Review: Just One Night by Sebastian Carter

A hot body will only take him so far...

Theo Cooper just wants to find his place in life, but despite his outer veneer of confidence, he’s filled with doubts about whether he can truly find happiness. A homophobic father and an ex-fiancĂ© who likes to sleep around have shaken his faith in himself. Walking in on his ex in bed with Theo’s replacement is the last straw, and now Theo is ready to do whatever it will take to scrape together the cash for a new place to live.

Self-doubt keeps holding him back...

Elliot James is too shy, too smart, and too socially awkward to do anything about his desire to meet a man. So far, his best friend, wealthy socialite Brianna LaFontaine, is the only person he’s had the courage to come out to. Despite her best efforts to push him out of his comfort zone—which is behind a computer screen—he has successfully avoided any chance of finding love.

When a mutual friend pushes them together...

Brianna cares about her friends, and when Theo won’t take the money she offers to get him out of his financial mess, she comes up with a simple proposition: help shy Elliot break out of his nervous shell to experience one night of passion, and Theo can name his price. It’s the answer to Theo’s money problems and an easy way for some fast cash. But one night brings both men more than they expect, and leads both to wonder...

Is it possible to fall in love after Just One Night?

Just One Night is a steamy gay romance with a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhangers.

I hated Theo.

I know, I know. I'm meant to feel bad for him, since we meet him coming face to face with his ex and ex's new fling in their bed. But he's so damned full of himself that I lost all sympathy for him by page 6.
He didn't blame them. He had a nice ass. He had pictures of it on Instagram with thousands of Likes and a ton of reposts on Tumblr. Guys had pictures of his naked torso and rock-hard abs posted to their virtual walls with captions such as "Goals!"
A lot of guys on the streets here walked arm in arm. None of them looked as good as Theo and Chip (the random back alley hook up)
Elliot, on the other hand, is sweet and shy, and has the geek chic thing down pat. He puts himself down in almost every thought he has, and blushes more than an 11th century maiden, but he's endearing and deserves good things.

Shortly after we meet Elliot, we see him having a friendly catch up with his good friend Brianna. He laments that he's just too shy; he can't see himself ever being able to get a boyfriend, or even the opportunity to have sex. She's nothing but awesome and supportive. Those are the actual words I had written in my notes. Awesome and Supportive.

So what does an awesome, supportive friend do? She hires her friend Theo for the $5000 he needs to get a new place away from his cheating ex, if he'd sleep with an unbeknownst Elliot, and give him a night to remember.

Show someone you care with the gift of prostitution!

Now I'm like: Awesome and supportive Wtf?!

When all three meet for drinks, Elliot stares a hole through the floor, Brianna's quick to skedaddle so Theo can get with the seducing, and Theo comes across as a creeper.

Theo seriously needs to work on his seduction game, because he's so aggressive and persistent in his seduction that he came off as a whole bag of creepy.

To calm Elliot down some from the nerves wracking his body, they play video games, and Theo sees a different side to Elliot than the absurdly shy man he's seen all night. Theo encourages Elliot to take that confidence into his everyday life.

One short, motivational speech later and Elliot is blowing Theo.

Which leads to lots of sex.

Now Elliot feels that He was suddenly decadent and part of a new world, a world denied to him before. And thanks to Theo's magic dick and breathtaking beauty, he's in love. For real.

Then the trainwreck we could all see coming happens and Elliot finds out it was a set up. And for a hot second he's justifiably mad and all

And then he's inviting Theo to move in with him and live happily ever after.

I feel like the bad guy for saying this, but I would have DNF'd this if it weren't for the smut. I hated Theo, I hated how the premise played out, and I hated the super awesome best friend. I liked the Stormtrooper replica in Elliot's computer room, but everything else was a wash for me. I found it all a bit flowery and overly descriptive, and just not my cup of tea.

But if you're looking for a quick afternoon read and are in the mood for some smut over plot, than this could be the book for you.

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