Review: Christian and David Series (#1-3) by Liam Livings

In a snowy small town in England just before Christmas, handyman Christian thinks the world has ended -- his parents are still getting used to his being gay and have disinvited him to their Christmas. Former waiter David has just been fired and is still getting used to the fact that his useless, cheating, money-grabbing, waste-of-space boyfriend has just dumped him. Their mutual friend Cathy steps in and invites the two strangers to a non-family Christmas at the flat she shares with Tony.

With Cathy’s organizational skills and enthusiasm, these four spend Christmas together, making the best of it and getting to know each other. A spark of attraction clearly brings David and Christian closer, and spending the festive season together may be just what these two refugees need to calm their troubled souls.

But the past still haunts them both and threatens to be their undoing. Is love enough to overcome the burdens they bear? Can they find a happy Christmas together after all?

This was a sweet and extremely British introduction to the romance of Christian and David. We meet the pair as they are both alone for the Christmas holiday and end up spending it at a mutual friends place. We learn that David has broken up with his boyfriend and after Christian came out to his family, they uninvited him to the house for the holiday and his boyfriend fled as well. When the two are together for this new family and Christmas cheer, they get more than the gifts under the tree.

While this was short, it was a nice set up for the men to begin a possible relationship if the can figure out whether the attraction is real or if it’s just a product of being thrown together when they are both lonely.
There are sweet and romantic moments of kissing and sweet talks over food drinks and movies that fueled this along. I am curious who won the sweepstakes so I am moving on to book two in the series.

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Sequel to Christmas Serendipity

Garage mechanic David and office worker Christian met a few weeks ago, thrown together at Christmas through a mixture of luck and fate. They felt an instant spark for one another, but didn’t want to rush into bed until they were ready. Christian's emotions are all over the place, as he's still hurt from his parents rejecting him last Christmas.

Cathy works with Christian and she's worried about what he's telling their colleagues about his relationship with David; things can't be moving that fast, can they? Are they really planning on moving in together and adopting babies already?

She isn’t the only one worried. David begins to wonder if Christian is loving him too much, too soon. His friend Tony thinks they’re rushing things, and suggests dumping Christian, whose strange behaviour has David on edge. Is it too much for him to cope with? Or will they be able to work things out after all?

I have to be honest and say this was one hot mess. I don’t know the purpose of it and any bit of romance that was built in book one was lost with this.

This begins just after the first book ends and we get to know who won the sweepstakes and how the new relationship with David and Christian is going. It seems to be going well with them and then Christian goes bat shit crazy and not in a good way. The bloke needs help, like serious mental health help but it seems as if everyone just blows his behavior off. His stalker tendencies toward the man he loves creeped me the hell out and any connection I had for either David or Christian was lost.

This just wasn’t good at all but I am reading the series so I will move on to the next book to see if anyone has found their damn marbles they lost in this.

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Sequel to Christmas Serendipity

In a snowy small town in England, just before Christmas, garage mechanic David and office worker Christian are preparing to spend the festive period with Christian's parents. The same parents who told him last year he wasn't welcome to their family festive celebrations because he was gay. But this year is different. His parents welcome their son and his boyfriend, David, with open arms; different except when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

Will David and Christian's love overcome prejudice and old-fashioned views? Can David actually enjoy playing Pictionary? And will David's best friend Tony stay sober enough to offer his own particular brand of no nonsense advice from his perfect Christmas with friends, when David is up to his neck in family problems?

Somehow I missed that these were written out of order. This was written after the first book and later book two was tossed in the mix. I think the author should have stopped while they were ahead and never written book two. Had I read Christmas Serendipity and then this, it could have been a sweet read about a new couple navigating the stress of blending in with families and compromising on a life together. But… nope. This was a jumble and there was no mention of Christian losing his shit in book two so it all felt really false. More made up than babies from Lithuania or China.

I couldn’t buy a single moment that was supposed to be romantic in this at all and once again had zero connection with Christian and David. Christian’s family was robotic and just, nope.

So I won’t go further into a review. All three books are short but where I was looking for a cute Christmas story, this didn’t work for me.

All copies provided for an honest review.

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  1. I've only read the first story so far, would check out the next two. Thank you for the review, Sara.