Tag Team Review: The Art of Mutual Pleasure by K.A. Merikan

--- The path to debauchery is strewn with good intentions. ---

Benjamin Snowley is trapped in a most distressing predicament. He’s been feeling poorly and after having recently recovered from influenza, he knows that the fault for his declining health lies in a vice he wouldn’t dare mention in polite conversation.

Onanism, self-pollution, masturbation. All names for the same sinful affliction.

For Benjamin, it all started back at school, where he first encountered the immoral Frederick Cory. Ever since then, the man has been plaguing Benjamin’s dreams and causing most unnatural urges.

Now is the time for all the infatuation nonsense to stop. With the help of an unorthodox doctor and an indecent proposition to a young stablehand, Benjamin will rid himself of the vile addiction.

But can the experimental treatment be enough to make him forget his feelings for Frederick?

Warning: Contains a clueless young man on a futile quest for chastity and a libertine artist eager to rid him of that goal


Themes: masturbation, historical attitudes to sexuality, medicine, doctor, guilt, unorthodox treatment, master/servant, groom, superstition, moral failure, enemies to lovers

Genre: M/M Regency romantic erotica

Erotic content:
explicit language, inappropriate medical examination, cum swallowing, bareback, sex toys, body worship, multiple partners

Chelsea - 4.5 Hearts

That was so much better than I was expecting! I didn’t have high expectations for this one, I don’t know why, I love K.A Merikan and I’m glad they proved me wrong and reminded me why I should always trust their writing!

This is more of a self-discovery story than a romance, but it ends romantically, or happily? I don’t know if you can call orgies romantic? Either way I totally loved it!

Poor Benjamin lives in a time where masterbation or ‘self-abuse’ is the cause of many illness and even death, who knew right?!? It all started when he was 13 and witnessed an older schoolmate making out with another boy?! Oh the scandal! He couldn’t help but indulge in a little ‘self-abuse’ after that. Despite this he doesn’t understand his provilicaties lean towards the same sex until much much later in the book. So be prepared to watch Benjamin struggle with a huge amount of self-loathing.

This book had me shaking my head in disgust, my eyes popping out of my head and absolutely praying for Benjamin to get a clue!! but I loved watching the process of his self- awareness developing. My heart did break for him when he felt so isolated, It was nice when he finally found some freedom. That's what I love about the Merikans they so easily involve so many different emotions into their stories.

But what I think they’re known for is there dirty dirty kinky sex and this book is super dirty, like cum guzzling, spit-roasting, glory holes and gangbangs… just to name a few.

So Benjamin obviously has multiple partners throughout this story and he ends in an open relationship with a man. I think the Merikans have written the best open relationships I’ve read so far. There's an understanding and something a little extra between the couple but both enjoy other men and want to keep it that way. It worked so well for Benjamin and I’m glad he didn’t end up in a monogamous relationship, it wouldn’t have worked for this stage of his life.

If you can handle your frustration at the opinions of the time and don’t mind multiple partners and super dirty sex with a HEA, I’d highly recommend this one!!!

Adam - 3.75 Hearts

I’ll acknowledge the obvious first: the premise of this book is silly and very unrealistic. But the authors were going for a light-hearted and sexy read, and they definitely accomplished that.

This book tells the story of Benjamin Snowley, an upper-class English gentleman who struggles with a major health concern - masturbation. He’s convinced that this his daily practice of “self-pollution” has resulted in his ailing health.

Benjamin consults a doctor with unorthodox methods. The doctor has a simple solution: in order to compensate for the vital fluids the Benjamin loses by masturbating, he’ll need to consume the stronger fluids of working-class men.

Benjamin struggles with this advice, but he soon finds a compelling reason to go through with it - the captivating stable boy on his country estate.

And so begins Benjamin’s descent into debauchery.

Benjamin takes to man-on-man action like a fish to water. He’s eager to try new things, and he soon finds that he prefers being on his knees and making his “donors” happy.


There’s a lot of sex in this book, which could easily have become stale or repetitive. But that wasn’t at all the case. Each sex scene was incredibly hot.

The romantic relationship doesn’t really come into play until the second half of the book. Benjamin’s love interest is Frederick Cory, a libertine who Benjamin went to school with, and who Benjamin blames for his health predicament.

But Frederick slowly brings Benjamin around, convincing him that sex is something pleasurable and acceptable on its own. It takes a while, but with Frederick’s support Benjamin finally learns to accept his desires and kinks.

I’d say this book is more so about Benjamin’s self-discovery than about a romantic relationship, but I still found the romance to be sweet, and the HEA was perfect for these two.

This book takes a lot of suspension of disbelief to enjoy. Benjamin’s naive belief in the “remedy” can get annoying at times. But even so, I ended up really liking this book.

If you’re looking for a sexy MM historical read and are willing to go with the flow, give ‘The Art of Mutual Pleasure’ a try!

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