Tag Team Review: Breakfast at Midnight by Kim Dias

Hope can be found in unexpected places.

Lonely, still struggling with his divorce, and suffering from writer’s block, successful thriller author Fred spends much more time in an all-night Denny’s than is healthy for any man. It’s the last place he thought he’d meet someone like Callum, who has literally run away from the internationally famous boy band Leos.

Despite their age difference, the two become friends, and their long nights of soul-searching might help them find the courage to face their problems: Fred’s deteriorating relationship with his daughter and Callum’s career issues. It’s easy for their lives to tangle together, and each might provide the other the means to move beyond the past—even if it’s not a journey they can take together.

Fantasy Living - 4 Hearts

Suffering from depression and insomnia, still heartbroken from his divorce, Fred spends his early morning hours at Denny’s. It's pretty mundane, and although he people watches, it's just the same regulars he always sees. Until a young man in skinny jeans and a hoodie walks in one night and captures Fred’s attention.

Callum is on a hiatus from his break out band. He wants to finally come out of the closet, but the band is up for re-contract and coming out is not on the cards. Angry about his fate he finds himself conversing with an older man in Denny's in a small town he's fled to. Avoiding his life and just taking a moment to breathe.

These two are sweet together. They both have issues, and both have secrets. Fred is avoiding any contact with his ex-husband, and this includes refusing to attend his daughter’s birthday party. This made me sad. Fred is so wrapped up in himself that he is ignoring how hurtful staying away from his daughter is to both of them.

I enjoyed the conversation’s Fred and Callum had. The easy flirting, and the newness of their relationship. Everything is intense and fast, and Callum finds himself needing to pause and evaluate what he is doing with Fred and his life.

I was invested in both characters and their journey. I really wanted them to make something strong with their relationship. Their chemistry was great, and the drama was low.

I enjoyed the way this ended, though the journey was unexpected. I thought it fit with the tone of self discovery and mending heart wounds.

Recommended for all MM romance readers.

Chelsea - 3 Hearts

After finishing this book I was pretty deflated and I kind of wanted to hate it...but I just couldn't. This book was beautifully written and I became so consumed with these characters and their story!

This was a love story but definitely had more of a healing/self discovery feel to it.

Fred is struggling after his divorce from his long-term partner and husband. He spends many nights drinking coffee at a crappy diner well into the early hours of the morning. As we get to know Fred and his story a bit better, we see he has been barely a shadow of himself for the past few years. Then Callum comes along, young, but mature and he somehow drags Fred out of the greyness and gives him a reason to better himself.

These two men are what this story is about and these two characters are what makes this story great. Their individual complications and the connection to each other felt genuine and their story progression was done very well. There is even communication!!!

I've noticed some issues have arisen about the ‘cheating’ but these two knew each other for one week! Five of these days they were apart from each other with no contact, that's two days of knowing each other! They hadn't labelled their relationship as anything in particular and the ensuing conversation between Callum and Fred was perfect!!

So why only 3 hearts? The reason this is such a low rating is the lack of ending and I feel like if any book needs a epilogue, it's this one! Things ended well but it had no real conclusion and everything was left so open-ended. After what had happened between these two I needed to see them happily together and I was left feeling very bereft at not having seen it.

I would recommend this book, it's very addictive but don't expect a lovey dovey HEA. It was happy and worked well for these characters but I definitely needed a bit more of a conclusion to their story.

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