Group Review: The Consumption of Magic (Tales From Verania #3) by T.J. Klune

Sequel to A Destiny of Dragons

Sam of Wilds faced the Dark wizard Myrin and lived to tell the tale. Granted, the battle left him scarred, but things could be a hell of a lot worse.

It’s not until he reunites with Morgan of Shadows and Randall that he realizes just how much worse things could be.

Because the scars have meaning and hint at Myrin’s true plans for Sam and the Kingdom of Verania.

With time running out, Sam and his band of merry misfits—the unicorn Gary, the half-giant Tiggy, Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart, and the dragon known as Kevin—must travel to the snowy mountains in the North and the heart of the Dark Woods to convince the remaining dragons to stand against Myrin. Along the way, Sam learns secrets of the past that will forever change the course of the future.

A reckoning is coming for Sam of Wilds, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Combined Gangbang Unicorning

Chelsea - 5 Hearts

Well fuck me sideways! This is the most epic series of epicness ever written!!! This series and especially this book had me feeling all the feels! Literally everything. I love and adore these characters, I laugh with them and definitely cry with them. I feel slightly nauseated by Gary and Kevin's sex and more than slightly aroused by Ryan and Sam's. I. Am. Invested! Just like everyone else who reads this series!

Now onto my deep dark confession....

I did it.

I did what everyone tells you not to do.

I maaayyy have sneaked a looksie at the last page.

Don't shoot don't shoot!

I know I know, but hear me out. I am not a heart-wrecking reader, it stresses me the fuck out, so much so that I can't rate a book highly if I'm too busy fighting of heart attacks.

So I sneaked, because I love this series and I didn't want to hate it. It was the right choice for me because I loved every word, was still wholeheartedly consumed (see what I did there) by it and still felt shocked, sad and suspended when I was reading the end but... I didn't need to take a bunch of valium to make it through. So, WIN.

Now if you are much hardier than me and can actually handle some serious emotion. Don't spoil this for yourselves. I can promise you'll hurt but not break. You will want to continue the series…. But maybe wait until the last book comes out.

Comedies without deeper feelings just don't make good romances or stories, having both is what makes this series and especially this book so wonderful!

An easy 5 hearts if ever there was one!

And just because this book deserves a picture in its review,

Jenni Lea - 5 Hearts

That… Fucking… Asshole!

That was my first thought upon finishing this book.  It was quickly followed by “Bastard!” and “He’s just a big ole meanie!” (all of which was said, of course, in the most loving way possible) My heart was shredded at the end of this story and I now have an unbridled need to read the next book as soon as possible. 

I’m finding it hard to write a proper review without spoiling anything so I’m just going to tell you how I felt while reading.  I went through the whole gamut of emotions and the notes I made pretty much speak for what I was feeling at the time.

It went something like this:

·         Only TJ has the ability to make me laugh out loud while simultaneously breaking my heart.
·         “Shit toast monkey fucker,” LOL!
·         OMG!
·         Stupid Knight Delicious Face and his stupid words making me cry.
·          I Justin 5eva
·        OMG Kevin!
·         Damn you, Kevin!  Making me cry
·         OMG
·         I hate everything right now
·         OMG!!!!!
·         AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·         This is what made me wookie cry. Gah!
·         That… Fucking… Asshole!

Now, after seeing this, you might be thinking The Consumption of Magic was nothing more than a big angst fest filled with tears and sadness, but it really wasn’t.  For the most part, it was a light-hearted comedy that had me bursting into laughter at the most inappropriate moments.  That is, when I wasn’t swooning at the heart melting romance.  TJ pulled out all the stops with the romance in this one, my friends.  Ryan made some of the most romantic proclamations that were so heartfelt I couldn’t help but shed more than a few tears, which was unfortunate for me as I read most of this at work.

To quote Gary:

  “You great big bag of assholes,” […]  “How dare you say something romantic and sweet and wonderful like that!”

