Review: Cam's Promise (Northern States Pack #2) by Lee Oliver

Cam has always known who his fated mate was. Unfortunately, not even his beta wolf status made life any easier, living with the knowledge his alpha mate rejected him. His work with Ranger kept him busy, but now Ranger was mated to the sweet Aiden, finding things to do so his wolf wouldn't go hunting the man they both wanted was getting more difficult by the day.

Levi was an assassin. He made no apology for who he was or how he lived. Yes, he knew he had a mate. Yes, there were a lot of good reasons for claiming him. But the two reasons why he shouldn't, kept Levi away. When Ranger gets in touch and lets him know that things are changing on the council, and he's found the assassins a place to call home, Levi can't resist answering the call.

Territory and power are everything to shifters and having all four assassins living in the Northern States pack brings problems from outside. In town, not all of the locals are as keen with their new Alpha either and yet, somehow, in the muddle, Levi and Cam must find a way to be together. Because sharing the same house, no matter how big it is, makes anything else unbearable.

Warning: Normal warnings about this being a men loving men book apply. If this doesn't appeal, please don't buy this.

This is a fun new shifter series. These books are short and blend together so while you could read this as a standalone, I don’t recommend it because you won’t get a lot of what’s going on.

We met Cam in the first book as the beta wolf who was Ranger’s second and best friend. Cam was known as the wolf to go to for a one night stand and one to definitely remember. From book one you would think Cam is nothing but a walking dick ready to be buried in a hot piece of ass. That is SO not the case.

We know of Levi from Ranger’s book as he is one of only four assassins who work for the shifter council. Levi has been absent only coming around when there is a job to do. And yet, we learn in the epilogue of Ranger’s book that Levi is Cam’s true mate and Cam has been claimed already. Yeah. WTF it up right now folks because I was all WTF before I even started this.

Told from both POV of our true mates, we know that 9 months ago there was a claiming and that 9 months ago Levi broke Cam’s heart by walking away from him and making him promise not to tell anyone what happened. As a girl who loves her true/fated mate stories, my heart hurt like hell thinking of what Cam was going through. Knowing in this series that true mates can only get it up for their mates made me scratch my head at the lengths Cam goes through to keep his promise and made me pissed off at Levi.

Ugh. Levi. Dude. How could you string Cam along for years knowing you were true mates? How could you claim him that way and not finish what you started? How could you and your wolf just walk away from Cam like that? Well, I know why because you tell us you are a bit different but thankfully we get your POV so we know it was hell to be apart from you as well. It was tough but you deserve tougher.

So anyway. They mated, they have been apart and now Ranger has called all his assassin brothers to be part of his pack with his Alpha and true mate Aiden. When Cam finds out Levi is coming he freaks and tries to leave but Levi shows up early and decides he finally wants what is his. I will say the reunion with Cam and Levi was hot and I get how it’s so easily resolved because they are shifters but I really wish Cam wouldn’t have rolled over so easy.
Levi has a secret and it’s partly what kept him away from Cam. No one knew about it (and I won’t tell) but now that Cam knows and accepts Levi in every way, Levi is free to love and he turns into one hell of an Alpha for his beta mate.

Wow. There was a lot in this book and it was short on length. I adore the hell out of Cam. I love Levi but boy is his freaking head crowded. I dug that we got more of Ranger and Aiden, Marcus and Shadow and even the small bit we get of Sean.

The council and all their fuckery with trying to get their assassins back called for some Tarantino action via wolf assassins. I can’t wait for the council to get their asses handed to them. The new line of enforcers for the Northern States Pack just got themselves one hell of a trainer and I wonder if he will find his true mate among them.

But really. I am so freaking fracking excited about the next book because I knew, I KNEW when we met a certain someone he would be Sean’s true mate and holy fuck balls, I was right. Go me.

This was just another short and sexy installment to this series. I am hooked on these wolves and their true mates and definitely want more.

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