Review: Tracker Hacker (Codename: Winger #1) by Jeff Adams

Theo Reese is just an average high school student with a passion for hockey and an uncanny talent when it comes to computers… at least on the surface.

What his teammates, fellow students, and even his boyfriend don’t realize is that Theo leads a double life. When he’s not putting up his facade of normal, Theo is working as an agent for Tactical Operational Support, where his technical genius is more than just a hobby. At sixteen he is responsible for helping agents in the field and keeping the TOS network secure.

It’s a secret he has to keep—from everyone.

But secrecy becomes even harder when a hacker compromises the system TOS uses to track its agents and Theo’s dad goes missing. Theo must find him and stop the hacker, which means leaving the comfort of his computer screen and venturing into a very real and very deadly world.

And if that’s not enough to deal with, all the secrecy is really putting a strain on Theo’s love life.

Theo is an IT genius who hacked his way into his parents phones when he was 12 and found out that they were spies. He was brought on board to assist with all things network and tech. Between high school classes, MIT courses, a boyfriend, and TOS work, Theo is a busy teen. But things get busier when someone hacks into TOS systems and agents start disappearing.

This was a lot of fun. Very well written, engaging and entertaining. Theo is confident, without being arrogant or obnoxious. He knows what he’s doing, and fits the part of the kid who is going places. Since this is a YA adventure story, I didn’t question too hard, why he was brought into TOS to begin with. He was there because he’s a tech whiz and should be there.

This story appears to have a fair bit going on, but the author did a great job of balancing everything and tying it all together. I didn’t feel lost, and nothing was unnecessary. I liked all the side characters, and thought it was great that Theo was into Hockey for fun. It provided a break for this tech heavy read but was also tied into the action plot (bonus!).

Eddie is Theo’s boyfriend and suspects something is up. Theo has to work really hard to keep his lying to a minimum. It certainly brought up a moral dilemma throughout the book, but I think Theo managed give enough that showed he really cared about Eddie and wanted to include him as much as possible.

I think fans of Spy Kids will get a kick out of this. Our hero is smart, quick thinking, and able to adapt to certain situations without losing his head. I’m a total fan, and would recommend this to any teen or adult that enjoys action adventure with these themes.

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion

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