Review: A Free Choice (Ganymede Quartet #4.5) by Darrah Glass

Love should be a choice, not an obligation or duty. 

Martin’s own birthday is just days before Henry’s. Parties have been planned, but with everything that’s happened, will anyone feel like celebrating? 

Taking place concurrent with events at the end of A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet Book 4), A Free Choice concludes the series—for now. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again. What I like most about Martin is how much he loves Henry and accepts him. Martin's ardent desire to serve Henry and how much he loves being his slave were showcased in this companion novella. He's proud to serve such a prestigious house and is nothing but eager to bolster Henry in becoming as productive a member of the Blackwell family as possible. I don't think I've ever felt how much he loved his station in life so clearly before.

This novella focuses on only two dates, Martin's and Henry's birthdays. It gives some slave interactions that were telling and some were downright surprising. I was worried it would focus on the conflict from A Collar and Tie, but it didn't. Thank all the things. 

They draw some boundaries, form compromises and make promises to love one another and communicate in the future as best they can. I appreciated that Martin was able to voice his displeasure at Henry's treatment without lording it over him or holding a grudge. He was even able to ask for some things that made my selfish heart ache that I would miss out on. He's going to be instrumental in developing Henry's social circle and advising him since Henry has a tendency to be short-sighted and maybe a little reckless. They are well matched with Martin being sensible and Henry being a romantic dreamer and I'm sure they will survive any obstacles that come their way.

It wouldn't be a Darrah book without incredibly hot and naughty sex. They do really enjoy the physical aspects of their relationship and are tiptoeing into some kinky waters. 

Without a doubt this is my favorite of the Martin novellas.

Martin believed they were destined to be together, halves of a passionate whole, greater than the sum of their parts.

An excellent way to part with two of my favorite characters.


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