Review: Tournament of Champions (Daniel and Ryan #10) by Tamryn Eradani

After figuring out where their relationship is and where it’s going, Daniel and Ryan begin to tell the people closest to them.

I am a bit numb that this is the last book. I kinda feel like I have been reading this serial forever and while I wanted to know when it would end, I am sad it’s over.
From the beginning I was intrigued with this story of the stoic, straight forward and strict Daniel and the charismatic, outgoing and persistent Ryan would play out. I liked that they had common ground with their kink and an arrangement to scene they could agree on. I loved watching them become more than scene partners, more than coworkers and more than friends. I had been wanting that declaration to come out of either of their mouths but Daniel and Ryan have their own way of communicating that works for them.
Over the ten installments of this serial, the couple has progressed and grown in so many ways and that has to do with trust. They trust one another and they communicate how they feel. They talk about the scenes before, during and after and they simply talk about everything. Even when things get uncomfortable and at times words have to be pulled from Daniel as he is massively cerebral, it all comes out and they work through anything and everything with honest communication.
When they first started seeing each other, Daniel had hoped for a new scene partner, one he was fairly compatible with and one he wouldn’t have to drive all the way to the club to see. He never expected it would turn into this. Never expected how he would want to see Ryan as much as he does, never expected how he’d want Ryan as much as he does. Not just in bed but at his side as they go out with coworkers, holding his hand as they’re teased by their sisters.
It threatens to overwhelm him, how much he wants; it would overwhelm him except Ryan wants all the same things.
This last book was different and felt different than the previous nine before it. After the end of installment nine and the commitment the men have given to one another, it makes sense that they would feel lighter knowing they both want to be with one another and make it long term. It also makes sense that Daniel would fret about Ryan asking him to go to a work function to play a company version of Jeopardy, Ryan’s favorite game, as Daniel would feel if he answered wrong, he wouldn’t be good for Ryan and he always wants to be good for Ryan.
The sex in this serial is scorching and their kink is always a pleasure to read but this time, we got a couple sharing more than a scene. We got this committed couple with a shockingly vanilla scene that was beautiful and intimate.
I liked the feeling of this last installment and enjoyed Daniel being more open with his sister and Ryan’s sisters meeting one another. Daniel is more playful in this one and his thoughts about the future give me hope as this ends with a strong HFN that is once again perfect for Ryan and Daniel. I am bummed it’s not the HEA that I was hoping for. Still, in my mind there was an epilogue that gave me the HEA and it was told from Ryan’s POV. I’m just gonna toss that dreamy made up epilogue onto a coin and toss it into a fountain as a wish that hasn’t been granted… yet.

A review copy was provided for an honest review.

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