Audiobook Review: Under the Boardwalk by Felice Stevens

Beneath the famous Brooklyn landmark, love is hidden but not denied:

All his life, Alexi Kharpov has dreamed of traveling to unknown exciting places instead of working at his family’s frozen custard stand on the famous Coney Island boardwalk. Every year is the same until a gorgeous man picks a spot in front of his stand to sing, captivating him with his beautiful voice. After two summers of listening, it might finally be time for him to cross that boardwalk and take a chance.

Opera singer Cameron Maxwell has traveled the world, but the sight of the beautiful man serving custard to tourists touches his heart like nothing ever has before. A summer fling might be exactly what he needs to put his problems out of his mind, but the last thing Cam expects is to want the summer to last forever.

It’s a season of discovery for both men who learn to dig deep within their heads and hearts to decide whether secrets old and new should remain buried, or if love is too important to keep hidden under the boardwalk.

Listening Length: 3 hours and 56 minutes
Narrator: Nick J. Russo

If you want something sweet and short with a good dash of sexy, then check this out!

This starts off with Alexi, an endearing character who’s quiet and unassuming and basically a dreamer. Alexi desires to leave his family’s frozen custard business for adventure and worries his traditional Russian relatives won’t understand why. He also fears his family wouldn't understand or accept his sexuality and thus, he’s just anxious to finish college so he can start exploring all that is beyond Brooklyn. However, things change when his crush from across the boardwalk says hello.

Cameron is a music teacher who spends his time off doing what he loves, and that’s singing. He’s had more than his fair share of traveling the world, and he’s now content to spend his lazy summers performing along Coney Island. Cameron’s not blind to the gorgeous custard guy from afar, so when he notices Alexi’s interest, it’s just the nudge he needs to make a move.

Though they each approach this whirlwind summer fling with no expectations, both Alexi and Cameron quickly realize that they are falling hard and fast - all of which is exhilarating and scary. Problem is, Alexi really has no plan to stay for the long run.

Narrated by the lovely Nick J. Russo, he nicely brings an endearing vulnerability to Alexi and a kind confidence to Cameron. For me, Russo always gets the emotions just right, and he never falls short during the smexy times. Yep!

Again, these two were really quite lovely together. Things may be moving at warp speed but Alexi and Cameron talk, they support the other, and they’re not going to hold back. Overall, a very enjoyable story that’s not too angsty, with truly likeable characters who take a chance on each other and win! Enjoy!

Thanks to the author/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review.

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