Happy Hour Chat: Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox

We're kicking off the blog with a group review! As a regular feature each month, Boy Meets Boy Reviews (BMBR) will host a Happy Hour Chat where we discuss a different m/m book. The author of our Happy Hour Chat book will be BMBR's featured author of the month, so keep an eye out for more reviews of his work and a Q&A with James Cox next week!

November's Happy Hour Chat book is Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox.

Natasha: we're all here! 
Lorix: :)
Jenni Lea: stupid grin here too! :D
sunny: lol 
Natasha: *flails with audrey* 
Breann: yay! 
Ann: *crickets* 
Justin: penis 
A quick copy/paste of the blurb so that people know what we actually read:
Five men.
One harem.
Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males are growing on him and the king is having a hard time picking just one.
Who will be the king’s handsome hero?
Be Warned: menage sex (MMMMMM), BDSM, rimming, m/m sex, orgies
sunny: Favorite part/line/character 
Jo: There were a lot of penis measurement descriptions and color and consistency. I mean I love the hot details but felt after a while it was here a dick there a dick every where a dick, dick.
Ann: you say that like it's a problem 

Want to read more of this zany chat, including discussions of mpreg, which character Jake Bass would play, and the practicalities of multi-penis beings? Check it out after the jump!

Thanks for joining us for Happy Hour!

*passes out martinis and milkshakes (for the non-drinkers)*

Now sit back, kick up your heels, slurp your cocktails, and find out what the Unicorn Mafia thought of James Cox's Handsome Hero Wanted.

(Warning: This chat contains some spoilers!)

