Review: Glory Hole to Hell by CL Mustafic

Will and Pete loved each other in a time when doing so could get you killed. Flash forward seventy-five years and you can still find people who wouldn’t think twice about doing just that to a couple of men in love with each other. What happens every Halloween night at the abandoned and reputedly haunted house at the end of Loon Lane might not change any bigoted opinions, but it will make you think twice about what’s behind the next glory hole.

This is pretty short, but a lot of fun. It captured the feeling of those oral ghost stories kids repeat at slumber parties, or camps. Of course this is an extremely adult version of a ghost story and I do not recommend it be shared with children.

The set up was good, and I could see where it was going immediately, and was happy to go along for the ride. It turned out to be much more tragic than I expected, but also bittersweet in its revenge angle.

As with all horror, I wanted more. I’m greedy for it. This was no different. I wanted it to be longer and more drawn out, but I was also satisfied with what I got.

If you’re looking for something quick to read on a work break, or while waiting for an appointment, this will give you a nice little thrill.

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion

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