Guest Review: Catch a Falling Catch by Matt Burlingame

A therapist once told Martin Stevens that being gay was the only thing that saved him from being the most boring man alive. He spends his daytime working a dead-end job and his nights still pining after the ex-fiance who left him five years ago. When his older brother, Daniel, takes him to see a touring musical, a mishap sends superstar performer Alec Jameson flying off the stage right into Martin’s lap. It’s love at first sight. But can that love withstand the scrutiny of the press, a shock-jock radio personality bent on causing trouble, and the return of Martin’s overbearing ex-fiance?

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Martin is Mr. Average, and at pretty low ebb in his average life. On his birthday, his little brother Daniel takes him out for drinks and to see a show. Martin is entranced with one of the actors from the start, and by some miracle ends up catching said actor when he manages to take an accidental dive off the stage, right into Martin’s lap. It’s a little far fetched, but this is a romance novella after all!

At the interval while Martin and Daniel go for a drink, the theatre’s artistic director comes over and offers Martin his enthusiastic thanks. Martin was thoroughly embarrassed by the attention, but was glad he stayed to enjoy the second act. at curtain down, as they shuffled out, the flying actor, Alec, stopped Martin to thank him again, and invites him to lunch the next day.

Martin is sure it's just a thank-you, Daniel is sure it's a hot date and has Martin all dressed up and helps with the very average hair.

What follows is a sweet little courtship where Alec has to work hard to convince Martin of his interest. The ending comes quickly (it’s only a short book) but manages to throw in the evil ex who had damaged Martin’s self esteem and his new boy toy/husband, a bit of instal-love and some cute declarations. All in all, short, sweet, with a nice HEA.

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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