Review: Taming the Beast by Andrew Grey

The suspicious death of Dante Bartholomew’s wife changed him, especially in the eyes of the residents of St. Giles. They no longer see a successful businessman… only a monster they believe was involved. Dante’s horrific reputation eclipses the truth to the point that he sees no choice but to isolate himself and his heart.

The plan backfires when he meets counselor Beau Clarity and the children he works with. Beau and the kids see beyond the beastly reputation to the beautiful soul inside Dante, and Dante’s cold heart begins to thaw as they slip past his defenses. The warmth and hope Beau brings to Dante’s life help him see his entire existence—his trials and sorrows—in a brighter light.

But Dante’s secrets could rip happiness from their grasp… especially since someone isn’t above hurting those Dante has grown to love in order to bring him down.

This story was pretty angsty, but then I would expect that from the title. Dante isn't so much a beast as a very damaged man who has a lot of secrets, and some big gaping wounds to heal.

Enter Beau. The newest psychologist at the local drug and alcohol centre that gets a lot of its funding from Dante’s charity foundation. Beau is used to getting things done, and had no interest in taking more money from the foundation than it needs, but he can't help but want to be around Dante, even if it's just to find out more about him.

I liked Beau’s character. His personality was good and his connection to his colleagues and the centre was convincing. I could tell he loved what he did.

His relationship with Dante started off very rocky, and neither of them really got with the program right away. It seemed like they were not on the same page, and part of that is Dante's secret.

The angst was a bit much for me. I'm not into that level of drama and secret keeping. I know readers out there enjoy this level of angst, so I think there is definitely readers who will love this.

Angst aside, this was an easy read, with some nice chemistry and the familiarity of the fairy tale it represents. My favourite character in this story is the butler, Roberts. I love a meddling butler. He added some comedic flair to Dante's life, and helped the story flow.

Recommended to all of those readers who enjoy fairy tale romances, with secrets revealed, and great physical chemistry between characters.

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