Jo: The orgy scene was very hot no need for our play by play help Ann. I was able to follow along fine and it was very niiiiiiiiiice. 
sunny: I was impressed by the organization and complexity of the orgy scene 
Ann: I can respect a well directed menage + however many 
Breann: Yeah, it was easy to follow. 
Lorix: It wasn't a bad book just not my cuppa 
Jo: right 
Ann: it overflowed my suppa 
Breann: Normally, more than 2 can be confusing for who's what is where and how. 
Ann: dammit cuppa 
SRAL: lmao suppa 
Ann: now i kinda like suppa better 
Jo: but all that precum and dripping it was old after a while 
Justin: loner/boner 
Lorix: I've just finished my cuppa 
Breann: oozing, leaking, dripping cocks for everyone!! 
Natasha: mmmm drippy 
SRAL: my favorite character is Ashthor. His name was awesome  
SRAL: he can change into any shape you wanted plus TAIL 
sunny: I liked Dusk. He was so sweet and big, and he had 2 dicks
Ann: i was totes fine with the leaking. he was happy 
Breann: I really liked Dusk. Gentle giant with two dicks. Win. 
Natasha: Ashthor was badASS, but my heart lies with Lavender, through and through 
Justin: Dusk 
Ann: dusk FTW 
Lorix: Ashthor was mine 
sunny: Ashthor had a TAIL 
Lorix: ty rainbow colours 
Audrey: My favorite was probably Lavender. And my favorite line was the part where he says he'd get a hairball if he sucked the other guy's cock.  
Jo: really the flower guy did it for you 
Ann: hahahaha - ewwwww 
Natasha: LOVE THAT LINE! @Audrey 
Jo: eww to hairball 
sunny: "that sneaky tail pressed against his asshole" 
SRAL: awesome 
Jo: yes the tail bit was hot gotta admit 
Natasha: i just want a book about lavender and ____(dog dude)____ 
Justin: Favorite line: Two dicks on one hot man will break all willpower 
Lorix: Actually I did kinda like the cat dude too 
SRAL: "Handsome hero wanted. Brave in the face of certain danger. Must be willing to get naked with other species. At least six-inch penis required. Fee is negotiable." 
Breann: I loved 'Please lay on the table so we may send you a proper farewell for your pleasing service' I may require this service as a parting gift from now on. 
Jo: I like dusk 
sunny: or... "The sperm shot from his cock like a fucking volcanic eruption." 
Natasha: My favorite character was Lavender because he's feline (I have a cat obsession) and he seemed sassy, sexy, and kind of twinkie, which is definitely what I'm into. I'd love a side-story about him and the dog dude (whose name evades me but I also liked...) 
Jenni Lea: Dusk was my favorite. When he came his body was electrified! 
Ann: "It was time to see exactly what he needed a big penis for." - nuff said 
Lorix: I hope this ceremony isn't too long. I'm about to go explosive. 
Justin: Layden was wolf dude 
Natasha: thanks Justin! right. Layden. liked him too. 
Audrey: "Fuck this shit. Drayton intended to get laid. He untangled his hand from Dusk and leaned over to grab at his dick. Well, one of them." 
Ann: Dicks as weapons - "And here they were without any weapons, well, anything other than their hard dicks." 
Audrey: Natasha, +1 on wanting a side story for Lavender!! I love cats, too, and his feline feistiness was total ab fab.   
Lorix: Yeah, I'm cat mad too 
sunny: "He wondered if shooting sperm on the Falla would cause a great deal of insult" 
Audrey: What do we think of the penis variety in this story? 
Natasha: ashthor's dick/tail business was super sexy 
Ann: i loved catdog 
Natasha: A+ for penis variety 
sunny: Def A+ 
Audrey: I loved the tail non-penis - even more than the two dicks, to be honest! 
Lorix: Yep good penile variety 
Breann: Every story should have penis variety 
Justin: cinnamon cum 
Breann: yes! 
Natasha: i loooooooove rainbow cock 
Ann: Good gawd don't forget the cinnamon cum 
Jo: ohhh cinnamon cum was cool 
sunny: Cinnamon cum was also A+ 
Justin: Assshthor 
Jo: really the invisible dude did it for you? 
Jenni Lea: It sounds like he's saying his ass is sore but with a lisp. 
Natasha: ashthor was my #2 pick.. i thought he was hot 
sunny: "His cock was once again rainbow colored and shimmering like water in the sun" 
Ann: pretty 
Breann: it's like treasure 
sunny: How can you NOT like that? 
Natasha: are shiny penises weird? i think.... maybe. 
Justin: depends on what's making them shiny.... 
Jo: i don't know guys I read rainbow glow penis and i think plastic and who wants that if you can get real 
Breann: shiny penises. LOL, i can just picture someone polishing it up 
Lorix: All the penises were weird – let's face it! 
Natasha: shiny with lube = sexy.... shiny if you're the silver surf = sexy... 
Justin: shiny with semen? 
sunny: there WAS a lot of semen 
Natasha: ;)
Jenni Lea: And they all had perma hard ons! 
Audrey: I was alarmed that Drayton had a hardon for like the first 30% of the story. 
Natasha: i was also slightly concerned about the amount the MC got hard... he got off like 5000x a day 
Lorix: Yep - worried about all that blood not circulating his body just staying down there 
sunny: I was wondering about the mind explores 
sunny: why did the Falla have to hold on to their own cocks to read the auras? 
Audrey: Sunny, gooooood question! Unless it's a commentary that their brains are connected to their cocks. 
Jenni Lea: I was wondering the same thing! Maybe that is where their minds are 
sunny: Drayton was erect for the WHOLE story 
Audrey: So what do we think the story was going for in the end? Romance? Or mainly PWP? 
Audrey: (Possible spoilers may arise here, I imagine) 
Breann: PWP 
Breann: it wasn't a bad thing, i rated this purely on it's entertainment value. I would have liked some more romance in the romance. Especially since I liked Dusk so much. 
Lorix: Yeah, I'm all girly and like some romance with my sex! 
Justin: entertainment is my vote 
Ann: His blog says he writes to entertain - so succeeded! 
Lorix: PWP? 
Natasha: wait. is PWP porn WITH plot or porn WITHOUT plot? i dont know :(
Lorix: It was funny and different 
Audrey: That makes sense. PWP is porn without plot. 
sunny: Totally PWP 
Audrey: It WAS entertaining. 
Jo: entertain and he gets major points for non confusing multiple sex descriptions 
Breann: He succeeded in that. But romance would have been nice. 
Lorix: Ahh - it suddenly makes sense! 
sunny: Major points 
Ann: there was romance at the end - kinda 
sunny: Romance would have complicated it 
Breann: a HFN, I really wanted an HEA 
SRAL: agreed 
Natasha: I loved the story for what it was. I liked and appreciated that the story knew what it was- basically a whack-a-thon. It knew it was meant to temporarily entertain and probably cause a few boners (I think. I hope JC didn't think this was some groundbreaking novel that would be taught to kids in schools) 
