Review: Oscar (Leopard's Spots #2) by Bailey Bradford

One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.

Oscar Travis has always been different, and not just because he’s a snow leopard shifter. Petite and pretty in a family where even the women are bigger and stronger than he is, Oscar has been protected by them—except for the times when no one could keep him safe. When he had to take another shifter’s life to protect his own family, Oscar’s world became a scarier place, at least in his head, not that he’s going to let his family know that. He will, however, help his dad Henry hunt down the cougar shifter who is trying to destroy one of Oscar’s own, his brother-in-law, Lyndon.

Which is why Oscar finds himself in San Antonio. Curiosity—always Oscar’s potential downfall—is the reason he’s in one of the city’s biggest gay nightclubs. And it’s his bad luck that he is cornered by four obnoxious shifters who are out to ruin his night. Josiah Baker has other plans for Oscar, plans of mates and forever, but once he makes sure his kitten is safe, he’s ditched like a bad memory. Good thing he’s a shifter too, and a determined one who doesn’t shy away from Oscar’s attitude. He sees the hurting man behind the pretty fa├žade, and no one is going to keep him and Oscar from the happy ending they deserve.

Insta stories are not really my thing as a general rule. Fated Mate stories are even less appealing. But… for some reason this series is a lot of fun. It has a serious story arc but it is still light and fluffy with some decent humour and a lot of sexy times. I’ve slowed down on my erotica reading, but I can still enjoy them every now and then. Oscar is one of those times when I enjoyed the heck out of erotic content.

Beware, if you haven’t read book one, this will contain spoilers from Levi.

Oscar is still traumatised from having to kill Lyndon’s brother, but is really trying to hide it from his family while accompanying his dad, in search of Lyndon’s father, to try and get the Tavares siblings to stop trying to kill each other.

On a night out during a brief reprieve from searching, Oscar makes his way to a gay bar in the hopes he’ll get lucky with at least some sexy dancing and a kiss. Enter Josiah, a wolf shifter who comes to Oscar’s aid when a group of wolves try to back Oscar into a corner. Oscar is equal parts furious, and intoxicated by the encounter, and Josiah is silently celebrating for finally finding his mate.

These two are sexy together. I enjoyed their exchanges. They seem to get each other quickly, thanks to the mental bond that has clicked into place, which enables them to read each others thoughts. There is no battle for dominance, and they seem to both just enjoy being together and basking in the sexual chemistry that is happening in their newly formed relationship.

Some of the relationship building was too fast for me. While I get insta-lust, it felt like the mind reading thing created a shortcut for the getting to know you part, which is part of my joy with romance. Looking at it from an erotica point of view, it works fine, but I would have liked more in that space than just the sex.

This is fairly fast paced with the action part of the story. The good thing about it is that Oscar starts to settle into a new role within the family that suits him much better than the role he had.

Josiah just wants to be in Oscar’s orbit and that is really sweet. This story is next to zero relationship angst, which works for me just fine but may be too easy for others.

The larger series arc is interesting, and I’m curious how that will evolve. I like that this small isolated family of Snow Leopards are finally branching out and seeing how they fit in the shifter world.

If you’re into light sexy reads, this definitely fits, and is a great way to lift ones mood if you’re having a rough time. Complete erotic escapism with a decent action plot to round it out. I’d recommend this to most readers.

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion.

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