Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - J.A. Rock

If you're not familiar with The Gronker (a) you're missing out on some A+ goofballdom and (b) he happens to bear a strong resemblance to a certain big-hearted mantie wearing, pro hot wing eating Jolly Rancher loving big ole teddy bear named Kamen and ICYMI a certain unicorn has a bit of a crush on that doofus.

There could've been begging to get this. Allegedly.

Party Ship Blues
A Triad of Limericks About the Journey of the Norwegian Pearl

There once was a party ship in Miami,
Hosted by the Gronk and his family.
It was bound for the Bahamas,
But was so laden with hot sauce
It nearly sank—leaving everyone clammy.

Aboard the Norwegian Pearl,
The dance floor was all in a whirl.
Sleeveless shirts glowed so bright
In the vibrant blacklight,
As the dancers bounced, step-clapped, and twirled.

There’s only so much to do on a ship,
And the host must make the most of his trip.
It’s a good time we’re havin’,
But time to go back to the cabin
And break out the handcuffs and whip.

For your viewing pleasure...


You can fall down the YouTube rabbit hole all on your own from here. You're welcome!

About the author

J.A. Rock has worked as a dog groomer, knife seller, haunted house zombie, standardized patient, cashier, census taker, state fair quilt hanger, and, for one less-than-magical evening, a server—and would much rather be writing about those jobs than doing them. A lover of m/m BDSM romance, J.A. lives mostly in West Virginia, and always with a beloved dog, Professor Anne.


Many thanks to J.A. for indulging a fangirl helping us celebrate. Let her know how much you loved her limericks in the comments! Or Kamen/Gronk. This is a Kamen/Gronk safe gushing zone. And all comments will be entered to win your choice from J.A.'s backlist. Be sure to leave your email, Twitter handle or Goodreads profile. Entries close November 28th at Midnight EST. Another winner will be chosen if there is no response within 48 hrs. Good luck!

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  1. LOL! Thank you for the Limericks! I loved them (I was not familiar with the Gronker... It was an interesting experience...)

  2. Awesome limericks! I needed that today.

  3. Even though I'm a hockey gal instead of a football one, I *did* call the ESPN Magazine circulation office to special-order Gronk's Body Issue cover a few years ago (since I could only find the female-nake covers in my town). Make of that what you will...


  4. There was once was an author of m/m romace
    Who would give her readers a chance
    To win a backlist book
    And all that it took
    Was a hot and smoldering sideways glance

  5. Love the limericks, though I think the third is my favorite!

    @calila1988 on twitter

  6. I think I'll stick with Kamen if that's all right. He does have the manties after all. Thanks for the fun though!

  7. Hilarious. I had no idea who The Gronker was and I've clearly been missing out.

    waxapplelover (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. LOL! Lots of fun!

  9. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I didn't know who the Gronker was until a few months ago, when someone pointed out his uncanny resemblance to Kamen... :D HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BMBR!!