Review: Hearts and Hazelnuts (States of Love) by Kris T. Bethke

Mechanic Jordan Hart is down on his luck, so he gladly accepts a temporary job servicing tractors at a hazelnut farm in Newberg, Oregon. He doesn’t expect to be attracted to his boss, Beckett Shaw. Still working on embracing his bisexuality, he’s reluctant to start anything, but Beckett’s gentle coaxing convinces Jordan to take a risk.

Beckett has vowed not to get involved with anyone until he can restore the Shaw Farms name as a leader in hazelnuts. But there’s no denying his interest in the shy mechanic who shows up at his door. Just as they begin to find a balance, outside forces threaten to tear them apart. Job opportunities force Jordan out of the Portland area he loves so much. But when danger comes too close to Beckett, Jordan must decide if he can follow his heart to the Willamette Valley… and straight back to Beckett.


Well this was pretty much what I needed the exact moment I read this. Lately I’ve been inundated with a lot of closet cases and angsty angst and this was the perfect fluff to put me in a great mood.

Beckett has finally obtained ownership of the family hazelnut farm from his neglectful father, and he’s determined to get it back running in tip top shape. When his farming equipment fails on him, Beck’s grateful that his friend’s brother is available to help him out. It doesn’t hurt that Jordan is alluring on all fronts, not only for his mad skills and no nonsense work ethic, but also his quiet intriguing demeanor.

Jordan is a bit down on his luck having been laid off suddenly, so when he gets a chance to do what he does best, and that’s working on any and all engines, he’s one happy guy. Nevermind the fact that his temporary boss is just too nice to look at and stirs all sorts of uncomfortable feelings and reactions. Grateful for the work, he tries to keep his head down but fortunately for us readers, he can’t resist when Beck makes a move.

Being only a scant 103 pages I had my doubts and was prepared for some cheesy simple fare. What I got instead was a very nicely done love story with a good dash of hot thrown in. Bravo Bethke for the realistic (insta lust but not necessarily insta sex or love) progression with a bit of suspense regarding a creepy competitor hell bent on causing havoc. Circumstances luckily throw Beckett and Jordan together, and try as they might to keep their employer/employee relationship separate from their smexy one, lines blur inevitably as they wonder if more is possible despite their disparate living circumstances.

Again, this was a simple sweet sexy novella that jumpstarted my mood and longing for the winter holidays. Bethke is now on my list, and I look forward to seeing what else she’s got up her sleeve.

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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