Review: Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz #1) by Morticia Knight

Jack and Nick seek fortune and adventure in the silent film era of Hollywood. But their newly-expressed love is threatened by the heady allure of fame, gin and easy money.

Sweet and innocent nineteen year-old Jack has loved the older and more street wise Nick from almost the first time he met him. Nick has taken care of him ever since Jack arrived in New York after he was beaten and thrown out of the boy’s orphanage for messing around with one of the guys there. They share a passion for silent films and have dreams of heading west to make their fortunes building sets for the studios. If only Nick felt the same passion for Jack, and wasn’t already engaged to a gal back in Philly.

Nick’s temper sometimes gets the best of him, but that’s only because he worries about Jack – Nick is all the poor kid has. But he’s also terrified about the way he’s been feeling towards Jack lately. They’re the kinds of feelings he should be having for his fiancĂ©—Penelope—and never for a man. His only goal is to get them both to Hollywood, where he’s sure they’ll be rolling in the dough in no time, and where everything will all work out the way it should.

Hollywood isn’t exactly what they’d thought it would be. There are plenty of gin joints, jazz, money, parties and sex—but everything comes with a hefty price. Everyone they meet—from Trixie Fox, the ditzy up and coming starlet, to Bernie, the foreman who gets them their first studio job—seems to have a hidden agenda. Can the newfound love between Jack and Nick survive the tawdry mess that makes up the glitz and glamour of the celluloid kingdom, or will their own secrets tear them apart forever?

What was my favorite part about Hollywood Bound, you ask? Jack. Sweet, young, loveable, trusting, innocent Jack.  He's so cute, I just want to pinch his cute butt. But I won't, since he's fictional. *heavy sigh*

Jack and Nick head out from New York to Hollywood. There gonna make the big time, workin' on those movin' pictures sets. There won't be nothin' to worry 'bout once they get to Hollywood.

Sorry, boys. But, no.

Oh my, what a heartbreaking tale. Jack and Nick just want to have it all. Why they think moving to another city with nothing will solve their problems, I'll never know. But it certainly doesn't help them any.

While on their way to California, they become closer and finally make known to each other that their relationship is more than friends.

Jack *swoon* has been in love with his best friend Nick almost since Nick found him. Really, really in love... infatuated, possessive, all of it, for quite some time. He's very young, naive and innocent, but so darn cute about it all I can't help but love him. And love him, I do.

Now, Nick on the other hand... Nick I want to strangle. You know that feeling you have about Jake Riordan or even Sam Kage? Yeah, that. I have those feelings for Nick. He can go and suck it right now. And not the good stuff. And while we're at it, so can Jack's new little friend, Trixie. She can suck it, too.

Okay, rewind... Nick takes care of Jack, it's just what he does, and he really loves Jack but he can't see past this need to just take care of the kid. He'll do anything to take care of him and when he feels like he's not, well, he's not all that nice. Yes, Jack makes some pretty bad decisions, but Nick's bad attitude isn't helping anything. And, again, he'll do anything to take care of Jack, no matter the cost. No matter how dumb or hurtful, he'll do it for his Jacky boy. It's all in the name of love.

Then there's Jack's friend Trixie, oh Trixie... what a bad influence. She's in movies, she's rich, and knows aaaaaaall the secrets to makin' it big. Innocent, wide-eyed Jack will do just about anything Trixie says. She can just go away, she can go away right now.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some really great moments between Jack and Nick, some very sweet and tender moments. And then Nick decided to get all toppy and bossy *shivers*. And, oh yes, our Jacky boy liked himself a toppy Nick. Oh, they were hot together. They loved each other and took care of each other, and if not for all the outside stresses of life, they could have made it.

I really, really enjoyed this. I love darker romances, romances that feel real and that make you work for that glorious HEA. I was immediately enamored with Jack and I so want him to have it all. I want him to be able to stay his sweet, innocent self while still getting his dream. I just don't know if that's possible now. Maybe if Trixie were offed in book 2? Yeah, that might work.

There was lots of drama, lots of love and lots of heartache. Everything that I love. Don't look here for a sweet, historical romance set in the 1920s. You will not find that, what you'll find is a heartbreaking, gritty story of two guys trying to make it work all while making their dreams come true. Maybe you really can't have it all? We don't know yet.

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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