Review: The Copper Horse: Love (The Copper Horse #3) by K.A. Merikan

1907, twenty years into the zombie plague

Just as Reuben finally settles into the role of Copper, his master’s proud stallion, his life gets turned upside down by a revolution that has been long brewing in London. But the men who come for Erik at his home bring much more than havoc. They uncover lies that Erik has fed Reuben, and the truth creates a rift between them that might be impossible to cross.

Even if Reuben still wanted to be Erik’s pony, is it possible for them to be together if his master loses all power and property? With no harness to hold him, no bit to stop him from speaking, can Reuben still be what Erik wants? Does he have anything to offer as a man?

The relationship they have established gets shaken to its core, and on the run from Erik’s enemies, they will both have to find out if the bond they share will survive, or if it will break. 

Kinky. Thrilling. Intense. Kinky. Violent. 


One hell of a crazy ass ride. I freakin' loved it.

Because of the revolution happening in London and Erik and Reuben were attacked at Erik's home. They narrowly escaped, not without some*ahem* scratches, but they managed to get away. Now they were on the run. Not only did they lose their home, but some secrets were discovered that caused even more strain on their relationship.

Their relationship had finally taken a turn. They went from captor and captive to loving master and spoiled pony. Reuben was settling into being Copper. Being Copper was more than just playing to Reuben. He connected with this fantasy at a very deep level. But all of that got turned upside down when they were forced from their home.

They lost more than their home. They lost their safe space. This is a dystopian, alt-universe trilogy, but the type of relationship Erik and Reuben shared was not accepted. They couldn't be open about it. Now, on the run, they don't have their bubble they created around themselves. Well, I guess Erik created it since he is the mastermind.

The story moved along quickly. It was much more of a thriller than the previous two, which mostly focused on the relationship. I found myself on the edge of my seat, gripping my kindle on more than one occasion.

But there was still quite a bit of relationship stuff happening. There were some revelations for Erik and Reuben to work through, but they were still so good together. Their Master/Pony relationship only grew more intense out of Erik's home. It was more natural. Reuben had some revelations of his own with his newfound "freedom". While I felt for them, I think the situation they found themselves in pushed their bond to the next level.
"No matter how confused Reuben had been about his place in the world since their household collapsed, on his knees, he knew exactly where his place was."
All that and I haven't even mentioned the kinky fuckery going on. Holy Hell. Like I said, this wasn't pony play to Reuben anymore. It was real and it was who he was. He really adjusted his mindset to that of a horse. It was... slightly disturbing. But I couldn't stop reading and it was weirdly hot. Erik truly was Reuben's master. He's a cruel man. There were a couple scenes that had me cringing away. But like I said, it was weirdly hot.

I wish I would have reread the first two before diving right into book 3. I was a little lost in the beginning. While I quickly caught up, I think it would have packed more of a punch if I had refreshed my memory.

I love this post-apocalyptic, dystopian, steampunk, zombie, victorian world K.A. Merikan has created. Throw in some erotic and extreme pony play for a seriously brilliant series. I'm so sad to see the end of Reuben and Erik's story. I know there are more books set in this "world", so I'll be sure to check them out.

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