Review: The Devil's Cum in His Eye (A Cox Club Story #1) by James Cox

Cop by day, erotic writer by night, stripper on the weekends and Tomkin Coburn just found a dead body in his bedroom. But which occupation lead to murder?

Coburn has his teenage son in tow and a detective that seems to be interested in his butt as well as his innocence. He’ll do anything to protect his kid and the intense feelings he has for Detective Luke Early. The evidence quickly mounts up against Coburn, murder weapon, body fluids and oh yeah, no one in the world seems to know who the dead guy is.

Together, Coburn and Luke find themselves in the path of a killer but can they unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve read a story by James Cox and I’ve missed his words terribly. The Devil’s Cum in His Eye was a great story to get me back into bed with the Cox and I had a great time. His stories never fail to entertain and they’re a great weekend read, a treat you deserve at the end of a week full of reality’s BS.

The Devil’s Cum in His Eye is the story of two cops who are thrown together in a slightly less than meet-cute manner. Coburn has woken up next to a dead very casual acquaintance-with-benefits and Luke is the detective who shows up on the scene. It’s Luke’s case and the two of them shouldn’t spend time together, but there is no fun in that and the two of them are ridiculously attracted to one another sooo, they break all the rules while working to prove Coburn’s innocence in the slaying of the BJ buddy.

Coburn also has a teenage son who is his whole life. Their backstory gives the necessary depth to their relationship and I liked the family aspect the author put in this story. It fit for all the MC’s and I would love to read more about them and actually would have loved for this story to be twice as long. They would be my only niggle. The story had a lot to work with and while nothing is left out and all the questions were answered, I would have just loved more of all of it. The interactions between all the characters, not just the MC’s, were great. I loved Jake’s partner, and would have liked to meet Tom’s girlfriend, not to mention just more of the MC’s together in general. There were great dynamics here and I want more.

One of the things I really appreciate in Cox stories is the relative lack of angst between the two MC’s once the attraction gets acknowledged. Not that they may not have outside influences that affect the “getting together” timeframe, but they are always honest about their feelings and ask for what they want. It’s really refreshing and one of the reasons I’m such a fan. Sure, the MC’s are generally horny as hell, I’ve got no problem with that, but they have no problem admitting they want more and go for it. I love it. I get more time with the MC’s together and they always seem more fully fleshed out to me.

The mystery is solved, but not without loss and this is an example where I wanted more of all the characters involved. It was heartbreaking and I loved how they were all so supportive of one another. I just wasn’t ready to let it all go.

I’m hoping for more in the series soon. I’m heading to Evernight now to get a copy of Lawless so I can read Mickey’s story (you meet him briefly in this one) and I’m ready to get back to the Cox Club world. Kudos to the author for naming the strip club after himself, I mean, why wouldn’t you? And also for the working so many keys to the investigation into the title. Loved it!

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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