Review: God of Monsters (Bound Gods #8) by Adrienne Wilder

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Doxie, and at the same time, there is nothing more fragile. 

And when it breaks?

The shards cut deep, and the wound never heals. Just when you thought the betrayal couldn’t go any deeper, it reaches all the way to Purgatory.

Warning: The ending of this installment is HFN but abrupt. And this timeline will not pick up until Bound Gods 10 which is where all the storylines merge for the final apocalyptic battle for the survival of the Doxies.

Frankly I'm gobsmacked that a series I initially categorized as purely spank bank fodder has now progressed to the point where I'm mostly skimming the sex to get to the story. Well played, Adrienne Wilder. Well played. There's still a whole lot of sex, though-orgies, impact play, monster cocks, chastity/orgasm denial and spanking-for those playing along at home.

Things are still up in the air but this installment does at least end happilyish, though there is definitely a war coming and the horizon does look a wee bit bleak. Strap in, kids. Things will probably get worse before they get better. The details are murky at this point but I'm guessing someone has an ax to grind with Alton. Truth be told, I kind of want to donkey punch Alton myself. Periodically.

Granted, it's substantially less than I want to mummify Sonny in duct tape. Sonny is the reason I generally don't read YA. He's impulsive and reckless, selfish and immature and short sighted to the detriment of others, particularly Kaleb. I feel badly that he was hazed by his training godlings but that wasn't enough to redeem him. I struggled with his storyline throughout and am hoping he plays a lesser role in the future.

Overall, this plot continues to hold my interest. I want to know what the bad guy's endgame is and if the baddies in Purgatory are already joined or will join forces with The Tide people. Purgatory and how it's constructed holds a lot of interest for me too. Who or what's in the other levels and why does no one ever see them? Those could prove to be powerful allies to Taurus and Co. in this war.

My main criticism continues to be the scattershot focus of these books. I wish the Kaleb/Aaron/Leo/Chimera storyline was tighter so that I didn't have to wade through books primarily focused on characters I have little to no interest in to find out what happens to them. I also think this book could've used another edit because of the overabundance of interior decorating, most of which felt like filler, and sloppy proofing.

Recommend to fans of the series.

Trigger warning for suicidal ideations.

A review copy was provided.

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