Tag Team Review: Campus Life (CYOA #2) by T.C. Orton

All books in this series are stand alone.
A choose your own adventure for adults!
Young, dumb, and full of... You get the picture.

Welcome to Mentis University, your name is Joseph Smith and you've been unremarkable all your life. No - really, you've been absolutely, unequivocally, insert-smart-word-here mundane since the day the doctor slapped your ass and you let out a sigh. HOWEVER, you did manage to achieve one thing this year - you transferred to a better college. Bravo! (Mentis University has been rated number 2 on Top 10 worst colleges to attend for the last seven years... Guess where you were before this)

Since no one else from your hometown of - insert rural American town here - managed to claw their way out of mediocrity, you decided there was no point in hiding anymore. And thus, at an energetic twenty-one years old, you're now an openly gay man. Congratulations.

Of course, there's not much point in being openly gay if there are no gays to be in your opening. So, after spending a few days getting accustomed to your new life, you flopped onto your single bed, closed your eyes, and prayed to the lord... (And you're still waiting for the day Cher tweets you back)

"Please," you begged. "Guide me to a man who will treat me right... or pound me like a piece of veal."

Luckily for you, someone was listening...

Dear Reader

You will assume the role of Joe Smith (first-person, present tense) and guide him through his final year of college. Don't worry, you won't be expected to do anything as absurd as learn mathematics, but you will, on occasion, be provided with choices that will impact the outcome of the story.

3.375 average

Lost in a Book - 3 Hearts

I’ll be honest, I was squeeing for this before I ever read the blurb. This is my first foray into CYOA as an adult. I was obsessed with them growing up and didn’t even know they had an option for them in romance. *dreamy sigh* There are times when I read and just want to yell at the characters in a book for the decisions they are making and this format obviously puts the power in my hands…. which apparently I was pervy AF when I started because WHOA… that was quite a rabbit hole I fell down.

Campus Life puts you in the driver’s seat of college senior, Joe Smith. You are faced with decisions of the student variety from roommate fights to coffee crisis and coming out to lusting after a hot ass professor.

There are a plethora of directions to go, with completely different outcomes. It’s a short, quick, and OTT read. This isn’t a deep story where you leave with new appreciation for life and humanity. It’s silly, lacks depth with characters and plot, and even the less sex focused choices end in lots of sex. I went super pervy the first time through *shrug* and ended up saying “Yes, sir” and being on board with being called a slut. *shrug* There was a tad more character development when I went the complete opposite route and wanted to find a nice guy with more substance than filling holes… still had lots of sex but there was a tiny bit more to that story than me being on my knees.

It was a light, quick, and entertaining read. Recommended for fans of CYOA-pornyland looking for a break from serious.

Fantasy Living - 3.75 Hearts

I had a lot of fun reading through the fifty zillion (not really that many, but more than 2) story arcs in this book.

I came to three conclusions.

1 - I really missed choose your own adventure style books
2 - The author may or may not have a thing for 6’2”+ men
3 - Joe is thirsty as fuck.

I’m not sure Joe came across a male he didn’t want to bend over for. Which worked out well for this multi arc erotica (and me).

I’m not even going to tell you all the ways Joe bends over because those are spoilers and I think you should just read the book for yourself.

I didn’t manage to read all the endings (there are a lot) but I got through what I believe are the main story arcs and also flipped through a few alternate endings because that’s the type of person I am.

I could probably go another round or three just because it was fun the first zillion times. I never got bored. I liked the author’s voice and some bits made me laugh out loud (in real life!).

A few things squicked me out, and there was some content that was over fetishised for my taste. Some problematic content in one of the arcs did not bring me joy.

Each story line is pretty short so you could get through most of it in a day. There isn’t a high amount of character building but what is there works well.

In this style I would definitely read more from this author and if you need something really light, high in erotic content, and good for some giggles, this is the book for you.

If you choose right, you may even get a HEA ;)

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion

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