Guest Review: What the Cat Dragged In by Kate Steele

2nd Edition

An owl and a pussycat? Seriously? Oh yeah. Seriously hot.

It's a case of lust at first sight. The sizzle between Kyle and Bryan ignites into a passionate encounter with an unexpected result. Fun and games between this owl and lynx shifter are all well and good, but love? That's more than either one expected, and, for this interspecies couple, may be the very thing that tears them apart.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Our story begins in a shifter bar, with a coyote bar tender and his friend, Bryan the lynx shifter. Bryan has been eyeing a man he’d like to get to know better, he knows Alex is an owl shifter and that some old-timers frowned upon ‘mixed couples’ but Bryan didn’t give a damn, he wants Alex, if he can just get to talk to the beautiful man without him running away!

Bryan was out hunting in his Lynx form when again his prey was snatched from right in front of him by a damn owl! Determined to teach the pest a lesson, Bryan set a trap. A rabbit was his goal this time, but he’d planned ahead. As the pesky owl swooped in, Bryan held tight to the string he’d attached to the rabbit’s leg and the owl dropped out of the sky.

I absolutely loved Bryan’s trick to get his own back on the bird who’d stolen his prey, of course it was Alex, desperate for Bryan’s attention. Well, he’d got it now and what followed was Bryan’s extremely toppy seduction of the lovely Owl.

The writing style was easy to get into, and was light and fun. I’d have liked more dialogue between the main characters, to see more into their stories, but I was entertained by the book.

This was a shortish story so the HFN was quick in coming, and I enjoyed it.

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