Review: Like a Gentleman by Eliot Grayson

James Rowley, penniless younger brother of an earl, discovers his rejected sensational story has been stolen and printed under another name — and he’s certain his editor is the guilty party. Determined to get his due, he sets out for London to take revenge on the perfidious L. Wells. He means to have satisfaction, even if he needs to pose as a simpering fop in a pink waistcoat to get it.

Two years before, intrigued by his favorite writer’s talent and wit, Leo Wells had visited the Rowley estate incognito, seen James’s portrait — and promptly lost what was left of his heart. Ever since, Leo has fought his obsession with his favorite writer. Unaware of the manuscript’s theft, he’s bewildered and heartbroken when James, acting the part of a sneering dandy, visits him in person only to use his obvious attraction against him.

From Gloucestershire to London to Portsmouth, can two men with society and secrets dividing them find happiness?

I have to say thanks to my girl Lost for putting this scrumptious little amuse bouche on my radar. Good Regency historicals are hard to come by and she hooked a girl up! This hit the sweet spot just right and threw in a dash of hotness that had me all...

The brevity of Grayson's words left me wanting more, though in just a mere five chapters I got a real sense of a writing style that I could love. It's sharp, witty and captured the tone and atmosphere of the period with the waistcoats, White's and hoi polloi even!

It's difficult to ask an author to develop characters, a relationship and still put a semblance of a plot into something this short, but Grayson squeezed it in there, though I think the relationship development drew the short straw, there was still enough for me to invest in them and their coupletry. Had it had a little more time to percolate I'm certain my rating would've been higher.

James and Leo tell this story together and they have rather dubious beginnings with James receiving a sassy letter from his editor, an L. Wells, informing him that his latest submission has been deemed unworthy. I bark/cackled approximately four times in the first two pages, so whilst James was most put out with said letter I was spinning in delight.

Because perfect setup for angry/hate sex is perfect!

The blurb tells you all you need to know about this appealing little diversion, so if you have problems with a big misunderstanding rest assured it doesn't last long. What you can expect are many amusing, sweet and sexy moments between two gentlemen on polar opposites of the social standing scale, one of whom is a bonafide virgin! 

Their chemistry is evident and the fact that Leo has been pining over James for years made my inner squishy marshmallow squee. I'm a sucker for the unrequited trope. Even though there is a divide between them socially they seem to have much is common temperament-wise which seemingly makes them well suited. In the end, they have a great start on a future filled with bucolic bliss that I wouldn't mind peeking in on were the author so inclined.

Recommend to historical fans.

A review copy was provided.

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