Review: Circle of Change by Laney Cairo

Kim is in his last year of high school and just hopes to make it through the year without running into any gay bashing. The thing is, Kim is not only gay, he's transgender, too.

Things get even more complicated when college student Dash joins Kim's mother's coven. Dash is immediately attracted to Kim and they wind up going out together, but when Kim reveals he's trans, Dash reacts badly.

With all the other things going on in their lives, will Kim and Dash be able to try again and find happiness with each other?

Circle of Change was definitely out of my "normal reading" range with a transgender character and a witch.

Kim is a senior in high school and just trying to make it through the year without dealing with much bullying. He's gay, and while his classmates don't know this about him, he's also transgender. He's going through the process of transitioning with the help of his super supportive mom. 

Dash, who is a college student, is Wiccan and joins a new coven. The coven that Kim's mom is a part of. As soon as Dash meets Kim he smitten with the younger guy. They get to know each other, go out, but when Kim tells Dash that he's transitioning, Dash doesn't take it so well. Which is... understandable, I guess. He's young and some things he assumed about his new guy turned out to be false. It kind of turned things upside down for Dash.

Dash made up for this though. He got to know Kim and realized that Kim is still the same guy he fell for initially, regardless of their anatomical differences. The sex scenes were very explicit and detailed, which I really liked. Not only because it was hot, but this is an area where my education is sorely lacking and I liked seeing the ins and outs of sex with a trangendered FTM. There are so many things I had never even thought of and reading Kim's story opened my mind even more. Which is always a good thing. 

Kim's transitioning was a focus of this story. His mother was very supportive of Kim, but still realistic. She was rational and gave him practical advice. She wasn't afraid to ask awkward and even offensive questions because her sons well-being was at risk. At the same time, she was quirky and fun-loving. I'd actually love to read her story and see her get an HEA. She was that lovable and deserves all the happiness. 

Another focus of the story was the Wiccan (Wicca?) coven and their beliefs and rituals. The ceremonies were very detailed and there were a lot of them. In the beginning, these rituals held my interest, but by the end they just seemed to be in the way of the romance. 

This was a solid story from a new-to-me author. I liked the change of pace I found here and would definitely seek out more from Laney Cairo in the future.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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