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Elliott Cooper brings his fantasgasmic cover, details on his latest story (cyberpunk and tech geeks...this one's for you) and his charming personality to celebrate, "Junk Mage" where tech meets magic! Stick around, read Elliot's hilarious interview and...check out the awesome discount code from NineStar Press (hurry it'll expire soon)

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Author: Elliot Cooper
Title: Junk Mage
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: July 4, 2016
Genre: Sci-fi/Cyberpunk
Category: Romance
Pairing: MM
Sex Content: NA
Orientation: Pansexual, Gay
Identity: Cisgender
Words: 17400
Pages: 49
Cover Artist:
Natasha Snow
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Book Blurb

When technomancer Quillian Defote crash-lands on remote planet Marutuk, he has limited time to repair his ship and get off world. If he fails, he’ll forfeit his position as professor of mechanical transmutation at the prestigious Ivy Arcanarium and ruin his employment prospects in yet another sector.

Hunter, a cyborg guarding a junkyard that holds what Quill needs, is charmed by the wayward mage and wants to help him. But Hunter is bound by honor to dutifully guard his mistress and her possessions, no matter how cruelly she treats him.

Together Quill and Hunter stand a chance of starting a new life together if carnivorous wildlife, a violent necromancer, and stubborn pride don’t keep them apart.

Author Bio

Elliot Cooper is a creativity addict who enjoys writing stories that embody adventure, a hint of the taboo, and shadows that are deeper than they appear at first glance. He also enjoys video games and knitting, and lives in the southern US with his human and feline family.

Twitter: @elliotwrites

Speed round of serious questions with Elliott. Ready! Set Go!

Interviews can be so formal, so we decided to do something a bit different. Ready? First, let’s settle a serious debate. What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
The chicken of course - evolution and all that. You can't have a chicken egg without a chicken first :)

What punctuation mark best describes your personality? Why?
I'll go with the apostrophe because it's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades like me. Also it's a fun word to say!

Let’s stick with the personality thing for a minute. If your personality could exist in the form of a dog, what dog breed would you be and why?
A pug! Lazy but loving, and can be excitable when it comes to certain things.

So say you’re a superhero. What would your superhero name be? And please, tell us what your costume would look like.
I'd be The Procrastinator! My costume would be street clothes because I'd never get around to making an actual costume.

Okay, we’re going to be serious now. I swear. Do you write naked?
While pants are overrated in the home, I always stick to boxers.

Sorry. But seriously now. An oversized penguin waltzes into the room right this second wearing a hot dog costume. What does he say and do?
He asks me to squirt hot mustard all over him and makes lewd gestures. (This probably says more about me than any other answer :B )

If you were a brand, what would your motto be?
Please feed me sushi.

Any ideas for selling hot chocolate in Hawaii?
Give the branding a volcano theme. Chocolava!

What do you think cats dream about?
Hunting, eating, cuddling, and having their every whim catered to :)

So now that we’re gotten the important stuff out of the way, where can we find you on social media?


Thanks for having me! :D

Elliot Cooper © 2016
All Rights Reserved

I fiddled with the controls on my binocular goggles, one of my own handy creations, and panned the tree line beyond the open, greeneryilled expanse stretching out on the other side of the road. Nothing caught my eye, even at higher magnification. I went left, following the road, jetbike blowing dirt and gravel up into a chalky cloud behind me.
The road curved around a section of deep, dark forest, and I saw my savior. Like a beacon of rusting hope, the hulking bodies of old ships, bikes, boats, and wheeled vehicles hunkered in a huge, fencedff ring at the end of the road.
It was the most beautiful pile of junk I’d ever seen.
A lone figure moved among the wreckage, and I knew I had no time to lose. If I played this right, I could cut a deal, get some parts to work with, and be back to old Lemon before sunset. The bug-eyed critters liked to ease out of the forests, slow and sloth-like, as soon as the light began to fade. No way did I want to figure out why they made those creepy chittering, gnashing noises all night.
I parked my bike and hopped off near the gate, flipping my goggles up and wiping my forehead with my sleeve as I went. It was never a good idea to sneak up on someone who was openly armed, and I definitely wanted the guy’s full attention. I waved in greeting and smiled with all the warmth and excitement I could muster.
“Hey! Hi! You there! With the gun!”
He marched over—huge, bald, and muscled—the brown coveralls tied at his waist and his tight tank top leaving very little to the imagination. It looked like he’d been given hand-me-downs from a scrawnier brother.
“State your business,” he demanded in a rich voice, his rifle in sight but lowered. Half of the hand beside the trigger was polished silver metal.
“I’m interested in buying some parts. Are you the owner?” His expression turned quizzical. Armed guard, then.  “D’you guys take universal credits? Please say you take them.” I didn’t have anything else. I hadn’t intended to take a side trip to a backwater thieves’ den that didn’t even seem to have any thieves in it. But here was captain beefcake, potential business partner, hero, and temporary social life. If he didn’t shoot me.
“Nothing’s for sale. Move along.” He gestured with his gun.
“I can’t interest you in a barter? Something?”
He stood there like a human wall. He didn’t even blink.
“Go away.”
“Look, I crashed on the beach. I just want to get what I need and… well, go away. From this whole weird planet. But to do that, I need some parts. Please.”
“In ten seconds, if you’re still standing there, I’ll shoot.” The cyborg raised his rifle and peered down the sight.
I wondered if he had bionic eyes, too. I wondered if the fence was electrified. I wondered what I could say to change his mind. Whatever it was, it’d take more than ten seconds to work out.
My hands up defensively, I motioned—thoughts working the gun’s barrel up at a ninety-degree angle with a loud creak. The cyborg jerked his head up and stared at the gun, then at me.
“I’m sure we can work out a deal, mister,” I said and put on another of my charming smiles. It usually worked, but this guy was a tough nut to crack. “You have to need something. Everybody needs something or other.”
“Another junk mage.” His brows furrowed over his deep set eyes. It wasn’t a good look for him. His face went impassive again as he tossed his rifle aside and reached behind his back with one hand. There had to be a pistol or some other weapon tucked into his coveralls, but he was smart enough to know if I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t easily ruin it.
“Huh. I’ve never been called that before,” I told him, even though he’d been talking to himself. Maybe that’d get Ry to crack a smile on our next call. Quillian Defote: junk mage extraordinaire. “Is your boss a technomancer? Can I talk to them? Mage to mage?”
“She doesn’t like strangers I don’t shoot.”

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