Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Kim Dare

The Mistress of Kink with a Heart a.k.a. Kim Dare is here today & she brought the cutest lil pup!

“Parcel came when you were out.”

Danny turned just in time to catch the box his flat-mate, James, tossed towards him. The senders label on the front of the box was discreet. There was no way anyone who wasn’t already familiar with the store’s initials could guess what the box contained. And James was far too vanilla to have ever heard of this kind of leather shop.

“Do you want to—?” James began.

“Sorry. Knackered. Having an early night.” Danny had barely got the words out before he was closing his bedroom door behind him.

He had the T-shirt, kilt and jock strap he’d worn to the club discarded in record time. All that he had left on then were his boots. He looked down at the long rows of shiny silver buckles. No patience for that. They’d have to stay on.

Tearing the box open, Danny pushed packaging aside until his fingers finally closed around buttery soft leather.

As desperate as he was to see his purchase, he found himself closing his eyes. Bringing it up to his face, he inhaled deeply. His cock immediately reacted to the scent of new leather.

Opening his eyes, Danny finally allowed himself to look. The hood was both simple and oh-so perfect. He ran trembling fingers over the puppy ears and across where the leather was shaped into a perfect little muzzle.

In seconds he had the straps undone. A shudder ran through his body as he refastened the buckle behind his head.

He turned toward the full length mirror on the back of his bedroom door, but kept his eyes on the carpet. He’d saved up for so long—carefully stock-piling both money and courage, until he could finally buy the hood.

He wasn’t sure if he could survive it being a disappointment.

Swallowing rapidly, Danny lowered himself clumsily to his knees and placed his hands on the floor in front of him. He summoned up just a little more bravery and looked up.

The sound that emerged from his throat sounded suspiciously like a whimper. Fitting, really.

Danny stared into his reflection. A leather-pup stared back at him in something like wonder.

There was no warning before his bedroom door swung open.


James, who had been part of every leather-pup fantasy Danny had had for months, but who was as vanilla as they came in reality.

God, Danny needed to be able to say something, to make some sort of excuse. Halloween costume idea? Lost a bet with guys at the club? Something. Please. Anything.

Unable to make his voice box work, Danny scrambled to back away, still on his hands and knees.

“Hey. There’s no need to be frightened.” There wasn’t the slightest hint of shock in James’ voice. He crouched down as he spoke and put his hand on Danny’s shoulder to halt his retreat.

Moving ceased to be an option for Danny, but not because of James’ grip. It was his voice. James had never used that tone with him before—not outside of Danny’s fantasies.

“It’s okay, pup. I won’t hurt you.” James slid his hand up to the nape of Danny’s neck and stroked his hair. A moment later he placed his other hand on the small of Danny’s back. “Sit.”

Danny still couldn’t move.

James pressed a little more firmly. “Sit, pup.”

Somehow Danny managed to flex his hips and bring himself into a sit position.

“Good boy.” James’ voice was so warm, the praise sounded so genuine, and something trembled inside Danny.

“Oh, pup, you didn’t really think you had a kink that would shock me, did you?” Amusement tinged every word.

Danny’s mouth went dry. He peered up at James through the eye holes in the hood, not sure if he was allowed to speak, or what the hell he should say if he was allowed.

“Just because I don’t wear leather myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t like guys, or pups, that do.” He dipped his head, and whispered in Danny’s ear, as if sharing a secret. “And it doesn’t mean I’m not exactly the type of dom you need, either.”

Ten minutes ago, Danny would have bet his life James had no idea what the word dom meant, let alone what a leather-pup was. But now… Now…

Still unable to come up with any words that fitted the situation, Danny let instinct take over. He turned his head and licked James’s hand through the mouth opening in the hood.

“Good boy. That’s right. Good pup”

Bloody hell. Danny didn’t care if James had never worn a stich of leather in his life, James saying those words to him in that tone of voice, was hotter than any other man in full leather could be.

James smiled, his expression gentle but oh-so knowing, as he stroked Danny’s nape again. “Good pup.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That's the smell of Kim Dare in the morning. Ain't it sweet? Be sure to let her know what you thought of her pup! I mean, her fic in the comments. A little bird told me there *might* be a follow up so speak up!

About the Author 

Kim is a thirty-three year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim's first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things - Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.

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  1. I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of kinky stories but this one was sexy as hell! Loved it! And I would love to know more about Danny & I *clears throat* I mean...James. ;)

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    Huzzah for puppy play!


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  10. It might not be for me, but if it's consensual, why not?


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