Review: A Little Side of Geek (Geek Life #1) by Marguerite Labbe

When opposite worlds collide, it’s anyone’s game.

Proud geek and comic book artist Morris Proctor wants nothing more than to live in semiseclusion with his devil cat and gamer friends. Despite what his well-meaning family thinks, he’s perfectly content with his status quo. The last thing he needs is to date another nongeek hell-bent on changing him.

Then he meets his adorkable new neighbor, Theo Boarman, who doesn’t know Star Trek from Star Wars, but who tempts him like no other.

Theo has spent the last year recovering from the loss of his parents and trying to play both roles for his teenage brother, while working to keep the family restaurant afloat. Dating is the last thing on the menu, especially with a man who thinks the height of dining is shoving a packaged meal into the microwave.

But if Morris gives him one more shy smile or flaunts that kilt he wears so well, Theo will be forced to convince him that a hot summer fling is just the recipe to let off a little steam.

When that fling gets serious fast, Morris has to decide if he’s willing to give his heart to Theo on the chance that they’re a perfect mix.

I think I’ve found my next series love with this book. Interesting and engaging characters. Clean and tidy writing style. Focused emotional damage that is pinpointed at the start and not added to later for drama points. Low angst, and adult reactions. Loved it.

Theo is all in with this fling he’s having with his neighbour, and is trying to finagle his way under Morris’ defences to get a forever man out of the deal. He’s using his charm and culinary expertise to win over Morris, even though Morris is heavily resistant.

Morris is happy with his life the way it is, and he will not allow another non-geek to try and change his profession or love for pop culture. He is enjoying his time with Theo but knows the other shoe will drop and their summer fling will fizzle out. Commitment is not in the cards for him, but being in the present and spending time with Theo when their schedules allow is giving him what he needs.

Theo really is true to Morris’ description. Adorable, sweet, and charming. He also knew how to subtly be mischievous without malice or hurting the object of his desire. I can tell you, I hate pranks, I hide when April 1 rolls around and feel sick when I see prank videos. I am deeply traumatised by being made fun of in school, and watching it happen to others, so I am extremely sensitive to jokes at other people’s expense. There was none of that in this story, but there was a sweet ribbing that allowed Morris and Theo to get to know each other on a deeper level through good natured joking and subtle mischief. I really appreciated the author’s talent for sliding it in there. It kept me reading and enjoying their warm natured personalities and support of each other. Whether they continued their relationship or ended it at some point, they were always warm and would remain friends. This is apparent in their every action with each other and the people around them.

The other characters in this book were equally enjoyable. There are a couple of POV shifts which I can only assume will set the plot for their stories. I can’t wait. I want them now! All of the supporting characters are developed enough to feel real. I am actually anxious to get my grabby hands on the next books.

While there are two points in the story where the POV shifts to supporting characters, this is not jarring, and works in well with the story. Otherwise this is from dual POV between Morris and Theo. Their encounters are beautiful and each chapter provides growth and an opportunity to learn more about them. They were a pleasure to read, and I can see myself re-reading this often while I wait for Book #2.

If you love pop culture and food, this is the story for you. An opposites attract, interracial couple with a HFN surrounded by supportive family and friends. Highly recommended.

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