Review: A Second Harvest (Men of Lancaster County #1) by Eli Easton

David Fisher has lived by the rules all his life. Born to a Mennonite family, he obeyed his father and took over the family farm, married, and had two children. Now with both his kids in college and his wife deceased, he runs his farm alone and without joy, counting off the days of a life half-lived.

Christie Landon, graphic designer, Manhattanite, and fierce gay party boy, needs a change. Now thirty, he figures it’s time to grow up and think about his future. When his best friend overdoses, Christie resolves to take a break from the city. He heads to a small house in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to rest, recoup, and reflect.

But life in the country is boring despite glimpses of the hunky silver fox next door. When Christie’s creativity latches on to cooking, he decides to approach his widower neighbor with a plan to share meals and grocery expenses. David agrees, and soon the odd couple finds they really enjoy spending time together.

Christie challenges the boundaries of David’s closed world and brings out feelings he buried long ago. If he can break free of the past, he might find a second chance at happiness.

Eli Easton nails it, once again. I love everything she writes and when she has a new release, it's a no-brainer for me. I'll grab it, devour it and love it. Every. Time.

David is a widowed farmer who grew up in the Mennonite church. His kids are off doing their own thing, living their own lives. David keeps on keepin' on with the same old routine every day. He's a little lonely, but things change for him when his new neighbor, Christie, moves next door.

Christie is living in the city and is tired of it all. The bars, the parties, the meaningless sex... he's over it and wants a change. He decides to take a break from everything by moving to a small town in Pennsylvania.

So, after the "Hello, how do you do's" they set up a little arrangement with each other. No... not that kind of arrangement. Not yet, at least. Christie makes home cooked meals for them both and David helps out with the groceries. Simple enough. They both gotta eat, right? And why eat alone when you can have company? Gah! Their dinners couldn't have been cuter. What was even cuter-er was the fact that David was oblivious. He didn't know Christie was gay. He didn't know why he liked being around Christie so much. And he didn't know that they were practically dating every time they ate together. But, poor Christie. He knew. And had to hang around the sexy, oblivious man. I don't think it was too much of a hardship for him, though.

Everything about these two is adorable and endearing. They couldn't be more likable. Was I surprised? No. Because, Eli Easton. 

Things did progress and there was tension. Thick, amazing, they-need-to-have-sex-right-now tension. Good-NESS, Eli Easton can crank up the heat without so much as a kiss. There are some spectacular sex scenes. I mean, really, just... UNF.

I really loved Christie, but David was the star of this book for me. I loved how he went for what he wanted. He had some obstacles to overcome being from the Mennonite church. It wasn't easy for him, but he wouldn't give up on Christie and I simply adored that about him.

Yup. This was so, so good. I already can't wait for more from the series and more from Eli Easton. 

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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