Review: His Alpha's Alpha by Casey Cameron

Ethan has been flirting with Nick, the hot alpha photographer who visits his coffee shop, for a few weeks when they make an accidental connection that throws Ethan into an early heat. With an alpha at his side, dealing with his heat should be a simple matter, but there's just one problem: arrogant alpha Corey Masters, real estate heir, reality TV star, tabloid regular...and Nick's boyfriend.

Nick wants Ethan, and Ethan wants Nick. Corey wants nothing to do with omegas, but there's no way in hell he's going to leave his lover alone with a stranger. Could there be a future for the three of them, or will two alphas be too many for Ethan to handle?

This is a non-shifter M/M/M menage romance with the heat level turned up to 11, featuring knotting, male pregnancy, and an HEA ending with no cliffhangers.

These three had a very interesting dynamic. Nick and Corey are both Alpha's and have been in an open relationship for thirteen years. Nick has been flirting with Ethan (an omega) for a few months and when they finally get their act together, it's pretty much insta-love.

So where does Corey fit into this new love? Well he is the more complicated character and took time to warm up too. He’s rude and arrogant and generally doesn’t like omegas, so while he’s more than a bit prickly towards Ethan to begin with, he does want Nick to be happy. The story mainly revolves around Corey’s integration into the threesome. He starts as a bit of an outsider, watching and being watched… which is pretty damn hot!

It was one of the most erotic and intimate experiences of Ethan’s life; he wavered between feeling like an outsider, like he shouldn’t be there at all, and feeling like he and Nick were connected so deeply that Corey was fucking them both. Nick moved his hand to rest on the mattress between them, and Ethan covered it with his own. Nick smiled, and then his eyes rolled back in his head as Corey changed the angle again.

In fact all the sex was really hot, which I have come to expect from shifter novels, but it's always a relief when it's delivered.

The world this is set in is very clever and unique. I hear it's what Cameron usually writes and I really liked it. This is set in the modern day with modern jobs, modern expressions and modern ethics, but is populated with shifters: Alphas, Betas and Omegas. It was interesting to read about things such as ‘Omega Rights’ and how they are trying to eliminate stereotypes of being hormone crazed people. They were all very ‘modern’ human rights concepts, which aren't that common in shifter world's as, ‘that's just what omega's are’. I thought the merging of the two concepts was done exceptionally well.

I’ll definitely be reading more by this author! It was a fun easy read, if you like the A/O dynamic give this a go, just be prepared for Corey’s attitude ;-).

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