Review: Figure Study (Chiaroscuro #2) by Suzanne Clay

Ainsley and her former student Noma face the aftermath of their unexpected one-night stand in this second story of Chiaroscuro.

The night Ainsley spent gently dominating Noma was far more intimate than any scene she’d ever been in before. The intensity of playing with someone she’d taught and cared about was a completely different experience–and twice as intimidating. She’d had two options: turn Noma away and never see her again, or let her stay for a few hours more.

The years away from scenes have left Ainsley eager for play but unsteady in her role. And memories of a younger Noma, when their relationship was student and mentor, only add to the confusion. A return to familiar ropes and knots, an erotic bondage play, helps Ainsley regain a sense of control and face her vulnerabilities. She must learn to see Noma as an adult woman in every way, risking a dangerous power imbalance, even as her heart begins to yearn for intimacy she’s long hidden from.

As they delve into new scenes, Ainsley and Noma confront past pain and baggage. Only by facing their fear of opening up can they learn to trust each other and share something deeper.

This is my first time reading Suzanne Clay but it will not be my last. I loved everything about this story. Ainsley’s vulnerability and insecurity was sharply contrasted by her confidence in art and dominance. I love her.

Noma is a former student who has grown into a beautiful woman, and Ainsley feels lucky to be in her presence. Noma is confident in what she wants, and is enjoying the opportunity to get to know the woman she’s always admired from afar. They are beautiful together, and this story feels like the beginning of something special for them.

This was deeply sensual and very sexy. The sensuality of the art mixed in with Ainsley and Noma getting to know each other added another layer which was compelling.

I loved the flow of the writing and how easy it was to read. This felt angst free, which is something I needed after getting home from my demanding job. An instant mood lifter. Something to fill my cup and make me swoon.

This is book 2 in a series of Ainsley and Noma, and admittedly I have not read book 1, but I will be doing that, and continuing on with book 3. I’m really excited to read more from this author.

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion.

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