Sam did a lot of growing up in this book.  He’s still the adorable little asshole we’ve come to love, just maybe a tad more mature than in the previous installments. And his love for Ryan has grown even stronger than ever.

But even with all of that, even with the weight of everything resting upon my shoulders, I didn’t regret anything that had led me to this moment.  To this man standing in front of me.

HaveHeart for life, motherfuckers! 

TJ Klune is a Master Storyteller (capitalized so you know it’s true) who took my heart on the most amazing adventure.  Yeah, it got a few bumps and bruises along the way, but it was returned mostly intact… mostly.  I can’t wait to see what shenanigans he will think up next.  All I can say is… bring it.  I can take it.  My heart is strong!  I don’t need any hand-holding.  I am a strong, independent unicorn who don’t need no mens… er… wait.  *cough* Excuse me.  Got a little carried away there for a minute.  What was I saying?  Oh.  Yeah.  That’s right.

Read this book!

Ann - 5 Hearts


Only The Klune can make me run the gamut of SO many emotions in one book. I’m not even talking the series, just this one installment. When I read Lightning Struck Heart back in 2015 I had no idea the level of EVERYTHING this series would become. It’s so, so much. I mean that in the best possible way. In a scary commiserate way, I get Lady Tina (HaveHeart forever Motherfuckers! Don’t even with me Lady Tina) and that is never something I should say as a grown ass adult. But, I am invested here beyond just idle curiosity about what will come next. This is visceral now. My head and my heart are ecstatic and heartbroken in turn. I’m amused and despondent all in one page. I’m from SoCal, my people are not meant for this. By nature we give very few fux about things in general but when we feel passionately, it’s ridiculous. My car may not start, I may end up with a leak in my roof and my hot water heater may explode all in one day and my reaction will be “It’llbeallright” All One Word. But 30% in, 87% in for The Consumption of Magic? I’m ruined in the best fucking way.

I knew heartache was coming in The Consumption of Magic, but the tone of the story stayed so Sam, that the foreboding knowledge of what I was in store for was not overwhelming. The story is not here for the angst, it is balanced perfectly with the humor I love and the feels I crave, so I wasn’t just sitting on pins and needles (ouch and ewwww) waiting for Myrrin to fuck up all the things, I enjoyed every conversation and revelation from beginning to end.

What I love about this series, and this is a characteristic that makes a series a series for me, is that, yes there are secondary characters, but they are not secondary to the MC. Every story gives me more of someone and the dimension of the overall arc intensifies. Randall and Kevin have their “things”. Randall is an impatient grouch and Kevin is a horny hoarder with inappropriate familial ideals. But, in The Consumption of Magic, I learned so much more about both of them and their stories were just as important as Sam’s. Sam has his destiny that he loathes, but every characters destiny is intertwined and I can only shudder in awe of the spreadsheets the author must have for every detail for every character. Plus, when I get to know each player more, they don’t change, they just build and I love getting to know them on deeper levels. (Mind out of the gutter Kevin).

Now, on to the fuckery.

Firstly, how dare you? You know who you are and ohmygawd, how dare you? I wouldn’t say the story ends on a cliffhanger, I mean the overall arc does, but The Consumption of Magic does not, it ends as it should, but damn. I had (and I’m copying Jenni Lea here with the points):

Anger (again, how dare you)
More Love

Honestly, this needs to be about me now as I channel my inner Gary. How the actual fuck am I expected to wait until 2018 to get my next fix? I think we can all agree that 2017 has been a bit of a dumpster fire, so I am really looking forward to what comes next. I have theories, which are utter bullshit, but it’s what one does when one is Lady-Tina-Level consumed.

The series continues to be it’s amazing self, we all pretty much already knew that to be a thing. Just hop on for the ride and soak it up. TJ Klune is a master wordsmith. He has the ability to make me forget I’m even reading. I’m there, I’m in the thick of it all and he has a true gift that I appreciate beyond measure. So, now we can all discuss and wallow in our fandom together and overanalyze everything as we wait impatiently for 2018.

**a copy of this magic was provided for honest reviews**

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