Blog Tour: Michael, Reinvented (Delta Restorations, #2) by Diana Copland

Welcome Diana Copland! She's here today to talk about her inspiration for her latest in the Delta Restorations series!

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I’m so excited to be here today to talk about my new book, Michael, Reinvented!! I always wonder who other writers use as inspiration for their characters. I’m a very visual person, and I thought I’d share with you the pictures I used as I wrote the book. Since the cover for Michael and Gil has been out for a couple of weeks, you’ve had an opportunity to see Michael and Gil.

There are some other characters that feature prominently in ‘Michael, Reinvented’ who were first introduced in ‘David, Renewed’, starting with David and Jackson.

Michael lives in a studio apartment downtown, and until the events of this book has no idea where Gil lives. When he finds out, he’s stunned to learn that Gil lives in a quintessential mid-century modern, his own favorite era and design style.

During the course of Michael and Gil’s story, their company Delta Restoration Renovation and Design is hired to do the restoration of a turn of the century mansion. Named the Paddy O’Banyon Mansion for the book, the venue actually exists in downtown Spokane, Washington. The Glover Mansion, begun in the 1880’s and completed near the turn of the century, is a popular wedding venue. The house first appears in the book in winter, so I was delighted to be able to find a picture of the Glover Mansion with snow on the ground!!

This is where my reference photos are probably going to be different than what appear on eventual book covers, but it’s always kind of cool to see how the cover artist see the characters!! Here is a picture of how I see Vern, Gil’s grizzled and sarcastic best friend and assistant.

Emanuel Estevez, also known as their good friend Manny, is a partner at Delta and a talented journeyman plumber. Manny lives in an apartment above his Uncle Tony’s garage, has a large and gregarious family that is very protective of him, and healing scars both physical and emotional after nearly being killed by a former lover.

And now, here’s a glimpse of a new character that won’t make his appearance until Book Three. His name is Dylan, and that’s all I can tell you for now!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small photo album of reference pictures, and I hope you enjoy ‘Michael, Reinvented’, too!

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Cute hipster and interior designer Michael doesn’t do love—not after his ex screwed him over. Sex is a different story, though, and the gentle giant who’s painting the mural in the old mansion they’re restoring might be perfect hookup material. Gil is just Michael’s type with his solid muscle, wicked sense of humor, and the hazel eyes that seem to see into Michael’s soul.

Trouble is, Gil does do love. He wants romance and forever, and he’s set his sights firmly on Michael. Michael’s not going there again.

Yet when Michael is the victim of a vandal who’s been plaguing the men working for Delta Restoration, Renovation, and Design, Gil is the first person he tells. No matter how he fights it, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny he’s crazy about the guy—even if that thought terrifies him. But the true fear sets in when the criminal behavior escalates, and Michael realizes he might have lost the chance to tell Gil how he feels—forever.

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

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