Anniversary Shenanigans: Less Than Three Press Giveaway - Part 2!

Less Than Three Press came to play! They came to play HARD!

Like reading about MC (Motorcyle Clubs)?

Well, LT3 Press is giving away the entire Roughhouse Raiders collection split between TWO lucky people! That's right LGBTQIA+ MC standalones from 11 different authors!

Today's haul from the Roughhouse Raiders collections features titles by authors: Lexi Ander, B.A. Huntley, Nicole Field, Eve Francis and Helena Maeve! 

Here is yesterday's giveaway (ICYMI): here

Death Mask (Black Harbinger MC #1) by Lexi Ander
Grim Misery, the President of the Black Harbinger Motorcycle Club, discovers a wounded warlock and four werepups aboard the club's LSD shipment. And the news keeps getting better and better. Not only is the warlock sitting on the edge of death, he's illegally bonded to the werepups, which could trigger a war with the werewolves—and he turns out to be Misery's estranged husband.

Years ago, Griffin turned Misery away to be with another warlock by the name of Marcheso Aldo. Misery left everything behind, even his family, but couldn't shake the heartbreak Griffin caused. With Griffin thrust back into Misery's life, he discovers things aren't as they seem... and everything is about to get much, much worse.

The House of the Scarred Backs by B.A. Huntley
The House of the Scarred Backs has held their territory for six generations. Few dare to challenge them, and those few foolish swiftly regret it—assuming they survive the mistake. Alkeides is a proud Brother, happy and honoured to do whatever is asked of him to look after the Scarred Backs. When he is called upon to track down a possible traitor and murderer in their midst—a vile shifter who may have infiltrated their ranks—Alkeides doesn't hesitate.

But a simple hunt for a traitor has unexpected consequences, leaving Alkeides wondering who he really is and what he really wants.

The Shock of Survival by Nicole Field
In the wake of the final battle against The Oppressor, Benedict, Ophelia and Dylan face their magical community in triumph. But that triumph rapidly loses its shine as they realise the war is not so easily left behind. Returning to, and relearning, the lives they had before proves to be more difficult than even they had anticipated.

The Spirit of the Stairwell by Eve Francis
Jessika Harrison is one of the best Replicators in the country. She's so successful she now has an entire floor to herself in the heart of downtown Montreal, the techno-witchcraft centre of Canada. Her job is secured by the Magical Union, she gets endless referrals for clients, and there's even a cute girl named Skylar who comes by on her power cruiser motorcycle to deliver Jessika all her important packages.

Everything seems perfect, especially when Skylar finally asks Jessika out on a date. Then a former customer, Ralph Curtis, returns to taunt Jessika and steal her trade secrets. But following a series of attacks, missing inventory, and a frigid winter, Jessika's business is in trouble—and it's Skylar, not Ralph, who seems to be the culprit.

Wilding River by Helena Maeve
Jetting off to the Highlands to find a woman she's never met isn't something Abigail ever thought she'd do, but the disappearance of Candice Sharpe has brought back memories of a past life Abigail barely understands.

The town of Gormsey has a low tolerance for strangers, and it isn't long before Abigail's questions land her in hot water with the local werewolf motorcycle gang known as the Wildlings. Her only potential ally is her former lover, but Kayla is also a member of the Wildlings.

Between divided loyalties and strange happenings, it soon becomes clear that investigating a disappearance few seem to want resolved could well mean death for them both.

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  1. I think bikes are my favourites... Though trains are pretty awesome for romance stories as well. I do not remember reading about anything really unusual, though...

  2. I think it must be the gondolas and watercabs in Venice.

  3. I love the idea of transportation by horse. U have read of telapotation and space craft .

  4. Most romantic transportation in romance , I think, are bike and horse. Both put people in really close proximity and practically snuggled or molded to one another! ;-)

  5. Horses because all that galloping give excuses for cuddling LOL

  6. Hmm, I don't think I ever read about an uncommon way of transportation. Cars, train, horses, bike but that's all. I like horses in historical romances though.

  7. Train compartments always intrigue me!


  8. I don't have a favorite. Transportation is the way to get from A to B. Most can be uncomfortable, but some sound great. I'd love to fly in a private plane or first class some time.

  9. I think a dragon has to count as the most interesting! Certainly the most adventurous.

  10. I'm kind of with Lisa, above, who said transportation is a way to get from point A to point B. I hate driving, and I get motion sickness on most other forms of transportation if I'm not driving! But dragons, I'd give them a chance! If there was ONE invention I would want from TV/Movies/Books, it would be instant transporation/teleportation!