Audrey: Drayton was really pragmatic about his presence there. He wanted to get off and he wanted to get his money. 
sunny: lol agree with Audrey 
Lorix: Yeah - so the Dusk thing was a bonus for him 
Breann: But he was happy with his outcome with Dusk. AWWWW! 
Jo: No Natasha he can teach sex scene writing 101 
SRAL: I thought it was a fap worthy read. 
Justin: Cha-ching 
Lorix: I guess if you read a blurb (yeah right) it did what it said on the tin 
Lorix: You know you guys are convincing me I actually liked this more than I did! 
Breann: now who would Jake Bass play? hmmm?? 
Lorix: Feline 
Ann: the kitten 
Audrey: JB would SO be Lavender. 
sunny: yes def Lavender
Breann: agreed. 
Lorix: JB that is 
Natasha: nooooo 
Justin: cat man 
Jo: lavender 
SRAL: lol 
Natasha: *cries alone in corner* 
Lorix: See we all think alike 
Ann: that was all fast 
Audrey: He has that snarky cocky too-sexy-for-my-clothes mentality. 
Jo: although lavender was a little bit of a bitch and JB comes across really nice 
Lorix: Sorry Natasha 
Audrey: Natasha, I love Lavender, too, but seriously, JB is Lavender! 
Lorix: ((hugs)) who would you like to play Lavender 
Breann: but he's so arrogant! perfect for Lavender 
SRAL: I wish he'd have been Ashthor but he's closer to Lavender 
Natasha: I imagine Lavender as some sweet, slim little twink.. like... like.... *searches the internet* 
Breann: he can do the arrogant look i guess. i don't know that he really is 
Justin: Ryan Reynolds as Drayton 
SRAL: yum 
Ann: lavender is a kit kat - he needs catitude like JB 
Lorix: Cattitude! ANN FTW 
Ann: How about dusk? dusk needs to be seriously manly looking
Audrey: Gerard Butler?
SRAL: joe manganiello as dusk
Breann: ryan reynolds & gerard butler as drayton & dusk. I would so watch that
SRAL: i do not want my Gerard in this film. He's too hot, he'll melt everyone's cocks off
Lorix: That's alright there are cocks to spare
Justin: extra functioning cocks
Jenni Lea: Yeah, Dusk has an extra
Natasha: which is more appealing - two dicks next to each other horizontally or vertically?
Ann: vertically seems more practical. i dont know why
Natasha: ann, i feel like vertically is more appealing too... dont know why...
Lorix: yep vertical
Breann: vertically!
Lorix: Cos for women more practical
Breann: I know why. for a woman there's more than one place they can go and they're vertical
Lorix: exactly Breann
Jenni Lea: OK, how about the creating an heir part????????
Audrey: I was JUST about to type that!! Did you expect it to take an mpreg turn?
Breann: that was kind of weird, I was expecting mpreg of some form.
SRAL: I was sooo happy it didn't go full on mpreg.
Jenni Lea: I had a feeling it would just because they were all men and he was talking about making an heir.
Ann: mpreg squicks me out
sunny: I've never read mpreg
Justin: mpreg was totally blocked out for my own benefit
Breann: it was different than the usual all male society books out there
Jenni Lea: I like mpreg. I have a whole shelf dedicated to it. :)
Jo: why not on the mpreg? look i know it sounds hokey but think about it...men have nipples.
Audrey: And we all know I love it when nipples come into play!
Jo: they were meant to lactate in the past or in the future. you don't think there will be a time they can carry a child?
Audrey: Any other thoughts on HHW, what worked for you or what you might change?
Jo: did not like the king at all so no drama on who he would pick 
Justin: Could have just been looking for a partner not a baby momma 
Breann: some wooing of dusk would have been cute. 
Lorix: Yes Breann. good with the sex, cock variety, fun factor but a little more feelings - other than about to explode - would have been nice 
Jo: if i am going to spend my money...cough justin's money I want to have my happy ending 
Ann: there were plenty of feels for them. anything else wouldnt have worked with the rest of it 
Breann: but i want feels!!! 
SRAL: Is there anything I would have changed? Eh, not really. It was what it was - better than average PWP. 
Ann: i read another one of his that tried to be more romantic and it really didnt work for me 
SRAL: I didn't expect romance so the HFN-ish ending was cool 
Lorix: I agree Ann - as much as I would have liked it - it probably wouldn't have worked. Sigh 
Lorix: My first PWP so nowt to compare it to 
Breann: this was WAY better than other PWP i've read. WAY 
Jo: You know for what it was meant to be it is a very solid 4 stars 
SRAL: sometimes a break from the soft and gushy is nice *shrugs* I don't expect much from PWP 
sunny: This was much more entertaining than other PWP 
Justin: lol I was satisfied with it for what it was 
Ann: satisfied *snicker* 
SRAL: Yes it was. There was more focus than usual. I liked it and would read more from the author. I thought it ended at a great place. 
Audrey: Lori, I love that we experienced your first PWP together! :)
Jenni Lea: Yes, it was enjoyable PWP 
Natasha: i liked it a lot in general :)
Lorix: you guys could sell ice to the eskimos honestly I'm now starting to believe I REALLY enjoyed this book. I almost want to re-read it. 
Breann: entertaining and I didn't get sick of the sex scenes. there was enough variety 

Ahhh... So what do you say? Did our chat sell ice to you Eskimos? :) Thanks for joining us in our chat review antics and let us know what you think of Handsome Hero Wanted in the comments!

Oh, and did you say you wanted another round of martinis and milkshakes? Well, tune in next month for our holiday-themed December Happy Hour Chat! We'll all be wearing tinsel from our unicorn horns. ;)

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Note:  The chat has been edited for length and clarity.


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    1. Hi Kindle!! Thanks so much for stopping by! :D We actually have an intro post just before this one (here: http://boymeetsboyreviews.blogspot.com/2013/11/welcome-to-boy-meets-boy-reviews.html). Also, you're awesome. ;)

  2. Ok I am sold, lol. Adding it to my shelf as we speak. I can't wait to see what next month holds :-)

    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! We're already looking forward to next months chat too.

  3. You had me at menage but put me over the top with Dusk with 2 dicks. Ya know, I have a GR shelf called body-special-body-parts-or-fluids ‎with (38)! books tagged. I'm all in!

    1. We hear you! As you can see a lot of discussion went into the practicalities of two, er, appendages. We're nothing if not practical around these here parts.