Review: Seven by Adrienne Wilder

A past that won’t let go…

After losing his job, Chase Sarim finds himself living in a shit hole apartment. His new neighbor calls himself Seven, wears aluminum hats and carries around a ceramic rooster. He also seems to know what Chase is going to do or say before it happens, and talks about people named, Nine, Three, and Four.

Chase knows better than to get involved with someone like that.

But some men are just to hot too resist.

A future of fear…

Seven has been running for his life ever since he escaped Sub-Floor. In order to elude those hunting him he can never have a home, never have friends…and love? It’s nothing but a weakness that can be used against him.

Hiding had become a way of life. Until Chase.

Greed, power, and corruption…

Dr. David Stone knows Seven has a secret. Why else would his colleague, Dr. Radcliff, help Seven escape Sub-Floor?

It wasn’t the loss of a defective precog that bothered Stone, it was the fact Radcliff was willing to die to keep Stone from knowing why he did it. Or better yet, how.

Two men, one love, brought together by a series of impossible circumstances and destined by fate for an entangled future.

But maybe fate has nothing to do with it.

This book...


This book!

My mind was taken along for an epic adventure with sci-fi mind bender and thrilling plot! There's action, pain, suspense, you don't know who to trust and conspiracies that kick you in the seat of your pants!

100% Awesome!

Chase Sarim just lost his journalist job for some bogus charges, has to downgrade very quickly to a crappy apartment. When things are starting to look bad, it gets worse in the form of his crazy neighbor who calls himself Seven. But Seven has secrets but for some reason he can't help but share them with Chase. What might seem like chance encounters and crazy ramblings actually have deeper meanings. Adrienne Wilder brings the reader for a fast paced ride into urban fantasy set in modern day (?) Atlanta where Others, psychically enhanced humans experiments have been created. Within all of this, Seven and Chase fall for one another and what a ride that was. Just a minor thing of running for their lives to worry about. No biggie.

The writing is snarky, fresh and original. Each scene could be easily visualized. This was great for me because normally I wouldn't run to read a book with psychics but this book is not your average 'I can solve mysteries' psychic romance. It was action packed, rough, gritty, bloody...with a true evil villain, Dr. Stone.
He was like a modern day Hitler - he named the Others numbers, they did not rate having a name. (Hence, the name Seven) The amount of atrocities he me when I say he's vile and lower than slime off a diseased slug's anus. If I could have eviscerated him, I would. I literally was panicking when the Others were in a bind or hurt. Imagine me yelling out for numbers like Nine or Four or Twenty Three to be saved or rescued.

Just bear with me, okay because for the duration of reading "Seven", the Others aka My Numbers (yes, I called them My Numbers) they were all special. Though sometimes, the number for names thing kind of threw me off and I just want to complete a math equation like Four and Three - I love this couple but sometimes I just wanted to multiply and make twelve an answer.

There is no sugar coating in this book which I enjoyed. Plus the plot was everything but predictable. We know the major evil baddie but you don't know where all the Others are, whose side they are working for and if there will at least be a satisfying outcome. The secrets and past hurts unfold slowly throughout the book. Everything is not given easily. *smirks* "Seven" is definitely a book that can blow your mind. It blew mine.

The romance and sex between Chase and Seven? Hotness. It's the hotness. Plus the secondary romance with Four and Three (I wouldn't mind a side story with those two, they are that good), it was great. I rooted for both couples.

And the ending...even though I knew it was going to It does end with a heavy HFN/HEA ending but I still have questions about some of the other Others. Twenty-Three? Thirteen? Nine? I won't spoil it for you but remember those numbers.

Guys...this book. This is an excellent book that does not pull punches. You like action? It delivers. You want hot sex with some romance added in but not to be bogged down with fluff? This is the one. You want edge of seat reading? Come on over, we have a place set for you at the thriller table.

This book is highly recommended especially for readers who enjoy sci-fi/urban fantasy/ thrillers. What a story!

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