can you do that we can’t? You brought a spy to us. Not just Angus, but the others too. One of them is known to be working with the Vinnish. He reported on you and Angus.

Saka: We can help fight--

Interviewer: You should’ve helped your tribe instead of leaving them to their fate.

Saka: I’m not talking to you again until I see Angus.

Interviewer: Why are you really here?

Interviewer: We will dig the truth out of Terrance and Angus’s minds. Then we will learn why you are here.

End transcript.

About the author

TJ Nichols grew up reading thrillers and fantasy novels, so it’s no surprise that mixing danger and magic came so easily. Urban fantasy combines the best of both genres and allows TJ to make sure that evil gets vanquished and the hero gets his man. After traveling all over the world, TJ now lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Twitter: @TobyJNichols

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