Review: Justice For Skylar by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Skylar Foxx has been on his own for years, ever since he had been kicked out of his home just shy of turning sixteen. He worked the streets for food and warmth, certain that one day his life would take a better path. That day arrived in the form of a flyer smacking him in the face after enduring a particularly rough trick. Walking through the front door of the Pride safe house became the best decision Skylar ever made. He began a new life with help from billionaire businessman Caden Fournier, his husband, Kellan, and their outreach center associates. That life also included a handsome, six-foot-two Italian who looked mighty fine astride a Harley. After a tense introduction, Skylar discovered Justice Salvatore was unlike any man he'd ever met. He’s about to find out just how different Justice is. The two grow closer as Skylar struggles with his own weird… ability. Just when he dares to dream of a happy ending, his past explodes into his present and threatens to destroy everything.

Justice Salvatore has only been in love once, with the beautiful daughter of his werewolf pack’s beta. She was human, however, and Justice stayed away to protect her — only to mourn her death from a rogue attack. Skylar Foxx is stunning, but Justice is swept away by his incredible voice. Smitten on the spot, he sets his sights on getting to know the skittish young man. Bad things are happening to Skylar as they grow close, and Justice will do everything in his power to protect him. A terrifying secret shakes Justice to his core, and he is forced to decide whether someone close to him will live or die. After the hell Skylar has been through, Justice makes the only choice.

There will be justice for Skylar.

OK, let me start by saying...


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I can tell you about this book.  This is book 1 in The 12 Olympians series, a spinoff (spinoff, people!) of my beloved Assassin/Shifter series.  In this book we finally get to see Justice Salvatore and Skylar Foxx come together.  Now, if you have been following the A/S series (like you should be!) you will know who I’m talking about and you will say along with me, “Yes!  Finally!”.  If you haven’t read the Assassin/Shifter series, whoo boy, are you missing out!  

When we first met Skylar way back when (I can’t remember which book) he was a snarky, angry little shit who needed a mother’s love.  Or a spanking; take your pick.  Over the course of the series we got glimpses of him as he matured into a responsible young man.  He is still wary but no longer the little brat we were introduced to.  As for Justice, I never really warmed up to him in past books.  I always thought he was being unreasonable and just plain old mean by keeping Jesse and Noah apart.  And I felt he had a big stick up his ass for some reason.

All right, let me be frank here for a minute.  This author is my crack.  Every time I see a new book is coming out I squee and do a little happy dance.  On release day I do a constant refresh of Amazon until it appears.  I. Love. These. Books.  So the fact that these two characters weren’t particularly my favorites did not deter me one single bit from snatching this book up the moment I could.  And I am so glad I did!

Justice and Skylar were perfect together.  I got to see a softer side of Justice and learn the reasons behind his stoicism.  I also got to see a side of Skylar that hasn’t really been shown in previous books.  Skylar is… well, Skylar is special.  Skylar has a secret buried so deep that even he has not been aware of it for the most part.  And Justice has a secret of his own that made me squeal in delight when it was revealed.  

What I love the most about this and the Assassin/Shifter series is that these are all men.  There are no “chicks with dicks” here.  Even the smaller, more effeminate men are strong and resilient when need be.  They all essentially “kick motherfuckin’ ass” when the shit hits the fan.  They may not all do it physically but sometimes words can cut far deeper than a knife.

I love where the author is taking this new story arc.  I haven’t read much about Greek mythology so I’m learning as I go.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  Bring on book two!

I received a copy of this book for free (yay me!) from the author in exchange for an honest review through the "Don't Buy My Love" event hosted by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.


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    1. You're welcome! Like I said, you're my book-crack. I should probably be thanking you. :D