Review: Street Magic by Raven de Hart

Sometimes magic tricks are more than mere illusions. Street magician Axel Rye understands that better than most -- his magic is /real/. If a mundane ever learns the truth, the Magisters will show no mercy. Getting close puts everyone at risk, which is why Axel knows he's in it deep with his latest crush.

Nick works in a tattoo shop on Axel's favorite busking pitch. If there's one thing Axel has learned, it's that magicians and mundanes don't mix, but he can't seem to stay away. It's only a matter of time before his magic is exposed, and his budding romance might lead to an even bigger problem. Drawing the wrong kind of attention might be the last mistake he ever makes, and it will put his powers, his lover, and his very life on the line.


I was super pumped to start this book. I love magic stories. I love seeing the different ways authors make common ideas unique, and how they set up their individual world of magic. Of course it helps if the world building is well written. In Street Magic, it certainly was. The magicians of this world use different runes that they touch to choose what magic they can use. It was really cool to see how they placed these runes around themselves so they could be easily accessible. For example Axel, our main magician has numerous runes stitched into his hat and coat for easy access.

Axel is a Magician who works the streets pretending to be a normal slight-of-hand magician to the ‘mundanes’ (humans). He finds himself working in front of a particular tattoo parlour quite often in the hopes of seeing a man he's taken a fancy too, Nick.

Now, an awful lot happens in this story and honestly it all became a bit too messy for me. One moment I was enjoying the pace of the book as we were getting slowly introduced to the mystery man Axel was interested in. Nick and Axel decide to go on a first date and it was really sweet seeing Axel so unsure of himself. Then all of a sudden there's a massive chase scene and death threats thrown at Nick and Axel from the magical government and double crossing and my goodness (takes a deep breath)... Any chemistry that was building between the two was just lost.

Unfortunately I can’t say they got it back either. Nick was a very 2D character, who was there to provide us with some hot sex scenes and something for Axel to protect, but he had no real depth or personality. I didn’t care about him at all and the relationship between him and Axel felt rushed at best. One moment they were getting to know each other on a date, the next they're having sex to distract themselves from imminent death and have a ‘connection’. Just messy.

I’ll give it points because the plot was very exciting and well thought out. I think trying to throw a relationship that we were meant to care about into the mix is what ruined it.

This was a very clever and well thought out story. The world building was really good, but the relationship between the two MCs really lacked chemistry.

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