Sunday Funday!!!

Psst...hey you! *looks around* Yes, you!

Come here for a sec. I promise it's not jizz covered food (and yes this was a THING where the hell were you a few Fundays ago - I promise I won't tell if you go search for it.)

You like unicorns?

Don't give that's clean, promise. Well don't pout about the smut free Funday! Don't worry you can search for unipornian delights soon. Just answer the question: do you like unicorns? I mean you see the site and know who our author of the month is, right? Tali Spencer, in case you were wondering. See our Thick as Thieves book chat.

You know we're most definitely down with the unicorn swirl.

How would you like to be a unicorn? We have a wizard on standby and he can-- just kidding. Our wizard is too busy playing hide-a-wand to help out right now.

So back to your answer...which we heard over your pondering about hide-a-wand was YES - I love unicorns so much OMG! 

We here at the UM headquarters have hereby granted you the awesome fun that is creating your own unicorn. Just clicky da linky:

That's right, boys and girls, you can dress them up, down, try out that new hairdo you always wanted but weren't too sure about getting all on your very own unicorn. Name it. Shame it. It's all your very own.

Don't balk about being too old for this. You are as old as you feel. Besides the only one who will see your results will be you...unless you want to share. Please feel free in the comments.

See exhibit A:

See exhibit B:

Cool right? We know. ;P


  1. I still have wing envy when I see Jenni Lea's. That's probably why my unicorn is so very angry :D

    1. I never even made one! I'm such a bad unicorn. *pouts*

    2. LMAO...your unicorn looks like a badass just waiting for someone's butt to kick and/or top. ;D

  2. I made one but I couldn't figure out how to save it. Alas, Wilhelmina von Turpentine is lost forever.